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My Paranormal Experiences in Life, through, Ouijia, Dark Arts, and life in general, and how its brou

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posted on Mar, 17 2011 @ 07:30 PM
I'd like to start off by saying I've always been a believer in almost all things paranormal, to a degree, of course. With that said, it has made me wonder if that makes one more subject to such experiences?

I'd like to share my experiences with the Ouija board, during my younger years when I was interested in the dark side. Studying black magic, and the occult. I felt a draw too it, almost as if I knew, had I been a Jedi, I would have fallen to the dark side. As I've gotten older I no longer feel that way. Til the age of 16, I was felt I was more yang than yin. I believe this may have been influenced by low-self esteem. Being close to a quarter century years old, married, and away from my family, I no longer feel such a way. Though the fact that I did, sometimes haunts me.

Moving on..... these experiences with the Ouija board occurred in Zanesville, beginning the summer of '97, and ending in the summer of '98. However, as I write this, a rather significant paranormal experience popped into my mind. My grandmother, on my moms side, died in 1995. When my mom returned home, from the funeral, she traveled to Ohio, from Denver, she took pictures of our living room. When the pictures were developed, you could clearly see my grandmothers faces in our curtains. I doubt if the picture exists anymore, as my family lost everything in '99, due to my parents crack addiction. Anyhoo, there is no doubt in my mind, our my families mind, that my grandmother's image was in that picture! I remember crying greatly, when my mom called to tell me she died. It was my first time really dealing with death, of a person I know and loved, let alone a family member. The reason I mention this, is because I feel, my grandmother's spirit, showed herself to us, to let us know, that there is indeed life after death. Just as that showed me there is life after death, my experiences with the Ouija board, showed me there is evil. Which I equated as, if there is evil, there must be good.

The Ouija board, literally installed the fear of God into me. My father was never comfortable with us playing the Ouija board, or reading Wiccan literature, stolen from the bookstore. He told us it was evil, although, he himself, smoked weed, drink a lot, and smoked cracked, so we didn't exactly listen to him.

We, those who played, were my older brother, Kenny, our Friend's Josh, and Charles. We were the main four. When others were there, the Ouija board wasn't as responsive. I believe, and have been led to believe by various spirits, when non-believers are around, it doesn't work as well. Not just the Ouija board, but I feel non-believers, just aren't tuned in, so to speak. They simply don't allow themselves to see things. The human spirit is a powerful force indeed, regardless if one is conscience of such power or not. For example, when my parents came around, if we were playing, the connection would go away. This would also happen, if my younger brother came around, although, with him around, the connection would still be there, but clearly slowed, to the point where it would pointless to continue. Furthermore, if we had any other friends around, rather than Josh or Charles, there would also be a connection loss.

Besides, Jim, Charlies older brother. I was 11, 12 at the time, same ages as Charles, Kenny and Josh were both 12, 13, also the same age. Jim at the time was, 16, 17. Jim, too, was interested in Witch Craft, and such, and had quite the extensive history of playing the Ouija boards. He provided us with tips and advice, and advised us not to play. He too, felt it was evil. He told us, there were good spirits you could talk to, but most seemed evil, and he had a suspicion, that all were inherently evil. He told us about "Operators", two of which he knew, one named Dan, and the other Marge.

These Operators, helped in connecting us to other spirits to talk to. They would dial them, by writing their name. Dan was more friendly than Marge. I have fond memories of talking to Dan, and always felt a sense of calm when we communicated with him. With Marge I felt an uneasiness. Having mention them, I'll talk about some other spirits we met, one called himself Jack The Ripper, and even claimed to be him. Jack was clearly a powerful spirit, and was evil, by his own description. When we talked with him, the temperature in the room would drop, sometimes to the point, where we could see our own breath. Mind you, this happened in a heated house. Ironically enough, Jack had a girlfriend, named Jill. She claimed to have been a stripper who died in a car accident in the '80s. She seemed nice, and seemed to be afraid of Jack. She was also rather sexual. Another female spirit, we met, called herself, Stacy 666. When she introduced yourself, we all got pretty scared. The first time we talked to her, I don't remember exactly what she said, I suppose I've blocked it from my memory, but I do remember it made me cry. We met others, as well, though they are the only four names I can remember, and the only ones we communicated with multiple times.

