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The Machine (ep of 4 new songs of mine)

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posted on Mar, 16 2011 @ 08:24 AM

Hi everyone,

Hope you're ok

I don't post much, I'm more of a lurker - but I just wanted to share a few new songs I've written for anyone interested, I'm putting them on a few forums
The link above is to a file on mediafire, a popular free download site - my download is free btw. This Ep is a taster for my upcoming album 'The Machine' which I'm making with a few local musicians, these songs have been recorded along with those sessions.

The songs are 'Disclosure' a song encompassing the whole possible Et/UFO reality and what Governments really know - can there be disclosure one day?

Also, there's 'Alien' a kind of intimate song, an otherwordly feeling. Included is 'It's A Conspiracy' - about the real conspiracy of "poverty and injustice" and the nature of reality and life, looking behind the glass wall of existence and death.

Finishing off is a ballad, I just tried to write something that had current meaning to me 'Something's Goin' On' looking at how I feel about paranormal, phenomena, what it means to me and how I look at things, looking for answers in a personal retrospective way.

Anyway, just a bunch of songs, as production goes it's my best yet but probably wouldn't stand up to a top 40 song on the charts, but I've tried to express the songs as best I can.

Take it easy, take care,

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