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Japan declares 'nuclear emergency' after quake

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posted on Sep, 13 2011 @ 01:33 PM
In an earlier post from August it was stated that the couple who disclosed the information on Neptunium 239 being discovered 35km from Fukushima Daiichi, had been fired from their job as TV celebrities, and were castrated in the Japanese media as rumourmongers.

I found the page that they had gotten their info from, bookmarked it and when I went back an hour later it was taken down, and remains 404'd to this day.

However, it is now known that Neptunium 239 was indeed found that far from the plant, and even farther away. A research paper under peer review shows this to be true, but wont be released for a few more weeks.

Neptunium 239 has a half life of 2.4 days, many times shorter than I-131. It converts into plutonium 239, half life 24,000+ years.

Today I found a site that had copied and posted the Neptunium data that disappeared from the original site. (Hahahahahaha Tepco, FUK U). Note that the readings for Np-239 are not only very high for a 2.4 days half life product, they are higher than amounts found at Daiichi. Scary. The following is from

And this research found high levels of other radionuclides

posted on Sep, 13 2011 @ 02:05 PM

A very good report. There is a way out. I like that.

posted on Sep, 13 2011 @ 02:34 PM
Tepco submits a second blacked-out report. Throw them in jail!

posted on Sep, 13 2011 @ 02:47 PM
Governor does not want Hamaoka restarted untill they figure out what to do with the 6600 fuel rods.

posted on Sep, 13 2011 @ 03:28 PM

Originally posted by Purplechive

TEPCO's Diagram of "Disaster Prevention Tanks"

Wonder what this is all about...

- Purple Chive
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Sorry to repost...but think these two diagrams are related.

And emergency drills going on...

Are they preparing for more excrement to hit the fan?

- Purple Chive
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posted on Sep, 13 2011 @ 04:06 PM
Ohayo Gozaimasu from the sunny Japan

Japanese Radiation Expert Koide on Fukushima Dangers

Nuclear power proponent turned critic Koide Hiroaki is one of the best informed opponents of Japan's nuclear system. Since the March 11 crisis, he has spoken out continuously on the potential for serious effects on radiation public health and the need for a more comprehensive government strategy to protect the people of Fukushima and surrounding prefectures. In the Asia-Pacific Journal piece The Truth About Nuclear Power, Koide highlighted flawed assumptions about nuclear safety. In addition, a June talk by Koide has been subtitled in English and posted on Youtube:

Have a look;

US researchers detect radioactivity from Fukushima in US air

133Xe is radioactive analogue of the noble gas xenon. It is used in medical science to study blood flow through the brain and the passage of air through the lungs. 133Xe is predominantly a beta emitting radionuclide that has a half-life of 5.2 days (this means that all of the radio-xenon released by the accident has now decayed completely since the accident occurred more than 150 days ago - it would have disappeared after 52 days). 133Xe is a fission product from the decay of 235U which takes place within a nuclear reactor (or weapon). Under normal circumstances, it would not be released to the environment so the detection of this radionuclide is of considerable importance in ensuring that nations are in compliance with their obligations under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (if they are signatories of it) and the Comprehensive Nuclear test Ban Treat


Inside Japan's nuclear ghost zone

Radiation checks We continually operate a Geiger counter - and though the radiation level rises slightly once we cross into the zone, it is even lower than we had expected. For the record, during the course of a three-hour visit - which we kept deliberately short to minimise the risks - the rate averages about three microsieverts per hour. We estimate our total dose to be roughly half that of a typical chest X-ray. Our guide is a local farmer, Naoto Matsumura, eager for the world to see how his community has suffered. Although he was part of the initial exodus after the accident, he could not bear life in a refugee centre and soon moved back to his farm, refusing orders to leave. He's the last citizen to remain but he believes that it's his duty to do whatever he can to keep Tomoika going as a community.

We want this place to be safe again," he tells me, as we drive through quiet streets and past overgrown paddy-fields.

"We need gas, electricity and water. But the old people still want to come back, even my mother and father. Their wish is to die here.

More to read;

I wrote it already, for the traditional Japanese it is important to die at Home,
close to the Ancestors House Shrine!

posted on Sep, 13 2011 @ 05:17 PM

Originally posted by Human0815

US researchers detect radioactivity from Fukushima in US air

Also from that article

The pulse of radio-xenon (133Xe) was detected in the week following the Japanese earthquake and tsunami which crippled the Fukushima nuclear power plant. The researchers estimated that the signal was 10000 to 100000 times above the normal level seen in US air.

I don't know what the background is but that can't be good. 100,000 times in the worst areas. Right where I live. At least if the direction of the plume in the forecasts was right.

I wrote it already, for the traditional Japanese it is important to die at Home, close to the Ancestors House Shrine!

Human, I have been fascinated by the nationalistic pride of the Japanese people, and it fits into a theory I have. It's called the island theory. In my travels and studies I have noticed a distinct trend among the native people who inhabit large islands, ie England, Ireland, Japan, Cuba, Iceland, Hawaii among others. I think it's because from day one people are aware of the limitations their homeland provides. People become more careful of their surroundings, and give it a greater value.

Its just a theory though.

posted on Sep, 13 2011 @ 05:24 PM

Originally posted by Aircooled
Governor does not want Hamaoka restarted untill they figure out what to do with the 6600 fuel rods.

