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This is the agenda the mason´s follows to obtain their goal: NWO!

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posted on Mar, 15 2011 @ 02:38 PM
admin edit: This thread is based on a known HOAX, scroll down a couple posts to see the facts...


I've have searched but to my surprise, there is no clarification of the freemasons and their conduct. I contribute with an approximate translation of the American Masonic statutes, which was translated in 1981-1982 by Kjell Sjöberg.


When Kjell Sjöberg had met John S. Torell in Närpes, Finland in 1981, where the two were together for two days to discuss John's book "The Bible's Message in the last days," said Kjell to John that he was shocked after reading the book and wanted to have six months to examine whether it was true what was written in the book. If this is true, "said Kjell, this will change my worldview.

End quote from Kjell Sjöberg as a translator:

These are the reasons that we have reproduced extracts of the minutes

When Kjell Sjöberg in 1982 made its investigation of the Jewish world government, so he took out these protocols on their own initiative from an unknown source. From his discussions with John S. Torell Kjell knew that they existed.

People born after 1970 know very little about what happened historically when they grew up, and they know it is often propaganda lies, as the leader in the community have made up to mislead people. It is therefore important that you get the opportunity themselves to read what Kjell read, and which left him shaken to its core. When you read these excerpts, you can get an idea if these are fakes or extracts from the first Zionist World Congress in Basel, Switzerland, 1897.

We know that the records, which were published in Russia in 1905, the same year became available at the British Museum in London, England, and they are still there. If they are fake, so we can see that they were written before 1905, for more than 100 years ago. When you read the protocols and then compare them with developments during the last hundred years, so you can get scared. What is written is almost 90 percent a reality in 2006. If they are fake, why have a leading politician in the world done as it is written in them? Who has forced them to do this? Have they done it on their own volition?

There is no doubt that they're doing just about anything to achieve his ultimate goal: A new world order! For example, Europe's royal families and governments have since the beginning of time been ruled by freemasons and so it is today. If the Masons do not govern themselves in their respective countries, this is done indirectly through the brotherhood of the Masons and their social positions and power. For this to be feasible requires member's complete loyalty and dedication. Right from the very first day of Masonic history have all been decided by one goal and promoting their visions of this: a new world order.

Imagine that you play a strategy game with some of your family and closest friends. You're raffling off the earth between your country and to be certain rules to be followed in the hunt for the new world order. But in this game, no one will win from you but you can only win by working together to achieve various goals throughout the game. Whatever happens, you always make sure to guard your brethren whatever it takes or whatever it applies. But this is no game without earth reality, we are the ones who suffer for their sick fantasies about the Masons will rule the world.

Those who do not belong to the freemasons or Illuminate sacrificed in a moment and the masonic ruthlessness knows no bounds. Man is considered to be inferior and only good enough to work and earn Masons without understanding what is happening. They who seeks will find, it is said, they will find the truth that will set them free.
Blessed is he who finds truth in the lie that was hidden among a thousand truths. May god give you strength and power to endure these trials. May god bless you my brothers and sisters and let he be our gracious to us. Amen.

The following paragraphs are taken directly from the freemason´s and the rest is to be found here:


Nr. 1: The natural law is law in force. Political freedom is an idea, but not a fact. This idea must be able to apply, then it is necessary to provide a decoy draw crowds to his party. The task is easier if the opponent himself infected with the idea of ​​freedom, the so-called liberalism, and the idea for the sake of giving in to his power. The new power occupies only the old woman's place, since it weakened by liberalism ... In our time, gold, has taken the liberal rulers of the City's ... policy has not shared with morals .... The word law is an abstract concept that only means: give me what I want ... The result justifies the means ... Gojimfolken (contemptuous term for non-Jews) are confused by spirits, and their youth has been dulled by early, salacious lifestyle, plus our agents attracted them ... Our slogan is - power and hypocrisy ... why should we not shrink from bribery, deception and betrayal, as they serve to bring us to the goal ... Even in ancient times thrown us among the nations, the words "Liberty, equality, fraternity '. - It could hardly be imagined at sensible, intelligent goyim would not have seen it in nature do not exist any equality, can not be freedom, that nature herself has established inequality of intellect, character and talent ... On the ruins of the former birth the aristocracy have we set of money aristocracy.

Nr. 2: Economic wars are the foundations of the Jewish domination ... The press's role is to express and create discontent. Through it we have gained influence and power, while we stayed in the shade. Thanks to the press have we taken the gold in our hands, notwithstanding that we have had to take it through streams of blood and tears ... We have bought our freedom by sacrificing many of our people.

Nr. 3: We are interested in gojernas degeneration ... Then we by all means, and of gold, which is entirely in our hands, brought about a general economic crisis, throwing us into the streets throughout the masses of workers simultaneously in all European countries. These masses school with pleasure shed their blood, which they in their ignorance envied since childhood and whose property they then plunder. They get our non moving, because the hour of the attack is known to us, and the school's actions taken to secure the spring ... The secret of the French revolution came about is well known to us, for it is the sole work of our hands. Currently we are invincible, because if we are attacked, finding support in other realms. Gojimfolkens fathomless stupidity, servility to power, patience, even to martyrdom for a bold despotism assault - these are what contribute to our independence. They endure and suffer from the contemporary secret dictators abuse for which they would devote twenty kings ... Yes, people judge those who have the right, and acquit the guilty.

