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Critical New Quake Could Mean Impending Disaster For Japan

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posted on Apr, 14 2011 @ 03:49 PM
reply to post by kubacs

"An earthquake could hit the Tokyo metropolitan area with its focus directly below the city. We'll have to observe the situation carefully," Yamaoka added.

Well gee, where have we heard that before.

Well in assessing the risk to Tokyo you've got the con side:

1) No real big quake has hit directly under the city there before in recent times, so the fault mechanism may not exist for it to occur.

2) Many, many small quakes have hit there before, alleviating any pressure built up.

3) The recent quakes on the perimeters may be all the activity it's going to have for the time being.

4) The fact that the 1923 happened means some serious pressure was already released in the area. It would be interesting to see the aftershock sequence and locations of them. I wonder if that's available or if it was documented. It's probably somewhat limited or not available to the extent we can see patterns and faults like we can now, including all the small quakes that went with it.

And on the probable side:

1) The locations of the perimeter quakes surrounding the city could be indicators that one is about to occur there. The sequence pretty much defined most of its rupture area earlier on it seems, and has been filling in the blanks since. And Tokyo is one big blank at the moment.

2) The area under the city has not seen a real big one in recent times. As above, that could be a good thing, but it could also be a bad thing.

3) Pressure loading from the ground movement around it raises the possibility.

4) The mechanism for smaller quakes all underneath the city clearly exists because of all the small quakes it has had. That could mean a bigger mechanism also exists, but hasn't been triggered yet.

Tough call, but take your pick. And there's more, but those are just of off the top of my head. Stress meters, GPS tracked land movements, liquefaction areas and previously known faults may tell a different story. And I suppose they must, or the JMA would have issued warning by now. Or is that Asian conservatism blinding?

But they slowly are. Just saw on NHK where they said that areas not previously known to have quakes may start experiencing them, and that activity was increasing. Of course that seems to change on a daily basis. I thought we might be on the tailing slope out when all of sudden that 7.1 hit and the 'TA' fault ruptured.

This zone continues to surprise. I'd err on the side of caution though, and get out for a while if possible.

posted on Apr, 15 2011 @ 12:29 AM
Japan Mulls to Move Capital over Disaster Worries
April 14, 2011

As powerful earthquakes continue to jolt Japan and radiation levels near Tokyo are rising, the Asian country's authorities are considering moving the capital to another city.

The most probable location for a new capital are Osaka and Nagoya, according to ITAR-TASS. Both cities are located near international airports.

The main conditions the new capital has to provide are a population over 50 000 and a sufficient capacity to accommodate the parliament, the government, the Emperor's residency and the foreign diplomatic missions.

According to experts, should a 7.2 magnitude earthquake shake Tokyo, the casualties will be around 11 000, some 210 000 will be injured and the material damage will be worth about USD 1 B

posted on Apr, 15 2011 @ 06:54 PM
I watch Iris fairly regularly... its a great quick visual of the world's quakes, but today it lit up like a Christmas tree

posted on Apr, 16 2011 @ 01:48 AM
reply to post by zorgon

Wanted to note that Queensland, AU and South Island, NZ both just got hit with M 5.2's :


You're right, Zorgon. Looks pretty lit up.

Also, glad to see TA posted a new thread on the NV quakes, too.

posted on Apr, 16 2011 @ 05:08 AM
M 5.2 Bonin Islands, Japan. Depth: 509.7km Inside the Philippine Plate.


posted on Apr, 16 2011 @ 05:41 AM
reply to post by TrueAmerican

Posted those in Quake Watch,but this Thread is probably more suited.

Pic from April 12th (the Circles are from where where i thought the next big ones could happen...)

This is Todays 5.8 (Blue Dot north of Tokyo)

Notice something? What do you think TA?

Picture Source - USGS
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posted on Apr, 16 2011 @ 05:52 PM
Is the following quake of concern to this thread?


