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I had a vivid dream last night.

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posted on Mar, 15 2011 @ 05:34 PM
I dreamed that I was watching a coming thunderstorm on my porch, with a group of friends. And the clouds got closer and darker. It was exhilerating, because we knew that thunder and lightning would soon ensue. As the storm clouds approached, the wind started to pick up, and we risked a possible tornado, which never happened.

But, as the wind picked up, we started to hear loud claps of thunder, very close to my house. And eventually, we were encompassed by the storm. There were maybe ten of us standing on the porch, and I started to get scared that we all might die from a lightning strike.

I never saw flashes of light, but I did hear the thunder indicative of such flashes.

And scared for my own safety, I expected, that the rain soaked porch would conduct lightning to me, I started jumping up and down to minimize my contact with the earth, in an effort to prevent the lightning travelling through me to the earth.

And at this instance, I looked up to see that the sound of thunder or electrical sizzling that i had heard, was not coming from the sky, but was coming from an ice cream coned shaped object, affixed to my own home, that was pulsating the noise of the thunder, or electrical discharge. This object was about two feet long, maybe only 18 inches, but pulsated visually with the sound of the thunder? or electrical discharge?

After noticing this object, it detached itself from my home, and rotated such that the narrow bottom part was pointed towards me, then began to move in my direction.

Terrified, I awoke, flailing my arms to fend off this object, as though it would kill me, or shoot me with electricity.

My wife, awoken, has no idea why I had that nightmare.

Probably just a meaningless dream, but it was vivid, scared me to death, and seemed so real.

Just posting to see if anyone else has had a similar experience.

posted on Mar, 15 2011 @ 05:37 PM
Could it be that you were expecting something interesting to come to your life, and when it came you got terrified?

Sorry for the short interpretation, but it's what it would mean to me anyways.

posted on Mar, 15 2011 @ 05:47 PM

Originally posted by prolific
Could it be that you were expecting something interesting to come to your life, and when it came you got terrified?

Sorry for the short interpretation, but it's what it would mean to me anyways.

I appreciate your reply, you might be right with your idea. The cone shaped object, to me seemed of extraterrestial origin, I wish I had said that in my origin post.

Although I long for extraterrestrial contact, I am afraid of what it might mean.

But the cone shaped object, to me was so real, pulsating with immense energy. The bottom and top were different from the body, darker color. The body was irridescent, the top and bottom were bronze.

Has anyone seen such an object in a dream or in real life, or on the internet.

posted on Mar, 15 2011 @ 05:59 PM
reply to post by Hendrix92TheUniverse

I was guna say 'please not another person having moon nightmares because they've read the 'super moon' is coming' or something to that effect, but that was pretty odd and freaky. It reminds me a bit of some abduction accounts, but then again I don't belive these, just have read up a lot on it and am undecided. Just thought I should mention it.

I hope its not re-occuring, I had a feeling in my head and mind all the time when I started to fall asleep up until recently n it was like something was coming 'to get' me is the best I can explain. This terrified me at their peaks but its gone now thankfully and I hope yours was a one of

posted on Mar, 15 2011 @ 06:07 PM
reply to post by Hendrix92TheUniverse

If you believe in extra terrestrial craft its safe to assume despite many similar eye witness accounts that they can be all kinds of shapes. The cone you described is similar to the trangle in shape and this is a common ufo shape seen by eye witnesses. Obviously the cone could be relevent to a triangle as you saw it up close you got the benefit of seeing all its dimensions as oppose to people who see it miles away in the sky.

Why do you long for contact btw just out of curiosity? I would like to as well if I knew it were a race of peacefulls, but if they happened to be real like many abductees say then this experience could well end up with you being manipulated in some way or used for genetic material. I don't know what to think of all thes e cases i've heard about, but one things for sure and thats that I don't want to take any chances, especially if you are with a loved one. Im just offering my POV btw im not bashing yours or anything like im sure some people will.

posted on Mar, 15 2011 @ 06:09 PM
reply to post by Hendrix92TheUniverse

Strange nightmare you had there. Perhaps the events in Japan together with comet Elenin approaching and your passion for alien life has manifested into this dream. It's probably nothing worth worrying about unless it starts to haunt you, affecting your everyday life in the process.

Sometimes our subconcious tries to communicate to us through dreams. It's possble that it's sending you the message to stay away from alien themes and disaster stories for a while, even though they seem to be everywhere around us these days.
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posted on Mar, 15 2011 @ 07:57 PM

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posted on Mar, 16 2011 @ 03:35 PM

Originally posted by clintdelicious
reply to post by Hendrix92TheUniverse

Why do you long for contact btw just out of curiosity? I would like to as well if I knew it were a race of peacefulls,

Peacefuls, or not, I know that they have to exist, feel it deep down inside. I want the truth to validate my feeling.

posted on Mar, 16 2011 @ 03:37 PM

Originally posted by Longdead33
reply to post by Hendrix92TheUniverse

Strange nightmare you had there. Perhaps the events in Japan together with comet Elenin approaching and your passion for alien life has manifested into this dream. It's probably nothing worth worrying about unless it starts to haunt you, affecting your everyday life in the process.

