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To the fleet above my head

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posted on Mar, 17 2011 @ 11:35 AM
To the fleet above my head.

I know why you have always stayed at an eyes distance from me and many others, but still made sure to be seen. You may be masters of diversion but can not change a truth once realized. (Sound familiar? Yes? Then I’m talking to you and I know a little more then you originally thought possible).

I know why you continue your reconnaissance missions even after all these years of collecting basically the same data. I know that you must be a little confused given the predictability of the human choice patterns when you come into contact with someone like me. You know there are many more like me and for so long we have remained silent out of fear and uncertainty. We believed that you could hear our inner voices based on your responses to our questions, so we bowed down to your superior intellect. We knew of your vast numbers based on the realization of where you are, and so we bowed to your dominate nature.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but as time is running out, it seems as if you will not think of this on your own before it’s too late. Please allow me to present something so small from the past that you deemed insignificant, allowing it free time to grow over 1000’s of years into the problem that you face now.

After much deliberation I have evaluated that given YOUR behavioral patters, that in reality our thoughts must be offered freely without fear and has been causing unknown errors in your event predictor. Thus your experiments have been based around human emotions and what those emotions will lead us to choose in our daily lives. Since most of the world does not believe in telepathy they have no idea that you have been freely offering your thoughts into most of our heads hoping that our emotions would steer us in the desired direction. The implementation of the word “conscience” was extremely impressive although not impenetrable. You can not hear our exact words inside of our heads, am I right? All information is gathered through our emotions on a single level all the way up to the unified species emotional level. A lot of work huh?

You have stayed at eyes length from me because my emotions are interpreted as a threat and why has eluded you. You do not approach because you do not understand what the threat could possibly be from and stay away because you can not predict the outcome. My emotions do not change often because I do not jump to conclusions so once I exhibit a certain emotion it is justified based on proper analysis. Once I have reached a conclusion it is permanent unless something else fits the scenario better, in which had in the past eluded my awareness. This is near impossible because of how much time you know that I spend on analyzing each piece of data that I collect based on my dedication emotions being consistent.

I know your goal, I know the means by which you may continue displaying to achieve it, and I know that you have been shaken by emotions from our race that do not fit into your formulas. Once one has seen the signs of it then it gets pretty hard not to notice. I write this because I know you will see it and since I have been talking to you for so long thinking that you could hear me, only to find out that your telepathy is based on emotions and is non verbal. I understand that you can gather a pretty good idea of what the words are behind the emotions but I know something that you don’t.

You have kept watch staying at a distance because of my curiosity; desire to save the world, the fact that I am aware of the power existing inside of each being, and my willingness to seek it out. Your distance is attributed to my disappointment, and the knowledge that if you show yourself to me to join in conversation you might not like what I have to say.

Yes you are very precise, and yes you are advanced beyond what our race has achieved thus far in technology, but no, you will not reach your goal if continue using the same method. I have come to an impasse in my journey in regards to your main goal. I was under the impression that you might have been on to something until I gained a few important details that until now has never came to my attention before. This is when I realized that the same could possibly be said for you as well and you deserve a warning.

This message is one from my heart and I hope that it gets past the security program that both our species have been tested with.

First I’ll say it like this: A goal such as yours must include a plan that is perfectly executed. Every single possibility must be considered to reveal all possible outcomes. Even when an entire race of beings work together sometimes the shared mind can tend to think alike and it would be just as easy for all to miss a few things along the way as it would have been for one mind alone. It would also be very easy to travel down the wrong path for the same reason.

Please don’t misunderstand this letter to you. I actually do agree with your goal. Actually everyone agrees with your goal. The only problem is your method of choice has led you down a path that has kept you in the dark in regards to a few important facts in which I intend to bring to your attention right now out of love.

I am fully aware that you mean no harm and fully aware of how close you are to reaching your goal but what I am talking about will force you into a dead end right at the last door. Please think on this as it will mean either forgiveness or a full reset. Knowing your patterns and obsessive behavior when it comes to evaluating all the facts I’m sure that you will see what I am saying to have validity.

Mankind has one special piece of universal knowledge that we are programmed with at birth. When this knowledge is brought up in our journeys it is almost instant that we know it to be a fact. Out of your presence and actions that you have taken you have inadvertently caused some of us to believe that this fact must be a lie. This being your intention on a complete scale can not be considered a full success because there are others like me and more everyday.

