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To the fleet above my head

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posted on Mar, 18 2011 @ 09:52 AM

Originally posted by csimon

Originally posted by Brianegan
the truth is coming

When is the truth coming? What is the time frame for the truth you speak of?

I have spent my entire life dedicated to this.

The only answer I can give you that is a true response is "it's up to you"

Im so sorry but if you dont know with in a few more months then you are to stay a sleep.

The mind is useless to them if you are not aware of your eternal soul.

If you are not understanding my thread then please stop searching.

If you are let me know when your lower shoulders begin to hurt.

Otherwise the knowledge that indeed you have an eternal soul raises the level of electricity measurable inside of a human body powerful enough to supply one of the strongest longlasting batteries known that is easily duplicated.

For the love of god stay asleep if you are not like me. Your soul is eternal but you can avoid a great deal of pain before your simulation is complete.

If you wake up you are part of an army that was entered into the simulation by our king. Its been a long time since we went into battle since you all have been sleeping and we are proud to defend you. Again if you visit all of threads I have placed all the information and hidden truths there to find. You are not to know who I am either if you are to stay asleep. We can no longer sit back and allow you to tourture yourselves. We know you asked for us not to intervien but we hope you will forgive us. Your goal will still be reached. It was to much to bare and what is coming would break our hearts to have to see and not help.

This is the only time i will mention these points to anyone other then who can recite my thread in their own version with conviction and with the right launguage.

I am meant to help you as so many others on this earth are starting to realize as well so if you ask me a question I am obligated to help you but please think of the consequences of the possible answers you may receive.

The truth must come when its safe to hear it.

posted on Mar, 18 2011 @ 10:00 AM
Wait a second....pain in the lower shoulders? You mean the lower shoulder blades moving around the inner side of them? Where wings might develop if we were of that species?

Is that what you mean by that? Or do you mean the lower shoulders around the underarm region as far as height of the anatomy (while upper shoulders would be where the arms are connected as well as the neck)?

posted on Mar, 18 2011 @ 10:02 AM

Originally posted by arit_
Hello ATS,

Very interesting reading, especially because it expresses in words some very strong feelings I have and couldn't articulate. The following really resonated.

"At this point you still have time to make up for the sacrifices our race has endured for you to achieve your goal. "
" Given the trials that you have put us through to create mass emotions
I’m sure you get the point and I no longer fear you so come if you will."

And elzon

" if you remember, the "black plague" was a massacre of humanity by what seems to be a small group of individuals with biological weapons. "

"So, it is not so much a case of us reconciling with them as them reconciling with us. We have a little to appologize for, but they have A LOT TO APPOLOGIZE FOR ! "

I feel the same. I also remember the discussion about the scholar who started to write his thesis about "The common denominator of major human conflicts" seeking to prove it was MONEY and ended up with, you know, the "fleet".

And cattle mutilations? Sorry, we pay for our steak on this planet.
Abductions? Who gives them the right? We give more respect to animals than they treat abductees.
And in the bible they allowed themselves to commit atrocities which today would put Ghadaffi to shame.

So I say: bring em' on. I am not afraid and expect a lot of explaining to do. If "they" chose to evaporate me, so be it. But I'm not fooled by their magic anymore. I also have "magical gadgets" on a data plan...


Hello friend....

The choice has been given...and the count down has begun....

They will either make penance or be destroyed by the very thing they saw as a human weakness.

More knowledge is about to come is much quicker and heavier blasts.....embrace them with strength....Soon you will know exactly why you are here....

We get to have some fun soon....

IMHO: I hope they dont choose penence because I thought they were the reason this all got started in the first place and might try it again after the simulation is completed but there seems to be a plan for them as well and we trust the word of our king....

posted on Mar, 18 2011 @ 10:03 AM

Originally posted by Beyond Creation
reply to post by Brianegan

''Although if your father was being manipulated to do very bad things to a very large group without his knowledge would you also say f==k him as well or would you defend him and try to prove his innocence. ''

I would try to find peace with it.

Please leave my family out of this.

''What I mean is that they know not what they do. If there is a chance they can be spared then they deserve the chance especially when this is a simulation and their actions really are having no effect on our actual state. Its never fun being labeled the bad guy when you thought you were doing the right thing. They are just playing their part as you were when you lost your temper the last time.''

I don't really know what I do, but I know that I, just as every conscious (soul bearing) being does, have a choice to decide whether I follow orders or follow my heart. If these beings have no soul then they have no choice. As far as I know these creatures have no emotions or sense of morality so they neither care what they are labeled or understand the concept of 'doing the right thing' .