I see that it is a good bt south of the intersection of the faults originally in question.

posted on Apr, 16 2011 @ 05:58 PM

Originally posted by jadedANDcynical
I see that it is a good bit south of the intersection of the faults originally in question.

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posted on Apr, 20 2011 @ 04:02 PM
reply to post by RANDOMguess
This is just my theory but I feel deep in my soul That Katrina and the quake that hit the Philippines was the start of the 2012 effects.

posted on Apr, 21 2011 @ 09:14 AM
Fox just reported that Tokyo just had a 6.3 just a bit ago.

What is good to watch for is quakes happening in areas not known as earthquake prone or hasn't had quakes in said area for a long time. I am watching for new fissures opening these are all signs.

I believe all that is happening is building to the event myself. I know what I am waiting for is the two large connecting quakes covering part of the hump of Brazill out to the Ridge.... an area not known for this. To be honest I am not expecting these two to occur until Oct. 28th next year when the Sun will be doing its thingy.

If that does occur at that time then the timing I feel is correct that the event (ELE) will occur on the 21st Dec. 2012 and that would be as I wrote about before.

As with everything only time will tell.
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posted on Apr, 21 2011 @ 10:50 AM
As the quakes have progressed very close to my line of thinking on this event unfortunately, there is a new thread on this I started to make one last ditch attempt to warn Japan of the threat they face:

The Final Warning to Tokyo

Some of you may not have seen it, so you may want to take a look as the quakes close in around Tokyo. And don't you DARE star and flag it, lest I be FURTHER accused of that being the only thing that matters to me.

I hereby proclaim that the only reason every single ATSer is here is because they only want stars, flags, attention, and the spotlight. Forget collaboration. Forget input. Forget sensible debate. Forget ideas. Forget facts. Forget everything. It's stars and flags, baby, FTW.

posted on Apr, 21 2011 @ 11:14 AM
reply to post by TrueAmerican

I'm really glad you put the information out irregardless of those who criticize. One thing aside, there is alot more to the Quakes than nature. Which is something I don't think you believe in. The timeline of events itself unofficially prove that.

Japan Tsunami Fukushima Nuclear Disaster 2/2- Leuren Moret - PDX 9/11 Truth

I'm currently taking down the whole transcript from this. Its going to take several days. And I'm going to put it into a pdf form.

This is something where she gives her credentials, her inspections of Japanese sites, names names.

Of course HAARP was being developed along with the nuclear testing. How else can you study the effects of ionsphere without ionizing the atmosphere and world? The very stuff released from atomic bombs.

Just a few of the points, she doesnt go into the actual Luciferean spell casting/coding the matrix, stuff they'e really into, putting it all out in all their movies. From what I can gather, that is to try and control the random events, but they spend a lot of money, huge big bucks on controlling probably 95% or more of the outcomes.

Iel, the Ronald Reagan Air Craft, was just reinforcement of the meme in the spell, for the Mox fuel in reactor 3 to go. Because, in the 1980's a prime minister met Ronald Reagan and signed a secret agreement to bring Mox fuel into his country. The reactors themselves, built in an uber dangerous earthquake isand sitting on the conjunction of 4 major plates, are Rockefeller subsidary company built.

One of their plants, Hamaoka , is built on a 3 plate conjunction, and each reactor is placed between the fault lines on rock that she demonstrated in a news conference in Japan, can be crumpled like a sugar cube in your hand.

The whole thing is a end times game plan.

She asks in the video:

What species kills their young for energy?
What species kills their young for security?
What species kills their young for power?
None! Its complete insanity!

That earthquake and tsunami flooded the reactor buildings. There are 6 reactors at the Fukushima number one plant, and there are 4 more at the Fukushima number two plant. The reactors are general electric reactors, they have Siemens controllers, Siemens is a German company that run all of the reactors and open and close valves and pump water and just keep that whole thing operating.

Siemens, hmmm... interesting. That is brought in a little later.

