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Sunspot will reach peak in 2012

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posted on Jul, 21 2004 @ 07:32 AM
Sunspot Activity Highest in last 1,000 Years Will Max in 2012
By Jim McElwee
Jul 6, 2004, 18:21

Sunspot Activity Highest in last 1,000 Years

The last Sunspot cycle peaked in 2001, and The Next Sunspot peak will be in 2012. The sun goes through 11 year cycle, which sunspot activity increases as the 11th year mark gets closer. We are only 3 years into the New Sun Cycle, and already, scientists are amazed by the intensity of sunspot activity these days.

One could only imagine what the Sunspot Cycle will throw upon us toward the end of the 11 year cycle in 2012. Sunspot activity has been known to disrupt wireless communications, Alter Earth's magnetic fields, and cause electronics to go haywire. No-one claims to know what effect Sunspots have on the human body.

I mentioned above, that sunspot activity can alter magnetic fields. As it turns out, in the upcoming year 2012, the Sunspots will Peak, and The Sun's North and South poles will FLIP!. I didn't say might, I said WILL. NASA has this information published. It is a fact. In 2012, the Sun's Poles will flip. North will face south, and south will face north.

2012 will NOT be the first time the sun's poles flipped. The Sun's poles flipped in 2001, and in 1990. Every 11 years, when Sunspots reach their peak, the Sun's poles flip. Like Clockwork. The big question is, When will the Earth's poles flip? And Whats going to happen when the 11 year sunspot cycle ends in 2012? Is Earth Doomed? Guess we shall be finding out soon.


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