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Japan declares 'nuclear emergency' after quake

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posted on Jul, 17 2011 @ 10:57 PM
reply to post by zworld

Thank you So much for ALL your hard work! My question is in re the videos that Purple Chive kept commenting on...involving the Cat Walk area...when I was posting videos from BP & they saw people actually had a clue they started pixilating & trying all kinds of I never mentioned the TEPCO vids at the Cat Walk...I wasn't sure if what I was seeing was real or not...during the late afternoon evening or any time you could see what appears to be dark smoke or whatever rising from the ground. It was through the Cat Walk area as well as the bushes to the right. I had been noticing for quite a while but didn't say anything as I know nothing about Nuke Science...this thread has not only been extremely educational, but HUGE eye opener!

2 other things I noticed while watching the streams, if you look closely at the Cat Walk to the left side, every now & then you see black smoke or whatever it is pass upwards across the white it's not just the area to & under the right side & the bushes which leads me to believe it's not or partially not distorted film.
#2 is during the day right under the right side on the ground, dirt nothing near it....I saw what I coined "Popping" in the BP videos. The popping was not the the same but similar. BP videos small mounds began to grow like a zit, ruptured (& you could see the small black hole) then it sank & recovered. I have a whole series of immediate pics. So while watching the floor under the Cat Walk during the day I saw something similar to the same can 1 one small area be distorted with things on the left , right, & top not?
Sorry have to get up in 4 hrs for work& I do have 2 maybe 3 short videos showing the black spots or holes in the ground, eventually disappearing (filling in) & then reappearing. Sorry will have to post tomorrow.....unless you already have seen, know about it, & have the answer. Purple & I thought it was something seeping from underground. THX!!!!


posted on Jul, 18 2011 @ 12:07 AM
reply to post by Ektar

Ive mulled over the same a couple of times, and cant explain why some areas are permanently out of focus, or sometimes it appears smoke is rising. Ive tried connecting it to the UC but I dont think the UC would come that far. Another Fuku mystery.

posted on Jul, 18 2011 @ 12:56 AM
Correction. Some of the later versions of the R3 blast are shortened, so the initial pulse isn't there, but others appear to be photoshopped with the pulse almost there (if that makes sense) but not really, or in the case of one version, the first two seconds are really the same frame, right before the explosion began, so once again no pulse.

posted on Jul, 18 2011 @ 02:59 AM
Here's a diagram of what I believe comprises the UC. Its from a map of tsunami wave height but only diagram I could find of the small complex of three buildings that needs to use 2 exhaust stacks, same as is needed for R1, R2, R3, R4, and their turbine buildings.Hmmmmm?

posted on Jul, 18 2011 @ 09:18 AM
reply to post by zworld

Good work Z (and everyone else!), when you started writing about the CSFP & the UC I was thinking - "what the hell is this guy on about", now I'm wondering why no-one else (Media/Govt/etc) has picked up on all things you have. Amongst others it was the Quad exhaust stack that swung it for me, there's plenty more going on than is being told.

Tepco cam is showing more night 'lights' around U4 right now. But TBS cam doesn't show the lights, are the lights further south?

I think I've found answers to my questions about Stuxnet, now I don't think it was involved. And I was asking if we should keep an eye out for dehydration or heatstroke stories being used as a cover for rad poisioning, I think I was wide of the mark there too. Although the article below mentions 30 people whereas Tepco said 3 people.

THIS link seems to answer my thoughts about the heat, and also answers the question about why are we seeing work being done overnight.

Happy thoughts people, keep up the good work.


posted on Jul, 18 2011 @ 12:52 PM
Underground Complex post 2

Covering points #2 and #3

2) The R3 blast has four distinct segments. It first inhales, then exhales, then inhales and then exhales for good.

This has puzzled many ever since Ian Goddard brought it to our attention back in late April.
Indeed, the first part of the blast appears to be an implosion.

No one to my knowledge has come up with a good explanation for the first implosion. However, if one considers that there had been a hydrogen explosion in an area away from, but connected to R3, causing a rush of air back towards the vacumn created by that blast, and then a millisecond later this blast ignites hydrogen in the upper part of 3 as well as other parts of the underground complex, this makes sense.

The reason Gundersen and others considered prompt criticality a possibility in the R3 blast was because the upper walls were concrete, unlike the flimsy steel construction of R1, and able to cause deflection down into the SFP. However, this principle applies to an even greater extent in an underground situation, where deflection would be much greater than in the upper part of R3. The multiple shockwaves underground could have caused prompt criticality somewhere in the UC, causing a second underground blast with a second inhalation before ex-pulsing through the tunnel system and out R3 and the 1/2 SY. The first A bombs worked on this principle. The animation from Wiki below shows an early bomb detonating after the outer explosives send a shockwave that compresses the core of U or P causing criticality.