And 90 minutes after the cooling stops in the cooling ponds that are on top of the reactors, there are 7 cooling ponds at Fukushima with 6 of them on top of the reactors, and there are 600 000 spent fuel rods from 40 years of operating those reactors. A spent fuel rod weighs about 1200 pounds, it has over 1 300 isotopes in it, and it is exactly what is produced when a nuclear bomb explodes.

At 90 minutes full meltdown begins.

90 minutes after cooling stops in a nuclear power plant the reactors go into meltdown.

Now after the accident, the cooling systems did not work for almost 24 hours. They couldn't get the backup systems to work. The pump for the cooling systems that operate normally is down close to the ocean, its right on the beach. So that got flooded and destroyed by the tsunami.

The first backup system is diesel and that's in the basement underneath the reactor, and after a 30 to 35 foot wave went over that building it flooded that system.

Then there was the battery backup system. They couldn't get that to work.

So almost 24 hours after the earthquake they still did not have cooling in those reactors, so they were actually in advanced stages of meltdown

In September, Tepco secretly put Mox fuel in unit number 3. (The news reported that there was plutonium in all the reactors, at one point, so in reality this is all of them, not just 3). Mox fuel is mixed uranium and oxide. It's extremely dangerous, its very hazardous when it escapes into the environment and its very hot and hard to control. That was unit number 3 which was the second one that blew up.

Thats the plutonium and uranium oxide and spent fuel rod, destruidas and dust and smoke. (the mushroom cloud) and that has now contaminated the whole northern hemisphere.

This is the control room. There are the emergency responders in not very effective protective gear, they really should have airtanks and complete covered and enclosed suits on them. But they don't. Its so radioactive in that plant that everyone who has worked there is going to die of radiation poisoning. This is what I call Japan's kamikaze emergency responders. And they're being paid, 5000 dollars a day to work there until they die.

The scam of it all is that General Electric, I believe, has been directing Tepco on the emergency response. Like 9/11. Like Hurricane Katrina. Like the BP disaster in the Gulf. And now Fukushima. The regulatory agencies have stayed back. The politicians have stayed back. The Tepco officials have stayed back. The international agencies have stayed back.

So Tepco has been running that the whole time. They do not have the technical ability to make the correct decisions to respond to this disaster.

Around 30 00: And the tip off was when Hillary Clinton announced as secretary of state four or five days after the disaster that she was shipping a plane load of Boron to Fukushima, and that is what they should have used on the first day because it was already in meltdown, and Boron is what you dump on nuclear materials that are going into a runaway fission process because it absorbs the neutrons and stops the fissioning.

So she announced that she was sending a plane load of Boron to Fukushima and immediately within a couple of hours, there was a denial in the press, in the mainstream US media that Boron was going or that we were even sending anything.

So, that was a tip off right there that someone else was running that emergency response and that they were not running it to end the disaster. They were prolonging it!


So they had a total disaster. By this time the rods had melted through the bottom of the reactors. The reactors and the molten fuel were melting through the bottom of the plant. And they are now down in the soil headed for the ground water. Theres no way to stop it now. Unless you tunnel under that reactor fuel that is moving down and pack Boron under there.

And finally, not very long ago, maybe a week ago, the US Government urgently requested that Japan stop using Salt Water to cool the reactors because the Salt builds up in the pipes, it builds up inside the reactor and it absolutely makes the disaster worse because it impedes the flow of water thats cooling what they're trying to cool.

Its completely insane.

Well, here is the most incriminating information. Stux Net CIA/Isaeli Virus that happens to target as espionage act offgrid power company computers with Stiemens controllers, which was most likely put there one month prior to HAARP induced Quakes, when Israeli overhauled Fukushima's security system.

Now what happened is that they put the Mox Fuel in unit 3 in September. In October the Japanese Government discovered that 63 computers in Japan had been infected with the Stux Net computer virus. The Stux Net computer virus was written by the CIA and the Mossad (national intelligence agency of Israel) to be inserted with a flash drive into a computer system inside power plants that use Siemens controllers (how ironic and ever so specific) because Power Plants are offgrid and offline, and that is to protect them from terrorist events.

