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Why is the NWO not here yet?

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posted on Jun, 13 2011 @ 02:27 AM

Originally posted by Symbotic
Let's be honest, NWO will never happen.

Who would be the leader of the world. You think China will say "Oh yeah, you be leaders America", no because that wouldn't happen visa versa.

The only way for NWO to actually happen would be when the world reaches the point of Global Thermonuclear War, and the desperate dying people need a leader.

NWO ties in with David Icke and the Reptilians(and we all know how real Reptilians are..... *cough*), theres aspect of Project Blue Beam that is true, that's why it grips people to believe it.

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i dont want to believe in the reptilians either but its hard when alot the ancient civilizations gods were reptilians - ranging from maya to sumerian to ancient egypt to ancient china.

But the NWO is already in place my brother, i hope it never happens but i believe it will and when it does we need to stand and fight.

posted on Jun, 13 2011 @ 02:55 AM
I really want to expand to you all my belief of what the illuminati are doing to us in the music industry.

I thought they (not knowing who "they" were at the time) were doing this long before i heard of the illuminati btw.

imagine you are illum, you are going to want a way to keep people distracted, what better way to reach the entire world than music.

Its in films, its on the radio, its on tv, its in clubs, its on phones, its on whilst you wait for someone to take a call, its in cars, its in subway stations, train stations, taxis, buses, public address systems etc...

if any of you dont know what binaural beats and isochronic tones are i have pasted two links below from wikipedia.

so these two things that do exists, are used in mainstream media to support their monetary system. if you listen to any pop songs hard enough you will hear what sounds like rain drops or even ocean sweeps - this is the use the above. and because the scene has moved to all electronic instruments or even just cpu based instruments, it is almost impossible to distinguish, but focus harder.

songs talking about clubs, sex, buying fancy cars, dancing with women, prostitution, satanic worship, fighting.

the two things that the illum want people to do is 1) unwillingly support the monetary system and 2) commit sin

would not greed, profanities, fighting, cussing, prostitution, dancing with underage or taken women, consuming ridiculous amounts of alcohol all be considered sin - the answer is yes they would.

An example of when an artist turned to the dark side - is when black eyed peas made that song called "where is the love" amazing song brilliant - but the thing about them is that song was made before they went illum - now they make songs like "lady lumps" and "i got a feeling" which if studied enough you would find satanic references. the change is most noticable when "where is the love" includes a line that mentions god, "father, father, help us, we need some guidance from above....." personally that line even though its saying help us puts a smile on my face and im sure some of you athiests or believers will also get a smile on your face - a smile of happiness or tears.

the leader of this cult in the music industry is jay-z

watch the video run this town. for those of you who have never seen the video please do and bear in mind the illuminati symbolism - of the triangle shape with the hands and also look at the shape the extras make with the sticks also see how the lyrics "who's gonna run this town to tonite? we are, yes i said it we are"

jay z also mentions mason as in free mason - and tried to cover it up by saying " i didnt say mason i said im amazing - tell me your opinion.

i have much much more to discuss on this topic, but i dont think i should on this thread as i think this deserves a its own thread but i cant make one yet, i will when i can.....

sorry if i went on a rant - but i got alot to tell you guys.

why am i credible to tell you guys this.

1) i am an audio engineer
2) i have studied music all my life (literally - both parents were musically gifted)

posted on Jun, 13 2011 @ 03:23 AM
This is one question that I have kept asking myself for the last few years........I know that the NWO conspiracy has been going on since the 80s........why is the delay ?

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