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3-10-2011 Dream Fragments

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posted on Mar, 16 2011 @ 01:17 AM
Last night I remembered part of several dreams and I may/might also type a few other dreams that I remembered from last week; I will type these dreams in a random order.

One of the dreams involved me walking outside some fairground-like place with my parents in the day time, as we explored different stands that had things for sale and there seemed to be a few small stores on the fairground-like place as well.

My mom was carrying a baby boy, who I am not sure if he was supposed to be my brother or me (even though I was in the dream) or if he was a relative, but I doubt that he was supposed to be my son.

Either way, we walked into one of the small stores, and I remember waiting in line with my parent's near the cash register; and I asked my mom to let me hold/carry the baby boy, and so she handed me the baby.

There was this black colored baby carrying device that connected the baby to your body, basically a baby carrier thing, made of a synthetic fabric; you could have the baby attached to the front of your body or the back of your body.

I attached the baby to the front of my body after putting the baby carrier device on, and I was playing with the baby, trying to make him laugh.

At some point there was woman with a baby standing near me and the baby that I was holding kept trying to grab something from the other baby, and I think the other baby had a doctor's needle with a blue fluid in it.

I had to keep stopping the baby from grabbing it, something else happened but I can not remember, I just remember the baby getting mad at me and he started to hit me; which I found odd for a baby to do, and I think he seemed to enjoy attacking me.

I started telling the baby that it was not nice to hit people like that and I tried to explain that the needle was dangerous, but I woke up.

I only can remember some of the end of my next dream, which involved a woman, several men, and I.

I think the woman had shoulder length black colored hair with light whitish/brownish colored skin.

I think that the woman had maybe chosen several men and I to be trained for something, I think I remember some men in ninja-like suits, and I think we were to begin training; and those that past the training would be accepted or something.

I think we went to a fancy bank/hotel-like building and I think that we got ambushed, I just remember one or two of us recruits/trainees being killed during the ambush; leaving just the woman, another recruit/trainee, and I left in our small group.

Next, I remember being in my parent's house in my parent's bedroom, but no one else was at the house except us.

I think that the woman needed something from humans (so I guess that she was not human, though I can not remember her ever saying that or saying what she was exactly), I know bones was one of the things (but there was probably more things that she needed from the human body & maybe energy from the human body too), and I guess she would somehow absorb/make it part of her body or something like that; she needed to change her body I think to give her the strength and/or height and/or speed and/or endurance and/or flexibility and/or power etc. to defeat someone or something or whatever.

I just remember something involving the other recruit offering his body to be used by the woman or something like that (which would mean death for him, but he did not care and willing gave himself to the woman), and I remember her having sex with him and I think she killed him by somehow peacefully draining his life or something like that as they had sex.

Then I remember the same thing happening to me, except I stopped while having sex with the woman, and told her that there was a better way of her handling the situation (instead of killing us humans for what she needed, even though she only killed those that willing offered themselves it seemed) .

We then went to the living room and I told her that there had to be a better way for her to get what she needed from humans without killing them, and I suggested several things such as: using the bodies of already dead humans (with permission from their families), using the bodies of dying humans (with their permission), using the bodies of death row inmates (with permission), and I asked if she could use the bodies of non-humans instead.

I think that she said that she could not use the bodies of non-humans to get what she needed, and I asked her what did she need it for, but she would only vaguely tell me what her purpose/reason was.

I think she said that she was trying to defeat or get revenge or defend against something/someone (something non-human, tall, and more powerful/stronger/faster/more flexible/etc than her), but she would not tell me what it was or why or any clear details.

I did not feel that she was the negative force in the situation, but I probably also wondered should I trust her, since she would not explain the situation in detail to me.

I may have asked her to explain the situation to me, so I could decide if I should help her or not, but I think that she refused to explain the situation; but I decided to help her anyway.

I told her that I would do what I can to help her (I may have even offered my help in a more serious way, offering my help even if it meant me dying to help/protect her, if necessary but I am not sure) and I agreed to help her get what she needed from us humans without having to kill hopefully & only with the permission of those humans involved; and I hoped that I was doing the right thing, since I did not have much information to help me make my decision.

