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Japan declares 'nuclear emergency' after quake

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posted on Apr, 24 2011 @ 05:30 PM

Originally posted by GezinhoKiko
someone on this thread knows alot and should post it in another thread
thats all im saying
let everyone decide and evaluate

This thread originally WAS in the conspiracy section. The Owners thought it wise to make a new forum just on the Japanese disaster material.

As to the information... since the situation has been changing daily, one only needs to go back a few pages each day to keep up with what is going on... the rest of the pages will be for history

The conspiracy angle is simply that TEPCO and the government are not telling the truth and would probably be happy to see us shut down

posted on Apr, 24 2011 @ 05:31 PM
One of the things I noticed about that comedy of robot clowns Tepco put on display ( seriously handi-cams pointed at display screens ...really guys it's like 2011, the dvd/movie pirates have better quality first run films on line on much lower budgets)

Is that when they pointed the cameras at the dripping puddle sin three the gamma strikes on the ccd go through the roof , something on that second floor is retaining water but clearly leaking and as radioactive as hell.

Oh and on a side note, that amount of water being pumped into ( and dumped ) from whatever remains of the "pool" or whatever is retaining water at #4 is GOT TO BE almost exactly equal to the size of the remaining water 'HOLDING" area , which means it is almost certainly running out as fast as it is running in

now I think Zorgons toy tank is still a much smarter idea than these pack bots , but JAPAN HAS ROBOTS :

seriously they could just drive across town and borrow (BUY) this;

and mount it on this:

or on top of a SEGWAY

BUT a kinetcs one of these and a bit of creativity and you could have teleprescence human :

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posted on Apr, 24 2011 @ 05:37 PM

Sunday, April 24, 2011 21:57 GMT

Civil Society Gaining Ground Following Quake

by Suvendrini Kakuchi

TOKYO, Apr 21 (IPS) - Civil society organisations in Japan have traditionally been on the sidelines in influencing mainstream policy, but the massive Tohoku earthquake and tsunami of Mar. 11 is becoming a catalyst for important change.

"Thousands of people are joining our protests against nuclear power these past few weeks after the disaster. That is a huge change from the past when our activism was struggling for public attention," said Sawako Sawaii, spokesperson for the Citizen’s Nuclear Information Network (CNIC), a veteran non- government organisation that has long campaigned against nuclear power.

The rising popularity of CNIC is now the driving force behind regular demonstrations across the nation against Tokyo Electric Power Company, the operator of the stricken nuclear power plant in Fukushima prefecture.

"I guess it takes tragedy for the public to wake-up to the crucial role that is played by civil society," said Professor Akiko Nakajima, an expert on post disaster construction at Wayo Women’s University. "With confidence in the government eroding fast after the nuclear accident, people are no longer happy with officials at the helm."

Nakajima explains that civil society progress in Japan has been up against a long conservative history that placed priority on social harmony above individual interests - creating a society based on tightly knit rules that forced conformity to official regulations. But, with Japan now struggling to stop radiation contamination from nuclear reactors that officials had promised were fool-proof, the fragility of the old system as been exposed, Nakajima says.

Japan’s anti-nuclear movement is making dynamic headway. The ‘Asahi Newspaper’ Wednesday indicated that 41 percent of those polled in a telephone survey are against or want nuclear power to be reduced - this is a dramatic increase from the 28 percent reported in a similar poll in 2007.


posted on Apr, 24 2011 @ 05:42 PM

Originally posted by Destinyone
I bake you a virtual Chocolate Souffle for that post


I never got one of those

posted on Apr, 24 2011 @ 05:46 PM
reply to post by Destinyone

Back during 9/11 there was talk that the money collected by the Red Cross was never accounted for, let alone reach the actual victims... Now I notice that NHK has taken down the red cross donation link they used to have. Has anyone seen any reports on where all that money from the Japanese Red Cross has gone? It was supposedly billions. Maybe that could help get some moving vans?

posted on Apr, 24 2011 @ 05:46 PM
Periodic health checkups mulled for Fukushima residents


FUKUSHIMA (kyodo) -- The Fukushima prefectural government is considering implementing regular health checkups of its residents, while examining the health of children in the long term, in the wake of the nuclear emergency there, its officials said Saturday.


The local government has received 10,373 inquiries so far about if or how radioactive materials affect health of pregnant women or babies.

posted on Apr, 24 2011 @ 05:46 PM
Primordial fear: why radiation is so scary
Sun, Apr 24, 2011
by Marlowe Hood

PARIS, FRANCE - Nuclear radiation is frightening stuff.

