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Angry ghost(s)

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posted on Mar, 15 2011 @ 12:00 AM
Been a while - Here are a few things I would like to share with you guys and get your opinions.

This 'haunting' has nothing to do with me personally, however it is going on with my best friend.
About a year and a half ago he moved in to an apartment with his then pregnant girlfriend, and their son... A few weeks in to moving there things seemed a little strange, my pal would see shadows, things would disappear, doors would open and close... Usual haunting stuff.

After a while of living their, and having their newborn daughter arrive things seemed to calm down quite a bit.
There was still the odd thing happening, all I have personally experienced there was doors opening / closing - He's seen a lot of shadows while I was there though.

The other week we were going through some photographs on his girlfriend's digital camera and saw a lot of orbs, in every picture it seemed to be in the same area of the house or around their children.

So after living there for about a year and a half, the ghost was not so active anymore.
We are 100 percent positive that it really is haunted however, because one of the people who live downstairs showed us a picture on his computer of him flexing around christmas, and on the couch to his right (left in photo) there was a black smoke, he pointed out a number of faces inside the smoke as well - I don't have access to said photo unfortunately.

My buddy is moving away now, they've been talking about it for some time and have started moving today, I helped him in moving a lot of things out of his apartment to his new house and he told me that the previous night he had woken up and heard a whispering coming from his doorway, however he could not make out any of what it was saying.
We mentioned this to the person who has the photo downstairs of the black / dark smoke and he told us that the same night he was laying in bed and heard the sound of a goat. He ignored it until his son ran in the room and asked what the sound was, he asked his son what he heard and said 'Billy the Goat' - Apparently Billy The Goat was a goat at his uncle's farm / the dad's brother's farm... The thing that interested me about this was that the goat is well known as an animal of evil or some stuff, somewhat like the pig - An animal of Satan or Satanism. I am a LaVeyan myself, and try not to believe these things but I too have had many experiences with the supernatural myself - Which I have shared here quite a few times.

Also, the other day my friend had a packet of ink that comes with clothes when you buy them or something he said, he ripped the packet of ink off and put it in his bathroom sink (not sure why he did that).
About ten minutes later, when my friend and his girlfriend were in a bit of an argument the ink packet exploded, and made a popping sound about as loud as a cap gun.

Is it possible that this entity or entities in the house are angry that they are moving???
I spoke with him about it tonight and we believe that they were more active when they moved in because they didn't know them, then they got to know them, and now they are leaving and don't want new people living there - Seems possible to me.

This next part was not my suggestion, and I would never suggest it - My friend proceeded in telling the entity(s) that he/she/they can move in to the new house with them, I suppose he felt bad because he's been there quite some time and didn't want to upset them from just leaving.

Anyway - What are your opinions on this???

posted on Mar, 15 2011 @ 03:24 AM
I wouldn't say anything in your post is labeling it as a negative entity. As I've mentioned before, because we as humans have preconceived notions when it comes to color and how entities present themselves, we sometimes think of them immediately as being evil.

Black smoke, may just be the only color that the entity, whatever it is, is able to produce. Doesn't mean it has to be evil. Faces in the smoke could be just that...faces in the smoke. Trying to communicate. Like some guy peeking through your living room window to say hello...creepy yes, but not necessarily "evil".

As for the goat thing - odd indeed, but again, don't immediately perceive it as being an evil sign. I can't tell you why entities do what they do, or how they do it, but, sometimes a goat sound is just a goat sound. Perhaps it was entertaining the child? Who knows.

Never assume you know anything. If it starts hitting people or trying to hurt them in some way, its safe to say you probably don't want people living there with them, as they clearly don't want it.
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posted on Mar, 15 2011 @ 08:19 AM
reply to post by Ryanssuperman

I don't recall calling them evil, besides the goat thing.
Angry, yes. Evil, no.

posted on Mar, 15 2011 @ 09:14 AM
I do agree with ryanS. Many times in this field we will see things that cant be explained. Like seeing a Dark Shadow, just because it is Dark, does'nt mean its Evil. I am concerned for your friend. His lack of knowing who the spirit is, and if it is a Bad spirit or not. You have to make sure if you invite a spirit to move with you, you are inviting the right spirit. I have worked many cases were a person will invite a spirit to go home with them, and either the person dosent know who exactly it is, or the spirit will lie just to gain access.

posted on Mar, 19 2011 @ 08:26 PM
I'm not sure if it's angry or a type of poltergeist but my garage doors slams open an closed when its a very secure and heavy door. I also hear door knobs turning. I often think it's family members arriving home but when i walk out of my room to say hi i realize no one has gotten home. It's very strange and the activity seems to increase when i'm in more excited or depressed moods.

posted on May, 20 2011 @ 11:45 PM
I didn't believe in ghost til my husband 's grandmother died,, one night i was in my bedroom and my husband was in the livingroom getting ready for work(night shift),as i came down the hall and got in the livingroom to sit down i saw a woman's figure walk across the hall from my bedroom to the kids bathroom, remind you my husband was in the livingroom and my son too,,it scared me so bad i asked him not to go to work,,,,she didn't look at me or anything like that she looked forward and kept right on walking,,that was my first and only ghost sighting!!!! Was it meant for me to see her, to let him and his mom know she was okay?

posted on May, 21 2011 @ 12:05 AM
im not a firm beliver in "ghosts" but i had an expierence like yours in the aparment i just moved out of. a yeard and half before hand when we moved in there was alot of doors slamming. litghts flickered a few times. door knobs being jiggled etc. then things calmed down when one of my room mates moved out. we went so far to name the ghost "gozer" like in ghost busters.
when we got a new room mate her and her boyfriend went on to tell me of alot of nights there door handle would jiggle they would hear someone outside in the living room shuffling things around then when they went to check it out. nothing. i think "it" had some fun singling them out and i think it got a kick out of the fact that me and my room mate didnt mind having it in the house. when we moved out i think it may have been displaying discontent that we were moving out. Also on a side note. my room mate has a begal/mutt mix and it almost seamed like the dog would play with it playing chase around the aparment. half way though last year i my slef got a puppy and she did the same thing. i think it loved to mess with my pup cause it got a negative reaction out of her. i dont usualy buy into parnormal things but reading the OP gave me chills. any one ever have expierences with animals and "ghosts" interacting. i also have a good story of my cat and a old family home but ill keep it for another post

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