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A Short Summary of 5 Years of Galactic Federation Updates

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posted on Mar, 18 2011 @ 10:08 AM
Here I continue my work to summarize the messages being relayed to us by these channels. I make no judgments about the validity of these messages.

A very brief rundown of personnel connected with the Galactic Federation

I have just recently discovered a lot of channeled data concerning the “Galactic Federation.” Not all of this is new, but some of it is very current. I had always considered this data somewhat “marginal,” so tended to ignore it. I have no personal knowledge of where the data relayed by these channels are actually coming from. But these channels are some of the few sources for alternative data about what’s happening on the planet, etc.

The Channels

So far I have studied data from four basic channels. Three are currently active:
1) Shedan Nidle. Sheldan’s website is better-organized than many. But it still has a lot of un-summarized data. His website includes a set of “updates” for almost every week back to the beginning of 2006.
2) Michael Ellegion. Michael has been a channel all his life (as have most of these people). He has a sparse website which he uses to sell his books. He offers private consultations.
3) Candace Frieze works under the banner of Abundant Hope. Her group includes several other channels. Their website has lots of data, but is not well-organized.
4) Tuella produced books and magazines in the 1980’s and 1990’s. Her business was called Guardian Action International. She passed in 1993. Her work is currently in the hands of Debbie Wright.

I have also studied the website of Jelaila Starr, but her data is not particularly integrated into this data, as she is dealing with a group which she refers to as the Nibiruan Council.

The Sources

The most vocal source speaking through these channels is Ashtar, Commander of the of the Federation’s flagship for earth’s northern hemisphere. All these channels have mentioned Ashtar or relayed his messages.

The being who we have known as Jesus Christ is the senior person on the Federation’s mission to Earth.
His alternate names are somewhat confused, as, according to Candace, there were two different beings who acted and spoke through Jesus’ body when he was here on earth. Most channels now call him “Sananda” which I believe is actually a ceremonial title. Michael spells this “Sanada.” But a being named Michael (Christ Michael) is also connected with Jesus’ last visit to earth. This being had formerly visited here as King David.

Several other persons connected with tactical work on earth should be mentioned:

Kuwaya, Siraya, and Surea work at the highest levels of the Spiritual Hierarchy and are considered by Sheldan Nidle to be aspects of God.
Metatron is a leading angel, as are the archangels Uriel, Michael and Raphael.
Lord Orion is an Elohim working directly with Sananda, according to Michael Ellegion.

Tuella brings several different high-level “spiritual executives” into her book about the evacuation of the planet. They include:
• Andromeda Rex, an ambassador from the Federation.
• Captain Avalon, in charge of a communications base in Florida.
• Monka, who speaks for earth on the Jupiter Council or Command, an intelligence unit.
• Commander Anton, who runs a base in Cook Mountain, Florida.
• Korton, who runs a communication base on Mars.
• Commander Jycondria, as assistant to Ashtar.
• Saint Germain, also know as Violinio. He has been to earth numerous times in different forms and is said to have assisted in the drafting of the U.S. Constitution. He is a scientist, alchemist and diplomat of sorts.
• Commander Alphon, another starship captain.
• Hatonn, keeper of records for this galaxy.
• Joshua, a member of the Spiritual Hierarchy.
• Lytton and Cassion are apparently scientists that work with Saint Germain.
• Commander Soltec, son of Monka, commands a monitoring spacecraft named Phoenix.
• Commander Voltra is a Space Psychologist.
• Xyletron, a fleet operative.
• Hilarion, an Ascended Master and Brother of the Emerald Ray.
• Matton coordinates all volunteer units on earth.

Candance’s group has contacted several other beings besides those mentioned here.

That's all for my overview of the names that appear in these messages.

posted on Mar, 18 2011 @ 10:26 AM
I must say that I find these materials very interesting and don't think it is appropriate to label them "hoax." But if this is what the Moderators desire, so be it.

My take on the Federation messages

Some of you may be aware that I’m a Scientologist. I have not been trained to put much credence in Christian-based data, but I am free to believe as I please on such matters.

The names and communications used by these channels are superficially Christian-like. After all, their Commander-In-Chief is Jesus himself. But evidently, considerable intelligence has been lost in the process of passing down his teachings from 2,000 years ago.