A quarter century after Chernobyl, and more than 65 years after atomic bombs laid waste to Hiroshima and Nagasaki, fatally sickening thousands not killed outright, even unfounded fear of radioactive contamination can spark panic.

The explosions at the Fukushima nuclear plant following the March 11 earthquake and tsunami that devastated a large swath of Japan emptied pharmacies in North America and Europe of anti-radiation pills despite reassurances from all manner of experts that the danger was nil.

There are any number of agents - cancer, AIDS and auto accidents, to name three - that claim millions of victims every year but do not inspire that same kind of terror.

People still smoke, practise unsafe sex and climb into their cars every day.

So why is nuclear radiation so fearsome, and what determines how we react when faced with a threat, imagined or real?

The answer is complex and laced with contradictions, starting with the fact that most people don't even think twice about absorbing radiation doses delivered through medical X-rays or scans.


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posted on Apr, 24 2011 @ 05:50 PM

Originally posted by AlaskanDad

Good morning from Alaska!

I have kept up on this thread from day one. I signed up at ATS so I could post my comments and questions here and thank those of you that have answered my questions replied to my comments and even given stars.

When this all started we filled all our water containers as things continued I realized that our water would not last and made the decision to order a 5 stage reverse osmosis filter to add to our voc / carbon filters. We actually had to buy some bottled water which on this isolated island was very expensive. Our town has a small lake that is our water reservoir so we are likely getting quite a bit of Fukushima in our town's water system.

What I really find frightening is that many of our islands residents use rain water catchment to supply their drinking water and do not know or realize the dangers of Fukushima's radiation. Our local news has pretty much quit talking about FU-shima and most locals think all is well.

A buddy of mine came by yesterday and we talked about the radiation, he tried to just blow off my concerns... my laptop is connected to our tv and stereo so I began showing him some of the things a we that are talked about here at ATS, a few youtubes and nhk news. I made him think, but I feel bad as so many around me have no idea of what is going on.

Knowledge is our best defense in times like this, so keep posting news and comments!

I too wish both Silverlok and TheRedNeck were back amongst us!


ps when I use the FU-shima spelling the FU is meant for the tepco exec's

The people of Fukushima have my sincere respect, as I feel their pain!

Greetings AlaskanDad:

Have read and enjoyed you well thought-out contributions. From what we gather from your above post, you need some more ammunition to share with your compatriots regarding the true state of affairs regarding debilitating radiation killing you softly.

Here it is.

And, by no coinkydink, you are the perfect person to respond to the Alaska articles in the last thread listed here.

As a person in the bull's eye, in the closest state to the crippled reactors, perhaps you can share with us the prevalent feeling regarding USGOV/EPA/FDA response (or not) to the developing situation in your lovely state.

Does the average citizen understand the stance of those who are expected to actually care for the citizens of Alaska - and - by extension - the citizens of the world who consume food from Alaska fisheries?

Meanwhile, back at the ranch. Nice to see most everyone still here. TEPCO should be making a donation to the idea poolium any day now. Well done, Team ATS!

The following is not off-topic, as it relates to preventing a similar disaster in America. One could only hope and pray that the same energy seen here in this thread can be applied to stopping this madness in the U.S. before another "accident."

Please give us a chance to explain.


This is not an attempt to derail or steal people from this thread... we feel that we are all in this together and want to share information and are in the process of developing a page of links for all of these similar U.S. nuclear threads to ensure easy access.

We sincerely believe in an informed public and do not want to see another thread of this size discussing a similar event here in the homeland.

In that light, we have been attempting to sound the alert in these threads:

Will America's Nuclear Power Plants Fail in an 8.0 Earthquake?

And here we bring it home by focusing on the rats deserting the sinking ship... let's put a few more holes in the boat and finish the job, shall we?

Is This the Beginning of the End of Nuclear Power in the U.S.?

And in this third one, we will continue to update daily the new radiation map that we, the people, are posting to compare with what the USGOV/EPA is telling us.

For example, we are told that "Alaska is in the clear."

Story Created: Mar 20, 2011 at 7:13 PM AKDT
Story Updated: Mar 20, 2011 at 7:13 PM AKDT

State officials say radiation levels in Alaska are thousands of times below any concern; radiation monitors show levels well within the normal background range.

The hair is standing up on the back of my Rottweiler (he proofreads as we type) as if a griz might have approached the perimeter trip-wire.

