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posted on Jul, 20 2004 @ 06:31 AM
OK, I was unsure where to post this but this forum was headed:

Website-Related Discussion
Conspiracy-related posts that don't fit a particular forum topic.

So here goes.

I was just listening to an interview with David Icke and he spoke about an occasion where he witnessed hypnotist. The performance included an event where a man was hypnotised and told his daughter, who was there with him, did not exist. I expect they went through the usual, her moving objects much to his bemusement, but the point that interested me was this.

The gentlemans daughter stood between the hypnotist and her father, and should have been obstructing their view of each other. At this point the hypnotist took out an object and asked the gentleman what he was holding in his hand. The gentleman correctly replied, "A watch." The hypnotist then pressed the watch into the small of the girls back and asked what was inscribed on the watch.

Apparently the gentleman then leant forward to get a better view and went on to read the inscription word for word.

My personal view on hypnotism is that it is just a deep state of relaxation where the subject becomes open to suggestion, still quite aware of what is going on, but perhaps losing the inhibitions which otherwise would prevent them from acting in such a manner.

This assumption though would not be able to explain such an event as depicted above. So it brings me to the questions, presuming there was no collusion involved:

Has anyone here ever experienced such a performance?

How could such an event be explained?


posted on Jul, 20 2004 @ 06:40 AM
If this is true, it's curious indeed... I really would've liked to see that particular experiment. Because if it did happen the way Icke described it, then it raises some big questions.

However normally I would tend to doubt David Icke's claims.

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posted on Jul, 20 2004 @ 07:05 AM

Originally posted by Durden

However normally I would tend to doubt David Icke's claims.

[edit on 20-7-2004 by Durden]

I totally agree Durden, I can't see how such a story could be explained.
David Icke's credibility could well be described as suspect at the very least. That's why though I would like to know if anyone else has experienced such a thing first hand.


posted on Jul, 20 2004 @ 07:21 AM
Well if this is possible then it should be easy to duplacate.

posted on Jul, 20 2004 @ 09:02 PM
Well, as far as making someone appear to the subject as invisible or whatever, that I think is a fairly common trick. However, I've never heard of nor do I think it's possible for them to be granted X-Ray Vision by using that method. The subject is able to hallucinate by suggestion and things like that however. I'm guessing that Icke's example is somewhat skewed from the truth.

Here's some stuff I found interesting though.

HYPNOSTAGE - A magazine for and about Stage Hypnosis.

Ramelle Macoy (I have been a stage hypnotist for the past thirty years and have hypnotized thousands of volunteers...)

One of the routines that I do on stage is to have a person negatively hallucinate a certain person, normally a friend who happens to be present in the audience. The subject will give every indication of being unable to see the invisible person (and have on occasion slapped me in the face when I had the invisible person pinch her on the fanny) and yet, on some level and in some way, must be able to see the person in order to identify whom it is that they can not see.

When the invisible person is seated in one of several otherwise empty chairs and the subject is asked to "imagine" who would be seated in each of the chairs if there were someone seated there, he or she will usually "imagine" the invisible person in the chair in which they are in fact seated.

I find it difficult to resist the conclusion that the visual information in both cases is stored in more than one area of the brain and that we have conscious access to the information in one area but not the other.

Few people ever think they were hypnotized. To make that point to a class of college students, I once turned to a member of the class, Doug Smith, and asked him if he had ever been hypnotized. Doug was a super subject and everyone in the class had observed him when hypnotized. While I confidently expected him to insist that he had never been hypnotized, Doug surprised me by answering "Yes". I asked him how he knew and after a moment's reflection he replied: "I guess because of the things people have told me."

Mentioning Doug reminds me of another super subject, Ted Hansen, who provided dramatic testimony to the reality of the mystery. Ted was fond of cats and I had several times given him the post-hypnotic suggestion that upon awakening he would be petting a cat. One evening I decided not to remove the suggestion but to simply wait and see how long it would take to wear off. For more than half an hour Ted sat comfortably and contentedly in a chair stroking the cat before turning to me and, as he hefted the imaginary cat, saying: "This is mind boggling. I see the cat. I feel the weight of the cat. I feel the warmth of the cat. I feel the texture of the cat's fur. I feel the moistness of the cat's nose. And yet I know there is no cat."

I seldom encounter faking and if they're acting then my suggestion to any Hollywood talent scouts out there is to follow me around for a while. What talent they will discover. I recently gave a young man a pair of "X-ray glasses" that permitted him to see through people's clothing so that everyone appeared nude. I momentarily turned my attention to another subject and when I turned around found that the subject with the glasses had walked to the front of the stage, sat down with his legs hanging over the edge of the stage and was ogling the audience with lascivious and unconcealed delight. I asked him to return to his chair and as he stood up I saw immediately why he had sat down. He was wearing tight jeans and was in what must have been a most uncomfortable predicament. Faking? Acting? Please.

What is hypnotic trance? Does it provide unusual physical or mental capacities?

2.7.4. Pain control (analgesia and anesthesia)
Hypnosis was at one time frequently and successfully used for surgical anesthesia. It is still sometimes used effectively for dental work, childbirth, and chronic pain of various types. Pain control is one of the most reliable and most studied of the hypnotic phenomena.

2.7.5. Dermatological responses
Some of the most interesting hypnotic phenomena involve the apparent precision production of subtle skin responses by suggestion. Allergic reactions, pseudo-sunburns, blisters, and weals have been produced by suggestion. In addition, it has long been known that certain highly troublesome skin conditions have been influenced or healed in some people by suggestion (with or without hypnotic induction).

2.7.6. Control of bleeding
Experiments with hypnosis during surgery have found that suggestion during and after surgery can reduce bleeding significantly, as well as help with the management of pain.

2.7.8. Enhanced strength or dexterity
The effect of hypnotic suggestion in apparently enhancing physical performance under certain conditions seems to relate to the unusual control over focus of attention available in hypnosis, which permits improved concentration and increased motivation in some athletes, and can be used to modify or lessen the influence of inhibiting beliefs or attitudes. Similar effects are seen when athletes are motivated in other ways, outside of hypnosis.

I will add, however, that while I doubt Icke's claims and the possibility of X-Ray Vision, that doesn't mean I discredit the entire idea. It could be that the answers are being perceived in a manner that has been overlooked.

For example, what if the ability to 'read' an object through an 'Hypnotically suggested Invisible Object' is made possible, not by seeing through them or even imagining it, but by some form of ESP or Clairvoyance. Everything is a form of Energy Vibration, whether it's Matter, Light, Electrons or even Electrical Thoughts bouncing around in our brains. So it's really just a matter of making a 'connection' possible for the signal to pass information from location to location.

What if the subject was simply picking up on the Electrical impulses that were in the mind of the Hypnotist and was made aware of what the hidden object was?

Or perhaps the subject was given some limited ability to actually acquire the signal charge directly from the Hypnotists own sensory organs. So as the signal passed through the nerves of his eyes and translated it into a signal for the brain and so on, the subject was able to somehow share some of the signal.

I admit it's pretty out there, but I'm just trying to throw out a couple ideas and see what others think, ya know?

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