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Pretty weird dream

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posted on Jul, 20 2004 @ 10:42 PM
I can normally figure out all my dreams and their meanings, but this one just has me stumped! lol

This is a pretty long read, I guess, so if you dont want to read, but would still like to add something then feel free to post one/some of your weirder dreams. Im sure ill find them interesting

The first part if I remember is that me and my family are sitting in the audience for some outdoor sports show.. Kinda like the olympics, but not.

They start announcing the competitors and for some reason say my name. So I go up there and explain that I dont know how to pole vault and so there is some mistake. They tell me to compete anyways, and so I do. I start running down the track and everything goes in slow motion.. I launch myself over the bar and land in my seat where I had originally been. Everyone is clapping and they announce the next competitor. I then notice that both my wrists had bruises reminiscent of hickeys, but perfectly round.

The next part I remember, my family was getting lunch ready when I looked out the window and saw tigers/lions. It turned out that the neighbors behind us had bought them and were letting them roam around on their land. I run to the backdoor and open it but I leave the screen door shut. One of the tiger jumps on the glass door, but it doesnt break. I open it just a little bit to let our cats in so the lions dont get them... but with our cats come a cat with three eyes.

The next part I remember is a little choppy, but also the most interesting, so bear with me. Oh. By the way, this part is completely at night, until the end where I say it changes.

Im watching movies on a TV at a childhood friends house. We all decide to go outside and explore. They disappear and I come upon a river in his backyard.. I follow it alittle ways until I find snakes in it. So I get out. Flash forward: Im driving through the city looking for a way to end a drought. I see lots of statues of different gods set up, with all of my teachers praying at a statue to some roman goddess. Im in a cosmetics store/Temple to Egyptian god Anubis.. I go wandering through there and come to an Egyptian woman standing infront of a mirror. I step infront, and dont see anyone in my relfection, not even myself. She starts talking to me and puts a cream all over my face/hair/chest. I look back in the mirror and I am a black man with dread locks and three wooden lower lip piercings.
So I go back to the river, which is now an alley going behind everyones house in the world... Its like one long continuous road.. stretching across the whole earth, in a straight line, but still being everyones "alley". It has standard wooden fences on either side of it, with a gate every so often, the ground is dirt, not asphalt. I start running through it on all fours. I can see houses through the slats between the wooden planks. Somehow I know it is Halloween and it turns to nighttime. I keep running, and behind everyones house, in the alley, they have set up shrines of some sort.. With candles and incense and fruit and etc.. Just sitting out there (all the candles / incense are lit, btw) I run towards them and kind of "aerial 'round-off' flip" over them.. each time I do this, I blow out the candles/incense.

I keep doing them until the alley starts to turn into some black/possibly voodooish lady's trailer/RV/whatever (Well at least the end of it, the beginning is a regular house into which the alley leaded through and open wall) I go in there and put out her shrine (Which is the biggest of all of them, tons of candles and incense and feels immensely powerful). She wakes up (everyone was asleep in the world as I was doing this, and it was nighttime) and comes running towards me. I dont see her, but can hear/feel her coming. So I run further in her house until it turns into an small trailer house kinda thing following the alley still. Inside of one room is a hole in the ceiling through which moonlight is pouring onto a conch shell about the side of a table, and about waist high. I think it is a candle, but when I walk up to it, the light is actually a fish in the very center of the conch (it has water in it for it to swim in) that is glowing a brillant blue.

It suddenly turns to daylight and I run to her bathroom. I jump out through the window and end up back on the alley. I am once again running on all fours down it, but this time is has asphalt, no altars, and all the walls are the backs of buildings that have been painted a kind of fuschia color. I keep following it and it ends at a "horror park" kinda of thing. A small shop that sells scary masks and has a little dinky ride that is supposed to be scary inside it. The entire exterior of the building is covered in stickers (like little advertisements that have been plastered to the building). It feels like there shouldve been a lot of people there, but no one was. I walk inside, and see a few coin operated arcade games.. I was over to the "scare ride" and the lady tells me it is out of service.

This is where I wake up.

Long read, eh?
Sorry bout that

Any input would be appreciated.
But also, once again, feel free to post any strange dreams you have had, I find them very interesting

[Edited on 20-7-2004 by shidge.]

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