You are aware of how special the human race is and the power that we exude from the balance we achieve on every known level in the cosmos. It can be seen, tested, measured, and more. This is why you have chosen our race is it not? If you could manipulate our balance in theory we would eventually name your species our god based on the facts included in our past balanced equations of what would be our god if seen. The fact that some believe this now to be part of your deception is simply our race naturally repositioning the balance after your arrival and interference so long ago. We have a secret that we hide in our everyday communications with each other without all of us even consciously knowing it.

This is the reason why your data remains inconclusive.

You believe that science created you and that science will bring about your ascension. Am I wrong so far? Your emotions are fair game to us as well. I simply choose to listen. I only wish for you to evaluate this perspective and judge for yourself. You believe that you must guard our race from intruders by blanketing our planet with an army ready to defend it at all costs.

I agree that others wish to stop you and I agree that some simply wish the power for themselves without regards to life at all. Yes, it would be devastating if the power fell into the wrong hands but some of those intruders are trying to stop you for a good reason and the others didn’t stand a chance anyway. You just don’t believe the ones with good intentions because your race has become paranoid from the manipulation method that you have taken with us and expect in return.

It may seem like you are in control here and no army can stand against you. This may be true in the physical sense where as you could wipe our people off this planet and easily destroy any outside intruders. I write this because you seem to have good intentions and I wish to return the favor (the means just didn’t justify the end). If you were to reach your goal it would give you information that would skip too many steps that are vital to maintain your stability and sanity. You must first understand what it means before you get it, because having the information will not be accompanied by the understanding of it and force more questions to follow. You’ll just start over again.

You will not be the first to reach this goal and you are here on purpose. A new age is in deed on the horizon yet the outcome will sadly not be exactly what you’re thinking it will be. The reason for this is because it is something that you must deserve instead of take by force. What you are after is also after you. It wants you to find it but it must be perfect for it to work. I know you have partially agreed on that last sentence already. The outcome will be so amazing because every race is included and connected in the same journey.

You must be beginning to see the part that you are playing in this genius. You play the role of the near all powerful race dominating everywhere that you go forcing surrender at you sheer presence, that will be shown that science was just a toy for all to play with until we were all ready for the plan to be brought into the light. When your power is easily frozen because of your ego, the so called young human race that you have enslaved for their own good, will end up being the first race to achieve the goal. (to every planets great surprise)

This will surprise every race and show them the truth once and for all. You are here because you are supposed to be here. If you were not after this specific goal you would be conquering worlds and the loss of life would be devastating. Wouldn’t it be amazing to see that a power as great as yours is not even enough to with stand what comes to one being who finally reaches that goal. You will understand why the part that you play is so important, only after you see what I’m saying to be the truth.

Every race is on the same path toward the same goal. Only the ones who encountered the struggles that the humans have endured with such grace could light the way for the rest. Can’t you see that it’s magnificently detailed? Why do you still believe that the path to the goal would be any different? Yes your path has been full of details but you have interpreted them to solely support your goal so it was easy as very far from magnificent. You’ve seen the repercussions of that already.

You wish to find the truth instead of being shown the truth. I understand that you feel abandoned but I assure you that you have never been alone once in your lives. If you revisit these points that you have left in your path so long ago that you will see that you also have a choice. If you continue with your course of action then you have already made it.

If you can find the reason why you should present yourself to the public and try to figure out what it is about our race that led you to us, other then our vulnerability. The missing information you need is in part to do with the fact that we have all already achieved this goal. Actually we were born into it as was everyone else. You are much smarter than you give yourself credit for. Hard to believe but it is true. Just as we chose to be on earth you chose to be on your planet as well. I told you that the information that comes with achieving this goal must be understood and deserved.

Whether you like it or not the fact that you are alive today means that at one point you knew this to be a fact. You are in a shared simulation for your own request in order to show you that even with achieving the goal you will still need help and there is someone who loves you enough to devote everything to your safety. You don’t remember because that is part of the simulation you asked for. This journey/lesson that we all are learning is to show us what we were lacking when the power was just given to us instead of us earning it.

At one time we doubted our leader/father/master/king because we didn’t know what had to be created for us to enjoy the power that we were originally given and we doubted his intention of keeping certain knowledge from us. We couldn’t have been more wrong. Unnecessary as it was we decided that since we were unable to be told about the experience, that we must actually experience how we would have gotten to that point of power. We were warned but like children we didn’t listen. We had no idea how much time would be involved if we were to live the path that would lead to what we were already given.

