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POLITICS: DNCC unveils look for Democratic National Convention 2004

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posted on Jul, 20 2004 @ 02:20 PM
The Democration National Convention Committee (DNCC) yesterday unveiled the new look for the 2004 Democratic National Convention hosted in Bostons Fleet Centre. Amid tight security the design was showcased to eager journalists waiting to report on the finished look. Now in the final phase of its transformation, the set will be ready for the July 26th-29th convention where the Democratic party will announce John Kerry as its nominee for President. The stage will also be used for the many speakers invited to the convention to deliver an oration, Orators include Sen. Ted Kennedy, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, Fmr President Bill Clinton and many others.

The delegation itself is comprised of a cross-section of America's diverse population with equal parts men and women and members from traditionally under-represented groups. These delegates will select the Democratic Presidential and Vice Presidential nominees.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

The 2004 Democratic Convention stage will be the most interactive and inclusive in Convention history.

The convention set is designed to be interactive and outreaching in order to make the audience and viewers feel like they are part of the process. A huge 90ftX17ft Videowall will dominate the background and will be used in links to bring people from all over the country into the convention hall through video links to major cities and small towns across America and its dependencies.

This Convention is an invitation to all Americans to participate in this election, our inclusiveness is reflected in the open, dynamic environment we've created on our stage and throughout the Convention hall. The stage we've unveiled today will make an extraordinary and fitting backdrop for John Kerry and John Edwards to address the nation and accept the nomination of the Democratic Party.

Rod O'Connor, CEO of the DNCC

Construction in the relatively new Fleet Centre has been ongoing over the past 6 weeks in order to get the presentation just right. Details have been held amid tight security over fears of disruption and protests from several groups both foreign and domestic. The unique design was unveiled to a select team of journalists and officials as construction nears completion. The unique design consists of the gigantic video screen above the main stage area, in addition another 34 large plasma screens will be placed near the stage and on it.

The set is also designed to be changeable, many different elements will be mounted on lifts to allow for quick changes that dramatically change the surroundings. Twenty-four addition 42in Plasma Screens and ten 50in Plasma screens can be lifted or retracted from the stage depending on the action.

Continuing with the theme of openness an area has been designed for convention staff offices, which, are built directly into the stage in order to give the public a first hand view of how the convention works. The conventions stage will also feature two wood and alabaster podiums that can be elevated and lowered on lifts to adjust for individual orators. Seats for over 200 people will be arranged behind the speakers podiums. In a bipartisan deal with Panasonic, the 34 Plasma TV's will be moved to New York in order to take part in the RNC.

And of course, there will be a 55ft wide American Flag overlooking the set.

Indianapolis Star

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