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Charlie Sheen - Smarter and more coherent than we may think....( includes Operation Greyhound )

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posted on Mar, 15 2011 @ 08:41 AM
Hello and good evening ATS!!!!

Now first off, i will apologise as i do realise there has been many ATS topics and MSM stories on Charlie lately.

However i am sadened and confused with all the negative reports about his health and lifestyle..

First off, yes it is sad in regards to what happened to his children. After a recent 60 Minutes interview aired the authorities came and took his 2 youngest children, very sad for them and him. Although i will add that it was his own fault for the publicity he caused himself

60 Minutes - ( Australian Version )

However to the point of my thread. After seeing many different stories and all the publicity he has been receiving i am starting to beleive this is a very carefully crafted and manipulated publicity campaign.

First of all, on his most recent and hilarious online venture we were introduced to Sheen's Winning Receipes

I loved it.

But what you need to take into account is that this was made for Funny or Die

If you follow the link, you will see that below the actual clip it has the credit's - a full list of writer's, director's. producer's and editors etc etc.

It was planned and funny as hell!!!

Next i just want to share a couple more clips from the recent Sheen's Korner webisodes, these are actually more enlightening and show that behind the scenes and within the company of friends he isnt as crazy as the MSM is making him out to be.

People say well he has lost a 2 Million per episode job, but hey he has been doing for almost 10 years, the guy has been in this industry for along time and has no problem with money. Perhaps he has gotten to the point of boredom.

I remember one quote '' if i ever have to wear one of those shirts again ( 2 and half men ) i will shoot myself.....

I personally think that he doesnt have a worry in the world and that leaving 2 and a half men is fine with him. The actual supposed legal action for 100 million $$ is mainly for the other cast and crew and to fufill their contracts as well as his...

It's open for debate i know but i really think he knows what he doing and as seen on Radar Online - Sheen and 60 minutes, he has happily agreed to drug test's and passed those test's!!

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posted on Mar, 15 2011 @ 08:48 AM
reply to post by Havick007

I agree this is all planned and it's working, hell he's doing a comedy tour "Charlie Sheen's Violent Torpedo of Truth". This spiral into madness is planned, it's his comeback, and he's quickly washed off the stank of 2 and a half men, so I think it's indeed a


posted on Mar, 15 2011 @ 08:56 AM
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posted on Mar, 15 2011 @ 08:57 AM
Breaking and most recent winning Charlie news:

Operation Greyhound

Charlie steals his trailer from the Warner Bros lot!!!

ET ( Entertainment Tonight ) Online - Operation Greyhound - Operation Greyhound - Operation Greyhound
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It was just a coincidence that as i was editing my OP that ET late had the operation Greyhound story, that is the funniest thing i have ever seen, and he actually succeeds

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posted on Mar, 15 2011 @ 08:57 AM
reply to post by Havick007

Dear Havick007,
Agreed. I am not one of those who believes he has lost it. He may have done a little too much coc aine though as his physical mannerisms seem to confirm, but I think he is still in total control.



posted on Mar, 15 2011 @ 09:02 AM

Originally posted by Havick007
Breaking and most recent winning Charlie news:

Operation Greyhound

Charlie steals his trailer from the Warner Bros lot!!! - Operation Greyhound - Operation Greyhound
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It was just a coincedence that as i was editing my OP that ET late had the operation Greyhound story, that is the funniest thing i have ever seen, and he actually succeeds

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Bump Hehe

The above is almost worthy of it's own thread but hmm too late....

posted on Mar, 15 2011 @ 09:07 AM
reply to post by RANDOMguess

Winner winner - Chicken Dinner??? Sorry to many punns

posted on Mar, 15 2011 @ 09:14 AM
For anyone interested in some '' Winning Merchandise''

The Winstrong bracelet has arrived;

( FYI: ) I am not affiliated with the design or sale of this bracelet - refer below link for further information. Also i apologise for the bad image quality...

Although i will add that all the proceeds goto a good cause -
now that's a winning plan!!!

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posted on Mar, 15 2011 @ 09:16 AM
reply to post by Havick007

I had a few chuckles at this...

"Its lonely at the top, but I sure like the view"

What are you going to sue for? "Tonnes!"

I think you are right, instead of doing the normal shy behind ridicule from the mainstream etc, he is embracing it and showing a sense of humor too.
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posted on Mar, 15 2011 @ 09:21 AM
The one thing that I am curious about is that all the psychobabble videos have been taken down from Charlies Ustream.TV channel. This makes me think;

1) It was all a calculated "joke" or "act" and that Charlie might have dialed it down a few notches, for now, out of respect for the disaster in Japan.

2) Charlie had a legitimate psychotic break, was put on some very strong meds, and is now coherent and in spin mode.

3) Charlie just had a bout of "spoiled and out of touch millionaire" for awhile before his handlers got him to understand that the average person simply wouldn't relate - causing him to adjust his persona.

All are possible.

None are definite.

The only certain thing... we are in the jungle and it is the Sheenocalypse Now.