Luckily it was a one time event thus far.

posted on Mar, 17 2011 @ 06:47 AM
I actually just woke up wondering if there was a thread for this topic. The weird thing is i just had one of the most vivid dreams of my life. The dream was me and another man in a mud walled structure, seeming to be a lower level or basement. The man seemed to be freaking out and panicking saying that "everyone was going to die, no one would survive. He said forget about a 10 earthquake it goes beyond that. It's going to be a 12 or 13. The man saying it said it would hit the middle-east. He kept mentioning Libya and Egypt. The whole thing seemed so vivid and disturbing. I suppose my mind was just combining a whole bunch of recent memories in my mind like Japan and the middle east riots. Or there is another possibility...

Just thought I'd mention it. Please any comments would be interesting.

posted on Mar, 21 2011 @ 11:28 AM

I really do not know where to post this so I'll try to post my dream a couple of places. Mods please move the posting to the right forum.

I do have dreams and most of the time they do come true the only problem is that I am unable to interpret them correctly to find out what exactly will happen.

here is my Dream for the night of March 20th , 2011

I wake up on morning of March 21st and come out of my room, Its about 6:30 in the morning. I see that my parents are glued to TV. normally they both leave for work early so I ask them if they are feeling ok? If something is wrong?

They tell me they that when they work up and switched on TV to get whether update all channels were reporting an attack on US and India. They said that Florida, South Florida, California specifically LA & surrounding areas, Washington State and some place in India have been hit by a massive terrorist attack.

There is a huge Mushroom cloud that can bee seen on TV Coverage but no body is confirming a Nuke attack.
Now I start to watch TV & find out that indeed terrorist attacks happened but no one is confirming a Nuke attack and no reports on casualties either.

We decide that even though we live in Toronto, Canada it will be wise to stock up on few items (Fuel, Food & Water). I go back to my room to get ready.

At this very moment my dream breaks I get up and check my clock to find out that its March 21st, 2011 and the time is 5:00 EST and everyone else is still asleep.
Technically the dream should not restart because it has never happened before.

But as I go back to sleep I start to dream again and this time I find myself in a huge convention hall. there are a lots of people there but there is no party or any event being held instead everyone is waiting and there are wall mounted TV's everywhere and the same news is being played (about the terror attacks) but there is new information now all the news channels are reporting that some country in Middle East did this to teach us a lesson.
Soon people start talking that they have to leave. but everyone is afraid to open the doors. and I am wondering that we are all in Canada nothing happened here and we should get back to home but someone does open the door and I see dust all around and then I see a Huge mushroom cloud in the direction of downtown.

At this moment I again wake up and find that time now is 6:30 am March 21st, 2011 I come out of my room to find out that my parents are getting ready to go to work and there is nothing unusual and I go back to sleep (I have my own business so I start my work late)

Now I again start to dream but this time I can see my self sleeping and I can hear someone constantly whisper to me that there have been terror attacks in USA & India and something big will happen in Canada and I should prepare my self. for next 1 hour i constantly go to sleep and come out of it in 5 minutes and each time i close my eyes and I have just fallen sleep the voice starts to whisper again.

I finally get up at 7:30 am March 21st,2011. First thing i do is switch on TV , there is nothing, nothing happened and all is well.

so here is my dream folks.

But I must say one thing whenever I have dreams like this any even that does happen is not exactly in sync with my dreams. for example in December 2004 before the Asian earthquake and Tsunami I dreamed and that large amount of water rushed through my home but damaged my car only requiring extensive repairs two days from that day my Cars transmission & computer failed good thing though I still had warranty coverage but on the fifth day I woke up to learn that there has been an earthquake and tsunami and hundreds are dead.

mostly my dreams relate to my personal life so I do not discuss them or post them but this dream I had is too important to ignore. So I post it here to get an interpretation.

I must admit that for last several days MSM has been filled with japan earthquake and Middle east crisis so it my be my subconscious playing tricks on me but I welcome all your comments and interpretations.


posted on Mar, 21 2011 @ 11:52 AM
about 2 weeks ago I' had a dream about mass fires, and flying saucers picking up chosen people (mainly good natured). it ended when i was picked up. ever since that dream, most of my dreams have been very vivid. vivid as in they seems real to a certain extent. the weirdest dream I've had lately was one where it seemed like i was being tested. i was given decisions to make with no consequences. the weirdest part was the thing watching me. it was a pure white cockatiel focused very intently on what i was doing. it was very curious. first i found a corpse or a pile of rubble with gold and silver coin from across the world, i pocketed the metal. next i was Gaddafi, but only in appearance i was still myself. it seemed like i was a secret agent/disguised and was talking with his closest men, including obama. i played along with it for it had a sense of foreboding as in if i were to reveal i was not him all hell would break loose. next i was given a decision to get in a jet air fighter or watch other jets kill innocents. i jumped in the jet and took 2 down then landed almost instantly. all along while this faceless person sat in the back seat. ok, so i know whats going on in the middle east but my curiosities have been focused elsewhere, such as the japan catastrophe. i know this world is going to sh!t but i don't seem to care, so i know its not stress. to my knowledge and memory I've had 3 ufo dreams throughout my entire life.

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