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How are we going to create jobs and rebuild our economy? What is the best path to take?

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posted on Mar, 12 2011 @ 08:30 AM
Don't forget option 4 a solid world war wich forced the USA to fight on two fronts like they did during WW2 would be a huge economic boost. Take a look at some of the old films from the 40's the USA economy was booming and is probably the leading factor in it becoming the leading economic country it is today. A new WW would leave the other countries economies and infrastructure in ruins as was the case with Europe following WW2. This would be much easier and longer lasting than the trade wars that would follow your option 3.

But truth be known with the political polarizition in the USA today I do believe option 1 is the most likely to happen.

posted on Mar, 19 2011 @ 07:37 PM
This topic is intellectual mastribation. The US is lost and lost because selfish, greedy narcissistic Americans are collectively experiencing cognitive disonance fail to think critically and conclude that what the media says does not compute. The globalists control education, medicine and healthcare, food and have hijacked the executive, judical and legislative branches of government as well as the military. They have also taken over the fourth estate, the MSM. Like a parasite the globalists have hijacked the host (government) and are using it for their own purposes. It is ingenious because they control the way your tax money is spent simply by investing in the election process.
The banksters have bought everyone off and now are in a process of engorging themselves financially at the expense of the Public. It is a classic example of fascism where corporations control government and consolidate power so that it ultimately consists of monopolies. While corporations outsource and offshore in a struggle to survive the banksters are racking in record profits which they keep and they change accounting rules and hand off the loses to government so that the little people can pick up the tab. It is quite a brilliant plan and the globalists have written about it and for the inquisitive person the info is easy to find. Most of the public is completely unaware of the strategy and end game. The observe crisis after crises as a series of random unconnected events. They have lost the ability to think critically and, even if they believe these events are part of a greater plan they feel powerless to step up and resist.
The greater part of the public thinks one dimensionally and anyone who suggests that things are not black and white is written off as a conspiracy nut with a tin foil hat. The one dimensional crowd is all for the Patriot Act just because it has the word Patriot in it and they feel it applies only to guys wearing turbans. They do not realize that under section 802 you can be arrested under this act for a misdemeanor. The public likes the government under the FISA act to have free reign over eavesdropping. They fail to see that it is part of a control grid. Full body scanners are good because the catch the terrorists as soon as they step off a plane or try to board one. They care not about the harmful radiation from the machines. They fail to see the contradiction of not protecting the borders while they lock down the airports. The believe anyone wearing a turban cannot read the papers and figure out the best way in is across a pooly protected border.
They see the health care bill as symptomatic of a gov't who really cares. They fail to see that it does not cover pre-existing conditions, provides for death panels and forces you to take all manditory vaccinations or lose coverage. It is about control over healthcare choices. Big pharma now gets immunity for any side affects from medications.
Government still mandates fluoride in water systems even though it greatly increases the risk of bone cancer, lowers IQ, causes dental fluorosis and brittle bones. There is a lot of evidence that GMO foods contribute to illnesses such as allergies and intestinal problems. GMO food is held to the "substantial equivalence" standard. That means if it looks the same then it is. Tests with animals where they are given a choice of natural or GMO food will invariably refuse the GMO food and instead always choose the natural variety. Mercury is an ingredient in High Fructose corn syrup and we all know about aspertime. They don't see these as soft kill weapons to help reduce population.
The fact that someone paid $1.5 million to put up a stonehenge style polished granite monument in a Georgia field stating the globalist agenda is just another conspiracy theory. Can you wonder why the globalists despise and hate humanity and look on humanity with total contempt. It is like telling the cattle that they are headed to the slaughter house for termination and they calmly excepted the verdict and walked into the back of the truck to enjoy the ride. Bill Gates has even made video presentations with formulas showing the world population is a problem. In the next breath he talks about delivering vaccines via mosquitoes to save humanity. Nobody senses a contradiction here. Any wonder why Ted Turner calls us useless eaters.