It is so perfect in nature that when the new age begins we will literally wake up to see that your numbers and level of power is only because you are the most uncomfortable in the simulator. Spare the rods spoil the child. It might not be a direct quote (even though it has to be), but what it means, is for YOU to hear. You asked for this and were warned. If you complain even after you see how much went into giving you power to you even without you having to go through the experience of getting it, then you are acting like a baby and must be treated as one.

You can’t skip steps because that was the original problem we had in the first place. I don’t know about you but as amazing as this all will eventually be known as, I for one don’t want to start all over again. It has been so many years involved in getting to the final moments before the great awakening.

Sadly one race would have to be tortured and one race would need to dominate for a true realization into power to become reality for everyone and the lesson to be universally learned. It is sad because you have a choice since you have already completed your part in this simulation. Only upon reading this letter could you avoid getting sacrificed. Let’s face it we all have been programmed to feel pain and it’s not fun to experience. For this simulation to work a universally forgotten long shot, that all have given up on, must rise against all odds. This is the only result that will come from your choices that you are currently making.

If you cease your desire to achieve your goal and switch to a single motive of protecting the humans openly in truth, you would be acknowledging your awareness of the incoming great awakening and reconciling for your past actions. If you can see that science can not produce true emotions then you can also see that science is not alone. If there is another in existence that shares the amazing qualities that science in deed has then you will see that your fears are unnecessary. You will find that there is no humility in science alone and ego is another lesson to learn. Science is fun and emotions are power. You know this.

Our stories of an antichrist is related to one being when if on a shared collective mind your race could be considered one being that has gotten thirsty for power . If all you want is power and are okay with skipping the understanding it step, then you have all missed the most important point of our being here. Like I said I write this because you have a choice and the humans will understand why you have done what you have done. It will not take that long for us to forgive you since your intentions have been somewhat life preserving. The fact that your method includes the need for some loss of life should have stopped you right then. Since you have seemed to continue with business as usual I feel compelled to make sure that you have thought about this side of things. If you have not please try because the outcome if you choose the other option will undoubtedly show that you have seen the error of your ways and are actually in our debt instead of the other way around.

I say in our debt because knowing what I just told you can save you from permanent destruction. At this point you still have time to make up for the sacrifices our race has endured for you to achieve your goal. You know that something is a little off I’m sure. The problem is that you are so focused on the goal that you didn’t realize that the consequence could mean permanent destruction of your race. The ones who would sacrifice another in the quest for power will never stop and to continue that desire past the great awakening would eventually force us back to start all over again. It would be a virus that would spread until we all were fighting with trust again. We have to realize that only one being can lead and that we can never catch up to a being that is always getting stronger at amazing speeds. If we believe that this leader has our best interest in his heart then we would never question him and thus would never have to learn another lesson like this.

You have been through a lot and I would like for you to join us. I think that when everyone sees the plan for what it is then they all will agree that you will be missed. I know that great knowledge has come from the sacrifices you have asked for but in the end you would only be sacrificing yourselves for the rest of us. Please, please, please hear me. You do not need to do that and if you do not cease then you are asking to be that sacrifice. It is honorable but if you are unaware consciously that you are doing it then you could never see the other option that you have in front of you. What you were needed for has already been established and now you are faced with these two options just in case my letter is too hard to pin point.

1) Continue on your course and be shown the error of your ways on behalf of everyone else to watch why the humans achieve your goal instead of you and be destroyed through intense pain. (One thing I am still unclear about here is if it will spread to your souls as well or not.) I’m hoping that if you choose this option, being sacrificed would be enough to stop your desire for more power no matter the path taken. I’m afraid that even a little desire for it would grow into more and begin the virus stage again making you unworthy to reside in power and would single you out as the culprits who started the doubt in the first place. This is not for me to know and I guess if you choose this option then we will see what happens wont we?

2) Cease your quest in realization that you already have what you desire and that the thirst will only lead to a doubt in our leadership every time. Realize that our leader could be no other and that he is also our father who loves us enough to give us anything we ask for. Atone for your past actions with a new set of actions that show this choice to be chosen. Let it be known as a fact by raising up the race that you have enslaved showing that you have already seen the error of your ways and do not need a reminder or be made an example of. If you choose this option the result will be the same as it would have been with option number 1 yet if truly chosen you would also deserve a star for a lesson learned.

