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Discloser or Slave Mind

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posted on Mar, 17 2011 @ 07:29 AM
Discloser and the Slave Mind

I was listening to a radio show recently where the subject was discloser of the existence of UFOs was the subject. The host, a proimant abductee, was saying how we need discloser on the existence of UFOs.


Why would a self proclaimed abductee have any need for discloser.
Now this thread is not about UFOs, it is focused on the fact that:


This “mind set” can be on any of the many subjects that are discussed here on ATS.
It could be 9/11, or chemtrails, or Nibru, or the New World Order and the Powers that WANT to Be. It does not matter what the subject is.

When we have a need for another Human Being to validate our knowledge it says more about us than the subject at hand. This is a true Slave mind. Are you a human that requires that your knowledge be validated by another ?

We the people need to stop this Slave mentality and throw off the bonds of our slavery. Free your mind and your ass will follow. We need to stop acting as puppets dancing on the end of a string. We as a people have submitted to other humans our ability to think, which effects our actions, our lives. Take back your power. This will change our world.

Lets take UFOs for an example. UFOs are real. UFOs have been observed by humans through out recorded history. The fact that UFOs are real is fact, why would you need discloser to this fact. What they are, Who they are, Why they are here, What is their agenda are all valid questions to be answered, however the question of existence of is a mute subject.

Do YOU have the need for some talking head on the TV to tell you what you already know ? This says more about the individual than the subject.

Take 9/11 for an example. NEVER in all of history has a high rise building made of steel and concrete collapsed due to fire, NEVER. But, we are suppose to believe that this occurred three times on one day according to the official story. Sorry, don’t buy it; never have and never will. Now what happened, who is involved, etc. are all valid questions, but the Fact that the official story is bunk is a mute subject.

Do YOU need some talking head on TV to validate what you already know?

Freeman or Slave ?

posted on Mar, 17 2011 @ 09:57 AM
On the existence of UFO's personally I am satisfied that they exist and on that question alone there it is. However once you accept the existence of UFO's then further question follow, who, what, where, why... Society has generally been conditioned to ridicule and ignore this topic. While there is no disclosure it has a social taboo associated to the valid, official and verifiable claims associated to the topic. This is slowly changing, but try putting up a UFO video even on a fringe site like this and it will quickly get slammed as hoax and fake without any serious scrutiny by many. Disclosure will dramatically change the fields of study and reputable information in the area's of UFO's and ET's and help answer many of these questions that follow.

9/11 has a similar theme but with the main difference that all these traitors will be taken out of the system and help halt the decline of humanity.

posted on Mar, 17 2011 @ 10:06 AM
Well I guess my explanation would be that humans want to be excepted. It is a common human need and trait. SO if you are being ostracised you will I guess want the validation so you can once again be accepted. And another point is not disclosure of UFO's the same thing as 9/11 truth. I don;t know if it is as much a thing of proving yourself right as it is wanting the truth to come out.

posted on Mar, 17 2011 @ 10:10 AM
ANd also isn;t it the reason why alot of people come on to ATS? ( I mean I don;t claim to know everybodies individual reason for coming on) SO they can feel accepted and talk with like minded people. I mean why not just go to meetup and start your own UFO meetup thing in your local town or city? I mean I guess thats possible that that is out there Ijust have never looked. But still the point is there.

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