For some reason I think she reminded me of the female creature from my dream the night before, the one that could shape-shift into a human woman, even though she did not look like that woman exactly; maybe it was her, but she was using a new human form, I am not sure.

I woke up as I was still thinking.

Another dream that I remember only part of the end of the dream, involved me being in my parent's yard in the day time during a battle between knights.

I think there was a group of blue & white knights vs a group of black & white knights, but I could be wrong.

It was a nice sunny day I think and there were nice flowers around the yard and outside the yard, so it must have been during the Spring time.

I am not sure if I fought or not, I just remember moving through the fighting, as the fully armored knights fought; but I am not sure if I was with a particular group of knights or not, and I do not think that I had armor or a weapon.

The knights fought with swords, spears, axes, clubs, shields, and even hand-to-hand combat; and then I remember what I think was a bird flying up the road toward the yard and a dark cloud was following it.

The knights stopped fighting and called the bird, something that I can not remember, but they knew what it was and they were afraid.

As the bird & dark clouds moved, flowers & things would die, as they passed; so the knights started to run to the back of the yard and I ran & jumped over the fence with one leap.

I was going to run even further, but I stopped when the bird & cloud stopped, and I think that maybe the bird turned into a man or a man appeared, I am not sure, I just remember someone standing near the dark clouds talking to us.

He said that he wanted to talk to someone worthy or of equal power or that was like him or something, and he said that there was only one man there that was; and he pointed at me.

I noticed that some flowers grew where I was standing outside the yard, so it seemed that I had the power to create and/or bring things back to life, so I stopped being afraid and I jumped over the fence to face the man; I think I even brought back a dead knight or two from the dead, and I brought some of the flowers back to life just by walking over them.

At this point I felt powerful and I was no longer afraid really, but I decided to act tougher than I really felt hoping to bluff/intimidate the man; so I walked right up to him and the dark cloud, and stood right in his face smiling.

He seemed to have the power to kill and I seemed to have the power to bring life, so our powers seemed to be opposites, and so I was not afraid of him & knew that I could revive whatever he killed.

I do not think that he was there to fight, I think he started to explain some things to me, as the knights stood there; but I woke up.

I had another dream that I went to a friend's parents house in the country, and I saw his automobile in the yard; but it took him a while before he answered the door to his house.

Once inside he showed me that he had re-decorated the floor & walls with some materials from Korea, and the room had a Korean-style look to it.

I was impressed and I examined the room, I could even feel the texture of the tile and I even noticed some cracks in a few places, which he said were a few minor mistakes that he made.

After a brief chat I felt like leaving since I did not think he really wanted me around, but I decided to ask him if he had any films at the house that he wanted to watch, he said no; so I told him that I was going to leave, but if he got a film that he wanted to watch, then I would be willing to watch it too if he wanted me to.

The door bell rung/rang and some parent's were bringing their kids over to spend the night at his house, I think they were some friends/members from his parent's church, and then I started to leave; but I woke up.

Another dream involved me being in bed in my room and I heard something that sounded like jets outside, so I wondered if some spaceships were going to show up again or something; but I woke up.

Another dream took place at my grandfather's house, but he was not there, and his house was a business/office; and I had just got hired to work there for some unknown job, that I did not even know what it was supposed to be even in the dream.

There was a secretary with black hair and brown colored skin, in the living room, and in the bedroom near the family room was an office for the woman in charge.

The boss was a chubby woman with curly short hair with whitish colored skin & glasses, and she was the one that hired me.

She showed me her office, gave me a mobile phone, showed me the office phone, and briefly explained a few things to me; and then left me alone to work so she could go home, and I did not even really know what I was supposed to do exactly.

I remember answering the mobile phone and talking to a client, and while I was still talking to them, the secretary told me that I had another client on the office phone waiting to talk to me; and basically I got over-loaded with at least three client requests, and I did not even know what I was doing.

I got frustrated, the secretary would not help, and so I quit or something happened later that made the boss mad, and then I quit.

There was more that happened after this but I forgot it, then I woke up.

I had some more dreams, but I can not think of them now, but if I do; I probably will add them to another blog entry.

The end,

-John Jr

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