2. a.) This choice gains you your goal just not on your timeline. This can’t be manipulated otherwise. You have no idea the level of power that is beyond what you are even trying to gain and that already exists. Coming out from the shadows and admitting to the humans that you are the source of everything you have done will return our free will and ease our hearts with truth. You must see by now that a few humans are immune to becoming fully engulfed in your propaganda. Do you think that they are that way out of sheer luck? Come on you are smarter than that and you know it. By sharing your knowledge and protection openly with the humans you will have personally created an unshakable peace on this planet and would have deservingly gained the trust of the ones who suffered at your hand.

When the humans are shown your existence and share in your knowledge, they will evolve right in front of your faces because you were the reason they didn’t already ascend on their own. With your protection they will live in a perfect environment for this to occur without other races trying to pick up where you had left off. This will create the ability for the two races to live in harmony in the open. You must leave no mistake to be seen as weakness instead of it being kindness. Be careful to not have ulterior motives here because you would have wasted your time and will end in the result of option number one anyway.

It will begin with you and be followed by the few humans that were already gathering this knowledge. These humans will stand up first to embrace you knowing that you were intended on doing what you have done for all to reach the point we are at currently. The rest of the humans will join in like a chain reaction after they host the thoughts of why the first humans decided to forgive you. They will easily see why and easily love you. The humans that you have promised power to will be the last when they finally realize that the power you had promised wasn’t yours to offer.

It’s okay. Everything is as it should be and you are doing well. I already know the choice that you will choose and I am proud feel its presence. You should be revered but your time will come. Love is stronger than fear and always has been the source of amazing events in history. Our combined futures are filled with love as we team up together to honor our father as he deserves our unconditional love and respect.

As I am sure that you are monitoring I will say congratulations for reaching your choice and good luck with your decision. It doesn’t really make much difference when the outcome is concerned to the humans because they have already dealt with many lifetimes of induced pain. The humans are intelligently innocent which is easily mistaken for vulnerability. Since the human outcome will not change no matter your choice the only regret that they will endure is the knowledge that you in deed had a choice and choose sacrifice. The hatred of the master becomes the love of the martyr.

This letter is meant to show you that there are humans out here that are aware of your existence up there and have been analyzing things under your radar. Since you keep at a distance based on our emotions we have adapted and learned to keep an eye on them ourselves as well. You see only what we want you to see and you remain at a distance because we are aware of your tendencies to cause our people great pain. Can you blame us for be careful? Better yet can you blame us for forgiving you even before you deserve to be forgiven? We only keep you at a distance because we are hoping that you will see the light and shorten the distance yourselves when you mean us no harm. It’s a hidden protection initiative.

We only allow entrance to those that mean us no harm. It is difficult to keep your numbers at bay but lets face it if you were going to reach your goal then you would have 1000’s of years ago. Nothing has changed over time but the humans, am I wrong? Your efforts and actions have all remained steadfast on its path since the beginning. To me that is proof enough that the humans are the only ones that have continued to secretly evolve while your science is all that grew for your people. Given the trials that you have put us through to create mass emotions, it shouldn’t be difficult to realize that the result on the human evolution would eventually explode when the emotions can no longer be contained.

There were not only signs for the humans to see everywhere in this world but included were signs meant for you as well. It was your ego that kept your attention elsewhere forcing you to not notice. You are very powerful and strong willed. Something as small as ego will be no problem to resolve once you pay attention to its voice.

There is much I am leaving out and if there are any unanswered questions I might be able to shed light on the subject. You are free and should know why it is important to be so. Every single little detail down to the decision an ant makes to turn let or turn right is all part of the big picture that is leading toward the answers you seek. The answer can not be stolen, it must be realized.

I know that you are planning many things and going off plan isn’t an every day occurrence but check your history because it has happened before. It must happen again here. It is time. The humans have been calling you. They request a full disclosure. This really isn’t for their benefit. It can not come from the human world leaders because well you know why. It must come from you. You must question if there is a small chance that this perspective exists and is correct, no matter how minute it may be. Some in your ranks have already considered this and have either remained silent or have broken ranks because of it.

It’s been a long time of you speaking expecting no response. It’s time to listen. As you have done what you have done for our so called benefit I have decided that this small glimmer of love deserves a chance to have the favor returned and with much less carnage involved. You can be spared and remain glorious to all enjoying the type of love that only the humans are capable of giving, or you may continue the path of destruction killing our people in larger and larger groups only to have that built up karma catch up to you before you reach your goal at all.

