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The Philosophy of Divine Evolution and Existence (Part 1)

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posted on Mar, 16 2011 @ 05:58 PM
This is my testament.

In the past year I went from an atheist riddled with delusions of inequality to this.

I have never known such pleasure.

I promised I would do this.

The entirety of this work is to help us (or those that were meant to) recall why we are here, and what must be done.

The idea of God evolves as our species done, let us take the next step.

Introduction and Necessary Pre-Understanding

*I must start by saying The Philosophy of Divine Evolution and Existence was and still is being formed by rigorous study and contemplation of psychology, sociology, history, neurology, evolution, world religion, philosophy, recorded (not just documented) paranormal phenomenon, and personal experience. I have drawn the line between what can and can not be proven, for I do not claim to know the answer, which is why this is a philosophy*

It all begins with a few bits of understanding..
Like that the voice in us isn’t ALL of us
I am sure you have gotten that down by now though.
Positive in fact. Emotion.

How analytical perception and emotional perception are always working together to make us who we are, but doing their own things independently

Neurology also helps in understanding.

knowing that our emotion is based in the right brain

and analytical is based in the left

To understand the thought system and path to ONENESS, or enlightenment, one must first have a firm understanding that the right brain tells the left brain what to do.

One must recognize that the left brain serves the right, which is truly us because the right brain is experience, (any reality will always have experience as a prerequisite to existence of consciousness) and the left just makes sense of it in symbols, like the words you read right now and speak to yourself in, that we use to analyze and organize all of those experiences.

This opens many more possibilities of how to experience, but even that experience is rooted (like all sensual experience) to the right brain, though the left makes us human just as much.

The Use of Religion As A Tool Of Understanding The Left-Right Split In Mans Psyche

The body is unnecessary if there is an afterlife, and mind in its current state is completely split, it doesn't need to be that way, the exit is not through the right side leaving the left, it is from the coming together as one!

Think of religion.

It is a nice thought, and brings many important questions, but everyone does it completely wrong.
Religion is a means not an ends, and most people are frankly BAD at their religion.
This is proof the religion has not done them well, corruption of some form must be deterring them from truth.
They don't use it to bring about oneness
They SEPARATE the left and right minds.
You have the over-analytical one who is an egotistical jerk

The Left Split.

And the blind one who buys anything the church says (like a blessing) and gives him all his money running off the fear of hell.

The Right Split.

Two extremes.

The mind is split against itself in either instance, and religion is just a very obvious example on what plagues the current state of man.

Death is just a split if you believe we continue in any way or form. it is a split from the mind and body.

In a way religions current state is a form of death, but I am not spreading that in my philosophy.

When the left and right come together and realize they owe their existence to each-other and that the left must serve the right so the right can be happy and give the left motive to continue to analyze, both are happy.

it doesn't matter WHAT religion you believe, but why would an all loving and forgiving God make a hell?

If you can put past all previous thoughts and things others have said, or in INTERPRETED, and just listen to your heart and mind

Left and Right as one.

It makes sense.

Mans current obstacle to overcome in the process of Divine Evolution is his own resistance to his own Divine Existence

Man needs nothing, he was born with everything he needs to be happy, yet he may deny this to himself through the use of his own free will (Divine in itself) by creating an Egotistical Agenda.

Egotistical Agendas are motives that serve ANY unloving cause, many people see the most obvious ones in their day to day lives and choose to believe that they have seen all there is to see of them, but one must devote him or herself to being able to identify these agendas in themselves as well as others. One must then learn to Forgive themselves and others to move past them. For all of mans sadness comes from his own self deprivation in this form.

Keep in mind an Egotistical Agenda takes place in our day to day conversations as well as in the largest religious conspiracies.

Think of the Catholic Church burning what over possibly 600 ancient scriptures and rewriting and editing many MANY more to fit into their egotistical agendas of past days to control the lives of so many just trying to understand why they are here.

Now realize your unloving opinions of others you are so quick to support, harbor, and (most importantly) SPREAD against them come from the EXACT SAME brain process.

It does not matter of the intensity, you are still pushing mankind in the same direction, and there are only two of them we can go.