Writing this now, I realize that it is kind of strange that we had a core of four users, and a core of four spirits. Interesting, I think... I also now realize, it is going to take a good bit of time to write everything down.... so I continue, and apologize for the jumbledness of it all. I just want to share, and here what other's think. At this point, I don't think I will include everything in my initial post, but would like to see what other people have to say.

Moving on..... Jack claimed that he had a list of people he was going to kill, and he had a number that he wanted to reach. Everyone was on that least, except me. I found the news to be good, but it also made me feel like, I was bad guy. I'm not sure what became of Josh, I know he had a hard life growing up, like my brother and I, I do know Charles, has gone on to have drug problems, as has my brother Kenny. I myself, smoke weed, but they have done hard drugs, and seem to be loser addicts, so to speak. A whole other subject no doubt.

At this point, I am tired of writing, but I will continue to add to this.

I have barely scratched the surface, believe me.

I would also like to say, I really like this website, and everything I have written thus far is true, and everything after shall be too.

So for those, who don't believe, or tell fake stories, please do not post in this topic. I would like to hear other peoples experiences as well. So please, post them here, and lets get talking.

Peace, I shall return.

posted on Mar, 17 2011 @ 09:33 PM
Wow, interesting stuff, can't wait to hear more from you.

posted on Mar, 18 2011 @ 05:52 AM
Just so you know...we can't see what your title says.. "My Paranormal Experiences in Life, through, Ouijia, Dark Arts, and life in general, and how its brou"

I would like to hear more stories, I've had a lot myself although I've never had the chance to play with an ouijia board but I'm not sure I would want to either. I totally agree with what your saying about how you need to be open-minded to experience these things. If you don't open that door then it will stay closed and like what Robert Anton Wilson says "everyone has their own reality tunnel" in short, your belief system changes your field of perception, if you are close-minded then your perception blocks out these things. It makes sense when you think about it.

posted on Mar, 18 2011 @ 12:24 PM
reply to post by Eonnn

I was not going to post this as you may think im crazy, but i think a few people here think i am crazy anyway so i decided i will. i only ever did it one time and i wont do one ever again, we made our own board, i dont know how accurate it was but it did do some things then and even if it wasnt real it freaked me out. so here is my story, im sorry if its jumbled but im typing as i speak ( so to say ).
Im going to try to remember all of what happened in as much detail as i can because ive never really told this story to anybody before in Full Detail,

I was around 15, i was with my brother (my brother who is 11 months younger than me), and my best friend at the time, ( who is a year older than me), We were sat playing some computer games and smoking some weed, my mum worked nights and we were in my house on our own except for my pet dog at the time ( Staffie ), i cant remember what time it was when we became bored, but it was dark and we thought it would be a good idea to try and make a ouija board, My brother said he " knew " how to make one, and i just thought i would go along with it as i was curious and so did my friend, Before i carry on i would also like to say that i really did believe in ghosts and stuff like that when i was younger,so did my brother,but my friend who was with us was a total sceptic.

Anyway, we got a load of tealight candles and a couple of stick candles, a small patterned glass, we used a large upside down games board, and we used chalk to write on it, all around the edges we wrote the letters a - z and yes and no, ( we forgot do do numbers, on the board, ), we also did a circle in the centre with a pentagram symbol. We took all this stuff into my bedroom , and i decided to call the dog up, i remember saying something along the lines of "i heard dogs can sense ghosts and stuff".

So there was 3 of us and the dog in the room, not sure what time we started but it must of been around 9-ish, we lit a tea light candles and placed them around the room and lit the stick candles and had them close to us, so we could use them as a "torch", we put the board down in the middle of the room and sat around it, my dog was just lying by the door,

We sat around and i said something like , so do we have to hold hands or something, taking it all as a bit of a laugh, and my brother said we only had to touch the top of the upside down glass with the tip of our finger, so we did that, asking if there was anyone there , and feeling rather stupid sat in the dark actually doing this, It moved a few times to yes but we were laughing about it and moving it ourselves, just kind of messing around thinking it wouldnt work at all. When we had kind of worked the giggles out of ourselves and i said to try and take it serious to see if it would work,