The picture that emerges from these modern “downloads” is of a huge, powerful, and ancient galactic organization whose sole purpose is to help God run his creation according to His Law. This correlates with Hubbard’s work. But Hubbard saw such groups as, for the most part, intolerant of the concept of free will. This federation seems to embrace the concept of free will. Could it be that something has changed over the millions of years that these space societies has been roaming the galaxy and colonizing planets?

Nidel’s updates speak of a series of ancient wars. So obviously, there were groups who didn’t like what the “Christians” were doing. Apparently those groups once had the upper hand in this universe. But according to these stories, that has been changing. It was only a few short earth years ago, according to Nidle, that a peace agreement was arrived at in this sector. This is extremely new data, especially in terms of galactic history. But even if these guys are good guys, what do they have to offer us?

In their messages they present us with a history of earth that we have no real way to verify. There should be people among us who could remember. Hubbard’s data about our history is based entirely on human memory, but he was not that interested in earth history. He did acknowledge the existence of a “dark cabal” on this planet, and he has also mentioned Atlantis in passing, and the destruction of Maldek. But for most of the details provided by the Federation through these channels, I have no other sources for cross-reference.

They seem to indicate the existence of a benevolent force in the universe that Hubbard overlooked. Or interpreted differently. In other words, the Federation is achieving peace in the galaxy. But at what cost?

The Federation seems to be aiming for a stability in creation. But why? We assume it is because this keeps their game going. So, what is their game? What goes on in the rest of the universe on a day-to-day basis? I get the picture of a whole bunch of planets teaming with life and somehow getting along with each other, to the extent that they can interact. It’s a nice, interesting game, and the Spiritual Hierarchy is in the drivers’ seat. Well, this seems basically fine to me. But if everything is going so well, why has it been hell on earth for the last several thousand years?

I know that Hubbard, in looking back at the other worlds he’d been involved in, found life in those places super-controlled and sort of Matrix-like. He was looking for a very direct approach to achieving a much higher level of spiritual freedom for the individual without degrading the scene any further than it already is. The key to this is a rehabilitation of a being’s sense of ethics, along with his innate, god-like abilities. This is done by beings working together to help each other directly address their own considerations about ethics and their personal power. It’s a fairly straightforward process that leads to a being that is able to control its own destiny and lead others towards that end.

The Federation approach seems to be though a spiritual-electronic technology that they sometimes call Ascension. It is administered to an individual by a technical specialist. It involves special equipment and devices. This is cool, but Hubbard’s way uses only one measuring device and otherwise uses the being’s own ability to create energy to accomplish the totality of the healing process. No other energy-producing devices are employed. The being is taught from the start that it can rely completely on its own ability to heal. It does not have to rely on any physical-universe equipment for help, other than the meter.

If I were presented with the choice of being a slave on earth or being a slave in heaven, I would choose heaven. But I would still be kicking myself about not being able to figure out how to stop being a slave. I don’t see that the Federation has solved this yet. In order for things to stay stable, they need to remain in control. It’s Love and it’s Light but it’s not total spiritual freedom.

Still, if I discovered that they were real, I think that I would help them.

posted on Mar, 18 2011 @ 01:48 PM
reply to post by l_e_cox

Do you still not understand these people are hoaxers??
Remember the Oct. 14 2008 prediction from blossom goodchild that a ship was gonna appear for the world to see that never happened??
Where did she get that info????
She channeled it!!!!

Then came the excuses.

Crakeur has made a pretty good post about what they do yet you choose to ignore it??

Its in the hoax forum for a reason,when you understand why then you just might quit drinking their kool aid.
They are very well known on ats as the hoaxers they are.

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posted on Mar, 18 2011 @ 01:51 PM
reply to post by DrumsRfun

I know you and a lot of others depend on Admins and Mods to tell you what you can and cannot believe in and that is cool. But it is in the hoax forum and that really does not change anything, people can scream hoax all they want but at the end of the day people have the right to choose what they want.

posted on Mar, 18 2011 @ 01:57 PM
reply to post by Darkk

you're 100% correct. This is why I don't dissuade my children from believing in the tooth fairy and fairy tales.
Everyone needs to learn the truth about life. Hopefully, the folks still buying into nesara, the galactic federation, nidle et al don't lose too much money to the scams before they learn the truth.

posted on Mar, 18 2011 @ 02:08 PM
reply to post by l_e_cox

I think I can zero in on your credulity (lack of) problem:

My take on the Federation messages

Some of you may be aware that I’m a Scientologist.
The picture that emerges .... is of a huge, powerful .... organization .... This correlates with Hubbard’s work....

