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Donnie Darko was purged by the Illuminati?

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posted on Mar, 14 2011 @ 05:03 PM
Haha, I had been procrastinating watching this movie, without knowing what it was about, because I thought the idea of a tall bunny was dumb and unreal to begin with, but that was all I knew and all that was really keeping my interest away from examining this movie.

Besides, I don't think I could have appreciated what this movie was really about until now.

For any of you who have not seen the movie, maybe you should look away, because I'm gonna spoil it for you, but I will say that I ended up really enjoying this movie and seeing it a third time around, just to savor the interesting truth that was seeping in, from a movie that was made in a time, when the tptb didn't foresee most of you knowing about how the world really works.

Anyway, isn't interesting that, had the guy not been killed by a freakish accident induced by high weaponry, that he would have survived to expose an Illuminati minion, that being Patrick Swayze's character, who was behind a kiddie porn dungeon that was preying on children from his school? In other words, Donnie Darko's destiny surviving past an intentional PURGE OPERATION by agents similar to those in the movie THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU would have led to him putting a major monkey wrench into the normal operations of the big pyramid scheme that is the Illuminati, with disgusting dealings such as sex industries that take advantage of defenseless children for the pleasure of wealthy corrupt filth.

Even though, seemingly, after he survives what would have been a purge by government forces weilding an interesting technology, he turns into, only as an apparency, to a rebel without a cause, being slightly aided by a 4th Dimensional crossed over soul who claims to be a time traveler, who in actuality, through his nudging Darko's character, is actually using Darko, to change the fate of mankind by thwarting one in the big pyramind of mininions of the lluminati.

By the end of the movie, it becomes more obvious that the freakish accident that would and does, in another parellel universe, take Darko's life, was induced by some high tech machinery and government agents weilding technology of the likes of the Philadelphia Experiment.

posted on Mar, 14 2011 @ 05:21 PM
Donnie Darko is a great movie and something about it compelled me to watch it over and over again. It also led me to weeks of studying astro-physics and decided i'd rather watch the movie than go thru that crap.

The Philadelphia Experiment.
I wanna hear thoughts on that, something about cloaking a warship, right?

posted on Mar, 14 2011 @ 05:59 PM
reply to post by AOA2012

Someone within the military-industrial-governmental forces, obviously had the technology to manipulate space-time events so that they could kill Donnie Darko's character off whilst using a technology that would let them get away with it without disturbing any thing much else than the aereal space neccisary to get that piece dumped over his room, so that after all was said and done, there would have been no real explanation for it, and men in black suits would have come around anyway, and have the family members sign papers that it never happened and to tell no one, and it wasn't like they even understood how it happened or had any clue or suspicion about the insidious group that watches over the timeline and course of events leading up to the fruition of the New World Order..

They focused the storm cloud cyclone over his house, so they could dump one of the engines of an airplane that was from the future of parallel universe in which he did survive to get rid of him in the one in which he doesn't.

This also raises the question of, because what really changed his destiny was that he all of a sudden, decided to go back on his medication, and medication alters the conciousness of the person and allows astral entitites to take some control too. So, in a way, taking medication throws a big monkey wrench into controlled operations, because entities that can see the future, such as those that can be conjured up by Ouija boards can manipulate your destiny in the parallel universe that you are in, by letting you in on events that are in the past and in the future.

MI6 and the Nazis, a far out as this seems, are very much into these time travel technologies, they're always watching over the big tapestry of events to find the window of opportunity to keep the NWO agenda open for coming to fruition. They always go in and kill off anybody who has the foreseeable potential to put a big monkey wrench into their big operations or anybody who had seen anything that they shouldn't have.

It sounds far out, but that also has much do with what the heavily controlled society's media outlets feed the riffe raffe, about how the world really works, they expose us to programming that confines us to computing within the constructs of a created reality that benefits them.

Somebody like Nikola Tesla, who discovered what he did, was probably not working with the delineated limitiations to reality that the authorities had set up for the peons to get indoctrinated in, from their authoritarian textbooks. He had to be thinking outside the box to come up with the innovations he did. Either way, once tptb were aware of him, they kept a good eye on him and used his stuff for their benefit.


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