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Rejection of sin and shame

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posted on Jul, 20 2004 @ 06:17 PM
So many of you have spoken about sin, yet none of you can offer a remedy.

It is easy to say, don't sin, be worthy, be clean. How much harder is it to say, your sins are forgiven?

If you get drunk and get horney, and do it to whatever, all you need to do is wash up the mess, clean yourself up, and seek after better activity. God doesn't get all upset at you. The consequence for getting yucky and slimy is that spirits and angels who love clean and comfortable things will stay away from you until you are less involved in the heavy panting.

Really, I'm not going to throw you away because you pop your jollies. I will throw you away if you learn the devil and take his power. Then popping your jolly isn't happy for anyone at all, especially you.

It is better still to remove sin from men completely. The whole system of sin, redemption, and the process of shame and punishment is a lie given to you by beings who want to dominate your spiritual awareness.

So throw the book at them, you don't need it.

Be good to one another. Think good thoughts towards your neighbor. Take enjoyments from the fruit of the land. Wipe your face, they're juicy.

Reject those puritans and silly religions. Throw their books away. They have nothing but chains and tears for you. It truly is better to laugh with the saints than cry with the sinners. Yes, I said that right.

A repressed people is a miserable sort of crowd. A fossilized dogma is like the smell of old people. Old people try to govern young people just for the sake of governing them. They give them their laws without much explanation. They burden them with sins and guilt, and provide no other guidance. Throw these away. Why are you going to eat their nasty old food? Does it taste better than the good fruits of freedom?

Why do you connect yourself to dead things and dead people? let the dead take care of the dead, let them die. Hard it is to stand alone, hard it is. But it is only to those that the Crown is given!

Reject their laws, cast out their preachers, take down their laws and strike their colors. We will never submit to your tyranny.


[Edited on 22-7-2004 by Arkaleus]


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