''Lets see what they choose. I wrote it for them not just because of them.''

Let's not.

''They think they are god trying to claim their power so they may unite the world in peace through their found power. It is the same mistake we all have made at one point and the same lesson we all were to learn. It is extremely tempting to desire it and they were meant to take the bate. Don't be so hard on your father or brother or whatever. They just need some love their playing a tough role. Very demanding ''

They're not my family as they did not come from the same place nor will their path of evolution take them there.
We are all evolving but not necessarily to the same dimension(s).

''They think they are God'' - Just like their family, the Lizzies. Whatever you do my friend, don't for one second believe that these beings are our superior. They are not. Sure they exist but they know nothing more that the world of creation. Some of us belong to the world 'Beyond creation' .

I'm quite looking forward to the ride home and if I see any greys then I'll stop to offer a ride, but chances are, they'd prefer to stick to what they believe is their Kingdom. But when all the subjects have moved on, who needs a King?

Ok, maybe to 'fu#k em' is poor advice, so I'll try again. Put some music on, phone somebody you've not spoken to in a while, pray for the victims of the Japan EQ but don't mess around with the greys. They really don't know how to party anyway.

Some may say that life isn't about partying, but it is, or at least it will be.

I am your family but very well done....

posted on Mar, 18 2011 @ 10:13 AM
A mold that is perfect has to be broken down and recycled.

Perfection also has i`ts counterpart which is chaos. Also what is perfection? It is subjective to say the least, so objectively it is not. If there is infinity there can`t be perfection, if there is no such thing as infinity then perfection will become chaos again and the quest for prefection starts again.

yes the mold tends to enjoy doing that but where the mold is based from has never stopped climbing...

In this simulation you are correct and that was a needed formula to achieve our lesson learned.

In another sense: Perfection makes the rules. Perfection keeps climbing without being diverted from the path. Perfection is always correct. Perfection is uncomprehendable in its full form to us so it is unwise to seek it out yet one may gaze upon it in wonder without desire. Infinity is the only place that perfection can exist and is why we follow.

posted on Mar, 18 2011 @ 10:18 AM

Originally posted by dizziedame
Brian you are a good writer. You kept my attention and right now that isn't an easy task.

I always seem like the odd person in any group so I'll get to the point of my post.

It is my belief that there are others in our universe.

But, I get the sense that you are speaking about our Father God and the angels.

It is as if God is creating, rinising and repeating the process over and over.

I do undestand the pain some of us suffer. Sometimes we have to be down and looking up to see the truth.

It's close.

I'm ready.

Thank you.

Please visit my other threads. I would like your opinion. You seem to have a calmness inside you that I have not seen in a long time.

posted on Mar, 18 2011 @ 10:32 AM

Originally posted by Shirak
An interesting read.Hopefully the right ears are not deaf as per your stated intention. Bravo for your courage to articulate your conclusions. Our perspectives are all pieces of this puzzle.

If they will see why what they a have done is wrong I will be the first to embrace them yet if they do not then they have one big surprise coming to their attention. It doesnt seem to be much of a choice but what they are after is the one thing that proves what they denied was a miscalculation.

They know what they should do but they have put so much time and effort into their cause that it will not be an easy decision for them to make. They may choose to continue on with the plans just to see if they were right but that will be sacraficing their own people. Their leader will be condeming them and ripping them of their eternal souls.

Who would follow a leader willing to put that many lives of their people at risk.

Hard choice to make but their is only one right one. They two are aware that blood is on their hands and are not happy about that fact but continue because the cause was too great. If they were to be made aware that their leader has been blinded by power and is actually one of those cult leaders who ends up having his followers commit suicide they too have a chance to see the light and make good on what they already regret anyway.

All in all you are safe so fear not and rest easy.

posted on Mar, 18 2011 @ 10:46 AM
A warning:

Basically, when the program reaches the threshold point, all hell breaks loose. I recommend a "step down program" for the matrix system, they don't have to reveal themselves, they just have to dissassemble the matrix, take down the transmitters, and gradually return this planet to its natural state. They do not realise the powers that they are messing with, I can sense the entire fabric of reality, the conscious life-force of the planet, its holding on, trying everything it can not to break. When their system algorithm intersects the key vibratory frequency that codes the actual life-force of this planet, their machines cross into the domain of the fabric of the life-force itself, when this happens, there is a violent reaction, "I" will become a valid frequency for the energies of the planet, and when that happens, "hell" will enter the minds of all individuals who have "sold out" to the system... Basically, Satan and his deception, selling souls etc etc....