Of course, "Hubbard" is the hack L. Ron Hubbard, the (failed) Science Fiction writer who invented "$cientology" (well, it began firstly with "Dianetics", that appallingly bad book from the 1970s, that was just one aspect of many, many idiotic "Self Improvement" fads that infested society, back then. Anyone remember "E.S.T."??)

Since THIS scam (GFL) is equally daft, it is little surprise that someone who fell for the Hubbard Hoax would also not see the obvious scam, here. (He [Hubbard] is on record, the early days, of saying that he thought of starting a "religion" as a very easy "Get-Rich-Quick scheme, for himself and others. Not the members, of course....they are the patsies).

posted on Mar, 18 2011 @ 02:14 PM
reply to post by Darkk

I depend on nobody to do my thinking for me.
As far as admins and mods go,I don't care what they do or what they think.
Their job is to run the site and I can think for myself.

Believe what you want but there is a reason this is in the hoax some research.

posted on Mar, 18 2011 @ 02:28 PM

Originally posted by weedwhacker
reply to post by l_e_cox

Of course, "Hubbard" is the hack L. Ron Hubbard, the (failed) Science Fiction writer who invented "$cientology" (well, it began firstly with "Dianetics", that appallingly bad book from the 1970s, that was just one aspect of many, many idiotic "Self Improvement" fads that infested society, back then. Anyone remember "E.S.T."??)

From the 70s???? look that one up. And EST was started by a guy that was trying to rip off scientology.

(He [Hubbard] is on record, the early days, of saying that he thought of starting a "religion" as a very easy "Get-Rich-Quick scheme, for himself and others. Not the members, of course....they are the patsies).

Please what record is this on?

posted on Mar, 18 2011 @ 02:52 PM
reply to post by Darkk

Yes....although the "idea" (whether L.Ron stole it or not) was bounced around as early as the 1920s, it became somehting he dove into in the 1950s.....but I am relating its real marketing PUSH, from the 1970s....and the incredibly annoying, and unavoidable television commercials....very irritating, and pushy....(Just as bad as those "Head On" headache 'relief' product ads from just a few years back). "Dianetics" attempted a resurgence in the 70s...:

In 1978, Hubbard released New Era Dianetics (NED), a revised version ...

That is from the Wiki article.

I don't see Erhard Seminars Training (E.S.T.) as a "rip-off" of "Dianetics", there. Just another form of "woo-woo", and perhaps was inspired by "Dianetics"....maybe Erhard was secretly envious of the money to be made, so just concocted his own scheme and flim-flam....knowing that a sucker is born every minute.

AS TO my paraphrase of the "make money in religion" comment from is obvious that was his primary goal, and again....taking advantage of the gulliblity that is so common in people:

  • "You don't get rich writing science fiction. If you want to get rich, you start a religion."

    Response to a question from the audience during a meeting of the Eastern Science Fiction Association on (7 November 1948), as quoted in a 1994 affidavit by Sam Moskowitz.

    This statement is similar or identical to several statements Hubbard is reported to have made to various individuals or groups in the 1940s.

    Scam artist. Charlatan. Likely insane. L. Ron Hubbard. There is a great deal more on his background, just search....

  • posted on Mar, 18 2011 @ 03:04 PM
    reply to post by weedwhacker

    That is from the Wiki article.

    I don't see Erhard Seminars Training (E.S.T.) as a "rip-off" of "Dianetics", there. Just another form of "woo-woo", and perhaps was inspired by "Dianetics"....maybe Erhard was secretly envious of the money to be made, so just concocted his own scheme and flim-flam....knowing that a sucker is born every minute.

    If you look at the edits you will see that the guy who wrote and mods the EST article on wiki does the same for the scientology article. Since scientology was founded by a science fiction writter why not go to the EST artilce and insert that EST was founded by a used car salesman and see what happens. I'll even give you the source,
    And as far as it being all suckers why is it that EST is down the tubes and scientology is flourishing despite the negative press it gets?

    posted on Mar, 18 2011 @ 05:45 PM
    Let's Keep it in the ballpark, Please.

    A Short Summary of 5 Years of Galactic Federation Updates

    posted on Mar, 24 2011 @ 09:45 PM
    reply to post by Jbird

    I must say that I appreciate all the posts to this "hoax" thread about Nidle's downloads! I don't care about the Scientology pot shots. Comes with the territory. I believe I have narrowed down my concerns about Nidle's messages to the point where I can write a final post that will sum up what I have to say about the majority of these channeled messages.

