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3-12-2011 Dream Fragments

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posted on Mar, 16 2011 @ 01:18 AM
Last night I remembered part of several dreams and I will also type part of several dreams from the night before, in random order.

Last night one of my dreams involved me being on a reality TV show or something, with several fictional famous people and/or people with something special about them; I think President Obama was supposed to be one of them, or a fake Obama.

We shared a house and we all shared a small bedroom with many twin sized beds, and I remember wondering why I was on the show; since I was neither rich, famous, or had any clear excellent talents or anything.

I can not remember anything else, except either at the end of this dream or another dream that night, I was outside by some bushes.

I was looking around the yard or something and I noticed a rattlesnake several feet in front of me, so I decided to be still, usually snakes do not attack me in dreams; but usually when I see one, more start appearing, so I try to avoid stepping on them or getting too close to them.

But as I was being still, something bit me on my thigh, another rattlesnake had jumped in the air behind me and bit me; so I grabbed the snake by its head and tried to slowly remove it from my thigh.

I tried to stay calm and I started trying to decide if I should kill the snake or not, but I woke up as I was still trying to remove the snake off of my thigh.

One dream from the night before involved me going on the out-skirts of a fiction town to pay a bill for my mom, and I reached a place that looked like a plant; and I recognized this place in the dream, so I have dreamed of this place before.

It was a sunny day and it was about 5:something in the afternoon, and the place that I was to pay the bill at was about to close soon, so I walked to find the pay window.

Connected to the plant was a small shopping area that appeared to be abandoned mostly, and in the dream I remembered some of the stores that use to be there, one of which was Domino's Pizza (I even saw the sign for it, but the store appeared to be empty/gone); I started to think about the past and how I missed certain things, and I almost started to cry.

I took a deep breath and took a moment to enjoy a few old dream memories of this place and the past, and then I started to walk into the building connected to the plant, since the old pay window appeared to be gone.

I walked into the building and almost everyone seemed to be gone, but I saw a woman walking toward the exit, and she appeared to be in a somewhat high position in the company so I followed her to see if she knew where the pay window was.

The woman seemed to be afraid of me or something, so I kept my distance and tried not to look like I was following her, but I do not remember what happened after that exactly; I just remember being further up the road and I stopped at a town hall-like place.

I do not remember how I got inside the building exactly and I think that one of my brothers was with me, I just remember that we somehow snuck/sneaked inside and managed to walk past the security; the building seemed to have a police station or something inside.

My brother and I might/may have gotten/got into a fight with some stereotypical hillbilly-type characters or we almost got into a fight with them, either way I remember us somehow walking past security again and I saw the main character from The Walking Dead standing next to a secretary.

Once my brother and I got outside, something weird happened, and I think a giant man came from inside the building and grabbed my brother and ran back inside the building; I yelled no, and then I think I woke up.

I had another dream involving me being in a school that was like a fictional version of my former high school, and I remember going to several classes and I remember talking with several people in the hallways in between classes but that is all that I can remember.

I remember part of another dream where I was walking outside some fictional area near a school I think, and I was walking to the woods to be away from all the annoyances of my dream characters; I just wanted to enjoy the dream world alone and I felt the woods would be a better place.

As I was walking to the woods, one of my brothers started walking with me, and I started explaining to him how going into the woods/nature in dreams can often be a good way to get some peace & quiet or something like that.

As we walked into the woods we made it to a clearing, that had an abandoned homemade wooden horse/cattle pin, and inside of the pin was group of wolves; either they attacked us or I attack them to test myself, I am not sure.

I just remember my brother and I fighting the wolves, I was not scared at all, since I guess I realized that it was a dream (so the dream must have been at least semi-lucid).

I was so relaxed that I was calmly talking with my brothers as we fought the wolves, even though they were probably tougher than your average real world wolves, and I had an easy time fighting them but my brother was having a harder time.

I remember hitting one wolf that was about to attack my brother from behind, I hit him with a double axe handle, and I think that wolf was the leader; so they all stopped fighting us and ran, but then I woke up as I talked to my brother about how much easier fights are when you realize it is a dream or something like that.

The end,

-John Jr

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