People still naively believe that America is in 150 countries fighting for freedom. The US military is in 150 countries trying to lock down and control through force and revolution remaining resources for themselves using naively patriotic american blood and money. America does not send in troops to protect attrocities in Sudan but they are out their front and center for Afghanistan, Iraq and now Lybia. Rather that pin medals on soldiers they should do like they do in Nascar and pin corporate crests like Exxon, Chevron, Mobil etc. to their uniforms. Americans don't want war but they are in endless wars to keep companies like Boeing, Locheed, various weapons makers strong and healthy as well as the big oil companies. Wars also enable the CIA to get into drug rich countries so that they can market illegal drugs and launder profits through big banks to fund black ops programs. All of this benefits the globalists.
Wars will not end, corporate lobbying will not end, campaign financing that skews campaigns and encourages corruption will continue. The globalists are using the Cloward Piven strategy to bankrupt and collapse the American Empire. Illegal immigration is encouraged and government pays for their special education needs and provides welfare and medicine for them. Carbon taxes are coming and a host of other taxes to help fund social programs. The consumer represented 70% of GDP. He is deeply in debt and sinking and has no money to spend. The pacifier for the little people are extended unemployment benefits and food stamps. This is financed by borrowing from foreigners. Foreigners are walking away from the currency and soon will abandon it.
Hypothetically if Americans would educate themselves and wake up the coming disaster could be avoided. They need first to realize that the debt based currency system is a giant ponzi scheme and a fraud. The federal Reserve is private and prints $$ from nothing and charges the gov't interest on it. The more the public and gov't goes into debt the better it is for the bankers as they print more $$ and collect more interest. It is a rigged game. The mandate of the Federal Reserve was to ensure full employment and guarantee a stable currency . They have done neither. Unemployment is at 22% and all countries except the US want a new world currency. The great depression was under their watch and we are entering a greater depression. Most of the debt is owed to the bankers who created it from nothing. Bankers could care less about employment levels and unemployment. For them their selfish mandate is to save big banks and big banks only.
OK here is my solution to turning America around.
- Abolish the Fed
- Make it illegal to lobby congress and other government officials.
- No outside campaign funding. The govenrment allocates funds for candidates and limits campaign expenses to funds issued by gov't
- Congressmen or senators or cabinet level positions including the president will get finded and heavy prison terms for corruption convictions as well as loss of pension.
- Reinstate Glass Steagle and make derivatives illegal. Regulate hedge funds. Dump the Frank/ Dodd financial reform legislation. Dump the Clinton Financial modernization legislation and also the Gramm, Leach, Bailey legislation.
- Have non partisan investigations into financial fraud and corruption and bring CEO's and others to trial and make the penalties stick and sentences severe with no parole. Re-open 9/11 as it was given an $11 million budget; not enough to do a throrough investigation.
- Erect a firewall between Wall Street, Treasury and the Regulators. Prohibit gov't employees from accepting employment with Wall Street firms. Prohibit Wall street from taking treasury jobs.
- Limit liability claims against corporations.
- Renegotiate or reneg on WTO and other trade agreements. Make sure there is a level playing field in trade. Non compliers to be hit with tariffs and other trade barriers. Make trade fair.
- Increase transparency of government, particularly NSA, CIA and other alphabet soup agencies. Overhaul the excuse of "National Security" as a catch all.
- Break up the media and set limits on the number of outlets a corporation can own
- Introduce a balanced budget amendment.
- Get the government out of education so that people don't get a propagandized education
- Get back to the constitution and abolish any law that is in conflict with the constitution or bill of rights. Treaties cannot supercede the constitution.
- Get the military back home where it belongs. This alone would save almost a $trillion per year.
- Go back to paper ballots
- Legalize drugs. There are too many incentives to keep the drug trade going. The FTA and DEA have a vested interested in continuing the drug trade as well as the CIA. De-criminalization will not increase consumption as Holland proved but it will take the profit out of it and drug related crime will disappear.
All of this is wishful thinking as the public stumbles along blaming guys in Turbans for crises and not the Banksters in Armani suits. Nothing will change as the country like a Lemming heads for the abyss.

posted on Mar, 26 2011 @ 04:45 AM
Skimmed through the thread that is predicably filled with the lattice of interlocking and self reinforcing fallicies that plague us a species, and will continue to do so, until keynes and his hocus pocus ideas are relegated to the dustbin of history. (just as the idea of the main who coined that phrase have been.)