One month before this disaster and Israeli security team had just finished installing a new security system and they must have been the ones that put the Stux Net virus into the Fukushima operating system. And thats why they couldn't get any of the back up systems working after the earthquake and tsunami.

Stuxnet is a Windows computer worm discovered in July 2010 that targets industrial software and equipment. While it is not the first time that hackers have targeted industrial systems it is the first discovered malware that spies on and subverts industrial systems, and the first to include a programmable logic controller (PLC) rootkit
The worm initially spreads indiscriminately, but includes a highly specialized malware payload that is designed to target only Siemens Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems that are configured to control and monitor specific industrial processes[ Stuxnet infects PLCs by subverting the Step-7 software application that is used to reprogram these devices.

The Stux Net Virus was also used 6 months ago in Iran at the Beuscher Centrifuge Facility where they enriched uranium to make nuclear fuel for their nuclear power plants.

It hides in a computer system and is programmed to go off at a certain time. So in the Beuscher Plant all of the controllers and workers were sitting in the control room and all the dials said everything was operating normally and everything was just fine, but in the room where the centrifugians were that virus made those centrifugians go faster and faster accelerating till they just flew apart.

So that virus destroyed half of the centrifuges in that Beuscher Facility. It was like 400 or 450.

This is one of the buildings. This is the mox one. It had the biggest explosions. And you can see that its highly unlikely that cooling ponds on top of the reactor are even there and its pretty realistic to imagine they could never get that cooling system working. It looks pretty destroyed to me.

This is hard to see, but its a good summary of what happened on each day. The power output and so forth and so on.

So you can see that unit # 1 is the one to the right and it blew up on March 12. Unit # 2 blew up March 15. Unit # 3 which is the Mox Unit (they all were) blew up on March 14 and Unit # 4 blew up on March 15 and they hardly even reported that the 4th one blew up.

And they kept putting out in the news, Japan and here, that they were working hard to try and save the reactors, but its so obvious there was nothing to save, so what they were really doing was delaying making critical decisions about using Boron to stop the fissioning and then cementing over these plants, and what they were doing was accelerating the emission and creation of more problems with more melting and it gave the reactors time and the molten fuel to leak down into the ground.

Not one was this not an accident, deliberately brought on, even Tokyo university calls this HAARP and consequently, HAARP has shut down its paper trail on its website.

But there is a list of events that NAIL THEM.

Even what was done, was the exact opposite of what should have occurred, as within the first 24 hours without cooling, the reactors were in Advanced Stages of Meltdown. And not only that, but they did the wrong things, they didn't put Boron on it to stop the fission and cement it, which should have been done immediately. However, they put salt water in and created Hydrogen explosions, didn't even let the Hydrogen out like they did at 3 Mile Island, knowing full well what would happen.

This was such a huge set up.

And the Quake was an induced warfare.

The war is against humanity and I'm so angry, sickened.

Yes, they're be another big quake. Will it be Japan again,to sink it, or the west coast, not sure!!!!

But we need to spread info grass roots and oppose this para military abuse of our planet under bloodlines and the Queen, who suprisingly enough makes the most money from the nuclear industry, and the Bankers.

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posted on Apr, 21 2011 @ 11:27 AM
you see I'm not interested in random predictions of events that are FAR from random, but real truth, JUSTICE, and FREEDOM from this obscene group of demented greedy power hungry 2 years with bad weapons.

To recap on the above just in case no one read it. Siemens is German company, their systems are quite common in Power plants, nuclear facilities. The Stux Virus targets Siemens controllers, and was written by the CIA and Morad (Israel). 6 months ago this was used in Iran, to blow half their Centrifuges. Now, one month before the earthquake/tsunami, the Israeli's did an overhaul of Fukushima's security system. These are offline systems/offgrid. That is most likely the time this Stux net Virus go put on the computers.

Why? No back up power was available, the battery ones were computer controlled.

