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Current Affairs In Perspective

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posted on Mar, 16 2011 @ 05:33 PM
In our "Global Reality" today there is much reason to assume the worst. The current state of the world is no longer as it once was.. Stable to the point of security and safety. The world as we know it today is precarious at best and at worst on tipping point. I have been a long standing member of ATS and I know that each post is put through the mincer of opinions and beliefs however, if we are to look at our current world state through a balanced perspective, we must consider the cold hard facts.

I, like most of you with a heart, fear the future changes that lay ahead for our species. Humanity has gone through a rough time since 9-11 when the worlds focus was brought to a singularity for the first time in its known history.
Our senses are being assaulted from many different angles be it from sources of indoctrination to major world events be it natural or planned.

When oil gushed out of the Gulf uncontrollably, my heart sank when I thought of all the life in the ocean that would inevitably be affected. When I heard about animals dying around the world my paranoia grew. When areas the size of France and Germany combined were submerged in water in Australia I wondered if it was the beginning of something more serious. Now that Japan has experienced an apocalyptic scenario which is still on going my compassion bleeds tears of pain.

These are merely a few of the things in the world that are taking place today and these are stone cold facts.

On a more political and civil level we have seen the rise of nations "Egypt" & "Libya" in particular. I have seen mass "demon"strations around the world including my own capital "London".

With so much going on around the world today it is easy to feel lost or misplaced, alone and frightened. The 2012 prophecy is no longer something we can afford to consider whimsically. Not only what the Mayans predicted but what the Hopi, the Native Indians and for that matter many ancient tribes around the world have been vocal of is something we must consider as real.

Away from more traditional belief systems we have our own "Science" which tells us of many impending dooms which are at hand. I am not a fear monger but rather a human like you looking at the cold facts of day.

We all frequent this site because to some degree we are willing to believe the conspiracy. We unlike many of the world’s population are awake. We choose to accept that our future is being engineered by the powers that be, yet we struggle to pin point any valid source for the chaos which exists in our realities. In effect we are struggling to make sense of the calamities which plague us at ever increasing speeds.

If we are to consider all the above from a balanced perspective it would be naive to say that the potency of world changes are not becoming more frequent and at each turn more grand.

There are those of us who stand strong to the facts, so much so that we are unwilling to believe that it is not nature herself that is carrying out these changes. There are also those of us that believe that something more sinister is afoot. None the less we are being killed off in ever increasing numbers.

If the last two years are anything to go by we would be lucky to make it to 2012 with our current numbers. It is more likely that many world events will take place which will, and I hate to say it, eclipse what is taking place now in Japan.

The Madrid Fault Line if it is triggered will cause such devastation that all the prophecies of apocalypse and Armageddon will fall into place in such a way that it would be inconceivable to talk against it. The same goes for Yellow Stone, The Pole Shift and Comet Elenin.

What are we to make of the world in which we live? Are we safe and secure any longer?

The economy could come to a grinding halt with all the global catastrophes that are taking place. Many say it is already happening. We live in a precarious world in precarious times.

If we consider for a moment the Georgia Guide Stones Inscriptions which state the following:
"Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature"

Is it difficult to accept the truth that the loss of life in Japan is merely the start of many more global catastrophes?

Many will come out and say to not worry, not panic or overreact and that in fact there is nothing sinister taking place.
Many will say that nature is just taking its course. That everything is normal and as it should be.
And yet many more will say we are heading into the end of the world as we know it.

Looking at it from a balanced perspective I would conclude that, yes, in fact we are heading into the "End of Days"

My question to you all is, looking at the current affairs of the world from a balanced perspective. Do we only have a matter of years if not months left to live? Or... will all this pass?

The New World Orders motto is Order out of Chaos. The world is becoming more and more chaotic and yet it is just the start. What will we do with our dying breath when we are offered a life line by those who could well be orchestrating events? Is there any life line coming and if so what?

Is God real and do Aliens exist? Will we be saved or will we save ourselves? Or worst yet will we all silently perish like the grand civilisations before us?

Peace and blessing to you all.
Love, your brother.

posted on Mar, 16 2011 @ 05:59 PM
I say all of the above, but don't worry, if we are true to ourselves and conduct ourselves with honesty then we will find that the road leads Home. What could be more fitting than to have the madness, the pain, and the poisoning end? I cannot think of anything better for all of us than to finally overcome our childish ways.

I am OK, Japan will be OK, it is all going to be OK and according to plan.

posted on Mar, 16 2011 @ 06:04 PM
Thank you for your post. I am easily overwhelmed when I contemplate the sequence of events transpiring around and among us on the earth. Moreover, it is a lonely feeling when I try to explain to people around me how the 'puzzle pieces' fit together, and how we must be more aware and prepared in order to survive, and how I am usually met with raised eyebrows and ridicule, and even sometimes anger. I live in the Gulf coast region of the U.S., and I become more frightened every day about being here -- with the current and potential affects of the B.P. oil disaster and the new madrid fault line -- I wonder if I should just drop everything I'm doing and head for higher and more distant ground. I don't want to over-react. I refuse to ignore what is happening, and yet I don't want to be wrong about my decision. At the end of the day, I don't want to live in fear, but I feel we all must live in knowledge and understanding, at least to the best that we can make sense out of this mess. In the end, is there anything we can do? Have we really been had? Is there any safe haven for us where the control system and movements of the planet cannot find us? I wonder...


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