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Interesting vids on hypothesis of quakes/ring of fire... 19th to 26th?

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posted on Mar, 18 2011 @ 08:04 PM
Around 7 minutes, this guy starts to get into the hypothesis I was actually thinking of a few days ago and thought was quite interesting-

The last couple minutes he brings it all together pretty well. What do you think?

His other videos are quite interesting as well.
the number in Colorado went up to 90 briefly at about 1-2pm pst pacific time today, then down to about 57 quickly after, and is currently 73 as I write this, (much wider range than the others have been) and the website says anything above 100 is abnormal.
I didn't see the monitors on the coast spike. So is there alot of nuke plants in the middle of CO or how could this spike get past the coastal monitors?

Who knows though, anyone of these people/private monitors could hold their geiger counter up to something radioactive at any time just to mess with people. Is the best we have for everyone to check out so far? Is it reliable?

Anyways... not freaking out.... just watching.
Also, this is my first quick thread... so please go easy

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posted on Mar, 18 2011 @ 08:40 PM
Uhm, this guy is a known hoaxer. He did a video of radiation hitting the US, and overlaid it with Sat maps, showing normal cloud movement.

Fyi, THIS LINK gives you quite a bit of information on plate tectonics, and I'd like to point out that Japan is on a subduction zone, meaning the Pacific plate is diving under Japan, if anything, causing Japan to rise higher, and as such it was shifted 8 ft. Some put it at 12 ft. Notice how much deeper the Pacific plate is? It's going UNDER Japan, causing it to rise and shift into China. It may transform the whole shape, but we do need to wait and find out. Sinking, like Atlantis? Good theory, but either wait, or prove it!


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