Unity or Separation. Literally, Life or Death.

The Driving Force of Separation Within the Individual And The Introduction To The Ego-Impulse

The process of separation (or death) within the mind is named the Ego.

It is the driving force that separates the mind to work against itself.

It can NOT perceive equality, and will fight it in ANY form it can.

It is constantly changing form, but remembering whenever a sense of inequality has been perceived, this is an Ego Impulse.

Egotistical Impulses fill the minds of most men, constantly beckoning them to be let out into the physical realm through the right brain in the form of emotional outburst, or to embrace them and evolve them into an Egotistical Agenda using the left brain.

The Ego Impulse is the much more persistent of the two, not requiring you to put much conscious energy into it's creation. Thankfully, this also makes it the least damaging of the two as well.

The Problem With The Ego

The problem with the Ego (and therefore its impulses and agendas) is that it is simply incorrect.

It only senses itself as above or below something or someone else (keep in mind this is FALSE, each is equal in the eyes of Love)

When it is above, the right is satisfied, but the left is corrupted.

When it is below, the left is cranked into a very inspirational mode of analyzing, but the right is in turmoil.

It does not serve its creator (you) for it serves no one.

It is a mindless creation you yourself made up in hopes of finding satisfaction within the ethereal realm

and slowly each of us will realize its incapabilities of serving the very purpose it was created for.

Your only options are the delusional ego or Perfect Love.

Perfect Love is the symbol for life, which you are and the ego is the symbol for death, or separation.

The egos use of guilt and Spiritual Viewpoint
If the ego is the symbol for separation, it is also the symbol of guilt. As the ego is made by you, it's creations are of your mind as well. Guilt is more than merely not of God (or Perfect Love). It is a symbol of attack on God. This is totally meaningless except to the ego, but do not underestimate the power of the ego's belief in it. This is the belief in which all guilt really stems.

The ego is the part of the mind that believes in division. How could part of God detach itself without believing it is attacking Him? The problem with the idea of human authority (in any manner or form) is that it is based in the idea of usurping God's power. If you believe in religion in it's current state you most likely believe it's ego based proposition that you are here because you have usurped the power of God for your own will. Being an egotistical idea, only the ego itself in you believes this to be true. It believes that you are here because you had the ability to harm Gods perfect state of Grace and the Will to attack God while perceiving Him at the same time.

The ego believes that it is you. If you choose to identify with the ego, your acceptance of it makes it real. Whenever you respond to your ego you will experience guilt.

However ridiculous attacking God may seem to the sane mind, never forget the ego is not sane. It represents a delusional system apart from who you truly are and speaks for it. Listening to the ego's voice inside you proves that you believe it is possible to attack God, and that part of Him has been torn away by you. I must repeat the ego is ANY thought system that does not support the innate, eternal equality of all human beings at any given moment.

When embraced the ego's perception of the world always entitles fear of retaliation or the ability to be harmed from external sources of reality (social situations, economic issues, even God Himself). this happens because the severity of the passive guilt you have from not living up to what you recognize as truly All Loving Equality (for each can see it on some level) is so acute that it must be projected onto something or someone else in the form of hate or fear. You believe your form of Creation as God made you is not capable or sustaining what you know is right, this brings immense remorse that One Of God can not even perceive fully! In Reality you go on unharmed and untouched by any situation you perceive to be threatening or dangerous.

Guilt means you are identifying your current self with past state mistakes, this ensures the future will remain the same by drawing a connection between the past and present.

The First Correction of Perception: Sin Vs. Mistake.

~This philosophy aims at remembering the Divine Existence of Human Awareness, which must be understood thoroughly before considering evolutions play in this. However I will leave you with a tidbit: The definition of evolution itself is synonymous with development.~

The ego does not perceive sin as a lack of love, but as a positive act of assault. This is necessary to the ego's survival because, as soon as you regard sin as a lack, you will automatically attempt to remedy the situation.and you will succeed. The ego regards this as doom, but you must learn to regard it as freedom.

One must truly be willing to see his own lack of love in as many times and forms as possible in his own thought system, and be willing to face them consistently and tirelessly. Even if you can not overcome the impulse or root of your belief in the idea identify it and truth shall come through understanding in another time, this much is promised.

