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What are the core bases of the major political parties?

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posted on Jul, 21 2004 @ 08:38 AM
A major network news reader recently said that "evangelical Christians" are the "core base" of the Republican Party. No derogatory statement followed the remark but the actor-like tone somehow also relayed that additional information.

So I wondered, "What's the 'core base' of the Democratic Party? You decide. In which party would you place each of these groups?

Evangelical Christians.

Those who believe all happiness and chances for success are given by the government, not individual effort or achievement (or, put another way, those who wish to be "wards of the state.")

Activists who wish to remake the U.S. into a completely secular nation.


Extreme environmentalists.

Transsexuals or transsexual supporters who wish to reform society's attitudes about this group's open displays of their eccentricities, whenever and wherever they feel it desirable to do so, regardless of the nature of the group gathering or ages of those present.

Personal injury lawyers.

Activists who wish to grant the legal recognition of marriage to homosexuals.

Purveyors and patrons of the most extreme pornography.

Activists who wish to grant homosexuals the right to adopt either sex of child in all states.

Members of Communist Party - USA who join one of the two major parties.

Hollywood actors and actresses who abhor lifestyles generally associated with those of moral behavior.

Atheists who wish to remove all vestiges of religion from the common society: religious holidays; any mention or symbol of a "Creator" from public buildings, coinage and bills; sworn statements within a courtroom, etc.)

This isn't intended to convince anyone to vote one way or another. We're free to make any choice we wish.

The nation is now split down the middle. Evangelicals are outnumbered by the groups on the above list. More than at any other in history, now is the time to decide which side one should be on. If you care why we think so, click here.

posted on Jul, 21 2004 @ 08:55 AM
You'll find its hard to fit people into nice easy catagories. Though you can find major trends, it boarders on steriotyping when you start to think that means more than a general trend.

I speak from experience of often being steriotyped since I'm a Liberal Republican.

I would say the core base of the democratic party is Americans and read no further into it.

I wouldn't place any of those groups into either party. I've meet republican more libral than me and Democrats who are more conservative than me.

I'm a pro-choice republican, with pro-life democrat friends.

People choose a party on what means the most to them and the overall agendas, so you can see a wide degree of people in each party.

Just my two cents.

posted on Jul, 21 2004 @ 11:13 PM
are you tryin to tell us that christians are the 'good guys' and 'others' on the list were the 'bad guys'? Republicans aren't necessarly christian-based, and i honestly would put them under the same category as democrats. they tzake the same stance on certain issues, and i know many republicans who are atheist and democrats who are 'good hearted-christans' (Kerry for example.)

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