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9:11 time on my clock

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posted on Mar, 12 2011 @ 03:26 AM
Ive woken up for 2 days in a row now, the 11th and 12th of march and have been awake in bed just laying there and when i roll over and open up my flip phone, both times the time has read 9:11.
now im not jumping to any conclusions because it could be coincedence but i find it real strange that its happening around the tim of this quake which is real devestation.
Anyone else having weird times that their waking up or should i say precise times.
If this happes again tommorow i'll be tripped out, i said "no way" to myself this morning because it was a bit weird.

posted on Mar, 12 2011 @ 04:02 AM
Hey bro!
I take it you don't work otherwise you would be at work by 9:11

Yeah it's wierd I have to agree. There have been so many wierd things happening to me lately and others I notice so often that now I don't pay much attention to them. I work full time and enjoy my job but when I'm not there, I try to live for the moment and get the best out of each 1 I can.

I feel that something BIG is going to happen soon and we won't be able to stop it. I guess we just gotta go with it and trust to fate or destiny or whatever.

Peace brother

posted on Mar, 12 2011 @ 05:04 AM
Yeah mate,i honestly see the time 9:11 or 21:11 about 10 times a week,it doesnt mean anything but it is strange,i think because its such a significant pair of numbers you remember them and they stand out and subconsciously now i look at the clock at that exact time, strange

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