Awareness changes everything


but you must welcome the change at the Perceptual Level,

not just the behavioral, otherwise you ARE imprisoning yourself by not making any change at all but blindly submitting to the egos retaliation.

The Holy Spirit of God comes down into you Itself and makes the change on a level that you can fathom and understand.

This is completely necessary for any change that is even parallel to Reality, the individual however does not need in anyway to recognize that this is Holy Spirit, but simply welcome Its change that beckons us constantly to a Higher Calling, or Our Undivided Self. Oneness.
The next step of evolution.

This is a work is progress for my upcoming book.
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posted on Mar, 16 2011 @ 06:34 PM
I worried this would be too long....

posted on Mar, 16 2011 @ 07:20 PM
Very marvelous post, my friend. But, felt a "tinge" of Freud in there, and soon realized the ideology was "way beyond" him. You're on-to something.

To pose a question: "Your only options are the delusional ego or Perfect Love?" Is this a representation of "good vs. evil," or something more? Could there be another option through Divine Grace and by forgiving at any point in the scale of options?

Is there another "variable" or "constant;" so "forgiveness" acts as a "zone of neutrality?" Could the very-act of forgiving and the asking of forgiveness neutralize the ego? But does this "ideology of ego" act as a "filter" of sorts? Could acceptance of "crucifying the ego" transfigure it somehow? Interesting...

The "polarity" is what binds "them" together. It would suggest that only "intents of the heart" would determine a striving for "perfectness," even though the current desired state might not be the reality, through forgiveness, a more perfect state can be realized, thus affecting reality.

It would seem as if this goes way-beyond ego...very very interesting.

posted on Mar, 16 2011 @ 07:38 PM
Are you saying the ego is a seperate identity in us all, that "fights" against our rational thoughts of God?

Good post

posted on Mar, 16 2011 @ 07:42 PM
This I would have to say is one of the best threads I've read on ATS regarding our process of self actualization.

Ego = death, like the OP said. In life, and after life. What is outside of the ego? Has to be better than what's in the ego.
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posted on Mar, 16 2011 @ 07:44 PM
reply to post by Turq1

Ego = death, like the OP said.

Did he say that?

How does it equal death?

posted on Mar, 16 2011 @ 07:48 PM
I'd say your definitely on the mark here my friend. Keep up the good work.

I hesitate to add anything or take away for I feel this is a very good work on your own accord without any tampering.

I look for to part 2.

With Love,

Your Brother

posted on Mar, 16 2011 @ 07:52 PM

Originally posted by Akragon
reply to post by Turq1

Ego = death, like the OP said.

Did he say that?

How does it equal death?

The process of separation (or death) within the mind is named the Ego.

As far as ego = death maybe the OP would state it differently/disagree. But that's what I got out of it, and what I think is on the right track. The ego is impoverished in it's given state, a shell really. If people really examined it, they'd be intrigued imo.

Very true as well about unity vs division being life vs death. Yoga for example comes from a word meaning "union". Reminds me as well of the saying, "If thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light."

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posted on Mar, 16 2011 @ 08:13 PM
Interesting, i've never studied the ego...

I tend to just accept how ever the brain works...

posted on Mar, 16 2011 @ 08:32 PM
reply to post by LoveSoldier

Congratulations, you have just stumbled upon the ancient mystic teachings from your own approach.

If you haven't already, I recommend researching some of the eastern mysticism traditions, you will find everything aligns almost exactly with what you have put forward above.

posted on Mar, 16 2011 @ 09:27 PM
You are 100% correct; I've been spending the last few years battling my ego and thought processes on a daily basis, I'm certainly breaking massive ground very quickly at this point and my quality of life and mental health have lifted exponentially; and continue to do so.

I suggest reading 'Being Human' by Martin H. Ball.

posted on May, 13 2011 @ 08:23 PM
Great post Soldier of Love

Ego: proof you can struggle with something that does not exist

Singularity: proof that dualities(left and right brain) do not exist without coming together at some point. ~Pineal gland&spine~

And: thus come 1

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