Consider this. Not one man on this planet, living or dead, can or could have, from beggining to end, produce a single pencil. Im not talking about a crudely fashioned pencil - like drawing stick, but a pencil that you probably have 10s of in your house. Planed into a hexagonal (or however many sides it has) cylinder of composite wood of some form, with a hollowed center where your basic HB granite stick resides and branded with some sort of logo that proclaims its make and maker. A simple device, comparatively, to the infinitely complex devices we take for granted every day, such as this computer you are using right now.

Again, not one person on Earth posseses even a fraction of the overall knowlege and capability required to produce just one pencil. No man could possibly understand and execute the mechanism by which a single pencil comes into being. No person does or could possibly know the intracacies of the granite mining process in all of its generational detail and skill. No one man could know how to extract the wood and other synethtics required for the shaft of the pencil, and he certainly couldnt know how to create, manufacture, maintain and service all the machinery that is devoted and aim by the combined knowlege of others that specialize in delivering pencil shafts to his factory, which contain innumerable mechanisms and systems that he couldnt possibly master by himself. (or would want to)

So if the most capable and brilliant minds in the world are unable to plan and produce the most simplest devices, that enrich our lives and we take for granted, how on earth could we have the gall to assume that an individual, or a group of individuals, could even hope, for a second, to be able to plan and direct the flow of i billions of peoples infinite and individual desires, all to their mutual benefit?

If one man (or a small group of them) is unable to plan and execute the productions of pencils, how could we, sanely and without embarrassment, expect a small group of individuals to pass universal decrees that we all must abide by (under threat of violece) and expect it to come out good?

And here lies the central flaw in human thinking, that in this case is manifested in flawed economic 'plans'. That a small group of humans can posses the infinite wisdom and foresight (and neccessary lack of self interest) to centrally plan and control the destinies of millions, if not billions of people. Humans a demonstratably incapable of acting outside of self interest, and irrefutably unable to forsee and provide for the infinite desires of each individual. Thus central planning must, and always will, fail, just as a thrown object will always return to a state of rest.

So the answer, if i could approximate one, is to do *nothing*. It is to pass no new stimulus. It is not to pass new laws and force people to abide at the point of a gun. It is not to borrow from the future generations to placate the current one. In short, it is to let people spontaneously organize, uninhibited by the threat of violece. The proper course is to set not central course at all, and to allow individuals to plot their own destinies.

Get violence out of our lives (in the form of taxes, regulations, laws, fines, fees, tarrifs, ect ect) and allow man to persue his self interest unhindered, as long as his aggresses on no one.

Its sad that the concept of freedom is so radical these days, but, as history shows, both past and currently unfolding, top down, centralized control must always fail.

Leave us be. Freedom is the only true breeding ground to prosperity.
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posted on Mar, 29 2011 @ 09:14 PM

Originally posted by TechVampyre
Our economy has failed us how many times..? and you want to rebuild it ..why?..I say let it go..We need to adopt a better system, I have no suggestions on it..But think about it for a minute..Why would we turn back to a system that has failed us time and time again..

Our Economy has failed us because of one thing.

A Central Banking System every time has been the cause of our economy tanking. The Federal Reserve has got to go as it was written by 5 banking families who at the time owned 25% of the entire worlds wealth. It was then forced on congress to put into law and ultimately the only reason we have unconstitutional US government control usurped upon the State and ultimately us.

