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Daylight Saving Time

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posted on Mar, 18 2011 @ 03:49 PM
We started DST this week (actually last Sunday morning) and I was wondering if anyone thinks this actually helps them conserve electricity. I was fortunate, because I've been off from work this week, but I go back next week and I'll be leaving before daylight. As in the past couple of years, I end up leaving at least one if not two lights on, which of course stay on all day, and getting home "earlier", with the weather warming up, means turning on the air conditioner earlier in the afternoon. So does it actually help conserve energy or not. Hope this is in the correct forum.


posted on Mar, 18 2011 @ 03:55 PM
reply to post by maybee

As a whole with the way the world works today i dont think it does anything to reduce cost. it is not like when it was put in place. today with so many lights/video games and other things that use power its just not doing a thing other than making people late for work when they forget the time is back or ahead.

posted on Mar, 18 2011 @ 04:30 PM
reply to post by maybee

I read the articles every year, where the government does studies that say it doesn't help, and surveys of the people say we don't like it. But at this point there is nothing we can do, we are being controlled by Ben Franklin who insists we live in electrified homes, and Ben Franklin insists we do the DST thing, so you gotta wonder, why? Well here's what I think:

In the USA we had enforced bi-annual ben-franklin-inspired time-travel this past weekend ("spring forward fall back"), and I lost some beans. Thinking there’s a connection between the way I feel more tired than usual and washed-out on sunday morning, after the clock has changed an hour, and thefact that some beans are missing in the fava bean farm and some beans are missing from the cabinet, I figure its ben franlkin who set this thing up that makes no sense and he does it so he can take an hour to walk around our houses and steal beans. I mean, no big deal, you get it back at the end of the year, if you ask santa for beans, but that leads me to think ben franklin and santa are the same person. same size and shape, santa and ben also have the nature of being able to hit all the houses in a single night, and to persist for hundreds of years. these are not the characteristics of a human, and I find it unsettling, having ben franklin walking around the house like that, and then insisting he's santa and can only come around on december 24th. Obviously if he is outside of time, he hides at the center of a star, a black hole, or maybe at the center of the earth - if so he can be release through the north pole-portal only 4 times a year. that covers christmas, spring forward, fall back, but you gotta wonder, what’s he got to cover the fourth time that he logically must be able to travel the north pole portal.
I lost some beans. I don't know how. And thats how this gets started.
Maybe some cheap bean-farm insurance and these ideas wouldn;t get like that.

I've been contemplating the physics of santa claus; that's definitely odd behavior, so he gets my attention. Santa Claus SAYS he comes from the north pole; I'm thinking that’s the way he puts it for little kids, but first, we know there's nothing at the north pole but a little ice, there are expeditions on discovery channel all the time and they never encounter him, but if santa resides outside of time, he uses a portal to get in and out of time, and these portals are typically at the center of stars. Could it be santa claus is cryptically admitting to opening a portal at the center of the earth? that would make sense, and he'd probably pop out at the poles when he needed too, and would probably be restricted to certain astral configurations, like once a year. More to my point, this would mean santa is a hero of anti-time.
I have had the theory/understanding for years that absolutely no one else can get behind - that the overactive imagination and the overactive immune system are the same thing; that dreams are the immune system, thinking, and that’s why they are so important, and that’s why they respond to stress;
So I don't know why I dream the green giraffe, not sure where that fits in, but anyway, there it is, maybe it’s important.
I also have maintained for some time the opposite of gravity is what pushes us down, that there's no mystical force in the ground pulling us; indeed, the theoretical "graviton" cannot seem to be found by our "scientists";
I saw the smiling crescent moon, and the fact that I could tell it was a smile, that you can tell what a smile is on your loved one's face, is an antigravity concept. The depressed face is pushed down upon by the "hyperclock", or "ytivarg", while the radiating personality beams - upward - and causes a smile, like the crescent moon above my fava bean farm.
Now Santa's been around a while. I used to watch Rudolf the red nosed reindeer and frosty back when I was little, and even my parents had heard of santa claus, even the people in the black and white movies. And he was old even back then. So obviously we can say he's gotten into the "Longetivity wine", like my other anti time hero Lu DongBin. And if santa's into longevity, these are the inklings of anti-time, that eventually build into a marching column of "santa-flow".
And hey, longetivity, that’s also about the immune system - (see how it all comes together? that’s the nature of psychosis!)
Starbucks, the NewYorkTimes, like fires lighting up the damp cold morning - fires of terrorism, of politics, of explosive passionate creativity, wars safely confined in boxes of newsprint coralled by the black by-lines, and I am still for the first time since waking, as I stare into the fires and smile" ("smiled with their eyes and listened dreamily" was a line I'd just read in my Robert Walser crazy-guy essays.)
A round table, a teapot full of exhausted mountain oolong tea leaves, a paper cup with a little cold water, and a book on the outskirts of the ritual, skating in and out of time, as I gargle with anti-time and sit in the center, a hot cup of yellow tea and two hands, bridging the gap to the mind that becomes peculiarly intoxicated, as I become the asterism, PKS-2125, master of the circus of time encryption.
In 2002 the scientists dsicovered "Dehydrotumologic acid in poria cocos". Lu DongBin called it longetivity wine a long time ago, hundreds of years ago, and probobly, still calls it that to this day.

posted on Mar, 18 2011 @ 10:19 PM
reply to post by maybee

daylight saving is not about saving energy, changes in lifestyle etc. These are just vehicles for carrying the argument for daylight saving.

I watched a TV program here last time the busienss community tried to bring in daylight saving and they interviewed people who have studied the effects of daylight saving in countiries and states which have it and it was widely agreed by those who did the studies that people spent more money in those places where daylight saving was in place than in places where there was no daylight saving.

In the sate of Western Australia, we have voted against daylight saving 5 times in my lifetime. I guess up till now we have at least had a referrundum on it which more than what happens in the US it seems but I suspect this will not happen again and we will end up with daylight saving sooner or later.

We also had a referrendum on extended shopping hours 5 years ago but the state goverment has now overridden this and extended shopping hours.

posted on Mar, 18 2011 @ 10:21 PM
reply to post by maybee

I like daylight savings..
My garden gets an extra hour of sunlight...


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