Don't say I didn't warn you....
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posted on Mar, 18 2011 @ 10:48 AM

Originally posted by TerryMcGuire
reply to post by Brianegan

Thank you Brianegan. My hope is that you understand I have no anger over your words nor upset for you. I have frustration with automatic platitudes spilled out by uncaring superstar wannabes.

I would like you to know that I interface with reality, hypothetically.
That is I trust my five senses to a high degree, but leave room for the imperfections and probability of errors in transmission of information to my mind.

Information which comes to me from channels other than my five senses I hold in a condition of being "Possible". I balance these possibilities and inter-relate them while emphasizing those possibilities which allow for the continued intake of further information.(I try to keep an open mind), which I then add to my compendium of possibilities.

This is why used the term fact/fiction so often in my list to you.

Should you read my last post once again you will see that my reference to brain peeing(which I tossed in because I to think it good, a chuckle now and then) was not in reference to you, but to you who might be nothing more than a writer playing wordsmith at the expense of the innocent. Remember, you to me are hypothetical. There is the hypothetical you who is what he says, the you who BELIEVES what he says he is and a writer who believes nothing. I chastise only the hypothetical to me writer should he be the true brianegan. Only the writer alone is the moron who gathers in my displeasure.

When I refer to morons I refer to any who blithely toss around information that is easily mistaken for what is true
with no concern for those who are either taken in or are thrown into turmoil because of that information.

With your replies to me I do not see you this way as this is my preference, a preference arrived at by the balancing of possibilities which offer the hope of further valuable information.

Yours at least until we see more clearly

Wow.... I didnt think there was anyone else who figured that out, in refrence to how you evaluate the truth by brutally analyzing the facts and theories to end up at a probability. Many are still using the face value perspective which is still needed to maintain the balance.

Yes there are still hypotheticals that I have yet to break down to only one option and so I do not speak of those things until I finish evaluations on them. I will say that I have broken them down to at the maximum 2-3 possible scenarios for each of them. Those options all share similar cosequences but i refrain to avoid being discredited and in turn loosing the value of what I have spoken about.

What I do speak of is actually my results of experimentation using your method exactly the same way and I have dedicated my life since a tramatic experience when I was very very young. (I mentioned it in another thread).

I only seem like a good writter because of how much time that has went into formulating this information and how carfully it needs to be written. Anyone can be a good writter if they are writting about something they have studied on for over 20 years.

posted on Mar, 18 2011 @ 11:02 AM

Originally posted by Monkeygod333
Nicely done, solid effort.

And if you are still reading this, mind the uneducated. We human folk fear you more than you may know, more than we may know.

Honestly, it’s because you’re Aliens. Yes, it’s a race thing…
And if your race just lands in some busy section of society and be like, “Sup? We’re here,” people are going to freak out and a lot of them will be shooting at you with stuff, be it a drunken red neck or, worse still, another country. I hoped you considered this in your careful calculations.

Just remember the five P’s; Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance!

That being said, one good certain outcome is not only the unity that will develop between people of other races (blacks, whites, Indians, Asians, et cetera), but that between countries… continents.

Best of luck chaps, keep it tidy.

edit on 18-3-2011 by Monkeygod333 because: *at

They don't need to fear human weapons at all. Depending on what they choose they could simply ease it in by sending embassadors to use the same outlets they use currently but speak the truth and announce the beginning of penence and what it will entail.

If they lose one or two from their people it is still only the tiniest fraction of the numbers they have slaughtered here. They don't need to worry about our weapons but if by chance they were wrong about that then this method would avoid any problems.

They only need to ask for volunteers from their ranks. Many will stand up. I have felt their guilt and in some it was great enough for them to be proud to offer themselves in return even with such a risk. They are an honorable race just misguided a little.

posted on Mar, 18 2011 @ 11:05 AM
I began this reality around age 11. I can remember the day as if it were yesterday. I haven't been the same since. I appreciate your comment about everyone playing their part of the delicate balance. My weakness sometimes, is accepting this in every individual I meet, without judgement, and contempt. I assume that because it came so easily and freely to me that Everyone should get on board. But I also have to remind myself that this is my role, not everyone's. And though I enjoy my connection, it's burden is loneliness at times, it is my place. I in no way believe I am special. No more special than anyone else in their roll, as long as it is of true intent. So I continue on, and revel in the ocational greetings from that are similar to me, struggle with true compassion, love understanding, for those who are not. Trying to live an example, and be a trustworthy friend.

