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NEWS: Despite UN Resolution, Israel Will Proceed with Wall

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posted on Jul, 21 2004 @ 11:21 AM
The Israeli government said today they would proceed with plans to complete a West Bank barrier despite yesterday's vote from the UN demanding Israel tear down the parts of the barrier already completed. Israel began erecting a wall with the intent to keep Palestinian suicide bombers from entering the country; the World Court declared the wall illegal and demanded it be torn down.

Israel vowed Wednesday to press ahead with construction of its West Bank barrier despite a U.N. resolution demanding it be torn down, but Palestinians called for international sanctions to force compliance.

Israel summoned key European Union ambassadors -- including Britain and the Netherlands, holder of the rotating EU presidency -- to protest against their governments' support for the Palestinian-sponsored resolution.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

150 countries voted in favor of passing a resolution prohibiting the construction of the barrier. Six countries - Israel, the US, Micronesia, the Marshall Islands, Palau and Australia - voted against the resolution. Ten countries abstained from voting.

"The building of the fence will go on" said Ra'anan Gissin, a senior advisor to Ariel Sharon. "Israel will not stop building it or abdicate its inalienable right to self-defense."

The vote is not legally binding, but has major symbolic and diplomatic implications.

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posted on Jul, 21 2004 @ 11:30 AM
Why would the UN oppose a nonviolent defense to stop people from getting killed? I dont really understand the whole arguement of not putting the wall up. If it can save lives and not hurt anyone I say do it.

Just another reason to prove that the UN is a waste of time and money in my opinion

posted on Jul, 21 2004 @ 11:31 AM
The whole Resolution is a joke.
They declare the wall illegal yet their order is not legal.

It's basically a chance for a lot of nations to cover their asses.

posted on Jul, 21 2004 @ 11:35 AM
Aren't they trying to build it on Palestinian land? I mean isn't Israel trying to take the Palestinian land? I'm not too political so I'm not being a smart ass or anything....I'm learning.

posted on Jul, 21 2004 @ 11:37 AM
Palestinians condemn it as an "apartheid wall" that takes away land they want for a future independent state.

Its not on their land but future land they want for their own state. If a deal is struck to give them that land the wall could just be moved in my opinion but if it can save lives now put it up.

posted on Jul, 21 2004 @ 11:38 AM
you see. you'd think that the UN would do something to back up their resultion but no. the UN is one of the weakest organizations on the face of the planet. whenever they want to to use force its always the US doing the dirty work for the UN.

posted on Jul, 21 2004 @ 11:41 AM

Originally posted by LadyV
Aren't they trying to build it on Palestinian land? I mean isn't Israel trying to take the Palestinian land? I'm not too political so I'm not being a smart ass or anything....I'm learning.

well this is why there is all this war death and BS going on over there.

both sides lay claim to the land and both use religious text as "evidence" of their claim. as a result neither is willing to share as they feel the land solely belongs to them and that other side is "trespassing".

i'm personally hoping they all kill each other as i dont see any other way of ending this other than a third party going in and wiping everyone out. they refuse to get along and simply compromise if no other reason than to stop the bloodshed.

this is one of the worst cases of religion being more of a burden than a help. thats right, fighting over land that noone really owns (we're just living beings sharing the planet with other living things) because of religion. what a wonderful world in which we live.

posted on Jul, 21 2004 @ 11:48 AM
If the UN wants to be perfectly neutral, it should now declare Jordan's international border illegal.
Jordan is sitting on the majority of Palestinian land which it annexed 1948.

posted on Jul, 21 2004 @ 02:23 PM
I predict we will either see the end (or begining of conflict with) of the UN or of Israel.

The UN is basically ineffective and powerless. To curcumvent that, some may seek (as it is evident they are) to form a world power and government by giving the UN more power. Some seek to end it and make it more ineffective to the point of the League of Nations. Either way that'll make some waves.

Now if the UN gets more powerful, Israel is in trouble because they seem to have no intention of agreeing to do anything they don't want to no matter who tells them.

If the UN fades away, Israel will begin to make people more and more angry with them. The UN will be ineffective, so without recourse, these groups or countries will look to solve their own problems, whether through terrorism or attack.

This situation is too complicated for most to even comment on. It would take quite a bit of learning, reading, and researching (and even possibly a few visits there) to grasp the real deal.

I haven't gone quite that far, so I'll just talk about the effects

posted on Jul, 21 2004 @ 05:06 PM

Originally posted by ThePrankMonkey

i'm personally hoping they all kill each other as i dont see any other way of ending this other than a third party going in and wiping everyone out. they refuse to get along and simply compromise if no other reason than to stop the bloodshed.