Nr. 4: The Gentile Masonry blindly serves as a cover for us and our goals, but our power business will remain for ever unknown people.

Nr. 5: Only the Jesuits to compete with us, but we have known that discredit them before the card meant the mass, when their organization is visible, while our organization have remained in the shadows ... And the prophets have told us that we are chosen by God himself to rule over all the earth ... Nothing is more dangerous than personal initiative ... Through all this weary we Gentiles, so that we force them to offer us international power, which shall include all state powers in the world and form a list of the Government with such a tremendous organization, that it can not fail to subdue all peoples.

Nr. 6: We should do everything possible to deprive the aristocracy gojernas its soil. The industry should draw from the land both labor and capital ... Let us raise working wages, which however is not in the interests of workers, because while more expensive by our consumption goods ... V undermine production sources, accustom the workers to anarchy and drunkenness ... We'll hide the nature of our politics under the mask of a humane attempt to serve the working classes.

Nr. 7: We need to create strife and enmity. Any resistance, we must be istånd to respond with war, even with the general world war - ... the general feeling is secretly inspired by us by means of the press, which with few exceptions, is in our hands.

Nr. 8: We have to resort to the most ingenious expressions of Europe's legal dictionary. Justifying resolutions, which might seem highly unfair ... For a time, while it still is not safe to entrust the responsibility in our realms to our brothers, we shall give them to people, whose history and character are such that between them and the people there is a gap. If a state objects to us, so it is only after our discretion and our action, because their anti-Semitism do we need to control our lower brothers ...

Nr. 9: Freemasonry dictatorship. - I dare say with clear conscience that we are legislators, we trap them and hire inquisition, we punish and pardon. In our hands is unbridled ambition, burning thirst for the merciless vengeance, vicious hatred ... From us assumes an increasingly wide terror ... We have baffled, misled and demoralized gojimungdomen by deliberately raising it in false principles and theories ... The distortion of the laws with contradictory interpretations - later hid our laws entirely by the inability to find himself in a tangled legislation.

Nr. 10: Having got used all at the thought of self-assessment break down our sense of gojimfamiljen and its educational, we make impossible for the individual talent to excel ... We exchanged rulers against a caricature government - against the president, was taken out of the crowd, the environment of our cattle; our slaves. - ... And so weary all the discord, enmity, strife, hatred and even martyrdom, hunger, INOCULATION OF DISEASES.

Nr. 11: Freedom of the press, freedom of association, freedom of conscience, franchise, and more should disappear from the human vocabulary ... The secret Freemasonry and its visible lodges have we devised to achieve in a roundabout way that is unattainable for our dispersed people in direct ways. This has served as the basis for our SECRET frimureris organization, whose purpose these gojimnöt not even suspect, attracted by us into the visible army of Masonic Lodges, in order to divert their attention stamförvanters. Us now remains but a totally minor work, before we reach the ultimate goal.

Nr. 12: The press serves to bringing us to make all necessary egotistical partilidelser. It is meaningless, unfair and deceitful ... We come to repeal any opposition newspapers after the second attack against us. Keep in mind that among the assailants may have of ourselves published Journal of bodies, which only attack of us to change sentenced points ... All the so-called liberals are anarchists, if not in deed as in thought. All chase freedom chimera, the largest in the high-handedness, that is in anarchy and the opposition for opposition's sake ... If we allow ten papers to be published, so utgiva we simultaneously thirty, etc. All of our published journals to be the external assertion of the most opposite directions and ways of thinking ... Our real opponents believe that this opposition is based out of their own ranks, and they will then expose their cards for us ... Not a single journalist dare betray frimurarsolidariteten in the press, for none of them was allowed to enter the profession without the merit of a more or less dark point. These spots would otherwise immediately visible.

Nr. 13: The need for daily bread forces the goyim to keep silence and be our humble servants ... For the goyim the very non-school get our secret on the trail, we will disperse them with amusements, games, passions, people's houses ... In the men weaned from all more and more from independent thinking, they come to speak in the same tone as we ...

Nr. 14: When the transfer of power in our hands, we must destroy all faiths ... In the so-called leading countries have we created a perverse, dirty literature.

Nr. 15: Any new organization of a secret society must be destroyed. Similarly, we shall treat the goyim among Masons, who know too much ... people never touch the hypnotize it with his courage and his will ... In Freemasons shall we repeal all the eminent personalities, because we are in the boxes take the best information the Agency and the struggle agent ... that members of these lodges we come to occupy almost all the agents of the international and national police. We have insövt them in the dream of immersive of individualism by collectivism. They do not understand, that this dream is a direct violation of one of nature's most important laws, which from the beginning of the world created differences precisely because individualism ... We have not counted the victims of the brutish goyim, and we have also sacrificed many of our ... We punish Freemasons so that no one except the Brotherhood even suspect it, not even the criminal victims, all die, then this is necessary, as well as normal incidence ... By such means are we at the Freemasons caught the very root of protest against our actions ... Through our influence the holy keeping of gojernas's laws nedbragts to a minimum ... Then the king of Israel on his sacred head puts the crown, succeeded him to the oppressed of Europe, and he shall be he is also the world's patriarch.

