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2004 Election Conspiracy

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posted on Jul, 20 2004 @ 08:07 PM
There's been a lot of discussion since the 2k election about whether or not Bush's connections with election officials, gov. of Florida, FOX News, and the Supreme Court, influenced the election. I don't know what the truth is, but it is interesting. I realized today that an election conspiracy could be in the works right now, to ensure Bush doesn't lose another election.

All you have to do is controll the media. But how can you do that with the free press? Thanks to the recent incidents with the FCC, many live programs are being delayed. This could have been staged, or if not, it could have been an intential over-reaction by the FCC. In fact, their true plan may be to have something take place live one of the major media networks that most Americans would disagree with. One possiblity is having a guest jump up and start proclaiming American infidels deserve death, or something to that effect. After this happens, the media networks would be pushed privately (by the White House) to have a delay on all broadcasts. Then possibly FCC "censors" might be voluntarily in place to prevent such acts. The White House can push the media behind the scenes and they can't say anything to us about it. Some things they could do is declare Bush the winner early on to influence the vote. Or even worse than that, completely lie about election results, or falsley accuse Kerry of something. Just a thought.

No matter what happens, you have to admit the current administration is using fear as THE factor in this election. I'm positive that there will be more "threats" before the election. And the media will continue to put crazy people claiming there are "5,000 Al-Queda sleeper cells in the United States waiting to attack," as FOX News (and other networks) have done.

posted on Jul, 20 2004 @ 08:20 PM
The segments early in Fahrenheit 9/11 dealing with 2000 were interesting and hadn't been sequenced that way before:

* why FOX suddenly called Florida for Bush against the trend;
* Harris's role in corruption;
* Supreme Court's role in corruption;
* Why no Senator signed the objection from congresswomen advocating on behalf of the disenfranchised black voters in Florida and other parts.

And that was years before the CEO of Diebold, mnaufacturer of voting machines and the software to drive them, committed to delivering Ohio to the Bush campaign in 2004.

It is going on right under the noses of all Americans, and this site is meant to be about "Denying Ignorance".

posted on Jul, 20 2004 @ 08:24 PM
Chuckles, the Janet Jackson thing had to have been the poorest excuse for the 'live program' delay in history. I'm sure that most people won't agree to a delay just because of that, they will need something much more damaging to make it a government enforced policy. They could achieve this as jabba said by some pro terrorist guest screaming "death to america!" or some other crud like that, or even something more drastic like someone killing themselves live to make a point, or worse an actual bombing inside a studio. After that, the media would pretty much be forced to have a much larger delay then 15 seconds, maybe upward to five minutes.

5,000 Al-Queda sleeper cells in the USA, yeh I'll believe it when I see it. Such blatant media lies are attrocious and utterly repulsive. How many Al-Queda did they find in Iraq, twelve? The CIA ‘guestimates’ that there are 2-300 total there. Looks like we need to invade America then and get rid of all those Al-Queda then! Wait... I'm in America. OH S##T!

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posted on Jul, 20 2004 @ 11:06 PM
we all realize that it doesn't REALLY matter how many hanging chads there were or what "race" vote for anybody. It all REALLY boils down to does the Electoral College want to vote Bush or Gore? Even if Gore had 80% of the votes, Bush STILL could have gotten the electoral score in his favor. The single vote means nothing other than it is a suggested guideline for those with the deciding vote to gauge by. Of course it would almost automatically ensure a loss of re-election, but it is just a suggested guideline...

posted on Jul, 20 2004 @ 11:40 PM
There will be no evident conspiracy, that you can be sure of. Bush will be re-elected. This is a fact. The vote will be close. Certain events will unfold prior to the election. No truth of Kerry's past will remain hidden. Do I have proof? No. This is gut instinct. Bush wants to annihilate the ME and then bring peace. Anti-christ? No. False prophet? Perhaps. Sometimes it is the most devoted that become the most wicked.

Our lives are not what they seem. This is not the matrix...for this is our reality. We shall witness great things but not good. But why do we want destruction? Why do we condense our thoughts into one commonality; that is that we seek mass destruction. Do we wish a re-birth? What purpose, what destiny do we seek?

So much technology, so much power. At our fingertips. If only we knew then sure potential of the force we have. This may seem like jibberish. It is not. So many of us, individuals, scattered like flies. Trying to get the truth out....from behind a screen? This is what they want. The ultimate divide and conquer. When you think peace, when you think safety, then utter destruction shall come upon us.

Resist technology? Do I say this? No. Embrace it? To an extent that serves the purpose of regaining back our culture. Where did it go? We let it go. Should we vote? Good question, don't cha think? Does it matter? What matters to you? What have you been thinking while reading this?

Do you sleep well? Do you feel informed? Do you feel like there is something more? Fight Club....good movie. Closest thing to reality in a long time. Why? Could happen. If we want it to.

Constitution, funny document. Only governening document from all of world's governening bodies that actually allows for its own demise. All others are created to ensure the survivability of the government. The people have the right to abandon and start over. Do you think this would be allowed? Brought to you by the Dept. of Homeland Security.

Rights....born with them. Government takes them. Makes us believe we have them. Fools game.

No more tonight. Tired of mind games. Will check back later.


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