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How the brainwashing works

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posted on Mar, 11 2011 @ 09:44 AM
I think I know in a certain way how the brainwashing is done. It is not done on a way you read much on the internet (rape, abuse and other things in a room with cia agents), people won't grow up in camps of the CIA, but as stated before "you got born into it".

It is something which goes beyond imagenation and is hard to understand.

The "illuminati" (or how you will call it) is a pretty big and invisible group, which encompass everything and steer everything in the right direction, but you will get steered in the direction they desire. If you are useless for them, nothing will happen to you.

So, let's get to the point, the brainwashing is done in a way which you wouldn't notice at first. You must have the odds and then it will simply "happen" to you. I just know in a way because with everything in my life I had the feeling that is has to be like that and it felt everytime like I already knowed it (my musical career for example), actually it quite hard to explain.

In some kind of way I know this has to be true, let me explain: For a certain amout of time, I was very depressed because I blamed myself for everything what was happening around me, and at a day my doctor said to me "something in your "filter" goes wrong, we are going to herprogram you so you can live a better life". Pretty weird if you ask me.

And when I read the explanation of HiddenHand in his windows of oppertunity topic, it al feels very familiar.

Excuse me for my bad Engelish, i'm not American nor English...
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