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The illuminati, music, the rest, how it works

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posted on Mar, 12 2011 @ 06:13 AM
When I first arrived here, I was very skeptical about most of the things posted here, I just thought there were a lot of Icke and Jones fans around who do believe everything they say and couldn't think of themselves. But I was a bit wrong, sorry for that. Now I read here more often, I can say that there are some intresting things here which really helped my on my "search" to what the f*ck is going on in this world. I'm n this kind of material for a long time.

As I stated before I had a small but turbulent musical career, and I was knowing that I would have that at a age of 12 (I'm now 25). I play the piano from that age, and I got involved in the "industry" at an age of 17, I started to work as a lightengineer (and later as a soundengineer) in a local club, so I know a lot about how that "live world" works.

I can tell you that there are different "ranks" in that world, the first one is "amateur", and if you are thinking of a professional career in music, please stay in that first ring for your own good. In this area you will find bands and musicians which do it as a hobby and who play on local festivals, bandcontests and so on, and there's nothing wrong with that. The second area is "underground" here it gets more serious and it is the starting line for those who want to get further, you are getting more gigs and maybe a record deal (which actually is nothing more than somekind of "loan" without intrest to record a CD). The next erea is "semi-professional" here you get (a lot) of media coverage and exposion (but still not in the mainstream channels), tours are getting setup, and you are actually making some profits (if you are lucky). The final stage is "professional" here you will find bands who tour everyday, here you find typical bands like: Napalm death, TriggerFinger, Morbid angel, ClawBoysClaw, Jean Michel jarre and probably Kraftwerk

These 3 stages are STILL NOT the mainstream, it's different with that one.

There is another seperate area which is called the mainstream, and here you will find typical entertaiment for the "normal" people, but then in somekind of genres, artists like: Lady gaga, Justin bieber, Rihanna are for the kids and teens, Billy joel, TOTO, Bon Jovi and so on are for the elder ones, then you have other bands like: Rammstein, Avril Lavigne, limbizkut, linkin park and Marylin Manson for the more alternative mainstream orientated people. And offcourse mainstream hiphop and so on. And offcourse every country has it own national mainstream artist (in Holland it are: Marco Borsato, Ali B, Gordon, Gerard Joling, Frans Bauer)

Now, what has this to do with the "illuminati" and the "control", you must understand that the bands in the mainstream are just nothing more than modern ways to keep people satisfied and happy. It prevents unrest, just like everything else you see in the media today. Normal people who aren't into "Conspiracy's" will have no idea of this all, they just go on happy with their lives.

Now, how I got into this mess is easy to explain, I always knew that I was going to do that. I've made a CD, and did a tour through my country. But I don't want to tell you my "artist" name because of some privacy reasons. Also I've used "illuminati" symbolism in my cd-artwork, and darn, it worked !

I'm convinced that all of this is true because of the tellings I've read from the Ra material, and HiddenHand's window of oppertunity topic and more stuff like that. Things like: "you will become what you think of", "you are born into this" "we got here through natural selection" are statements which are true, everything for your life is set at the beginning of it. You can keep yourself on that track with the "free will" thing, if you choose not to do so, the consequences will be disastrous. I've chosen not to do it anymore because it felt not good for me and when I made that decision a pretty part of my life was ruined. I didnt have bankruptcy, but are on the edge of it. I have a education as graphic designer for the printing industry (pretty nice eh?), but thats a really hard market to get on. Now I'm doing work in somekind of industrial plant, which is below my "education" but I'm pretty happy that I at least have something to do.

Also I don't think that the illuminati is some kind of "shadowgroup" like the government, or bankers or whatever. It's something which goes beyond everything, more like somekind of invisible "force" which can be used in certain ways. Just look at that typical illuminati pyramid symbol, the top (with the eye) is seperated from the rest for a reason !

Hope this will help.


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posted on Mar, 12 2011 @ 11:27 AM
Oh and remember

This things will only occur if it is meant to be like that. I've been into this because I had to been there.

There is some programming in that world, but it comes all in a natural way, not forced and it can be described as a "learning progress". If you know enough, the rest will come automatically. It took me for about 10 years or so to get to that point were I was.

Let me explain: At an age of 13 (or something like that) I stumbled on the internet on those illuminati/nwo/ufo/conspiracy/niberu subjects and my intrest was growing in it. People who don't have somekind of particulair role in the game, will leave it for what it is and will probably call it rubbish and will move on with their lifes. My career as a musician started at an age of 23, I wass composing alone for about a year, and then release the whole thing into the public and started to arrange gigs. It was pretty remarkable how easy it all was going for me, pretty quick I was playing through the whole country and I even got a tour, and that bands or musicians who where 100 times better or been busy for a longer time still struggle to get a couple of gigs or exposure for years.

I am convinced that there is somekind of "thing" which directs everything in this world, in a way which can be described as somekind of invisible "influence", but the free will wil let those choose what to do with that "influence". So I warn you to choose carefully. I didn't choose carefully, and I regret it.
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posted on Apr, 2 2011 @ 02:53 AM
I have to say, I LOVED what you wrote. It seemed so honest and i feel that you really know what you are talking about.

I have a lot of friends in the music every level and a few on the very top. I see how it works, no one needs to tell me. Thank you for this post

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