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Giant gas halo from sun caught on camera

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posted on Jul, 17 2002 @ 11:02 PM
(CNN) -- After a period of relative calm, the sun has become rather spirited in recent days, unleashing a picturesque full-halo eruption of electrified gas and another powerful shot that could strike Earth.

Here is the rest of the story:

posted on Jul, 18 2002 @ 12:24 AM

That was a major event two days ago.

Heres a string of Sun spots, taken on the 16th, that is about 19 Earth diameters long

Todays forecast: Stormy

Here is an up to date X-Ray flux data for the sun

Hmmm... Big proton flux earlier

What are those crazy electrons up to?


Planetary K index

Seems that right now, the aurora borealis is visible in the northern states.

The IMAGE spacecrafts FUV?WIC aurora pictures and Plasmasphere Image's in real time.

posted on Jul, 18 2002 @ 03:54 PM

posted on Jul, 18 2002 @ 11:00 PM
On July 1rst, there was a huge coronal mass ejection, which did not register the usual x-ray flux that is normally associated with these types of events. However, the ELFRAD system, which records ULF waves, did at that time record some unusual readings, which has led them to theorize that a gravity wave may have been responsible for the CME, and was recorded by the ELFRAD system.

The sun has been quite active for the last several days, with another huge CME, see the one above. Now I came across this site which watches downloads from the SOHO satellite, which observes the sun. I am not really sure this belongs in the science section, however they have indeed recorded some highly unusual anomolies that the SOHO satellite has imaged. They are suggesting that the sun is under attack (I think) which means that it shouldnt go in this section, however given the amount of unusual activity the sun has been displaying, I thought it would fit here. In my view they have recorded some important events, but that does not mean their interpretation is correct.

That being said, in at least on of the images, there is definitely a non-natural object that passed the sun. If it had only appeared in one of the pictures, it may have been a fluke, and perhaps it is an aberration in SOHO's data, I am by no means an expert on the space craft.

Anyhow, check out the site, there are some really intense pictures, and the page may take awhile to load as it is graphic intensive.

Also, the earth will be hit on the 20th from a CME that occurred earlier today.

A faint halo CME observed in association with the X1-flare on
18 July is expected to impact the earth in the latter half of
the UT day of 20 July. Further CME activity observed on 18 July
may possibly be also earthward directed and geoeffective on
20-21 July.

posted on Jul, 19 2002 @ 08:04 PM

posted on Jul, 19 2002 @ 08:11 PM
OMG what the hell is going on?? This could seriously be a big problem...

posted on Jul, 21 2002 @ 02:06 PM

Animation of Explosion:

Significant Solar Limb Activity Observed
20 JULY 2002
As noted in the AstroAlert of 19 July, there exists a potential for significant solar activity visible on the east limb of the Sun. Over the last 24 hours, frequent surging has been observed as the strongly active sunspot complex just behind the eastern limb of the Sun begins to rotate into view.

Today, at 21:30 UTC (5:30 pm EDT), a very strong class X3.3 solar x-ray flare was observed from this sunspot complex. Although the sunspot complex itself is not yet visible, the activity it is producing is visible.

Rest of story:

posted on Jul, 21 2002 @ 11:48 PM
Let's just hope these blasts don't get to close to our planet, it could knock out the electricity in the US or UK...

posted on Jul, 22 2002 @ 09:27 PM

posted on Jul, 23 2002 @ 10:00 AM
It is interesting on that link you gave us William, those little objects in the pictures that look like UFOs. Although the Webmaster of the site has a possible far-fetched explanation of it, it does make you wonder....

posted on Jul, 27 2002 @ 09:41 PM

posted on Jul, 28 2002 @ 07:18 AM

Originally posted by Midnight Mutilator
Let's just hope these blasts don't get to close to our planet, it could knock out the electricity in the US or UK...

how typical.....and maybe in Brazil aswell, or belgium, china?

posted on Jul, 28 2002 @ 07:21 AM
whats the dark blue line in he left under corner? just curious...

we can handle afew more particles cant we?

posted on Jul, 29 2002 @ 02:39 PM
Interesting, the last 7 major flares have all occurred at or very near midnight UTC.

Starting with last nights first and working back!

The blue line is the arm holding the sun disc blocker.

posted on Jul, 31 2002 @ 05:22 PM
Great Discovery movie about CME"s and how a powerful enough one could make the surface of earth uninhabitable. You have to copy and paste the url to access it.

posted on Jul, 31 2002 @ 05:25 PM
Awesome picture of the magnetic field lines!

posted on Aug, 1 2002 @ 09:24 PM

posted on Aug, 4 2002 @ 08:44 PM

[Edited on 8-18-2002 by William One Sac]

posted on Aug, 6 2002 @ 09:28 PM
Another M-Class!!


[Edited on 8-18-2002 by William One Sac]

posted on Aug, 17 2002 @ 08:50 PM

HERE COMES THE SUN: Twisted magnetic fields near giant sunspot 69 erupted on Friday, Aug. 16th. The explosion sparked an M5-class solar flare and hurled a coronal mass ejection (pictured right) toward Earth. NOAA forecasters estimate a 20% chance of severe geomagnetic storms when the cloud arrives--probably on Sunday, Aug. 18th. Sky watchers should be alert for auroras.

View the eruption!

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