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The Lost Battalion - Die Weiße Todesrotte

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posted on Mar, 15 2011 @ 07:13 PM

German Platoon on Greenland?

Dropped by submarines, since 6 years in the snow desert

Vienna - 12.28.1947. Several foreign newspapers have reported the last couple of days of something that sounds too fantastic to be true, so we will have to wait to get more confirmation about this to check if these stories are real. Eskimos (Inuit) have reported to an American military outpost that there are 150 German warriors on Greenland.
The white death-formation
During the spring of 1942, almost 6 years ago, submarines dropped German soldiers on Greenland. "Hauptmann" (leading officer) was Hammerlein who was involved in arctic expeditions before the war and he was decorated for that. The German soldiers whom called themselves the white death-formation (weiße Todesrotte) were very well equiped and had the most modern gear. About 80 kilometers from the harbour of Angmagssalik Hammerlein founded a base and from there they send weather-reports to Germany. They were provided with food and gear via submarines and at some point there were 2 geologists brought in, probably to search for Uranium. According to the Inuit, they even brought in a small plane. During the fall of 1943 a group of 50 German soldiers went to a small Inuit village and there was a brawl. 2 German soldiers, that probably were in mental trouble because of the long time in these bitter conditions, killed themselves. During the following years the soldiers were provided several times with food, medical support and gear via submarine and in the fall of 1944 the last delivery came along with 30 new soldiers. They wore different uniforms as the other soldiers that were there since 1942 and it was suspected that these men were part of the SS.

Firefight with the Inuit
These 30 soldiers were stationed at the same base as the 120 other but they were secluded from the rest. In Mai 1945, shortly after Germany was occupied, these 150 men were gone and the Inuit believed that there were imprisoned by the US army. This until recently when several Inuit returning from fishing reported that the German soldiers were still on Greenland. Two men were shot when they were discovered by the Nazis, three others managed to flee and reported that they stumbled upon these Germans 170 kilometers north of Angmagssalik.

I found this article in a book about the Nazi UFOs, the article is genuine. It appeared in the "Wiener Montag", a normal newspaper.
Has anyone got more on this?
BTW, I think that those 30 were not SS but part of the VRIL-Society.

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posted on Mar, 15 2011 @ 07:46 PM
Interesting...not sure about Vril or UFOs , but it could relate to Odessa or to Operation: Paperclip.

posted on Mar, 15 2011 @ 11:31 PM
This is very interesting. If we could ascertain why they were there, then the rest of the story may be a little easier to grasp. Germany was not a compartmentalized government in the way ours was. The other officers being sequestered is very interesting, as it likely would not have anything to do with classification or intelligence.

It doesn't surprise me that they would not have surrendered at the end of the war. If you were them, would you?


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