Why do you think we pay taxes to the IRS, cause they are the enforcement arm of The Federal Reserve. Neither one is a part of the US government but are a corporation separate from them. They then in return give paper debt to the federal reserve. This is why we have Public Debt!

So I agree we need to go back to the old days and take care of our neighbors and provide food and services throughout. We don't need money as it is something that was just made up out of thin air. With all the resources we have in this country we don't need anyone other than "We The People"

I fear that if this were to happen that you would see some rogue entity destroying a lot of what we have so we would have to turn elsewhere.

We need to keep this page on the front page for more members to see.

Everyone reading this in the United States of America needs to go out in your community and talk to everyone including small governments and take it to the State government. You get enough people at the State level in enough state and hopefully all of them. We could remove the control of US government on the States and return the power to us.

Need to do this now before the plug gets pulled on the Internet and before the politicians in the US government get too scared and call the UN for help after they start shooting on us.

posted on Mar, 30 2011 @ 06:30 AM
Why don't we start off by doing things that worked in the Clinton era? Like raising taxes on the rich 3% or more?

posted on Mar, 30 2011 @ 06:39 AM

Originally posted by David9176
reply to post by orionthehunter

Corporations here in the US are already importing engineers and other highly skilled workers.

The last company I worked for, a profitable company with over 400 employees, decided to relocate to Mexico....just for the sake of increasing profits to boost stocks for shareholders. It was the only reason it was done. Everyone at my factory lost their job...although they had the option to MOVE TO MEXICO and still stay with the company which virtually no one did. I actually had to train my replacement who didn't speak a lick of English. I even had a translator with me at all times. They were going to pay him less than 2 dollars an hour...but I had to do it or risk the chance of losing my job and hence unemployment benefits and a 1000 bonus if I stayed till my end date. I had to have a buffer till I could find another job. I'd also like to add that my former workplace was NOT in a union. We never fought for anything there. They treated us well. our plant manager actually cried as he told all 400 of us at the same time that we were losing our jobs...he was losing his also as well.
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I don't know where your located but that is exactly what happened to Maytag in Newton Iowa. Maytag moved their manufacturing to Mexico and they closed the plant. Luckily, the Iowa Speedway was later built in Newton and there are now some seasonal jobs, and a plant opened to manufacture wind turbines, but I dont think Newton has completely recovered. NAFTA was the dumbest law ever created and put a nail in the coffin of the American economy. Repeal NAFTA!!

posted on Mar, 30 2011 @ 07:26 AM
Well, there is a way you can reduce defficit and create jobs at the same time : BUY LOCAL! The West is spending a large ammount of money buying useless crap manufactured by slave-people in China or other counties. Be a minimalist ! Do not buy stuff just because you see commercials on TV or you see the products on WM. Buy exactly what you need, be efficient with what you have. trow away less stuff, get less loans. This way you also help the environment by producing less trash. Buy local food, choose the one that is less packed and uses less chemicals. And in the end - avoid making business with big corporations you feel they are evil. If you woek for a corporation like this , try to get a job on a smaller local business. Do not give money and feed the corporations, and do not work for them.

All the best!
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posted on Mar, 31 2011 @ 01:06 AM
Restoration of the United States of North America Republic, and any aboriginal indigenous sovereign nation/peoples is the very first step imo. The root of the problem I see is the de facto structure.

posted on Mar, 31 2011 @ 09:47 PM
reply to post by Infrasilent

We don't even have to do that. Just re-employ the thousands of engineers and technicians in their fifties and sixties who have a lot of experience and who were laid off. I know as I am one of them.

posted on Apr, 6 2011 @ 07:25 PM
First thing that needs to be done is to tax companies and the upper class correctly. The problem with the system now is that the upper 5% percent controls makes about a third of the economy in America and about 15 years ago that didn't wasn't the case. Once you have that money you reinvest in rebuilding the roads and schools

posted on Apr, 10 2011 @ 07:06 PM
The easy answer is to get back to the basics.

