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Lebanese guns open up at overflying sraeli warplanes.

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posted on Jul, 20 2004 @ 10:24 PM
What is Israel doing is it testing Lebanon air defenses or just provoking Lebanon in to something or just making fun over Lebanon skies.

Lebanese army anti-aircraft batteries opened fire in the direction of Israeli warplanes that had broken the sound barrier at low altitude twice over Beirut Tuesday, AFP correspondents and security sources said. The fighter-bombers caused supersonic booms at around 7:10 pm (1610 GMT), provoking panic on the streets of the capital. "Two Israeli fighter-bombers broke the sound barrier at very low altitude over Beirut," a senior Lebanese security source told AFP.

"It is the first such supersonic bangs (over Beirut) in years, probably since the Israeli withdrawal" from southern Lebanon in 2000 after 22 years of occupation. Lebanese army anti-aircraft batteries opened fire at the jets to the south of the capital, a senior security source said on condition of anonymity.

Lebanese guns fire upon Israeli war planes.

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