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Mother Earth is out of balance -...badly

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posted on Dec, 19 2011 @ 06:55 PM

Originally posted by Somehumanbeing
Bloody hell, this forum seems to be a magnet for many self-loathing depressive/teenage angst ridden drama queens.

Tomorrow, a car crash will happen down the street of their residence and they'll say Mother Nature farted.

BlackOps719 sounds like the type ripe for performing massacres.

People just need something to hate now-a-days it seems.

By the way, to all those complaining about us leeching of the earth's "blood" and etc etc. Why are you even using a computer you hypocrite? Have you no idea of how your computer is powered?
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ah, you got me wrong! it's self loathing depressive ADULT angst ridden...etc. haven't been a teenager for quite some time.

bite me sweetheart. you sound a bit aggressive btw.

i don't think we need to dispense with technology to go green - i'm all for green technology - e.g. i think we could learn from scientists like victor schauberger about how to let our technology follow nature rather than fighting it. So at present unfortunately, the only way i can communicate with darling humans - is via their own technology - hence the computer. i suppose i could send you some happy chill out vibes, cuz you badly need them.

perhaps you should spend more time looking into science instead of taking snipes at others trying to get people to think and make changes - then you might see that scientists are every day making discoveries that lead them to conclude that plants have a type of consciousness - they sense intent and emotions...

i did a thread on the intelligence and memory of water - there's masuro emoto's work there

you can live in your sad little box if you want. but the world's a more interesting place than perhaps you think.

an intelligent planet? why not?

you're supposedly alive and intelligent aren't you? yet you're made out of star dust ultimately.

where do you think your consciousness came from?

where does any consciousness come from?

because something sounds silly to you based on a very limited earth education system, doesn't mean it IS silly.

do you really think you and earth scientists know all there is to know about life and consciousness?

if so the universe would be a damn boring place.

thank god its not that boring.
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posted on Dec, 19 2011 @ 07:21 PM

Originally posted by Psychoparrot

Originally posted by rapunzel222

Originally posted by beezzer
I take it that this thread was created in response to the tragedy in Japan.
Anthropomorphize much?

Humans are an arrogant species that actually think that since we build big buildings and create roads and civilizations, that we can govern a planet.

The earth's crust only accounts for 1% of the total mass of the planet. We occupy 0.5% of that crust. Try to put things in perspective here. We occupy 0.000005% of the planet. (if my math is correct)

It's nice to be poetic, I suppose, but reality has to enter the picture sooner or later.
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ah its so sweet to see the modern scientific rhetoric being spat out like its the gospel truth.

just like in the old days when christianity was the gospel truth.

propaganda at schools and uni clearly does work.

all you 'science worshippers' might want to consider that the science you worship which you think proves everything is unemotional and unconscious might lead you in a very strange and interesting direction in the future.

or maybe you just dont know enough science to know that the stuff i'm talking about is not so crazy afterall..


no use talking to you guys...

it'll probably take a few pole shifts before any sense gets through by the looks of it.

rapunzel222 - I coundn't agree more with the comments you have made here and it was a joy to see them, so I hope you don't leave the room.

I'd rather live in your world, or should I say reality, than many peoples' here. Science as a belief system is a pretty dodgy one to have complete faith in, and every civilisation over the course of history seem to have been convinced they knew what was what.....until the next event/discovery.

Also, as I understand things, scientific research these days goes with the money, no potential profits then don't bother. What could we be actually missing out on?

The concept of the Earth being Gaia, a living organism in her own right, has always struck a chord in me, and for years I have said that humanity is like a nasty dose of lice, initially just a nuicance, eventually a major infestation with terrible irritation.