What are they gonna say about him? What are they gonna say? That he was a kind man? That he was a wise man? That he had plans, man? That he had wisdom? Bull@#$&, man!
Dennis Hopper - Apocalypse Now


posted on Mar, 15 2011 @ 09:29 AM
reply to post by Hefficide

Yeah i agree, one thing i thought about as well, was that regarding recent blood and urine test's he is not on drugs currently... alcohol is a different story, unless we take into account the ground up Dinosaur fossils hehe

But i think if anything in recent times he is more clear on some things and that the time he has spent off the drugs may have brang some clarity into his life and although from our persepctive as fans and viewers we may think it is cooky or as the MSM reports '' he has lost the plot ''

I truly beleive that with all the recent media and interviews it is all very calculated. As i said earlier the only sad part so far was the fact that he lost total custody of his youngest children and could not even have his daughter for her birthday recently. Being a father myself i can understand how heart breaking that can be...

posted on Mar, 15 2011 @ 10:16 AM
Here is a little more info on the latest escapades of Charlie and his '' Strike team ''

They plan and go on a covert mission to recover his trailer from the Warner Bros. lot, and according to many sources he actually succeeds
Go Charlie - Now that is what i call winning!!!

Charlie Sheen's Mock Film 'Operation Greyhound' Gets a Teaser

The clip presents Charlie in camouflage, a maroon beret and dog tags as he portrays "Warlock". He is joined by girlfriend Natalie Kenly as his "Goddess" as well as his real life make-up artist Gabe Solana, his personal assistant Rick Calamaro, international radio jock Scott Dooley and paparazzo Steve Han who build up his "Strike Team Five" team.

Operation Greyhound - /// Classified - SECRET ///

Misson Brief ////---- /// - Priority Immediate----///


//Mission Objective


To recover Charlie Sheen's Trailer from the Warner Bros. Lot ////


The Warlock

A Polar Bear

Strike Force 5

The Mole / Spy

The Goddess

All Images Courtesy -

The sneak peek is kicked off with a scene in Charlie's living room as he hatches a plan to break into the Warner Bros. lot and steal his trailer from the "Men" set without being caught by security. At some point, he tells his team, "We don't even exist. Unless we find where we are, we cannot find where we are going."

Charlie shot this short film in his Mullholland Estate over 72 hours starting last Wednesday, March 9. Radar reported that the filming of the final scene had to be postponed when the authorities visited him last Thursday, March 10. The parody uses the actual footage of his trailer leaving Warner Bros. lot.

Full Story -


Yes to any of you that may be curious i dramatised the the headlines to make the // SECRET // breifing seem more realistic....

Full ''Movie'' to be released later this month - Courtesy of Tiger Blood Productions - Stay Tuned

Beware of Trolls and Nymphs that may seek to infiltrate this mission >>>>

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posted on Mar, 15 2011 @ 10:42 AM

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posted on Mar, 15 2011 @ 11:45 AM
I also want to add this.

As an Aussie i am seeing a different perspective's in regards to news and MSM reports on Charlie Sheen. Although many of our sources get their information from their US Network counterpart's....

One of our primetime show's that air's at 7PM weeknights on the 10 Network AU
Which is called the 7PM Project and has a reporter that cover's media and celebrities etc in AU and overseas.

Scott Dooley ( Dules ) has actually become a friend of Sheen in the past weeks and featured as One of the Strike Force Five in the upcoming ''Epic'' - Operation Greyhound - Here is one of the more recent interviews that Charlie invited him over for;

The above interviews is one of the best i have seen with Charlie so far, it is awesome and for me to say that is a very big statement.

It show's Charlie at ease and in the company of friends and relaxed but also show's him at his comical best lmao

This alligns more with my OP in the theory that Charlie isn't as crazy as the MSM ( Mainstream Media ) makes him out to be. In fact he invited Scott over for dinner on the very night Charlie's house was raided by the California PD with a warrant to search for controlled weapons and guns etc. Due to the Police and media circus outside of Charlie's home he could ot even get close to the front gate even though he was invited for dinner...

lmao i guess those cops didn't find anything that violoated his AVO... he hasnt been locked up or charged so far....

No wonder Dules made into Charlie's Strike force Five!!!

It is much more relatable and real than some edited 60 Minute report that was taken out context in many part's!!

That is one of main issue's with the whole '' Charlie Sheen saga '' so many of his interviews are taken out of context and he is made to look crazy. It actually makes me physically sick at some the reviews he has recieved and how narrow minded and apparently nieve many Network New reporter's are....

It actually for once show's how they report news and how they can distort an interview to show their agenda... Charlie is an awesome actor and i will be 100% honest before this whole issue, i didnt watch Two and a half men everynite, and not because i wasnt a fan but only because the networks in AU put it up against better show's.

Although i always loved his sitcom and all his previous Movie and TV ventures. He is a great actor and recent event;s are no different. I am not calling Sheen dishonest though. He is only providing ''entertainment'' which is all he has known since his early 20's is how to entertain TV and Film audiences. That is his career...... The MSM is only folding and falling for his and his team's publicity, and good on him i say!!!