We do not recall ever hearing the condition described so vehemently - "thousands of times below any concern" - huh ...

How many thousands?

Is this Newspeak?

Smells more like bravo sierra.

Here are the monitoring stations in Alaska as of today, 24 April 2011.

RadNet Map View

Here are the reading in Anchorage for today, courtesy EPA.

Monitor Information:
Fixed Monitor Location: AK: ANCHORAGE
Measurement Start Date/Time: 04/24/2011 04:10:09 PM
Measurement End Date/Time: 04/24/2011 05:10:18 PM
Beta Gross Count Rate (CPM): 9
Gamma Energy Range 2 Gross(CPM): 816
Gamma Energy Range 3 Gross(CPM): 463
Gamma Energy Range 4 Gross(CPM): 140
Gamma Energy Range 5 Gross(CPM): 73
Gamma Energy Range 6 Gross(CPM): 46
Gamma Energy Range 7 Gross(CPM): 54
Gamma Energy Range 8 Gross(CPM): 38
Gamma Energy Range 9 Gross(CPM): 23
Gamma Energy Range 10 Gross(CPM): 37

Anchorage - 3,320 miles / 5343.022 km - closest large
U.S. city to Fukushima.

America's Being Nuked - Can We Together Stop the Madness Before It's Too Late?

We would sincerely appreciate a read and comments and additions and we sincerely thank you for your time and consideration.

Tell a friend!

In Peace, Love & Light


posted on Apr, 24 2011 @ 05:51 PM

Originally posted by zorgon

Originally posted by Destinyone
I bake you a virtual Chocolate Souffle for that post


I never got one of those

I brought one to your home. A Commander Fuzzbutt met me at your door, said you were sleeping, but, he would make sure you got it...honest


posted on Apr, 24 2011 @ 05:55 PM
I'm just about ready to fly over there. Once there I'll make a mad dash into the reactor room and take a picture with a cheap $100 camera with high resolution. I mean who are the kidding. My Cell phone takes better pictures than the packbot.

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posted on Apr, 24 2011 @ 05:57 PM
Fukushima to Cull Dying Animals in No-Entry Zone

Fukushima, April 24 (Jiji Press)--Fukushima Prefecture said Sunday it will cull dying domestic animals left unattended in the no-entry zone in the radiation crisis-hit northeastern prefecture.


As of October 2010, there were some 4,000 cows, 30,000 pigs, 630,000 chickens and 100 horses in the off-limits zone.


posted on Apr, 24 2011 @ 05:57 PM

Originally posted by zorgon
reply to post by Destinyone

Back during 9/11 there was talk that the money collected by the Red Cross was never accounted for, let alone reach the actual victims... Now I notice that NHK has taken down the red cross donation link they used to have. Has anyone seen any reports on where all that money from the Japanese Red Cross has gone? It was supposedly billions. Maybe that could help get some moving vans?

Last I read, was around 3 Billion...this vid is from April 11, asking where only 1 B, is. and why it hasn't been distributed to anyone.

(JAPAN) Red Cross Still Hasn't Distributed Any Money To Victims $1 Billion Dollars Onagawa Leaks


posted on Apr, 24 2011 @ 06:02 PM

Originally posted by Silverlok
now I think Zorgons toy tank is still a much smarter idea than these pack bots , but JAPAN HAS ROBOTS :

Funny you mention that. Seems they want to use Japanese version of pakbots that can climb stairs and go OVER debris. (just like the US ones
) I guess theirs will be better huh?

Japanese robots to be used at Fukushima

Japanese robots that will be used to inspect the damaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant were shown to the media in Chiba, near Tokyo, on Sunday.

The robots were developed by research groups at Chiba Institute of Technology, Tohoku University and other institutions.

The remote-controlled robots with tracks more than 20 centimeters wide are designed to travel over stairs and debris. They have a camera on a one-meter long probe and a radiation monitor. Detailed 3-D images of the plant's interior can also be created with laser beams.

The cable-operated robot can be used to guide the wireless-controlled robot in areas where wireless communications are difficult.

The semiconductors in the robots are said to deteriorate under high levels of radiation. But tests show that they can withstand radiation levels 400 times higher than the limit for workers.

Eiji Koyanagi of Chiba Institute of Technology says the robots are highly mobile and easy to operate. He says his team will be able to improve the machines by using information obtained from the site.

Tokyo Electric Power Company workers are preparing to use the robots to inspect the plant.

