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The New Revolution: Part 1

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posted on Mar, 14 2011 @ 09:06 AM
Hi all, First i want to thank you for taking the time to read this.
This thread is the first of 3 i hope to post for your concideration and is also the shortest. It is made up of the first three sections of a book i have been working for some time now, and as it is not a fictional piece and deals greatly with the political issues of our times i have placed it in this forum. My hope is that people will concider these words and discuss/debate them with me and others in a reasonable manner so that WE can begin to move forward and effect true and lasting change in our society both in the Unites Sates and around the globe.

The New Revolution
Section 1: Welcome: Disclaimer: Preface


Before i begin with the actual content of the writings i wish to present to you, i would like to take a short moment to familiarize you with the evolution of this book and these ideas. The best way to do that is to give you some details and minor background information about myself and my experiences.

Firstly, looking back in my past it seems like my entire life has brought me to this. From my early childhood when all i wanted to do was read, and not the ordinary children’s stories that you might assume. Science was my favorite subject, wildlife compendiums, space exploration, anything that had to do with the natural world, by the time i was 10 i had a collection of National geographics magazine that took up 2 shelves in my book case. Then as time progressed, probably influenced by my location and education i became increasingly interested in history. Egyptian and roman history were interesting, Greek mythology had my attention for a time and then there was the ever present U.S. history.
Growing up in Massachusetts, there was always the stories of great revolutionaries and the rich history of the local surroundings, the old north church, the freedom trail, even the earlier history of Plymouth rock were all fascinating to me. Then there were also the fictional influences. Eventually it was the fictional influence that guided me to begin to write my first story, though the scientific and historical influences have always played a prominent role.
It was when i was 13 i had actually finished my first story as a school English project. A not so simple tale, in which the character, were made up of dragons and other mythical creatures, in a classic style of good versus evil story telling.
Unfortunately those were not the only influences in my life at the time. At the age of 6 i was forced, at the behest of the state to attend private schools and reformatories, on and off until i was 14. They took me from my family by force and placed me in the custody of strangers, something i fought against every day of those 8 long years. Sometimes i wonder if those influences had a greater impact on my writings than anything.

The books and the reading and the writing at the time were nothing more than a distraction from the everyday uncomfortable truth of my surroundings. The abusive students i shared my time with, the repressive social environment and obtrusive faculty who physically abused more than my family ever did. It seemed as though they had nothing more to do than watch and wait for to pounce and restrain the "students" for even the slightest deviance from what they considered "normal behavior.
So...when the day came that they either deemed me fit for society or simply gave up on reforming me all together there was little room in my mind for what i was leaving behind, in my mind i was finally free...Little did i know how unprepared i was for this newfound freedom.

High school was not as fun for me as it is for most people, having to sit through days and months of re-learning things i had already known and been taught was maddening. Soon i found myself in the libraries, back in the books, i think perhaps subconsciously as another way to distract myself from the day to day tedium, but also as way to continue to learn. I would find out what higher grade were learning and find books about those subjects to keep myself occupied.
Then came the social pitfalls, and though i was not new to the sex and the rock and roll, never before i had been so completely surrounded by drugs. It seemed that everywhere i went everyone i knew was drinking or smoking pot or cigarettes. I honestly didn’t know how to react so i didn’t, i just went along with everyone else...That interfered with everything and though i wouldn’t realize it for many years to come it was during those times that i missed out on many good opportunities, but i never did stop writing.
There was always something on my mind whether it was about self-reflection or poetry or poor attempts to write music or the many, many short stories i had created.
Throughout high school and into my young adult life the one thing other than the writing that was a constant was the drugs and it was in the mid 90's when i had the pleasure of attending my first "rave".
At first it was definitely the sex, drugs, music that attracted me to the underground scene, that and the fact that all my friends were there as well. Week after Week after week for years i worked hard to make enough to pay my bills AND to have enough money for the weekend. Friday would come and the insanity would begin. As time passed freinds and bonds were formed and it soon became apparent to me that there was something more to than just the lights the dance and the drugs, i soon began to realize that most of those people were even on drugs.