The timeline of events were incredibly stupid. They were in advanced metldown after 24 hours and needed Boron to stop the fissioning and cementing. They put sea water in which created the explosions and actually impedes the reactors getting coolants. it was dragged out and dragged out on purpose to let the molton pools go below the ground, which is where they are.

This was ludicrous. And a very staged planned event, and the next big earthquake will be the same.

Its really important for people to wake up now, and start to get things, and take actions.

The nuclear testing done in Nevada, made 12% drop in the SAT scores of students from the 1940 results to the 1963, the year I was born. I was born in a year where they released 250 atmospheric PU tests, and I have no thyroid and chronic fatigue syndrome. I had been told in the past, or asked, how I got radiated?

My children have learning disabilities and difficulties due the time period when they were in womb, when my thryoid went out altogether, which enormously affects fetal development and the brains of infants. Those pregnancies were during and after the Gulf War, when there was megatons of depleted uranium nano dust put in the atmosphere.

We need to make this Joint HAARP/earthquake and Nuclear nightmare, and this MAFIA gang of thugs Go Away.

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posted on May, 21 2011 @ 08:40 AM
reply to post by CaDreamer

These are very beautiful, mostly flat plains. The Japanese are seagoing fisher-types and are accustomed to wet climate AND a better infrastructure.

posted on May, 23 2011 @ 02:41 PM
Here's a really interesting article about the Japan earthquake.

For Jean Paul Ampuero, assistant professor of seismology at Caltech's Seismological Laboratory who studies earthquake dynamics, the most significant finding was that high- and low-frequency seismic waves can come from different areas of a fault. "The high-frequency seismic waves in the Tohoku earthquake were generated much closer to the coast, away from the area of the slip where we saw low-frequency waves," he says.

Simons says there are two factors controlling this behavior; one is because the largest amount of stress (which is what generates the highest-frequency waves) was found at the edges of the slip, not near the center of where the fault began to break. He compares the finding to what happens when you rip a piece of paper in half. "The highest amounts of stress aren't found where the paper has just ripped, but rather right where the paper has not yet been torn," he explains. "We had previously thought high-frequency energy was an indicator of fault slippage, but it didn't correlate in our models of this event." Equally important is how the fault reacts to these stress concentrations; it appears that only the deeper segments of the fault respond to these stresses by producing high-frequency energy.

And even more fascinating (to me)...

For seismologist Hiroo Kanamori, Caltech's Smits Professor of Geophysics, Emeritus, who was in Japan at the time of the earthquake and has been studying the region for many years, the most significant finding was that a large slip occurred near the Japan Trench. While smaller earthquakes have happened in the area, it was believed that the relatively soft material of the seafloor would not support a large amount of stress. "The amount of strain associated with this large displacement is nearly five to 10 times larger than we normally see in large megathrust earthquakes," he notes. "It has been generally thought that rocks near the Japan Trench could not accommodate such a large elastic strain."

The researchers are still unsure why such a large strain was able to accumulate in this area. One possibility is that either the subducting seafloor or the upper plate (or both) have some unusual structures -- such as regions that were formerly underwater mountain ranges on the Pacific Plate -- that have now been consumed by the subduction zone and cause the plates to get stuck and build up stress.

The entire article is definitely worth a read.

Science Daily - Surprising Findings About Energy Distribution Over Fault Slip and Stress Accumulation

posted on May, 25 2011 @ 07:57 AM
Suggest we continue to keep our eyes peeled. Not only are larger quakes in Japan anticipated, there is also concern of an M 8.0 near Tokyo, along with more inland quakes. Data is showing 5 fault ruptures along 600 kilometers of the Pacific Plate, with slippage up to 60 meters evident after Tohoku. Not necessarily new concerns to us, but data analysis is now backing them up and we have scientists who are clearly worried per VOA News: m/english/news/asia/east-pacific/Scientists-Express-Concern-About-More-Big-Japan-Quakes-122574739.html

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