So we closed our eyes and touched the glass again and i was just trying to think hard about contacting something, Then we asked if anything was there, and the glass moved to yes , when i say moved i mean it was decisive, precise and it kind of glided, so i started accusing the other two of moving it, my brother started accusing me and my friend, and my friend who was the sceptical one started accusing us two trying to say we were just doing it to try and make him " believe ".
So we asked a few more things like what is your name i remember that it specifically spelled out the words " PARDO " which had no relevant meaning to any of us, and we asked when "it" died and it spelled out a date that was eighteen something i cant remember exactly what now,
We also asked where "he" died and "he" spelled out the letters "PRESTON"
that is the name of a town 35-45km away from where we were.
We asked if it was here to hurt us, and it did go to "No", which i can say i felt extreme relief from

When the glass was moving around spelling it must stress the fact that it was very direct, quick decisions, no real hesitation, all very fluid, at this point i would also like to add that my friend was/is dyslectic and not " the sharpest tool in the box, ", when it comes to doing anything fast especially spelling or math he was not very good, and i believe the answers given were spelled to fast to be his.

I remember we asked it to give us a sign, if it was real , not thinking anything would happen, and there was a LOUD bang from the very back of my room, which was a solid outside wall, and the dog jumped up and started barking and making whimpering whiny noises, I suspected my friend had banged the bed back against the wall but i definitely didnt see him do anything.

So we asked more questions although i cant really remember many of them or the answers, ( maybe my brother can, i will ask him, i got him to join ATS a few days ago because he likes all his CS stuff too )

The next part i remember anyway was , my friend was accusing us even more and laughing a bit ( i think he was actually, really freaked out ) and started saying stuff like " Your not real any way " to the " spirit ".
And the glass actually started doing small circles really fast and becoming slightly erratic, getting bigger in circumference , at this point he really thought it was us and said im sorry if this is "rude " but i am telling it exactly how i remember he said it , " So what ghosts are fu***ng Gay ", and the glass literally, like it had been flung but " something", Flew sideways of the ouijia board we made about 3 or 4 foot away on the carpet,

The dog went to the bedroom door like he saw something just after that and was clawing at the door and really wanted to get out the room, We had all S**T ourselves by this point , and i gladly got up and let the dog out and he ran downstairs.
I didnt want to even try to carry on then none of us did, so we just turned the lights on, blew the candles out,folded the board up and put it away, my brother suggested we smash the glass but we didnt in the end we just put it in the dishes to be washed. It must of been around 11pm by then so we had another smoke outside taking about what had just happened all still accusing one another of moving it around,

I know it wasnt me , i really dont think it was my friend, he really thinks it was me and my brother, and is still a sceptic , and im pretty sure it was not my younger brother although it might of been, but i seriously do not believe it was.

I no longer live in that house but my mum still does,they have strange things happen but i cant think of any examples right now.I dont thing it has anything to do with what we did but it might ,

Anyway thats my "crazy" story,make of it what you will , but i swear down that all of what i said is true and i fully believe that "something" ( none of the people there ) was moving that glass and answering our questions.

Im glad i done it once but i would never try one again. Im sure i have left out lots of detail but i have a bad memory and i didnt keep notes or anything like that because we done it spur of the moment and didnt think it would really work anyway.

Glad i have got my story out somewhere now any way and i hope somebody appreciates it, but i am also ready to be called crazy and be flamed


posted on Mar, 18 2011 @ 01:01 PM
Wow your story sounds fascinating, cant wait to hear more.

posted on Mar, 18 2011 @ 10:13 PM
I enjoyed everyones posts. I used to have a couple friends that messed around with me on one. my best friend and i were in seventh or eighth grade and our,other buddy was in like sixth or so. We lived in a new housing development so there were dirt lots and houses that werent completed past the frames etc. so us three vageniouses decided to take the boards to the dirt lots and play them. We wouldnt hust ask the normal questions like is anyone there. We would call satan himself, hitler, bloody mary. Anyways i remember playing one time and literally like nails and sawblades started getting thrown at us. We were the only people around nonetheless kids. Im pretty sure most normal kids would have freaked but not us. So our younger friend had the brig ht idea of inviting bloody.mary to possess him. His eyes literally glowed red and he started speaking in toungues. That was our limit. I havent ever touched,another one since then. They are a doorway to evil with no bouncers. Im still dumbfounded and honestly i think ive been marked because of playing with them because to thks day i have always had issues with evil following me..