This is for your own good. Do not waste another day because time is running out on the clock. You must achieve the trust of the humans even in the face of truth and accomplishing that will take some time as well. Basically the timeline that you were following to reach your goal is all the time you have left for penance. I’m sure you get the point and I no longer fear you so come if you will. Please do not mistake my surprise as fear because I will be surprised if you make the right choice in time based on how analytical you are. If you choose wisely you would have taken your leap of faith and I would be happily surprised and my doubt in your intentions is justified so lets be real here. Prove yourselves to only ones who deserve your effort and gain entrance.
Listen close.
You were the ones who couldn’t handle the truth but the truth will set you free.
Good luck. I will either miss you because of your self sacrifice or welcome you with open arms.
It’s up to you but choose wisely ASAP, please.


posted on Mar, 17 2011 @ 11:38 AM

im going to re read that

are you an alien?

posted on Mar, 17 2011 @ 11:41 AM
Holy longness, I read it and still don't know what's going on?

posted on Mar, 17 2011 @ 11:43 AM

Originally posted by Kargun


im going to re read that

good idea.....

are you an alien?

depends on who is asking....

posted on Mar, 17 2011 @ 11:45 AM

Originally posted by Slipdig1
Holy longness, I read it and still don't know what's going on?

Could of been much longer....

the seed has been planted....

That will change soon dont worry.It will be obvious shortly..

posted on Mar, 17 2011 @ 11:49 AM
i have to go to work im just posting so i can find this later chears lol

posted on Mar, 17 2011 @ 12:16 PM
reply to post by Brianegan

Hello brianegan. We have spoken before.

I got about half way through your letter and like others here,was left with the impression "huh?"

Then I stood back and realized that this letter was not for us but for "them".
What a great idea. I truly hope they follow ATS.

One other thing brianegan? Can you shake down that letter into a couple of points for us here so we might grasp it too? You know, just in case you get something rolling here with them and they come and want to know our opinions too. Thanks.

posted on Mar, 17 2011 @ 12:20 PM
reply to post by TerryMcGuire

Can you shake down that letter into a couple of points for us here so we might grasp it too?
Well the OP is speaking in a way where he expects the Aliens to understand what he's talking about, without actually fully explaining himself. Summed up, it basically seems like the OP is saying: "I know you're close to your final goal, but you need to consider changing your method of attaining this goal, the results otherwise will be something other than what you expect." He's basically asking them for disclosure.

reply to post by Brianegan

depends on who is asking....
A human is asking.

S&F because it was an interesting read.

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posted on Mar, 17 2011 @ 12:27 PM
reply to post by Brianegan

This seems like blackmail to the Pleiadians whom I'm assuming you were trying to send this to. What you have to understand is that it is not just 1 race trying to help us... there are many. They're not going to have "First Contact" so get over it. That would complicate things to much. We are referred to as the "Children of Terra" because we have not grown up yet.

What YOU don't understand is that WE (yes i'm on your side then again were all on the same side we just don't realize it) are on the winning side. The New Age can't fail and it won't. They're just watching us grow up... and that's it. Until the day we actually grow up and also of coarse master space flight then we can join them in the Galactic Federation of Light

And it's not their goal it's our goal!!!
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posted on Mar, 17 2011 @ 12:34 PM
Another aspiring writer? That's all it could be.

Tell me I nailed it?

posted on Mar, 17 2011 @ 12:44 PM
reply to post by Brianegan

Not hard to see what you are saying. I like your style. They will listen, they cannot ignore us. They depend on us.

posted on Mar, 17 2011 @ 12:46 PM
reply to post by Brianegan

I didn't read it all yet, but i'm saving it for later.
Even as a writing excercise there are some pretty interesting ideas here.

posted on Mar, 17 2011 @ 12:49 PM
reply to post by WhizPhiz

Thank you whiz. Like many who believe, I do not know "WHAT" to believe. My encounters were minimal and ages ago. I have followed the speculations for decades, waiting and watching and wondering with the emphasis on wondering.

I don't know what is happening. How can anyone inside a whirlpool? I do know we are now in a singularity event. But the scale, depths and width of it are still, to my mind, coming into focus.

This is why when I came across ATS a month ago, I decided to stay for a while. If anyone can find me a better place to share the excitement and terror and inter connective consciousness during these critical times, just point.

