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Clay and Radiation Poisoning

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posted on Mar, 15 2011 @ 08:32 AM
In light of all that is taking place in Japan right now, radiation poisoning
is a real concern. Not just for Japan, but for other countries as well. Including
the US. I've seen potassium iodide mentioned several times but have not seen
anything much about clay.
I keep a bottle of liquid Bentonite clay in my frig for cleansing purposes.
Bentonite clay (also known as Montmorillonite) is a certain type of
volcanic ash with amazing healing properties.It carries a negative
charge while most toxins, poisons, heavy metals and illnesses carry
a positive charge. If you drink it, it draws the toxins thru tissue and
collects them in the colon where they are neutralized and flushed away.

It's also extremely porous and sucks up toxins like a sponge.

Clays are particularly known for their ability to remove toxic metals from the air, water, and soil because of their unusual structure of “pores” (channels and holes) that allows them to absorb huge amounts of contaminant materials. Toxic gases, chemicals, mold, heavy metals, and other toxins are drawn by the natural negative electrical charge into the crystal micro pores of the clay. The unique structure of clay provides literally millions of pores or sieves - “shape-selective catalysts” - that catch only molecules small enough to fir into the cavities while excluding larger molecules. The unique structure of clays therefore gives them unusual filtering capabilities for absorbing toxic wastes, including radioactive contaminants. In just one gram of Zeolite clay, for instance, the three dimensional structure of the channels in its crystalline structure provide up to several hundred square meters of surface area on which absorption (and channel reactions) can take place. The Zeolites are particularly useful for removing heavy metals and radioactive species from water.

Amazing Clay
Clay has some amazing properties!

Russian scientists use Bentonite to protect their bodies from radiation
when working with nuclear material, by coating their hands and bodies with
a hydrated Bentonite “mama” before putting on the radiation suits. It absorbs
radiation so well, that it was the choice material used to dump into Chernobyl
after the nuclear meltdown in the former Soviet Union.


You can buy Bentonite clay at most health food stores. And there are tons
of places to get it online.

posted on Mar, 15 2011 @ 08:40 AM
Tis also why I suggested kitty litter (fullers earth kind) in a previous thread. If it gets REALLY bad covering yourselves in a generous layer can help protect against radiation somewhat. Just make sure you reapply to any sweat patches. I would imagine kitty litter to be cheaper than anything in a health food shop, packed in higher quantities and less inclined to be targetted by panic buyers.


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