posted on Mar, 18 2011 @ 11:20 AM
reply to post by Brianegan

If I may slightly disagree. Guilt may be an attempt to put human words to an emotion that you associate with what they are you stated before they have no emotions. They may be driven by curiosity, and an innate desire to accomplish their mission, which is their purpose after all. We are like solving for PI. And the understanding of infinity to them as it is relative to numerical purposes is understandable, at least because it is still concrete. Infinity in the spiritual rheum does not compute. It may be just a metaphorical " systems error" they keep experiencing. Their drive for concrete answers may be enough drive in and of itself to bring about the great reveal. Just my opinions.

posted on Mar, 18 2011 @ 11:23 AM
I like this. Did it contain enough emotion to warrant their attention? Or, is it our attention that the OP is really after, so that we should react through our own emotions, negatively or positively, that will ultimately make them look up and take pause? I find this measure one that can bring about the same results and so I am pleased. I am having emotions albeit a fragmentation of directions; personal and subjective.

I am emotionally bashed within, enough so that I feel my heart wanting to leave my body; it hurts so terribly that I use all my might to pull it back within. I fear and yet I am filled with unlimited appreciation because I choose to let go of those that hurt and that which controls. I am not afraid of loss I am afraid of failure. I only want to show someone that I am beautiful and that I am loving, without it costing them anything more than acceptance.

My biggest secret is the greatest most exposed part of myself; that the child within me still exists and wants to be Nurtured and Loved. I don't want your possessions. I don't want your power. I won't take advantage of any generosity.

The Meek shall inherit this Earth and beyond, I only wish to remain innocent enough to recognize what is truly Meek.

I will wander through my feelings on this throughout the rest of the day, and then some, Thank you Brianegan.

Interestingly, your name reminds me of Deganawidah, are you perhaps the child that we have been waiting for? No need to answer that, my tears are enough for me to hold me through as I navigate my fears towards acceptance. It is enough for me.

posted on Mar, 18 2011 @ 11:23 AM

Originally posted by PLASIFISK
Nice post, and im tracking.

STAR & FLAG Brother.

Lets see how friendly they are.

Just keep expanding on the topics you are currently obsessing over brother. Just in case they act on a stubborn perspective instead of from the wise. Trust that you will be ready in time. If you are unaware of why I wrote this last sentence you soon will. Upper back pain is a pain from containment.....

Either way you are one of a sooooooo many. The funny thing is they have been working so hard toward their goal that now the only numbers that could match their own are the slaves. Ego's a killer trying to be their best friend. If they make the wrong choice their thick metal walls will be breached an then nothing sets us apart but what we will be fighting for.

I two will accept their penence lets hope they find their way home to us. If not, by the same exact way they penetrated our civilization before when we first had peace we will simply use the same fashion against them but with some style.

Im telling you in the spiritual sense they are just babies throwing an intelligent temper tantrum and daddy's pissed but giving them one last chance to behave or he will stop sparing the ROD.

and dont forget how creative daddy can be....Holy shishcabobs it gets me every time...

Do not watch where you are walking. Your feet get the idea.....

Look to the sky!

posted on Mar, 18 2011 @ 11:32 AM

Originally posted by enteri
To the op:

Your fear for them is misplaced. Heaven has decreed them to act as they have done. Being in contact with the divine basically makes it impossible for them to make such a mistake you describe.

LOL...Freind you must have misunderstood me.

I stated that we in deed have no reason to fear. My fear lies within their final choice before judgment is passed. Its a good fear and not for our own safety but for theirs. It is true what you say but free will is tricky and is only understood by the hand who dealt it.

They are faced with a choice that will decide their future or if they need to be unplugged because they are the virus that made us choose this simulation in the first place.

I agree with you except for the impossible part. Everything is possible for the holder of free will.

Youre not going to like it but the book you will quote, to me, has been twisted to support their goal as well so any truth coming from really almost everywhere is more then likely an attempt to make you feel a certain way.

Feelings or emotions are a direct link to the evolutonary proccess and they need humans to be powered up if they are to have us bow down.

posted on Mar, 18 2011 @ 11:37 AM

Originally posted by Brianegan
Feelings or emotions are a direct link to the evolutonary proccess and they need humans to be powered up if they are to have us bow down.

In other words, the more emotion and feeling you generate through fear, hatred, anger....the more likely it is they could carry out their very avoidable goal yet if we and they worked together with nothing but love and the desire to choose infinity, both races can ascend in the way intended naturally.