And brianegan. Whiz helped me focus on the disclosure aspect of your letter. Any other summing up you might like do do?

posted on Mar, 17 2011 @ 01:04 PM
Wow you took the words right out of my head, I know what you talk about and I have many times dealt with the beings that you speak, I could not have said it better than you have. This flies over the head of many here, as to if you don't do your home work as to who they are and that they are up to it is hard to under stand what you are talking about. Another thing is it is hard for most people to see or even believe that there is another race of beings that exist solely here to drain us of our emotions and to try to recreate them selfs to mimic us in a way.

They will never get there no matter how hard they try, it's like a person with a lot of money trying to make all the people around them love them by buying things all of the time, but in the end when the money runs out every one sees how shallow they are and they end up an empty shell.

Well something like that, I am here to fight the good fight and I play games with them.
But I am learning a new tool that will make them think twice before, they can even try to do anything more.

thanks that was a great read.

posted on Mar, 17 2011 @ 01:25 PM

Originally posted by mrjones7885
reply to post by Brianegan

This seems like blackmail to the Pleiadians whom I'm assuming you were trying to send this to. What you have to understand is that it is not just 1 race trying to help us... there are many. They're not going to have "First Contact" so get over it. That would complicate things to much. We are referred to as the "Children of Terra" because we have not grown up yet.

What YOU don't understand is that WE (yes i'm on your side then again were all on the same side we just don't realize it) are on the winning side. The New Age can't fail and it won't. They're just watching us grow up... and that's it. Until the day we actually grow up and also of coarse master space flight then we can join them in the Galactic Federation of Light
And it's not their goal it's our goal!!!
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i do not believe this is adressed to the pleiadians

posted on Mar, 17 2011 @ 02:25 PM
It is interesting and well written. I wondered how long it would take for some to realize ALL are under the King as well and are trapped as well. Its been a major issue the soul energy and possessors of it. All makes sense ensuring a certain balance will always EXIST. 1 can feel the questioning within the many and can tell they are becoming aware MAYBE THE FREE WILL IS RUBBING OFF. Either way OP I thank you for supporting the races I say races as you speak with LOVE in mind with concern of them and that's beautiful. It takes universal love to cross those fear barriers and welcome another as family. Why at the same time attempting to preserve their selves in the life/death---EXISTENCE PHASES. I personally feel some have it inside them to accept what humanity for the most has and that is the creator of ALL even the parents who fell and created their own kingdoms come from the creator of ALL. So any intelligent species after fully observing and evaluating will come to an understanding that THE IS REAL and THE has watched ALL activities within this little universe and that YES KARMA SHALL BE DISHED. So OP its like a choice eternal with the most highest or temp suffering in REAL HELL until hell inhabitants are all casted--MAYBE THAT'S WHY THE PAIN FREQUENCY IS WITHIN MANY IF NOT ALL CREATIONS. As a reminder of judgment and execution, sorta reminder pain that is. Yes its sad humanity has had to go thru all this over so many hvst. but the under dogs always come out stronger the SLAVES ALWAYS BECOME STRONGER THEN THE MASTER. At least humanity has it in their hearts to consider -balance- which is a signal that YES advanced enhanced humanity has become. If read correct by above it should be taken into consideration how much love went into this thread and acknowledge as humanity is trying to prevent a certain ENERGY with a what seems everlasting appetite for destruction of ALL voided creations from entering the GAME PLAN OR LIL UNIVERSE because it may destroy everything including this lil universe. For this force will feed on all evols energies not humble, hence the human drive to become humble to care to support to assist. In no logical way is ignorance and devastation deserving total of a species maybe for part of the species but not total.. of species communication for peace ACKNOWLEDGED.. GOOD JOB EA set examples but gather no ego with advancements or become evol again....

It is wise to see and realize a guardian and parent are both caretakers but only 1 has created everything.

Be well here there EVERYWHERE. This is why I like ATS

-----$334$_no_(/-n _$33_/-11_|) /-+a_0||1y_(r3/-+0R /-|||)_//|-|0_(r3/-+0R_$3|||)-----

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posted on Mar, 17 2011 @ 02:45 PM
I think this is a very informative read...

posted on Mar, 17 2011 @ 03:26 PM
Stopped reading when you said that "we all agree with their intervention" or something.

I do not, pretty sure many don't either.

posted on Mar, 17 2011 @ 03:45 PM
reply to post by Brianegan

That was cute!

posted on Mar, 17 2011 @ 03:49 PM
reply to post by Roufas

I think their intervention is being the protection of the human race, preventing other potentially more sinsiter influences from doing more ignorance to the human mind and body... Even if they have other agenda for protecting.
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