Nr. 16: We must neutralize the universities in that we reorganize them in new directions. We come to erase from the minds of the people all the facts from centuries past, which we do not consider desirable to remember.

Nr. 17: We have already ensured that the Gentiles priests lost their reputation ... We will be against churches by criticism, provoking disintegration and decay ... According to our program, one third of the subjects to observe the other sense of duty under the principle of voluntary public service. Then there will not be considered shameful to be a spy or informer ... They are our duty to the Kahala designate our apostates or Kahala malicious people.

Nr. 18: We come to hold simulated disorders and barracking. This gives us reason to hire raided by our servants from among Gentiles police.

Nr.19: To deprive criminals of their political glory of courage and virtue SCHOOL we place them in the dock in width with the perpetrators of theft, murder and other sordid crimes.

Nr. 20: Know ye not, that the gold standard has been disastrous for the countries that adopted it, for it has not been able to meet the monetary consumption as much less as we pulled gold out of circulation as much as we could. We (ie the Jews) should be the value of labor AS STANDARD MONEY ... The reigning gojernas levity on government business, and other ministers falhet regime's ignorance of financial matters have INDEBTED COUNTRIES OF OUR bags with unpayable debt. How thoughtless were not Gentiles, when they took up loans from us and not thinking that they have to extort this money and interest rates being out of their pockets for the state to pay us! What would have been easier than to receive the növändiga the money directly by his own countrymen?

Nr. 21: Then we climb the world throne come all stock exchanges to disappear, because we can not admit that our mighty reputation falters in the peddling of the value of our property, which we by law have valued for its full value with no possibility of falling or rising.

Nr. 22: Our power shalt be glorious, because it becomes strong, it should guide and lead and not grovel on the heels of party leader and braggart, who utskrika senseless words, which they call great principles and which are nothing more than utopias.

Nr. 23: Unemployment is the most dangerous for the government. For us, its role to be played out as soon as the transfer of power in our hands.

Nr. 24: Only the king (of Israel) and the three people who consecrated him will feel it coming.

I hope you have patience with typos or errors in this translation.

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posted on Mar, 15 2011 @ 02:47 PM
The Protocols of the Elders of Zion was proven to be fraudulent a long time ago...

The Protocols of the Elders of Zion is a fraudulent antisemitic text purporting to describe a Jewish plan to achieve global domination. The text was fabricated in the Russian Empire, and was first published in 1903. The text was translated into several languages and widely disseminated in the early part of the twentieth century. Henry Ford published the text in The International Jew, and it was widely distributed in the United States. In 1921, a series of articles printed in The Times revealed that the text was a fraud, and some of the material was plagiarized from earlier works of political satire unrelated to Jews. The Protocols purports to document the minutes of a late 19th-century meeting of Jewish leaders discussing their goal of global Jewish hegemony. Their proposals to engender such include subverting the morals of the Gentile world, controlling the world's economies, and controlling the press. The Protocols is still widely available today on the Internet and in print in numerous languages.


Of course if you click on the little numbers you will find the references there.

Nothing really to discuss here when it has been proven time and time again that the Protocols are a fraud.

posted on Mar, 15 2011 @ 02:49 PM

I've have searched but to my surprise, there is no clarification of the freemasons and their conduct.

Have you tried asking a Mason?

The Protocols of the Elders of Zion have been proven fraudulent for almost a century now. Even noted anti-Semites of the times distanced themselves.
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posted on Mar, 15 2011 @ 02:53 PM
Wow. This post was one of the more ridiculous ones that I have seen. Not only are your sources all fraudulent, but you do not have anything new to add here. Sorry, but please try again. Thanks!

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posted on Mar, 15 2011 @ 06:03 PM
reply to post by stavis

hey didn't you know the protocols were proved bogus by ATS? I mean come on, Tsar nicky was killed after learning about the dead riders' transcripts..

just like how all the masons rush to quell any anti-mason talk. kinda like a CIA agent rushing to quell any anti CIA talk, typical operating procedure.

protocols are true. most conspiracies that are true never really die for a reason, they are true!!

posted on Mar, 16 2011 @ 12:20 PM

Originally posted by rebeldog
reply to post by stavis

protocols are true. most conspiracies that are true never really die for a reason, they are true!!

If an idea's longevity/poplarity determined its accuracy, we'd have a lot fewer religions.

The Protocols will "never really die" because they offer a facade of legitimacy to an odious belief.

posted on Mar, 16 2011 @ 01:43 PM

Originally posted by rebeldog

protocols are true. most conspiracies that are true never really die for a reason, they are true!!

Then I guess Nessie is real? It was first discussed in 1933, so by your logic, it must be true simply due to the fact that people are still discussing it. Why don't you guys bring back the theory that all masons are filthy rich. I sure could use for that one to be true.

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