Sunday, April 24, 2011 22:32 +0900 (JST)

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posted on Apr, 24 2011 @ 06:03 PM
reply to post by GezinhoKiko

Hi GezinhoKiko, I couldn't blame anyone for not reading the entire thread, there's so much here!

The problem is that it would be hard to make a single conspiracy topic because there are so many sides to the situation at Fukushima - if you did, it would just end up mirroring this thread.

Since March the 11th this thread has discussed some of the following:

Why are TEPCO keeping their workers onsite despite the high radiation?

Why has no one ever seen any of the Fukushima 50 workers- especially those that have received high doses of radiation?

What were they hiding under those white sheets on that boat?

Have any of the reactors breached containment?

Was the water leak image doctored?

Did they ever fix the leaks at Ongawara?

Will anyone ever question TEPCO's use of nondescript words like probably and assuming?

What caused the blue flashes during an aftershock, and why wasn't it mentioned it in the media despite being filmed?

Why didn't the Japanese let anyone help them, despite having offers from experts around the world?

Why did they not predict a 7+ or higher earthquake when there have been more than 8 recorded in past 100 years?

Why are they choosing now to change "acceptable" radiation levels on imports?

Why are they choosing now to tell us that radiation isn't that dangerous after all?

How come that this thread has been able to predict many of the events that have occurred at Fukushima before TEPCO figures things out?

Will we ever hear from TheRedneck again?

Ok... I could go on and on but you get my point? Some of this stuff has been discussed separately but the situation has been changing pretty fast so people have tended to move on to the "new" news.

On a side note: Thanks to the other posters here and big respect to the workers risking their lives to clean up this mess.

posted on Apr, 24 2011 @ 06:04 PM
reply to post by zorgon

Has anyone seen any reports on where all that money from the Japanese Red Cross has gone?

I have seen a report a little over a week ago that the Japanese Red Cross has not used any of the donated money yet...I will try and find that link

posted on Apr, 24 2011 @ 06:09 PM
Deutsche Presse-Agentur - More wastewater facilities to be built at stricken plant

Apr 24, 2011, 2:03 GMT

Tokyo - Tokyo Electric Power Co (TEPCO) has decided to build temporary storage tanks for highly radioactive wastewater at the damaged Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station, a news report said Sunday.

TEPCO, which runs the plant, has been struggling to remove some 67,500 tons of highly contaminated water accumulated in reactor turbine buildings and adjoining trenches, as the water has hindered workers' efforts to restore key cooling functions in the plant's reactors.

The plant was crippled by the March 11 earthquake and ensuing tsunami, which left more than 14,000 people dead and some 12,000 missing.

TEPCO is to transfer the contaminated water to an on-site waste processing facility and temporary storage tanks, and the company plans to install water filtration and cooling systems for each reactor, public broadcaster NHK reported.


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posted on Apr, 24 2011 @ 06:11 PM

Originally posted by okiecowboy
I have seen a report a little over a week ago that the Japanese Red Cross has not used any of the donated money yet...I will try and find that link

That STINKS but it's as I suspected... what is up with that?

What the hell are they waiting for?
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posted on Apr, 24 2011 @ 06:12 PM
The Japanese robots

Seems they have laser vision

posted on Apr, 24 2011 @ 06:14 PM
Our fingerprints are all over this disaster.

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posted on Apr, 24 2011 @ 06:20 PM
Heat exchanger for No1 reactor considered

So they admit now that the fuel rods in the reactor of #1 are 70% damaged..

6 TONS of water being pumped in per hour into the reactor... and its going WHERE exactly?

Here is the estimated water level

he Tokyo Electric Power Company is thinking about setting up a heat exchanger to hasten the full-scale recovery of the cooling system at the Number 1 reactor of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.

TEPCO says 70 percent of the fuel is apparently damaged and 6 tons of water per hour is being injected into the reactor.

In order to cool it under more stable conditions, TEPCO wants the water level in the containment vessel to reach the height of the fuel rods

At present, the water level is estimated to be about 6 meters from the bottom of the containment vessel.

Two plans have been considered to cool the vessel, one uses sea water, the other air.

To avoid the risk of further damage from possible aftershocks TEPCO is favoring the water system.

It says the pipes which connect the containment vessel and the heat exchanger must be quake protected. In addition, radioactive substances must be removed before pouring contaminated water into the heat exchanger.

These tasks should be done inside the nuclear reactor building but as the level of radioactivity is too high for human entry, many problems remain before the heat exchanger can be set up.

Monday, April 25, 2011 06:00 +0900 (JST)

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