    Towards an understanding of The Deception

    A bit of back story

    I had been a student of Scientology, and off the internet, for many years. I only started seriously looking into “alternative reality” subjects on the internet in 2009. I soon stumbled across the Project Camelot site, and decided to use it as my starting place. It took me a while to study through most of the video interviews in their archives. After that I started listening to some of Kerry’s radio interviews. I still check in on them periodically. That’s how I recently ran across Sheldan Nidle.

    Sheldan seemed very convinced that what he was experiencing was real. But here was a story with an odd religious twist to it. I had only been marginally aware of what might be called the “ascension movement.” Scientology was not a part of it, so I knew very little about it. I saw it as sort of odd-ball. A spiritual-scientific amalgam that sounded like it could be pushing for the same things Hubbard was pushing for, yet totally ignored his work.


    So I decided I would do what I could to become better informed of Sheldan’s story. I downloaded all of Sheldan’s updates from his website and read through most of them. (That’s about 250 weeks at 2-3 pages each.) I then wrote up a summary of what these ETs seemed to be telling Sheldan and posted it on ATS and on Project Avalon. Not long after that I got a private message from an ATS moderator that my post had been moved to the “hoaxes” category. I was upset about this, and wrote him back about it. He could not give me a really good reason for why the Galactic Federation had been deemed a “hoax.” So I had to look further into the matter myself.

    The moderator had mentioned a prediction that never happened, and NESARA. But those issues didn’t matter to me. I knew from my Scientology studies that the religious line has been used in the past as a social control point, and that was what interested me about these messages. But Sheldan’s updates were so full of data about how bad these covert social control mechanisms were that the anti-Nidle arguments still didn’t make sense to me.

    First Realization

    Then I found another site like Sheldan’s (Lightworkers). Someone had posted some articles to this site warning us about “fake” messages and insinuating that Sheldan’s messages were not from the “good” ETs. That’s when I realized something: All these channels can do, even if they are acting with total integrity, is to take what they are given and pass it on. They are, in the best case, just operating as relay points for someone else. By accepting that job they have essentially chosen to suspend their own responsibility about the effects these messages might produce on others. They had given up their right and responsibility to think for themselves.

    Back to Camelot

    I was not making any progress in sorting this out. Then I ran across another Kerry Cassidy interview, this time with George Kavassilas. George claimed to have first-hand data about these ETs and their game. But more importantly: He had refused to give up his own right and responsibility to think for himself. And this reminded me of why I like Hubbard so much and had spent over 25 years working for his cause. He had also stood up for self-determinism as a superior approach to life.

    George and Kerry talked about what the “perfect” ploy would be to convince a population that you had their best interests at heart (if you really didn’t.) And it was, essentially, this ascension ploy. Obviously, I was less sensitive to this phenomenon than they were, but their discussion made sense to me.

    Paradigms and Free Will

    Kerry and George were struggling with words that could express the concepts that they were trying to get across. George liked to use the term “paradigm” to stand for what we could think of as “group agreement” or “commonly-held belief system.” Hubbard’s word for a similar concept is “game.” To play a game, you must accept a lie. But this can be done at various different levels of awareness. At the lower levels, one feels “swept up” by the game. One has forgotten that one ever agreed to play. One must therefore come up with rationalizations for continuing to be involved even though it’s no longer any fun. This could be termed “other-determinism.” Above that is a more causative approach to life that nevertheless fails to view the entire picture. At this level, one feels powerful enough to choose one’s own games, yet is not aware of the option of just not playing. This could be termed “self-determinism.” Above that there is the awareness, sometimes seen in children or actors, that one’s games are self-created and that the best way to enjoy a game is to temporarily pretend that it is “real.” The key here is not to forget. This could be termed “pan-determinism.”

    Most of us live with different levels of awareness in different sectors of our lives. A person may be pan-determined about his recreational activities, self-determined about his work activities, and other-determined by the global political and economic games.

    The problem with the wider games of life is that most of us don’t even consider the possibility of becoming self-determined or pan-determined on these levels. Hubbard taught that it was possible. Yet we see no great rush to learn his teachings. Most of us just can’t conceive of this.

