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A Different Perspective

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posted on May, 14 2011 @ 06:18 PM
reply to post by LondonCalling

The world doesnt need saving, its right on schedule. All this we see as imperfections are actually designs of our logos (the great co-creator)

posted on May, 23 2011 @ 06:40 PM
Really enjoyed reading this thread, some really thoughtful insights, perspectives and ideas have been raised.

I too have considered the possibility that it is all part of a greater plan, although the more I research the more I find it hard to believe it is a good plan with good intentions. There is a possibility that things like population reduction could be considered a good thing from certain perspectives, even if it did cost millions of lives. There are too many people on this planet even if we could feed and house them all. There really is no easy answer to the situation, we can all feel we are coming close to the point of no return even if 2012/end age is real or not, for the best of efforts no one has really come up with a good solution that I have heard of, and no one can really have the right to dictate the fate of 4+ billion people, so what do you do?

There just always seems to be too many variables to the intentions of the "elite". Yes we are aware that we are destroying the planet through de-forestation, over farming and the use of fossil fuels etc, but when you read and research about things like the MK ultra program and the dumbing down of people through the use of TV, schooling and the indoctrinating of the masses in general it just seems like such a contradiction of intent. How can a planet ever resolve differences if they are brought up to never realise their potential? They must have considered this! If the drive was to create a world of truly intelligent people, living in unity with nature and each other surely that would result in things like a stem in population growth due to better sex education and a higher understanding of equilibrium with our surroundings and resources, not having porn websites and TV channels by the millions, sex selling everything and material items dominating our concious and sub-concious, plus you could have a civilisation with a better idea on what to do in a crisis and even how to avoid it in the first place. If the idea is that the elite may be trying to correct the mistakes of the past I have seen little evidence to support it, if anything we are accelerating them.
The only flip-side I could see from another angle is that they know that we could never sort our problems out on our own so they have done these things such as 9/11 for example so that we finally start waking up, working together and coming together as one people through a kind of reverse psychology, and now with time growing shorter they are pushing harder to wake us up. "The enemy of my enemy is my friend" type thing. However i'm seriously not convinced of that but it is a theory I have contemplated in the past.

The one thing I really believe that would help save humanity is a source of free energy, I have researched the works of people like Nikola Tesla and i'm sure most of you know about the conspiracy that the governments have this type of zero point energy technology and it is being held back from us, whether its true or not I dont know but again can you imagine the population boom that would occur if this was released? In a world where every town/city can support itself independently thus enabling them to grow their own food without need for import/export and sustain their own families enabling man to multiply 5 fold or more (possibly)? I really want you to know that I do believe that everyone should have access to food, water, shelter and a good standard of living but in our current mind state the implications for the earth could be catastrophic! Maybe that is why it is being held back.....?

I guess what i'm trying to say is that after years of following the NWO, illuminati, UFO/demonic, chemtrails, free energy stories etc etc although I feel "awake" i'm still none the wiser as to what the hell is really going on and what we can realistically do to turn things around. There are just so many contradictions at every turn, an answered question leaves you with 10 more questions. I do appreciate that people are trying to see things from other points of view, and you are right that bad results can come from good intentions.

Out of all the things I have researched and the time I have spent pondering these questions the best conclusion I can come up with is this; No real lessons in life are learned without some form of pain, be it mental or physical or emotional, and this is a lesson being learned on a global scale, the more people involved in the lesson the more relative pain must be endured in order to learn from it. All your life experiences good and bad have changed you and led you here. We are children trying to grow up, thats why we gather on sites like this and form debates etc to try and gain knowledge and share ideas. For all our technology we still know very little about living with each other and taking care of our planet, but that may change very soon. I believe when the time comes it may be out of all our hands to decide the circumstances, but we will have the opportunity to make things right and start again.

Sorry this is a long post but its good to share ideas with people thinking outside the "us vs. them" box.


posted on May, 23 2011 @ 07:42 PM
First off, i enjoyed reading, but i probably would have enjoyed it more if it were in a few paragraphs? It just makes it so much easier to read!

Originally posted by LondonCalling
The world needs to consume less. The world needs to depopulate.

You know, i am not entirely convinced the world needs to depopulate. We absolutely need to watch how much we consume, as well as how much we reproduce. i think the consumption is an issue absolutely. And not even necessarily how "much" we go through, but more the methods through which we do that. Though, most certainly, how much is a problem too.

The real argument is, WHO's one world government? Many arguments can be put forward about the method. Sure there are ideals, far better ideals, where we voluntarily, as one, learn to love each other and unite, where we put aside our religions and differences as take control of our own fate. But that is an ideal senario. How in the world is that going to happen when the state of the world is how it is. The majority of the world is still cemented into its religious dogmas and medieval mindsets, and they aint changing any time soon.

i dont think anyone necessarily needs to put aside their beliefs. Instead, i feel the core proposed idea of cooperation is the key. In this respect, the idea would be to more accept the beliefs as individual and inherently "different," and explore and learn about them cooperatively. i do not feel anyone needs to agree to cooperate, but when everything is seen as a competition it seems to be the only time it happens. But, even those that agree would tell a significantly different story if asked to write a book
So, in this, i do not necessarily feel it is the presence of differences that is the issue. It is seen, once again, as the methods through which we deal with it.

i feel the people "at the top" are indicative of issues that concern all of humanity, regardless of class or money. When one is wealthy, however, i think they generally have the means with which to carry out those excesses and in some cases, atrocities, currently and throughout history. Because of that (along with you it seems), i feel that to "fix" it , we need to look at how we interact with each other. i have never understood why anyone thinks that these people would want anything to change, as they quite literally "have the world in their pocket(book)," i could be entirely wrong on that, but it makes less sense to me.

We also see two different scenarios. One is a one world government, as in a one world order attained mainly, or entirely, by political/military means. The other is united earth, of sorts, where the individuals in the world choose to cooperate. Both would likely have some sort of governing function still, but the overall world would be quite different. Both of these also tend to get lumped into the same NWO negativity. However, i feel that as our population grows as well as our connectivity through technology, unity is happening whether we like it or not. We can still completely maintain our individual identity, but i feel it would better serve the planet as a whole with a co-operative based society. The way i see it, our lungs and heart are quite different systems, but they cooperate as part of the same system. i think the only way to truly "implement" this is to have enough people decide to do it to move the momentum of the masses in that direction. It must never be implemented by the "government," but if it goes the other way around i think it gives everyone the opportunity to choose, because that is how it is anyway. i feel we do need to start considering how the world is going to (and already has) change from technology and how best to integrate it and utilize it in a society where the world is getting "smaller and smaller (sic)" everyday.

i feel that with the advent of robotics and the rate of technological growth, we not only need to start looking at the entire "system," but we are finally starting to be in a position to do so. But the only way we can actually change the base system of division and competition is through our individual choices and actions.

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