1. Innovate, keep creating new companies and restore production capabilities.
Expand the space industry as the rewards would be stellar (
) from moon/mars mining and technology advancement.

2. Have productive immigration, rather than uneducated crimminals.

3. Cut much of the welfare programs for unproductive people.

posted on Apr, 11 2011 @ 06:23 AM
We need to get rid of money altogether along with the government!

All worldly governments are corrupt and always put themselves or those they want above all else. Then we need to put in place a council pretty much like a jury.

The only laws we should have to adhere to are common sense, so in other words if you do harm to another person or destroy something of theirs then you have to answer to the council. Everyone would have to sit on this council at some point as we would rotate out of it.

This is the only way to change the seemingly innate nature that all politicians/leaders seem to fall in line with. Greed and corruption would be gone as all living humans are equal and no one would have complete power. This seems to me the intentions of the founders of USA but has been stolen away from us by greedy people.

posted on Apr, 11 2011 @ 06:39 AM

Originally posted by IncognitoGhostman
We need to get rid of money altogether along with the government!

All worldly governments are corrupt and always put themselves or those they want above all else. Then we need to put in place a council pretty much like a jury.

The only laws we should have to adhere to are common sense, so in other words if you do harm to another person or destroy something of theirs then you have to answer to the council. Everyone would have to sit on this council at some point as we would rotate out of it.

This is the only way to change the seemingly innate nature that all politicians/leaders seem to fall in line with. Greed and corruption would be gone as all living humans are equal and no one would have complete power. This seems to me the intentions of the founders of USA but has been stolen away from us by greedy people.

I like the way you think .

Money replaced by Credit and Governments replaced by Councils .


posted on Apr, 11 2011 @ 12:53 PM
reply to post by 23432

You almost understand what I'm saying but missing the most important part. Why the need for anything that has to do with monetary value. Even credit would lead to chaos and control even more so than our money that we have today. Mainly because you would still be dependent upon having credit that is given to you by another man and thus the cycle continues just in a different avenue.

There is and should be no reason to deny any person food or anything that someone else has just because you can. Take education for example in the United States they want to add more to spending when US already spends more on education yet are near the bottom in results. That shows you money isn't the answer, it's changing the system of education to provide the needs of the child and not numbers.

Our society as a whole has just gotten lazy and complacent and is relying more and more on someone else to do things for them. We need to start doing again and stop raping and pillaging from others for satisfaction.

I do see this country as a modern day Sodom & Gomorrah and this will be the down fall. We just sit back and listen to these politicians argue about everything and not doing anything. What do we do, we sit and complain about them not doing anything then just go about our pitiful existence. This is why nothing is going to change until it's too late and I'm afraid it is because they know that we will let them do anything they want and we'll let them.

We should just start doing more by helping friends and neighbors. Getting people off the streets and feeding the hungry all over the world. With all the resources that we have today there is no reason anybody should be starving yet we let it happen.

posted on Apr, 18 2011 @ 09:01 PM
lol we are not.

we are not much longer in charge as soverign nations.

banking /finance is the MOST influential big industry that shapes our economy. and they are HELL BENT on taking more "market share"

a intellectual elite made up of big finance is gonna use the cover of the next financial crisis which their will be one... "rest assured" to replace the role of soverign govt's. First they indebt the govt's ...especially as the too big too fails ....threaten to take the whole economy down if they are not bailed out )which comes wit a high soverign debt bill) till the debt crisis spreads much wider and deals a CRITICAL BLOW. if you don't understand soverign debt and where it's headed then you can't see the sniper in the woods taking aim on us.

