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Important: Keeping track of Global Disasters, Need Input

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posted on Mar, 15 2011 @ 07:40 PM
In this thread I am going to display and update all the current disasters going on so we can look out for any trends that may occur. It will also help us to predict any future events and could perhaps save lives if we all make a good effort.

For this project I am going to be using RSOE EDIS which highlights the global disasters currently happening, on a worldwide map. It also tells you how many people have died and the exact nature of the incident in most cases. Below is a sample of the site, you click on one of the icons and it tells your further information.

Events in Japan;

Nuclear Event: 33 Injured, 2 Dead
Nuclear Event: 17 Infected People
Nuclear Event: No-one Effected
Landslide: No-one effected

Here is an image of the remaining disasters in Japan. Please could you contribute, if you have time, by helping look for trends and noting any new events of significance?

Again with the rest of these maps could you please help with the data collection by using RSOE EDIS or any other reliable sources of information.

Events in South Korea:

Events in Europe and the Middle East:

Events in North America, South America and Canada:

Events in Indonesia, Malaysia and Papua New Guinea:

I will try and keep this thread updated as much as possible but I am very busy at the moment and am checking up on a lot of things in the short time I have. I feel like it is very important that we here at ATS make a grave effort to keep track of the current events in the world and try to look for any patterns that may occur in the hopes of possibly predicting any future events and maybe saving lives. ATS TrueAmerican did a great job at looking at data, noticing trends and predicting seismological events in the following threads: Critical new quake could mean Impending Disaster for Japan and Earthquake prediction experiment, asking the cosmos during meditation I am sending him a private message in the hopes that he will contribute to this thread and maybe persuade ATS user westcoast to join in

Maybe we could save lives.. its a hard task but if any online community can do it I think Its ATS!

Who you gonna call?
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