All of this happens in a fraction of a second.

The above scenario is the only scenario that fits the R3 blast description. It has not been proposed till now because no one wanted to speculate on a UC existing.

3) The smoke and debris from R3 stays on the other side of the exhaust tower for 3/4, while the wind pushes the main cloud out to sea. This negates the debris field west of R3 being from the R3 blast. It also shows that no sections of roof or whatever descended on the 1/2 SY causing the roof damage or debris we have seen there.

This can be easily seen in any of the R3 sequences. If you follow the big pieces of roof as they fall from the blast, these all fall behind the exhaust stack in front of the unit. At no time do any of these big pieces fall beyond that.

As the above shows, all large pieces of debris are falling behind the exhaust stack for 3/4, which negates anything impacting the roof of the 1/2 SY.

Next post will cover #4 of the issues needing analysis.
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posted on Jul, 18 2011 @ 12:58 PM

Originally posted by StonedSheep
when you started writing about the CSFP & the UC I was thinking - "what the hell is this guy on about", now I'm wondering why no-one else (Media/Govt/etc) has picked up on all things you have. Amongst others it was the Quad exhaust stack that swung it for me, there's plenty more going on than is being told.

SS, I went through a similar process. At first I didn't want to acknowledge a UC because it was too much too add, and it was too much of an unknown. Now I too have wondered why no one has picked up on it. Then I found others who had begun the process of formulating this idea, but it never went anywhere because they were looking at isolated pieces. Its when you look at everything connected that it makes sense.

Next post is going to be one of the more convincing pieces.

posted on Jul, 18 2011 @ 01:12 PM
Before getting to the next point, I want to highlight a point from the above. As can be seen in the Goddard clips, R3 is literally sucked in and compressed in size at the start of the blast.

Besides this being implausible with current theories that exclude an underground ignition point, there is another point to be made. The flash of fire that Gundersen has stated comes from the side of R3, indicating the source is the SFP, is really coming from the top of R3, and possibly the east wall that is not in view. The reason it looks for a second like it is coming from the side of the structure is because of this compression effect from the initial blast, as seen above. I will highlight footage that shows this better later on.

posted on Jul, 18 2011 @ 01:30 PM

Originally posted by StonedSheep
THIS link seems to answer my thoughts about the heat, and also answers the question about why are we seeing work being done overnight.

SS, the article above is very informative. However, the quote below from the article indicates that work isn't being done at night.

"Assignments were sometimes canceled (because of heat) even after I changed to protective gear and was ready to work," said a 59-year-old employee from Sendai, who wakes up at 4 a.m. every morning. "It doesn't really help us make progress. If you want to stick to the operation timetable, outdoor work should be done during the night."

But I suspect that work is being done at night, only that most of it is the work they don't want the world to see.

ON EDIT: I too wonder, even with the heat, as to all the dehydration cases. I have a feeling that some are not dehydration related, like the person who had to spend a week in the hospital. I also question why so many of these cases have come from work done in or around the centralized waste facility near the four exhaust stacks. This area has also been posting high rad readings.
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posted on Jul, 18 2011 @ 01:54 PM

Originally posted by thorfourwinds

Where is this water going?

In the matter of only 4 days, where did the previously-injected water go?


All good questions. Mathematicians I know are scratching their heads from all the confusing numbers thrown around by Tepco. One came up with numbers that showed by now the tunnels and trenches with radioactive water should have started overflowing given the original numbers posted by Tepco. And he asked the same follow up question with more flare, "Where is all the fu*^#ng water going!"

Once again, it's a mystery that can only be solved by thinking that much of the water they are pumping in isn't even intended for the areas targeted, but instead is being funneled into the UC where coolant is needed as well, and possibly in an even bigger way.

posted on Jul, 18 2011 @ 02:00 PM
Where do we post Breaking News when we're the ones breaking it?

Excellent analysis, zworld.

Lots of stuff falling into place and beginning to make sense.

But it all leads to the question:

Just how bad is it?

I'm not usually in favor of torture, but if that's what it's gonna take to get the truth out of these...words fail me...then the sooner the better.

posted on Jul, 18 2011 @ 03:09 PM

Originally posted by apacheman
Where do we post Breaking News when we're the ones breaking it?