It was an energy that i began to understand, a feeling and sense of community, of Unity that is still unlike anything i have ever come across anywhere else. If i had to try and explain it today the best explanation i could give, would be a feeling something like a group consciousness or awareness, but it was more than a feeling, it was an idea.
An idea that continues to persist in mind today, so back then i did what i usually did and began to write about it and learn from it and i began to see the world a little differently. Sadly today when i refer to those writings i have difficulty deciphering my "chicken scratching’s" but from what is legible it is obvious that the same ideas and beliefs i was trying to express were then, and are today VERY valid. Though the more i read though those ideas and how i wrote them the more i began to get sense of anger and sadness and the fear that those words conveyed and as that was not then, nor is now my intention i decided to put those writings away, though i was still inspired.
The next few years were a change for me. Most of the drugs and all of the drinking stopped, though i continued to smoke pot and cigarettes for some time. Somehow for the next few years i was able to set aside my thoughts and my emotions and put my nose back to the grindstone...working sleeping paying taxes, but i still never gave up my writing. I’m not sure if it was the influence of my experiences in those years but my inspiration was still there, only this time i acknowledged the idea of a sci-fi/fantasy type of story.
It was a large part of my life, the movies the books, the music and the video games. All the great stories told in them were good overcoming evil, and always a sense of nobility, a sense of a greater purpose. So the years passed and i slowly wrote between shifts and wither by accident or by subconscious design, the main character of this story did something profound.
When i had begun that tale, i had an idea of a plot and course of events, i knew what i wanted to happen and why but i didn’t have the details, the face and the places, ect...As i wrote i was able to slowly fill in those details, the hair color, the cities, the character personalities, soon enough the it was almost like the story and the characters were creating themselves and their own set of circumstances. All of it fit into the basic direction i wanted the story to go so i went with it. Then the main character took a massive leap forward, it was one of the only options available to him and oddly enough it was the only rational one. He wrote a book, a manuscript of sorts...
And it changed the world. Then...the world changed

A series of sad events unfolded before us all and i realized that i could no longer ignore those ideas i had all those years ago, nor could i ignore the growing feeling in my heart that those ideas/ these words, were "necessary". It is also pleasing to know and to continue to learn that i am not the only one with these ideas, or the only one troubled by the issues in our society, and it has been a source of comfort and confidence in the past few years. It has not however quelled my fears and apprehension in presenting this to you.
It is my hope that these words will at least be given consideration as i present to you with the utmost respect for your intelligence, the highest regards for your free will and hopefully your deepest love for life, liberty, happiness and freedom. I assure you that any aspect of science fiction or fantasy has long since been removed from these words, but the nobility in my ideas and that sense of a greater purpose has never faded.

As i have said, over the years my writing has changed, but there is a piece i would like to share with you now. This is from the first page of the writings i did so many years ago, in my partying days. It was formed from an exercise i used to clear my mind and focus on what i needed to do and also helped me to overcome some bought of writers block.
It is a simple exercise where i would simply write down the thoughts i had as they streamed through my mind and onto the paper. I used to think that the words were there before i even wrote them; i just had to acknowledge them. Usually the words flowed like water from a tap and before long i had this piece, something of a short introduction to... "The New Revolution"

"This is a test run for the pen i just bought with the intent of starting a new revolution, a new peaceful revolt of the mind and the American spirit. Not just against our government or any government specifically but a peaceful revolt against all governments.
Not with the intent to wrest power from any one, nor to grant that power to anyone else, but to restore control to the people.
Mostly my intent is the restoration of values, morals and free will which has been slowly stripped from us since the dawn of humanity.
However, it is far more important for me to rebel against what calls itself a democracy in the name of a people, whom only a few represent the many and only a portion, a meager fraction of the many choose to or are allowed to take part.
Not just a revolution against those who take part but also against those who choose not to.
A revolt against those who remain complacent in a time of action as well as those who would drive the many down dangerous roads at dangerous times...

To this day i am not sure why i feel compelled to include that. At first it may seem a bit brash and perhaps even offensive but as time has passed and this book has progressed i have grown more comfortable with it and realize how well it suits my intentions.


It is here i will make my apologies in advance, my intention is not to insult or offend anyone but due to the nature of these words and ideas i know that may be impossibility. I will apologize for my "seeming" shortsightedness in the title of these works, even though i have had ample to time and opportunity to make and changes, i have not and will not do so. There is simply no other option that would suit my intentions, as it is the most direct and honest representation of these ideas.
However, i understand the simplicity of its interpretation and its implication and ask you now to understand that the definition of revolution does not inherently imply force or violence and it is NOT an attempt to convey any intention of violence or intent to insight such acts. You also should be aware that this is NOT a publication intended to educate or instruct any individual in any form or art of war or combat
The title i have chosen for this presentation was intended as a question, one that i have asked myself repeatedly and though the best way to find answers would be to pose that question to anyone who would take the time to read these words.
I am more apologetic for my inability to properly convey these words and ideas to everyone and any miscommunication due to translation is regrettable. Much of what i write comes from what i feel and the translation and subsequent interpretation of those feelings may not be accurate. Please keep in mind as well, that while these words and ideas are directed towards the American public, the issues are ours in example alone, but the ideas i hope can transcend gender, race, religion, economic standing and international borders.
Though i may be ignorant of the issues and ideas of other people in other nations, i assume that they are not very different. I am also under the assumption that you do not have to be "American" in order to cherish freedom, love, or only have to be human.
Unfortunately i feel it necessary to apologize in advance for all of the "bad apples" who will surely cling to these ideas like unwanted ticks on the family dog.
For all of the people who are inconvenienced by these words and ideas, i am sorry. Sorry that i could not simply continue to write...just a story, to express my feelings or make jokes about these issues to make you laugh, the topics and issues i wish to present to you and publicly address ARE NOT FUNNY.