Hope I'm right, just awaiting Brianegan to quote my previous two posts to understand whether I'm onto something.

posted on Mar, 18 2011 @ 11:43 AM
Anyway, all the aliens need to do is purchace a few chapsticks and they should be ok.

posted on Mar, 18 2011 @ 12:00 PM
To speak of the first part, I don't think he was talking about your father, more like our father.

I don't believe in religion and am not very religious but do believe we have a creator whether spiritual or non-terrestrial. That's the father he was talking about. I'm under the impression that some of us have figured out he's talking about the Grey species and there's a suggestion that they are manipulating life and matter to help themselves and ourselves as species.

You mention they have no emotions or sense of morality due to their nature as told by abductees and those who experienced them.

From what I gather, the OP gives reason for that. We as humans have emotions naturally built into us from birth. They do not. They probably do care about us (as suggested in the OP) but because they can't express emotion just as some humans can't, they're trying to manipulate our DNA for their own desires so that they can express themselves and feel what we feel, making communication with us much easier.

Now I can't say that I understood everything about the OP other than what I mentioned in the above paragraph and that they seem to be the good guys helping protect us perhaps? Are we meant to send out love and not fear to them so that they feel able to help us more and communicate better?

I also enjoyed the OP because of the length of it. Again, if it was a short post then it wouldn't have made much sense for us human readers but to me it was indeed full of logic and in depth precision which I as a human prefer myself. I need to know every single detail and so I applaud brianegan for that.

What I have to ask is this though. First of all, do they read as we imagine or do they read using the mind and thoughts of people who are studying every word you typed? Secondly, am I anywhere close to figuring this out or have I trodden a path completely different to the one you laid out in your OP?

First things first when I mention father, I only was trying to help present a scenario with someone that you knew very well either your dad or father in heaven. It didnt really make a difference it just had to be someone connected to you that you trusted enough to have faith that they wouldnt intentionally do any harm to anyone unless they had been manipulated to do so. I was ponting out the fact that you would try hard to prove the innocence of your family member but since they were from another planet he said f@@k em. I was trying to point out that they are just playing their part in the big picture in a plan that was made before they even arrived. So if you and your father went to a virtual reality game and both entered into a war game where you were the rebel slaves and father was the invading army leader. Would you blame your father for trying to kill the slaves to win the game or would you be okay because you could just unplug from the virtual reality game.

I never said they have no emotions and actually its quite the contrary. Its subject to how telepathy actually works. If telepathy was based on not just words but a sound inside the waves that an emotion could making then they could theoretically make us believe that telepathy was big bunch of BS, read our emotions, and willingly send thoughts to our heads without us even being aware that our conscionce had been replaced. Our emotions are what guides our choices on an individual basis and as the human mass population basis. If they were able to guide enough people to feel certain emotion by calculating what events made us feel what and then producing said events then they could in theory control our choices based on our emotions that they produced. It would allow them to guide us to feel any emotion they needed us to feel. Thus leading us in the direction of a mass awakening to strengthen the electrical activity inside the human body that could supply more energy. If the masses woke up we could theoretically make them our god if they told us to without even knowing we never had a choice.

They read as follows:

A WILLING sender of thoughts can be read in full. (pro fully aware mind)
inner thoughts (imagination)
easy reciever and sender to any recipient based on their category of awareness.

An UNAWARE mind:
fairly easy reciever of any sender
emotions only
No words because non belief in this abiltiy is as good as being non willing to be a sender

An AWARE mind:
emotions still unable to completely hide from reciever
has the decision to keep words to ones self.(must be offered)
can read emotions with practice
can send and recieve words if desired.
can control which emotions are felt to hide in a code of sorts (prediction of this persons choice is much harder to reach)

posted on Mar, 18 2011 @ 12:05 PM

Originally posted by curious7
Wait a second....pain in the lower shoulders? You mean the lower shoulder blades moving around the inner side of them? Where wings might develop if we were of that species?

Is that what you mean by that? Or do you mean the lower shoulders around the underarm region as far as height of the anatomy (while upper shoulders would be where the arms are connected as well as the neck)?


posted on Mar, 18 2011 @ 12:05 PM
Thanks for answering, I never meant you personally said they're emotionless, I was merely commenting that the other poster said so as it seems drummed into the heads of people based on what others experienced with this race but I was agreeing with you that they do indeed have emotion in some way but are unable to show it as humans do.

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