Ive been thinking the same thing. Since the powers that be have made anyone who hints at a conspiracy appear to be a nutcase (and isnt that a conspiracy in and of itself) it will need to be put out there by someone with credentials. But sooner or later it will become an accepted theory, as it changes how everything needs to be handled, including how the evacuation zone is dealt with. Instead of contracting, it should be expanding.

posted on Jul, 18 2011 @ 04:32 PM
Underground Complex post #3

This post covers point #4 in need of analysis concerning the R3 blast, and is the most revealing as well. This will be long but its very important. First, the following URL is to the best website for Fukushima data. If it aint here, it probably isn't on the net anymore.

The above website is put together by one of the more knowledgeable brainiacs at the PF forums, MadderDoc. It has the best R3 explosion coverage, including all 25 frames of the first second laid out, as well as each second of the first 17 seconds.

It was also through one of his posts at PF, where he shows a screen capture that came 45 seconds after the blast started, that I found out that the original 17 second version released by Sky news wasn't the full version, and that there was a 45 second version somewhere. This version though was scrubbed from the web. Well, not entirely, they missed this one. If you can download youtube vids, I suggest grabbing this before it too disappears;

(Before continuing it should also be noted that the audio of 3 explosive sounds heard in the R3 video is a fake, and was added after the fact to add emphasis to the video).

The blast that occurred at R3, as explained in previous posts, was preceded by a shockwave or pulse that emanated from the area around the switching yard (SY), and was immediately followed by an inhalation at the start of the blast. Then the blast exhaled, inhaled again, and then produced the black almost mushroom cloud that shot up vertically from R3.

Shortly after this initial event, the blast takes two distinct forms. One is the dark cloud from R3, the other is a grey cloud that seems to expand out from the R3 blast to the northwest. However, after closer examination, it appears that the most northwestern part of this blast near the SY is a separate event, (and possibly the cloud formation between it and the R3 blast as well). As well as others, Im going to use a couple of the enhanced vids from MadderDoc's 17 second blast site to highlight this fact. If you go to this site and scroll over the second count above the image it becomes even more obvious.

The first photo shows the R3 blast just before SY ignition.

This shows the SY ignition began with a blue flash, which could indicate criticality.

This shows that right after the blue flame changed to cloud, there were bright flashes seen in the cloud. Thisn is best seen watching the original Sky news version once again with a tilted and darkened screen.

At this point the blast expands in all directions (see video), a clear indicator that the R3 blast is not the source of this cloud. As this cloud progresses flashes continue inside it, and vertical columns form.

But it wasn't until first seeing the blast clip 45 seconds in posted by MadderDoc, and then finding the extended version listed above, that it became obvious that the northwestern cloud formation was a separate event.

30 seconds into blast sequence.

ON EDIT: the below caption should read exhaust stack 3/4

45 seconds into blast sequence.

At 45 seconds, if this was supposed to be a horizontal pulse generated from the R3 blast, it wouldn't look like this. The source for this formation has to be from a separate ignition point. This was acknowledged by MadderDoc himself in the PF forum post where he posted the 45 second clip. He states;

In video frames from about 45 seconds after the unit 3 blast, it can be seen that a part of the white surface-near cloud that initially had stretched out to the N/W of unit 3, had by then drifted with the wind to cover part of the unit 3+4 exhaust stack. This observation strongly indicates that the origin of the white cloud is closely the area about 200 meter to the west of unit 3 which we see covered with gray debris after the blast.

200 meters west of R3 is the SY building for 1/2. Unfortunately, this observation died on the vine, as it was posted in a PF forum where people are afraid to think outside the box, and the concept of an underground structure is taboo. This is a classic example of what I meant by the PF forums never expanding beyond being a source for data dissemination.

MadderDoc made another observation in the same thread, this time concerning the R3 blast itself that stated (emphasis mine);

I see it as an explosion alright, but I am not sure I can see what is its nature. Being a vertical blast could easily mean that the blast site is underground, so to speak, and so out of view. It really looks to me very much like an explosive volcanic eruption and indeed it measures in the same range as such eruptions as regards the initial and later vertical velocities of the plume.

This too died on the vine, as the subject was quickly changed by one of the mods to something totally different. Had he suggested that here, a long discussion would have ensued. Yet over at the PF they debated this strange cloud formation for many pages, never coming to any understanding, never acknowledging MDs observations which were so obvious, and then dropping the subject.

Watch the videos, especially the original 17 second Sky news one, with the understanding that the SY blast is separate from the R3 blast, and it all becomes clear.
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posted on Jul, 18 2011 @ 05:09 PM

I-131 is still being emitted from the plant

This is very unusual. They are detecting levels of I-131 in water treatment plants, and in some cases these levels exceed levels of cesium being found by a large amount. This can't be right. They shouldn't be finding any iodine at all this long after the accident, unless criticality is continuing somewhere. With a half life of 8 days, any caused by the initial meltdowns would be gone by now. Wow. Somethings still cooking inside the Fuku beast. 533.htm

posted on Jul, 18 2011 @ 08:23 PM
Holy crap it just get's more insane...

