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"Winning" Tiger Blood Recipes for Your Inner Gnarlington

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posted on Mar, 11 2011 @ 10:47 PM
With Charlie Sheen avatars popping up all over, and the days tragic events I thought this seemed a little lighthearted and amusing. We can never have enough of that IMO.

We knew it wouldn't be long before anybody and everybody was going to try to make a buck off of this now infamous "Warlock".
And so it begins....

Since Charlie Sheen began his incomprehensible weeks-long rant extolling the virtues of “winning,” Vatican assassin warlocks, and underwear-clad strafing runs, few things have captured the public's imagination more than his claim to have tiger blood flowing through his veins.

Of course, not everyone has the life essence of a great cat running through them, powering all the poetry in their fingertips and miraculous abilities to turn tin cans into pure gold. Even hitmaker P. Diddy produced a rare flop when he tweeted his own recipe for a tiger blood cocktail that combined cranberry juice and Ciroc Red Berry vodka for a drink more likely to inspire girlish giggles than the battle cries of …”deadly and dangerous and secret and silent soldiers.”

Some formulas are more likely to rouse the beast within. TY KU, an Asian wine and spirit distiller has the right idea with a Bloody Mary-inspired drink that mixes tomato juice, soy sauce, wasabi, and lime in a bracing mix that even the bravest of Sheen's soldiers might balk at. And there are plenty of other cocktails that are tailor-made to convert even the most unevolved fools and trolls into tiger-blooded gnarly gnarlingtons.

Here are a few guaranteed to put the Chuck Lorre in your life on notice:

I will not post the recipes here, as I am not sure how the mods would look at it. There are several different ones at this link for those who might want a little Tiger In Their Tank

It's all about *WINNING*. .... crazy

posted on Mar, 12 2011 @ 07:39 AM
I applaud Charlie for having the courage to call out the President and pity him for what he is now enduring. Being bi-polar myself, it pisses me off how many unqualified people think it is okay to designate a mental health diagnosis on Mr. Sheen. Charlie is enduring the curse of success that has crushed many before him. How well would any of us make out in life if we were raised without want, were handed millions of dollars for every TV show episode taped and had people on the street telling us they loved us? Fame and success come at a very high price. I don't know how well I would do if I were in Charlies custom Italian shoes.

If I had the opportunity to drink with Charlie I would serve him one of my favorites, the Rusty Nail. Equal parts Scotch and Scotch liquor in a Tumbler glass on the rocks. The breakfast of champions.

I wish Charlie Sheen the best. I hope he gets a hold on things before it goes beyond only his career, family and his reputation being ruined. Thank you Charlie & everyone that gave us so many laughs on 2 1/2 Men. Good luck man.


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