the new system is being set up....i don't know when the financial collapse will occur.....the best way to describe global financial stability now is to imagine a man on a unicycle several tea cups on top of each other heading toward a wind tunnel

there is too much conflict of interest in poltical system to rebuild economy in our interests ...mutli nationals that benefit from a more even global playing field /standard of living ...have tremendous influence...that is one reason why cheap labor continues to flow over the borders. lol

the new system ....i.e bretton woods 2 is going to try and place global banking insitutions senior in power over soverign gov'ts monetary systems. kind of like the way the imf is to third world country's. that is the way the global central bank could be toward the usa. all it takes is some more debt downgrades and bond market turmoil. the dollar system of bretton woods I being uprooted will be the most imporant event shaping the NWO. i have no idea when or how it happens but it will.

the only thing that global banksters have to be careful about is rising food prices.....starving off citizens...blatantly thru food speculations....thru allowing pensions to dabble in commodity's combined with quantitative easing is a recipe for revolutions. The fed's decison to enact QE 3 or not will force many problems. with qe 3 food prices continue to go to moon....without it ....the financial systems' support will pull a wylie coyote off a cliff. the thread the needle option is growing smaller w/ every day. pushing pensions out of commodity's will make many of the tea cups on the unicycle a bit more stable....but that only lessons one threat....there will be more and they prob. wont even kick pension funds out of commoditys.

posted on Apr, 19 2011 @ 09:00 AM
The only way out of this is by enforcing laws:

- maximum salary or salary roof, people may not earn more than x amount of $$$ or have x amount of $$$ in bank accounts
- limits on owning material goods, such as a maximum of 2 houses, maximum of 2 cars, maybe annual fines for those that posses more
- ban all designers' clothing, in fact all brands should go, ban commercials and advertising. Just one ACME brand in 3 classes, low-end, mid-end, high-end, one big corporation consisting of many smaller semi autonomous corporations with another corporation that keeps the big corporation in check, then another keeping that one in check
- ban on all religion and enforce a new Christianity based religion merging new scientific findings with old and tested beliefs
- merge the army with the education system

But ofcourse we could go on as we do now, doesn't matter the whole system is falling apart.
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posted on Apr, 19 2011 @ 09:20 AM
heres my solution

1. an indepth investigation into every politician and buisness in the country, looking for fraud.

2. a strong drive away from oil based technology

3. raise import tax

4. lower other taxes

5. a strong drive against centralization (especially of utilities)

6. a overhall of industry regulation, looking at reducing it as much as possible

7. end the goverment controlled school system (use a voucher system instead (for long term ecnomic stability))

8. overhaul the legal system, so it is more streamlined (less lawyers needed, less paranoia about frivolous lawsuits and stronger citizens rights.)

9. slowly and gently move the welfare state to charity

10. re-evaluate military spending, to shift the military to a purely defensive organisation.

11. a legal limit on wealth (say $2 billion)

well thats my 11 step program to rehabilitating the governemnt.
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posted on Apr, 19 2011 @ 09:26 AM
reply to post by Dragonfly79

I think the idea of merging the army and education is highly disturbing. The whole problem with the education system now is that it is brainwashing, giving it to the military will only make the situation worse!

posted on May, 6 2011 @ 04:19 PM
we got to elect a president that supports getting the government bureaucracy out of business. This is hindering jobs BIG time. Ask any owner of if possible ask ceo or big wig at a big company. The government is TOO involved in the private sector. The government does not make jobs and we got to realize this! Let's vote to get the government out of the business side of America and let the private sector be private. I also support tariffs for imports. We got to realize how much money we send China by buying their products and realize we can buy the same USA made product for a little more that offers better reliability and quality. Just my 2 cents!

posted on May, 6 2011 @ 04:26 PM
I was thinking about drilling in the USA and thought "What if we were to create a USA owned company that drilled and provided oil and refined it into gas for to its citizens?" Think about how many jobs this would create and the impact it would have on opec! Our profits could go to better education and our focus would be to not load the pockets of ceo's etc. This is of course assuming the politicians would not be greedy or some kind of fraud would not take place. I mean honestly I think the problems of america could be solved so easily if politicians truely worked for its people and not for themselves.

Republicans claim to hate deficits. Democrats claim to hate deficits. But we have a deficit?

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