Mother Earth having a scratch?

thanks matey.

yeah, look, for all the cranky people who replied, this thread is not supposed to be a beat you up, attack on humans

it's just supposed to make people stop and think a bit.

there ARE things we can do - whether you think the earth is conscious or not - you gotta admit we're trashing our home planet right?

but there are real things PEOPLE can do to turn it around!

go solar, go green, spread the word about using non toxic and natural buildling materials
limit our population size of humans; educate women - this produces an immediate population limiting effect; so that the animals and plants on this planet (WHICH BENEIFT US TOO e.g. MEDICINES, CLEAN AIR ETC, ) have room to live as well. we can't just overrun the whole thing. ANIMALS need space to roam in their natural habitat - not zoos for human consumption

as for the 'what am i doing about it' attacks -

well, look peoples. i wasn't born with the gifts some of you are born with - like ability to invent things, to build things, to organise people to do stuff and so on.

if i have a gift - it's sometimes that i can just SEE stuff - i can see the right way to go - and i use that ability to tell others what i see.

and i hope that they listen and act on it, if they're the acting type

it takes all types. i am using my abilities to try to help people.

i often wish i had more hands on skills to build things or invent things - but it's not my area

there are many who can act on this stuff tho - can start a business using organic hair products; can open an organic healthy food chain; can start to insist on and campaign for animal rights - the more people that start acting on it the better.

i do act on my own advice to the extent i can. I use organic products. I planted a garden for food. i'm gonna try to buy old antique furniture etc so i dont cut down more trees if i get a house; my family has put up solar panels etc. i dont eat caged chickens or cage eggs; i dont eat pork or beef cuz of animal cruelty in those industries etc.

but the first barrier to change is getting people to think differently. if people are refusing even to think about change and instead just attack others who make suggestions and try to get others to wake up; nothings ever gonna change. so sometimes getting people to think is the hardest job and th most important anyway. once people change their minds they can easily act on it. a lot of people are 'doers'...

posted on Dec, 19 2011 @ 07:30 PM
one thing i was gonna say is; i think we really create our own reality.

we all CAN and we all DO.

if we want to live on a beautiful planet, where nature thrives, animals thrive and humans are healthy and the air is clean and no one is overworked and everything is shared and no children starve, ... then we CAN.

if everyone wants it - it WILL happen.

but everyone - or at least the majority of ppl - has to want it.

if instead people want money, possessions, power of others, power over animals, etc... then that is the reality that will manifest. and it does.

the more people who change their minds about waht they want from this life and reality - the more likely IT is to change.
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posted on Dec, 19 2011 @ 07:40 PM
reply to post by LeoVirgo

sure she does. and sure there are cycles and massive changes in the past.

the indian texts say that there have been intelligent races inhabiting this planet for a LONG LONG LONG time....

who can say waht caused past changes?

sure there are cycles - that's one way you can look at it

but if you believe their is a purpose to everything, then it can all be organised so to speak...

regular cycles maybe, because beings need to learn and grow, so the cycles have to exist - and we all have to go through this so we can evolve or change???

that's one possible way of seeing it.

on one level - you're right - the earth will rebalance because its part of a cycle - it must rebalance if need be

but for all you know - things like mass unhappiness - or mass unthankfulness and unkindness - may feed into some biological impulse that determines whether a big rebalancing is needed in a particular cycle or not....

or look at it another way. if a planet (or person) is sick (or imbalanced - sickness is just imbalance to the chinese medicine system) ; and you start doing the right things - you can rebalance or cure the person /planet.

you don't do the right things, then the sickeness/imbalance continues - and everyone knows what happens if you get TOO sick - it starts to get messy and unpleasant.

this thread isn't to scare people or get mad at people - not intended that way - just to get ppl thinking that's all

cuz i believe there ARE things we can do to rebalance the earth.

forget the emotional side if you aren't comfortable with a conscious planet.

just think of it as an organism with disease - i.e. pollution, waste, islands of plastic in the ocean - that's interfering with its proper functioning. so it needs to be treated - i.e. end the pollution, waste, islands of plastic - be smart - figure out ways not to trash the place and to live on it without interfering with its proper functioning.

that's all. that shud make sense to a scientist then?

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