Japan set to ban Fukushima cattle shipments after radioactive meat scare
The Guardian
Cattle are fed at a farm where officials declared the straw safe, in Fukushima, Japan. Photograph: AP Japan is poised to impose a ban on shipments of cattle from Fukushima prefecture – the scene of its worst ever nuclear crisis – after discovering that ...

They "Officially" cleared feed loaded with cesium.

Typhoon looming....
TEPCO acts as typhoon heads for Fukushima
04:46 AM Jul 19, 2011

TEPCO acts as typhoon heads for Fukushima 04:46 AM Jul 19, 2011 TOKYO - Tokyo Electric Power Co (TEPCO) is rushing to install a cover over a building at its crippled Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant to shield it from wind and rain as Typhoon Ma-on approaches Japan. Work on the cover for the turbine building of the No 3 reactor started yesterday, said TEPCO general manager Junichi Matsumoto. The transfer of tainted water for storage in a barge docked next to the plant was halted, spokesman Satoshi Watanabe said. The eye of Ma-on, categorised as "extremely strong," was about 1,200km from the Fukushima plant, according to the website of the Japan Meteorological Agency, which issued warnings for floods and high waves along the southern coast from Okinawa to Tokyo. The storm was heading north and may cross Kyushu early today. The United States Navy Joint Typhoon Warning Center said the storm may pass over the Fukushima plant by Thursday. TEPCO is on schedule to contain radioactive emissions from the Fukushima plant, Prime Minister Naoto Kan said last week during a visit to the area. Bloomberg

Japan struggles to cope with heatwave, with 26 dead of heatstroke - Julian Ryall - ‎10 hours ago‎
Twenty-six Japanese died of heatstroke in the first 10 days of June while nearly 13000 have been admitted to hospitals as temperatures soar but the public refuses to turn on their air conditioning units. By Julian Ryall in Tokyo Deaths attributed to ...

NO COMMENT from rbrtj

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posted on Jul, 18 2011 @ 09:09 PM
reply to post by zworld


posted on Jul, 18 2011 @ 09:37 PM
reply to post by zworld

We know that the corium breached the reactor vessel and is/was burning through the secondary containment which is below ground level. Even if there is no underground complex, the xplosion may be the corium hitting water in the basement when it breached secondary containment.

So, yes, we still have ongoing criticality. And we know this is occurring in all three reactors. What we don't know is if the masses have breached the secondary containment (IMO there is little doubt), in which case the corium is in the bedrock. Since we have ongoing criticality we are getting fission products accounting for the I-131 among the other nasties. I suspect the ongoing 'cooling' is to try to cool the exterior of the corium masses to create a 'hard shell'. This will slow it's movement into the bedrock/water table.

Each reactor likely has a corium puddle underneath it somewhere in the bedrock happily going through criticality within a hardened outer shell. We are not seeing as much steam as a couple of months ago simply because the air is warmer. The fact we see more steam at night is because the ambient temperature drops at night. This steam is accounting for ongoing airborne releases of fission products. Each corium puddle will undergo a kind of pulsing, heating (criticality) then cooling heating then cooling (TRN explained this long ago in this thread). This will go on for GENERATIONS.

Thanks to all, you are keeping the candle lit. Good work!
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posted on Jul, 18 2011 @ 10:18 PM
Apologies if this has already been posted:

Tepco Rushes to Cover Fukushima Nuclear Plant as Typhoon Ma-On Nears Japan


Question is, why are they racing to cover the turbine building in #3?

posted on Jul, 18 2011 @ 10:22 PM
A great talk from Chris Busby in Tokyo I love that he calls for the arrest and prosecution of scientists who lie to the public.

posted on Jul, 19 2011 @ 12:27 AM
Japan Should Have Nuclear Weapons: Ishihara

Tokyo Governor Shintaro Ishihara criticized Prime Minister Naoto Kan’s vow to reduce dependency on atomic energy after the Fukushima disaster, saying instead the country should deepen its nuclear embrace to include weapons.

“Japan should absolutely possess nuclear weapons,” Ishihara said in a July 15 interview at his office in Tokyo, citing China and North Korea as potential threats. “I don’t think we can easily do away with atomic power. Nuclear energy is inexpensive if managed well,” he also said.

Fits in with posts here that speculated Japan might have had a secret wepons program at FU-shima.

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