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Problem, cause and solution?

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posted on Mar, 12 2011 @ 01:15 AM
Hi everyone, I dont know if this is the right place for this, these things have been in my head screaming to get out for ages, I hope you enjoy reading it, if not then well Im sure you will make that known!

Anyway, here it is;

Is it me or does it seem like earth is having a major hissy fit lately? My heart goes out to all affected by the floods and earthquakes, the most recent one, we have followed- with shock, in Japan.

So what is going on? Here we have the proponents of polar shifts, there we have the believers of comets and nibiru, over yonder stands the "wrath of God" crowd, and all about wanders the sombre tones of science "nothing to see here folks, just nature at its finest/most destructive".... I dont know, maybe they are all correct. All morning I myself followed a thread about yellowstone possibly being woken, my mother ended up turning off my comp and taking me out to lunch, just to stop me having a heart attack (not really
) I was so anxious.....

And things are fudged are they not? Insane, and as if in accordance to the crazy we see out there people too seem to be suffering ailments of the psychological kind. My mother works in a hospital, mental health, and everyday she is run off her feet trying to help people who call them for assistance.... Although apparently this is normal, which in itself is sad.
And we watch as people in Egypt topple their government, and we cheer as people in Libya confront a psycho with fire power behind him and we look at our own streets and.... Nothing. Nothing? Not a mummer? My country of birth is in the process of being screwed royally by an increasingly fascist government, the country of my residence is under threat of being taxed to death so soon after devestating floods and cyclones have hit them hard, and from what I gather American people cant even get proper healthcare when they need it (my mother was watching Dr Oz yesterday), things are hard everywhere, for everyone, and yet we look at the streets outside our parliment buildings and not a wimper, just millions of scurrying feet, scurrying to their jobs, scurriying to the pubs, scurrying this way and that.

And we scream in frustration, and we jump on the internet, and we ask eacthother WTF???!
And this one says this and, and the other says that and all the while the world goes on spinning ever closer, it seems, to its own annihalation. And we tell eachother, we say; "revolution, revolution like Egypt, like our proud past (if your country had a revolution in the proud past) its what our forbears would have done!" and we argue about what kind of revolution is needed and we argue over how and we argue and the world spins on....
Not a murmmer.

This is how we will meet the dawn.
In silent protest.
Nothing changes for the many....

Things will never change because we, that is humanity as a whole, have given the keys of our own salvation to those who would save only their own. Things will never change because we are playing a game we did not create. Things will never change becuase deep down, very deep down, we dont actually want to change things - not really. Not enough so that things are all equal for everyone, not so that there is no heirarchy system anywhere, not so that everyone has access to the things we actually do need and the comforts we can all have for free if we wanted them free.
No, we are playing their game, with their rules, enjoying the fruits/rewards they provide for us to keep us happy/comftable enough in their game, no option is our own when it is within the parameters of their game, therefore destiny is not our own.

And we lie to ourselves too, we know that the whole game is rigged, deep down we know that even when taking on longer hours at work or accepting that promotion we will never have that slice of pie baked only for a select few, but we carry on anyway, we play their game and tell ourselves that its all worth it that we are ok. And we know that its wrong.

So very, very wrong.

And so we sponser a child, we set up charities and donate money, and we flock to our churches and pray to God for a revival, and we work harder for longer and the upper class throw fancy charity dinners and pat themselves on the back for all the good they do for the poor people, and the artsy types create ground breaking works of art telling us what we already know (that its all stupid) and we ohh and we ahh and give them enormous amounts of money, and the greenies get angry with the government for doing nothing about the killing of whales and the suppression of Tibet and whatever they get angry about and they march and they protest and they make movies about chickens that gross out meat eaters, and we all feel a bit better because of these these things, all breathe a sigh of relief and lie to ourselves that we have done enough - leave the true work to the Jesus's and mother Teresa's of the world- and the they smile and keep pouring oil into the sea, keep tearing down rainforests, continue to poisen everything under the sun and make everything natural illegal and criminal, while at the same time preaching to us that we have to start living more "green" and we do nothing to stop them, we just b###h about it.
Because we have been conditioned.

Yes even the "aware" are still locked.

But it doesnt have to be this way.
They want you to feel guilty, guilty enough to accept taxes, guilty enough to buy their bs, guilty enough to agree to eugenics in all its forms, guilty enough to latch on to the myriad of solutionless solutions they throw at us, guilty enough to be distracted by television/media/religion/race/"culture"/our many differences..... Because if we do not face our "guilt" and find its root cause, they get to keep "choosing" for us.... And nothing changes, which is what they want.

They will have their power and their wealth and their knowledge, and they will survive, and when the earth is still they and their thankfull chosen will drink from the new wine, inherit Eden, and when the population begins to grow again they will start over and they will keep their power and their wealth and their knowledge and continue to screw the masses for all of time..... Until the masses rise up, until we realise that we too can be Jesus, that the only saviour we need is us, that we can screw them simply by not playing their game! Where would their power be then? What use would their gold be if we stop attaching value to it? What would their "secret" knowledge get them if we too ate from the tree?

We - the slaves- are their most profitable asset and their biggest enemy, for if we collectivly, globally, drop the ball and chain, refuse to follow their game plan and CHOOSE for ourselves what path we should take, then their power would be no more, and something like heaven would dawn.....
But how can we? If we are programmed/conditioned, can we choose anything different?
Ahh, see the creator has made a provision for Adam and Eve, all we need to do is flick the switch.

There is a voice of truth within us all, the wholy spirit calls out to us "Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and shew thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not", listen to the spirit, if you are Christian take some time off work (if you have a family to feed and bills to juggle then atleast devote your nights to it) turn off the telly retreat to your prayer closet and meditate on God and see if my words be true (dont rely on the pulpit to dictate to you what truth is and who hears it better than you, if you are Buddhist or Ba'hai or Hindu or Islamic or Athiest or whatever, turn off your telly (television) and meditate, open your third eye and see the truth of things, for it is there for us all, no matter how hard the elite try they can never silence the voice of the creator and if we listen for that voice, that small voice within us all we will be shown the way, and we too will survive, and we too shall "drink from the sweet fruit of the vine, the waters of life" we too shall be the inheritors of Eden and the sceptre of the gods shall be broken......

In closing, I understand the frustration, living in a world that seems bent on its own destruction, a world where we can see the evil yet feel unable to put a stop to it, a world where truth is beginning to seep through the veil yet the majority mock it, mock you for voicing it, but the time is coming when the heavens will change and we also will have to change - or meet our end - when that change comes I hope like hell you are tuned in to the voice I mentioned above and not the lies preached from the pulpit of every snake oil merchant and theif, because I really dont want their empire to continue...... I want us to continue.

The saviour is you, and this is your heaven, Choose to make it so.

If not today then when, if not you then who? If not me...... Then they...

Its our choice.

posted on Mar, 12 2011 @ 01:19 AM
reply to post by Rhebefree

wonderful thoughts

flag from me

posted on Mar, 12 2011 @ 01:24 AM
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I love your signiture

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