posted on Mar, 19 2011 @ 07:48 AM
reply to post by johngtr

I heard that if the glass lifts off the table while your communicating with spirits it lets them out of the glass...

do you have some other stories to share that aren't related to ouiji boards? your title says dark arts I'm actually curious what you mean by that.

posted on Mar, 19 2011 @ 09:39 AM
reply to post by Eonnn

No i dont this isnt my thread, the original poster might have some but i havnt seen him back on i just added what happened to me when i was younger,

posted on Mar, 19 2011 @ 10:08 AM
I have heard a story about ouija boards, it goes that there was an unbeliever told to leave he then watched from outside, apparently they summoned up Elvis. He talked to them told them he was dead, this dude seen all this from outside, suddenly one of them in the group got freaked out, and got up to leave. As she left she stood on somebodies shoe, and as she did the person turned around with eyes rolled in their head and said in a demon like voice "Get off my Blue suede shoes"

This is what the guy seen he reckons, the non believer. I know funny stuff hey!

Not trying to take away from your story, it sounds intense, me personally, would never do it.

posted on Mar, 19 2011 @ 10:39 AM
reply to post by The_Undertaker

Great account ... love your writing style and I believe you ... if this is in fact a made-up tale then you should definately consider a career as an author because I have experienced the paranormal all of my life ... even run W.I.S.P.S (Woodwytch Investigations of Supernatural & Paranormal Source) my own private paranormal investigation team and your account (in the way it was written) really drew me in and left me wanting to hear more

I have personally had more encounters with the paranormal than I could possibly remember (saw my first full manifestation of spirit when I was 3yrs old) but I thought you and some of the newer members posting here might be interested in a couple of threads I made on here last year, about a very ancient presence that my team and I were called in to investigate independently by two seperate families who lived opposite each other who were being plagued by the same entity (although they were completely oblivious of each other's experiences until we got involved) ... we discovered early on in the investigation after a little research of the land that the houses (although relatively modern - 10 - 15 yrs old) were built on a minor negative leyline ... and the entity had used this as an access point.

I should add before continuing that besides having experienced the paranormal all of my life (to the extent where the 'paranormal' is actually my 'normal') ... I have also been a practicing 'Solitary Witch' for over 20yrs and as such W.I.S.P.S approaches the paranormal from a Pagan perspective (not the way most of the TV programs approach the subject with lots of expensive equipment ... and not the way the Church approaches it by drawing the Bible like a weapon)

This particular case turned out to be not only the biggest thing we have ever dealt with as a team ... but also the biggest thing I have dealt with in this field personally. At one point it lead us to believe we had successfully ridded the families of their problem by laying dormant for a couple of months ... only to return much stronger and with a completely new approach (this time he was more physical in his activity) once he realized that we (W.I.S.P.S) knew our stuff and were not easily scared by the games that the paranormal can play when it tries to mess with your head.

Not only did he continue to disrupt and scare the families ... he actually took me and my team on.

From beginning to end this case took over a year to conclude and really took a lot out of us ... truth be told we're still not 100% back to normal but I am so much more aware and prepared than I was before !

Once I realized I was dealing with something the likes of which I had never dealt with before I turned to the people of ATS for help and advise ... initially to try and pinpoint a word or a name that one of my team came up with during a meditation session ... this was covered in the first thread I made;

>>>Demon Identification Help Required

posted on Mar, 21 2011 @ 02:15 PM
Sorry, I haven't taken the time to update the story, as of yet. Today is my birthday, and it has been my birthday weekend, So I've been busy.

I have read all the responses, and will touch back with a more in depth response to those as well.

My wife is on her way home from work now, and I don't want to spend this time typing, I just didn't want people to think I have disappeared.


posted on Mar, 22 2011 @ 07:03 PM
you sound like an INFJ ... just saying. INFJs writing and typing are easy to read.

posted on Mar, 22 2011 @ 09:05 PM

Originally posted by PaR3v
you sound like an INFJ ... just saying. INFJs writing and typing are easy to read.

I have no idea what that is?
Can you elaborate?

posted on Mar, 22 2011 @ 11:05 PM
reply to post by johngtr

It's an acronym for the Introversion-iNtuition-Feeling-Judging personality type from the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.

Looking forward to reading the rest of your story.
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