I am NOT sorry that the ideas here are FAR too important to me for them to become some catchy ad jingle or late night standup routine. IT is my hope that no one is seriously offended by my words and if my apologies are not sufficient enough i would hope that there would be an amicable solution. And just so there is no confusion i will reiterate that I in no way have any intent of inciting violence of any kind. There are too many options available to intelligent people for violence to be an acceptable means to an end.
Any individual or group who commits acts of violence and do so under the assumption that they are fighting my cause is a fool and an idiot and should be dealt with swiftly and according to law.


YES, this is for real; it’s not just some joke or gimmick, it is my hope to prove to you my intent by making this publication free and as widely available as possible. It is not my intent to profit from these issues. If i thought that it would help i would use these words to convey to you my deepest feelings about these issues. It is also not my attempt to persuade you to agree with ideas and opinions, though some (most) of these issues are close to my heart and my personal feelings are sometimes hard to ignore. I in no way, intend to demean the ideas and feelings that you have, as they are equally as valuable and true as my own.
So, in order to keep myself focused and as objective as possible, i have made a concerted effort to keep my emotions at a distance, and the words that you read, in their simplest and most direct form.
What i am trying to do is to provide you all with an understanding of my intentions and how i perceive our society, as well put forth some questions i have that i feel are important. In addition i have provided some possible answers to those questions for your consideration.
Though these answers i present are only my opinions and ideas, i understand that they are by no means the only possible solutions. Just one more reason i have chosen to present this to all of you, though ultimately all i wish is for people to ask these questions not only of the people around you but of yourselves as well.
Whether you agree with these ideas i present matters not, i would almost prefer that there be disagreement because on some of these matters i would rather not be right. What does matter to me is that these ideas be given due consideration, in their entirety, before they are either condemned or condoned. One of the more important points i try to stress in this book is how we deal with the issues in our society which we do not agree on.
If you are the type of person who faces adversity by sticking your head in the sand, rather than try to resolve the issue, then you may not like these words.
If you are the type of person who would confront adversity with aggression or violence, please, try to control your emotions better or stop reading this now...I cannot, and will not condone any acts of violence. It is a part of our society as humans that we can all live without and i have come to believe that it is a waste of time and energy better spent on something more constructive.

Whether you agree with these words and ideas or not, i cannot give up this path i have chosen, trust me when i say i have tried...several times. One of the reasons it has taken me more than 13 years to finish and begin to present to the public. It seems that no matter what path i take in life or choices i "seem" to make, life, leads me back to the same place. In a sense i have come to the assumption that this is my lot in life, whatever the results may be.
Regardless of which distractions i choose or my location or the people that surround me, these are the thoughts in my mind and my heart, and my soul. None of which i can deny any longer.
I will not continue to deny my heart, nor my soul, nor will continue to remain apathetic and watch as something i love is destroyed piece by piece; i can no longer betray my feelings and my beliefs.
I am tired, i am angry and i am afraid, yes, afraid. I have fears and though some are no more than minor worries like, will i be able to eat tomorrow? Will i be free tomorrow? Will people fear my ideas and react violently?
But then i have real fears; thoughts that stick in the back of my mind like; is humanity doomed to destroy itself? Am i? What about my family?
But these thoughts also drive me to succeed because i know there are good people out there some who are more afraid of these issues than i and they deserve my dedication to these ideas. It is my hope to unite these people, all people because i know we can make a tremendous impact.

Over the years of putting this together i have done much research on all different topics, one thing that i came across was this quote which beckoned to me, and though it may be taken out of context, these words alone have been inspiring.

"Proclaim liberty throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants there of"
Leviticus, XXV, 10.

Inspiring not because it can be found amongst the quotes littering Ellis island and the monument that has stood as beckon of freedom and hope for so many generations, inspiring because therein lay my the heart of my intentions, to proclaim liberty, to any and all who would listen.
There is so much more to the ideas i present than just politics but in order to create true changes, not just in American society, but in society as whole, it is the political means of "revolution" that is essential to my ideas of a "peaceful revolution", and my hopes that such symbols of liberty may persist throughout the ages to come.
I will let you know now, i do not look forward to it and will avoid it at a high cost but if i must partake in politics to achieve some of these ideas i will, Though not within the "accepted" parameters of today’s political spectrum. I do not believe in red and blue states, I will not ascribe to right or left being superior and i will not label myself as conservative or liberal. I will remain along a line that embodies all of these ideas for they are all the ideas of Americans and i DO believe in one UNITED America. It is my hope to use these words not only as a means to open these ideas up to the public, but to open the public’s eyes to these issues.

More to come....

posted on Mar, 30 2011 @ 06:13 PM

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