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posted on Mar, 15 2011 @ 12:18 PM
Recent Sheen Updates;

Follow Charlie and catch a ''fastball'' @ Twittter - #charliesheen

Enjoy Peeps!!

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posted on Mar, 15 2011 @ 05:57 PM
reply to post by torqpoc

ive seen telemarketers hopped up on redbull tweek otu worse than charlie.

drug use is not always drug abuse either. sigmund freud tauted coke as the miracle drug until he went overboard and got cracked out on it. he couldn't handle his stuff.

charlie is being attacked by the jewish mafia. i now will be too, but hey i lived in north hollywood and van nuys before so i know they exist and know jew jockers will now attack me probably.

posted on Mar, 16 2011 @ 12:56 AM
Its great to see such a good source of info on charlie. People have been so negative. and so quick to label him.
like that dr drew jerk. everytime a celebrity does anything he is on some show diagnosing them when he hasnt even sat down with them. he is a "troll" ha

the funny or die video is great, he is playing into how everyone is portraying him.

hasn't anyone ever felt the need to vent like he did in his videos? thank goodness I am not famous, the media would portray me as a "lunatic" as well.

he was just sick of working for jerks, like so many people are. I think more people should just be themselves. screw it if people think your nuts.

He has always been one to help others, despite his past, or lifestyle choices, he seems like a nice guy.

I never watched his show, so actually I am kinda glad he got fired, cuz I like this whole new direction better =)

also I am very sick of everyone talking crap on him. They see one little news snippet and know nothing and base an opinion on that. just like most people do with everything else.

sorry I am just rambling now!

so thank you for putting together a good thread with good info, and not just one video. ha.

s&f for you!

posted on Mar, 17 2011 @ 01:58 AM
Just thought i would update and repost the Op Greyhound trailer (the original clip was removed from youtube)

posted on Mar, 17 2011 @ 06:10 AM
Here is another Snippet from an Online / Entertainment news source and it just show's they way news sources can distort comments and influence public opinion;

Troubled actor Charlie Sheen has turned his recent woe into a comedy. The 45-year-old, who was recently fired from "Two and a Half Men", made a short film titled "Operation Greyhound" that pokes fun at his battle with Warner Bros., and Radar Online has got a hold on a preview of this improv sketch.

Wat stood out to me was the first line, '' troubled actor Charlie Sheen '' and also '' recently fired from Two and a Half Men''

Now think about this, do you really think he is bothered by what has happened lately, and also consider this - Was he fired from the show and network or has just left or resigned in a dramatic fashion??

As per one of my previous post's - one quote from stood out - '' if i ever have to wear one of the damn shirts again ( Charlie Harper - 2 tone button up shirt ) i will shoot myself!!

Now what do you think?

He has been doing this show for almost 10 years and earning alot, and not just for him but for the network and especially the producer Chuck Lorre. Then he startes to read Chuck's Vanity card at the end of each show and starts to see how Chuck Lorre is mocking him.

How would you react? If you were rich and had no real need to work what would you do?

Also the recent legal action is not only for him but is to help the other cast and crew to payout or compensate the remaining contract value of the show

The latest escapades including his recent stunt to steal back his Warner Bros. trailer is all his comical side and fantastic publicity for his recent stand up tour.

Also i want to add that he has been thinking about charity, on a related website ( mentioned in an above post ) he gives all proceeds to charity and also for his upcoming tour is raffling off 2 tickets for charity - the prize is absoulutly amazing!!! not just entry tickets but much much more -

Following in the foot steps of yours truly, see our WinStrong bracelets for Japan, Charlie is raffling off VIP tickets to his Detroit show for charity. Each ticket costs $2 (minimum purchase of 5 tickets) and the WINNERS! get the following-

•Winner and guest will enjoy two (2) premium seats to Charlie Sheen’s “Live: My Violent Torpedo of Truth” performance (Fox Theater, Detroit, MI, April 2, 2011, 8:00 PM)
•Winner and guest will enjoy two (2) VIP backstage passes
•Winner and guest will hang out with Charlie at the VIP after-party
•Winner and guest will receive a gift bag with various tour SWAG
•Winner and guest will receive round-trip air transportation from any international airport in the world
•Winner and guest will enjoy two (2) nights hotel accommodations in Detroit (Friday, April 1, 2011 & Saturday, April 2, 2011, single room, double occupancy)
•Winner will receive a $500 allowance for ground transportation, meals, and other expenses
•Winner will receive a cash prize in the amount of $907.50 to mitigate the Winner’s tax liability that results from winning the raffle. This prize is withheld and paid, on behalf of the Winner, directly to the IRS ($750) and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts ($157.50)

The drawing date is March 22nd, and tickets can be purchased at

I think the above info on his charity contributions is actually quite amazing and more than we hear from many other celebrities!

Good work Charlie - Keep winning

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posted on Mar, 18 2011 @ 05:22 AM
A bit off topic, but anyone who can access Hulu.. I give you, free of charge, and legal...

You can thank me with praise and alms of bacon.


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