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Medicare and Medicaid Made $70 Billion in ‘Improper Payments’ Last Year—

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posted on Mar, 16 2011 @ 12:15 PM
That's more than all spending by Homeland Security and State Departments combined!!!! So, please don't complain about state governments trying to tighten the spending belt and making honest attempts to balance budgets to get the states back into a solid financial status.

The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services—the federal health-care agency that is a key bureaucracy in implementing Obamacare—made at least $70.5 billion in “improper payments” last year.

These improper federal health-care payments amounted to more than the combined total of $68.3 billion spent by the entire Homeland Security and the State departments last year, which spent $44.5 billion and $23.8 billion respectively according to the White House Office of Management and Budget.

Makes you wonder how well the massive bureaucracy being created to run Obamacare will actually function. You have to triple the CBO cost estimate to account for the actual costs and the waste/fraud that the system is polluted with.

Medicare made at least $48 billion in improper payments in fiscal 2010 and Medicaid made $22.5 billion, according to written testimony on "Medicare and Medicaid Fraud, Waste and Abuse" presented to the Senate Subcommittee on Federal Financial Management by Kathleen King, director of health care for the Government Accountability Office.

The full amount of improper payments made by Medicare may be higher than $48 billion because the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services has not yet estimated the dollar amount of improper payments made by Medicare Part D, the prescription drug-benefit program.

9% of total expenditures within this program were deemed improper. Mindnumbing!!

otal combined federal expenditures for Medicare and Medicaid in fiscal 2010 were $781.6 billion according to the U.S. Treasury. That means the $70.5 billion in improper payments Medicare and Medicaid made during the year equaled 8.95 percent of all Medicare and Medicaid expenditures.

Is that acceptable?? Perhaps the current system needs a thorough cleaning before they should be allowed to manage anything in the future. Waste Waste Waste. Slash their budget and see if they can "find/create" new efficiencies.

Here's a great idea brought to you by the creators of Obamacare

A key element of Obamacare provides government health-insurance to lower income people by increasing the income threshold for Medicaid eligibility and putting more people on the Medicaid rolls

Really??? Enough is enough!!!!

posted on Mar, 16 2011 @ 12:38 PM
Here is a link to the Actual GAO document.

And for you accounting wizards

posted on Mar, 16 2011 @ 03:32 PM
And people wonder why I don't want big brother involved with healthcare........

The government doesn't care, the lowlifes that are committing fraud with these programs don't care, the American people don't seem to care. I guess Obama will fix this, so I'm not going to worry either.

Oh wait, nvm.
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posted on Mar, 16 2011 @ 05:22 PM
reply to post by Rockdisjoint

Thanks for dropping by this thread. The nation and ATS seem to be to focused on earthquake fever. Granted that's important but, stories like this vanish quickly in the midst of a massive distraction half a world away. The opportunists strike when the masses aren't looking.

Keep an eye on the White House in the Weeks to come.


posted on Mar, 16 2011 @ 06:13 PM
Have you ever wondered what politicians or their family members own interests in the companies that seem to always be over payed? Or the politicians that benefit from having certain companies they have an interest in being the ones selected to fing out the cause's of the over billing?
Check this blog out;

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