    Higher Truths

    Yet in times when one begins to feel threatened by the games others are playing, it would be great to be able to “pop out” of the situation for a while and get some sort of higher-level perspective and understanding of what is going on. However one achieves this, it almost invariably requires considerable strength of will.

    Take George, for instance. Early in his life, attempts were made by the “bad” ETs to recruit him as an operative. He refused. They tried to force him. He still refused. This attitude apparently attracted the attention of other ET groups who made their own attempts. For a while he fell in with the Galactic Federation. But his insistence on being at least self-determined in these games finally lead him out of that, and to a third group that was willing to totally grant him the right to make his own choice of games.

    In George’s current paradigm, beings have the power to create their own universes and any number of games to play. When they choose to play together in a common universe, it is always with temporary “blinders” only. One always has the option to pull out.

    George believes that the various planetary bodies are operated by living beings just as we operate our bodies. Hubbard never taught this. But it is a workable paradigm, and serves as a reminder that the planets we live on deserve our care and respect.

    George sees all the other paradigms involving spiritual hierarchies which give certain groups authority over other groups as deceptive. He believes that bad decisions made eons ago by the various space-traveling societies created situations that they still have not resolved. For one thing, their bodies are deteriorating. They see this as a combination of a spiritual and a DNA problem. Their “answer” to this problem, apparently, is the people of earth. They have discovered that our “old” DNA is still very much intact, and that we also have considerable spiritual potentials. Some of them even try to flatter us with these facts. But the truth is that their own life paradigm has limitations. And they are now experiencing those limitations.

    Letting go

    George believes that our main concern right now is with our planet and the system it is part of. Dying cultures from off planet have very little to contribute to this process.

    Hubbard believes that our main concern right now is with the fogged awareness that has resulted from our interactions with those older dying cultures. If we do not find a way to rise above their super-concentration on the body, then we will become like them, just another dying culture. We are very close to that point now, and have been for decades.

    The ETs have created an intricate and deceptive story. And among them, apparently, there are even some that are aware of this and hope that we will become aware of it.

    But the only way you can get a certainty on what George Kavassilas or Ron Hubbard have discovered is to be willing to do without something that you probably have come to equate with life itself; your body. I don’t know of anyone who has any certainly on higher truths that has not experienced exteriorization in some form. Many people who have become the leaders in the “alternative realities” movement exteriorized by accident, often quite literally. For me it happened while riding a bicycle. And that wasn’t even a very strong incident. For Hubbard it happened during a dental operation. George has had several such experiences. And the list goes on.

    For a “normal” audience, this message would be inappropriate. Most people have no concept of being able to go exterior, and in Scientology exteriorization happens naturally as a part of the auditing process. In most other practices you have to “will” it to happen, or else rely on chance events. I don’t recommend to anyone that they go out and “try” to go exterior. The point is this: The realization that one is separable from the body is a key step to greater awareness of truth. Normally, this separation only happens at death. So people experience it as a huge loss and an unwanted event. But when one accomplishes this without dying, one’s view of life can begin to shift. And one may find oneself, embarrassingly, laughing when someone talks about how important bodies are. They are to be respected as personal property. But they are not life. Our ultimate success depends on that realization.

    Rising above the deception

    Going exterior is an example of an experience which may be personally very valuable, but will have little effect when related to others. “Higher” knowledge works this way. It often reduces to a question of personal certainty. If you wish, for instance, to give someone their own certainly abut exteriorization, then the best way to do it would be to exteriorize them. Actually, this is something you can learn to do. But the point is that a being has to find out for himself. One can advance one’s certainty by study alone. In this case, the materials are simply giving you a way to understand or talk about something that you had really already experienced as true or real. When I refer people to written resources, I am hoping that this effect will occur. But beyond that there is only living. In this regard, I can only suggest that you try understanding life without using the belief systems that others have “taught” you. If you had no pre-existing explanation for a phenomenon, how would you explain it? Why is the sky blue? Is it because of various optical phenomena? Or is it because it looks pretty?

    I recommend this as an exercise.

    I hope that the importance of this is not lost in the words. Most would agree that the challenges we are facing are quite real. It’s not that important at what level you understand this. If you study it with the idea of increasing your own certainty, I am quite sure your appreciation for the scope of the situation will improve. Increasing your knowledge could save your own life. But it could also save millions of others. And I’m not just talking about bodies. So I hope that if you have read this far, you are up for the challenge. It’s not over yet.

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