I am one of the israeli ATS - members - I am not at all amused to read youre hoping we all get killed.

The assembly's vote, like The Hague ruling, is not legally binding.

Israel vowed to press on with construction of the West Bank separation fence. The Simon Wiesenthal Center, which promotes Jewish human rights, echoed Israel's opposition

White House spokesman Scott McClellan dismisses UN resolution on West Bank separation fence as "one-sided".

The implications of the UN court's decision reach far beyond Israel:

The Court has declared four new rules about the meaning of the right of self-defense in the face of terrorism:.....

  1. There is no right of self-defense under the U.N. Charter when the terrorists are not state actors.

  2. There is no right of self-defense against terrorists who operate from any territory whose status is not finalized, and who therefore attack across disputed borders.

  3. Where military action is perpetrated by "irregulars," self-defense does not apply if the "scale and effects" of the terrorism are insufficient to amount to "an armed attack...had it been carried out by regular armed forces." (The scale in this case is 860 Israeli civilians killed in the last three years the proportional equivalent of at least 14 9/11's.)

  4. Self-defense does not include nonviolent acts, or in the words of Judge Rosalyn Higgins: "I remain unconvinced that non-forcible measures (such as the building of a wall) fall within self-defence under Article 51 of the Charter."

These conclusions constitute a direct assault on the ability of every U.N. member to fight international terrorism.

Had Enough? The U.N. handicaps Israel, along with the rest of us.


posted on Jul, 21 2004 @ 06:42 PM
Riwka, I hope and wish for your safety. I have done research on the bias against Israel for school and am always amazed by it. Your people are attacked and are killed in a terrorist attack, you kill a terrorist leader, and the UN threatens sanctions against you! When the US tried the roadmap to peace, Israel complied with it. Palestinians attacked and killed people, Israel still tried to work with the roadmap to peace. They are attacked again and again, and finally kill another terrorist leader and only then is the roadmap canceled. WTF? Dozens of Israels are killed and attacks happen daily from terrorists, the roadmap is still on, Israel kills a terrorist leader in one attack, and the roadmap is canceled. Bull#. Hell, if Israel killed every terrorist leader in the area the Palestinians say is theirs, there would be what? Women and and children left and a couple guys who were only body guards? People still try the "Not everyone is a terrorist" Bull#, but who supports them? Who dresses their babies and kids up as terrorist bombers? Who teaches their kids how to shoot a gun before teaching them how to walk? Who goes out and celebrated by burning flags and doing that lalalalalalaladeathtothejewslalalalalalala whenever a major attack is done against Israel and do the exact same thing when Israel kills a few terrorists? How do they celebrate weddings? They shoot guns and blow things up. How do they show hatred? They shoot guns and blow things up. How do they demostrate? They shoot guns and blow things up.

Damn it, Only reason israel has that land is because within a month of being created they were attacked. Few years later attacked again, but every time they win and keep the land. Hell, what is wrong with people? Israel was attacked by a #load of countries, they won, they got land. In the old days it was called the Napoleonic Wars and The Hundred Years War. But those were white non-jewish people, so i guess it made it alright to keep the land they won.(sarcasm)

posted on Jul, 21 2004 @ 07:03 PM
The problem is the wall is going into Palestinian territory.

The Israeli Army today demolished 3 Palestinian homes,26 Palestinian shops and an olive oil factory in the Occupied West Bank town of Barta (located in the northwest West Bank) in order to continue construction of its wall. The demolitions come after the International Court of Justice's July9 th ruling that Israel must immediately cease construction of the wall.

The Israeli Army demolished the homes and businesses without prior notice to Palestinian home and shop owners. According to witnesses, at approximately 6 a.m., an estimated 300 Israeli soldiers using 35 jeeps and 4 bulldozers raided the town to carry out the demolitions. The Army fired tear gas, rubber-coated metal bullets and live ammunition at Palestinian demonstrators, injuring 8 Palestinian civilians. Two Palestinian civilians remain in critical condition.

Although Israel claims that it is re-routing the wall to its 1967 pre-occupation border (the Green Line), this planned rerouting of the wall (like the original route) remains entirely within Occupied Palestinian Territory. By rerouting the wall, Israel will trap Palestinian residents of Barta in a 10 kilometer ghetto, with approximately60 % of the town's farm land (located in the south and north of the town) situated beyond the wall. (See accompanying map at

An additional 22 Palestinian shops are slated for demolition. The Israeli Army has not indicated when it will carry out these demolition orders.

The path of this wall seems really strange.
It's all over the place.
Look at the map from an Israeli government website:

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