If Tepcos involved, they'll probably get sold to either Israel or Iran, whichever puts in the highest bid. Just kidding of course.

They are going to have alot of trouble putting Hamaoka back online. The people of that area won't let that happen. That's a hot bed of discontent.


I like the phrase the guy coins at the end of the video you posted that talks about a way out. He calls nuclear power an EMD, or energy of mass destruction. Good one.
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posted on Sep, 13 2011 @ 06:03 PM

Radiation in the Pacific. The link and a screen capture from the end. I guess this is what the IAEA calls stable, eh?
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posted on Sep, 13 2011 @ 06:27 PM
From the 9.13 plant status handout and press release

Between 10:15 to 11:30 am on September 12, we transferred accumulated water from Unit 6 reactor building basement to turbine building.

This has been going on since April. Back then they said that the water was coming from the water table. Has that story changed? If not, why do we not see this buildup occurring at R1 through R4, which are lower and closer to the water table than R5 and R6. Currently, they haven't had the type of buildup and overflow situation they forecast, without even considering that there might also be groundwater intrusion.

The only way I can see that they haven't had the water levels rise to the overflowing point is because a much greater amount is being steamed off, which means we are getting an even bigger dose of radiation from steam than we thought.

But back to R5 and R6. Here is the latest rad survey for the discharge areas, both north and south. These don't make sense. The hottest water Fukushima is currently emitting is coming from the R5 and R6 north discharge, many times more than the discharge point for R1-R4. It's also above notification levels. What gives with this area. This is the area that AC nailed them on with the illegal line running to the discharge canal. A coincidence, I THINK NOT! They are probably running a line from the CWT with R1 thru R4 water and pumping it up to R5 and then out to sea.

posted on Sep, 13 2011 @ 07:21 PM
I ought to start off here with the warning 'beware the shills on this thread'. But that would presuppose the case and I might be wrong and these are two posters who enjoy cut and pastes on the same thread, in one case has never not even once posted on another thread

reply to post by Human0815

Instead of posting a bunch of cut and pasts why don't you try making a point. A bit of work? You are wasting thread space.

The last two articles you post are little more than shill pieces. Fragments of info wrapped up in propaganda aimed at encouraging the kind of mediocrity in thinking from readers that allows the very people who own and run these corporations and government to continue what they do unimpeded.

The MSN you source is part of the corporate machine, no longer the 4th Estate, the press of the general public.

The Earth Times by the way, you source for the second item, is also a corporate entity. Jalickar Consultants Ltd, apparently a 'Computer Software (Development) company'. Corporations put profits first before public good. In other words this is another slap on use of the 'green brand'. Nothing to do with protecting the environment at all. a pose/subterfuge.

Example from the article you source, actually the main point I gather.

Researchers and health physicists stressed that the increased quantity of radio-xenon over the USA was not a health concern… the typical exposure to radiation in the USA is 16.4 microsieverts per day. The additional component from the Fukushima accident pushed this figure up to 16.4017 microsieverts, a negligible increase (the maximum permissible exposure level for a radiation worker is 20 milisieverts per year).

Here is an earlier article from the same author, same site
Nuclear Power: It's all in the mind

It all comes down to risk assessment. The upper figure of 20000 lives cut short by the accident is (ironically) approximately the number of souls lost on 11th March 2011 when the earthquake and tsunami hit Japan. It is something like one tenth of the number of citizens that the EU calculates which dies prematurely from cancer induced by smoking each year. Not one person died from radioactive exposure in Fukushima… yet the 'disaster' was enough to cause German politicians to abandon plans for continued and extended use of nuclear power. The risk the German "leaders" perceived was the risk of not getting re-elected when the German people next go to the ballot box.

That article is subterfuge and nothing less.

Reason 1.
Particulate matter is the real problem. One tiny particle of cesium-137, strontium-89 or 90 lodged in your body and the surrounding tissue will receive radiation doses for years until cancer and early death.

Reason 2.
The Fukushima plant is STILL pumping out radioactive contaminants every hour around the clock. It is filling the local environment and actually the Northern hemisphere with radioactive material. So talking about the problem as one of ionizing radiation is a diversion. That isn't the worse problem with the Fukushima situation.

The last article you source from suggests the problem is in the top soil, and that can be removed somehow with money. That is another strawman, nothing less than a diversion.

The BBC shill piece you source. From the propaganda arm 'News Science & Environment'.
Example, giving a very good idea of the main point.

"Only the surface is contaminated," she told me, "only the first 5cm is highly contaminated."
Professor Takanishi concedes that consumers might not be convinced by these reassurances.
"If you don't want to eat it," she says, "just discard this year's product but next year I'm really optimistic. It will be safe to eat."
But if that conclusion is proved right, there still remains the challenge of clearing up large areas of poisoned soil.

The BBC, owned by a Time Warner, News International (Murdoch), the IPC (actually AOL Time Warner) amongst others.

Here's your postscript after the three cut and pastes.

I wrote it already, for the traditional Japanese it is important to die at Home,
close to the Ancestors House Shrine!

You sole attempt at context for the cut and pastes is this?

But this must be a game of tag. Because now we have ZWorlds post straight after yours. More cut and pastes from the last two articles in the post by Human0815. Perhaps in case none of us saw them and your combined effort went to waste?

reply to post by zworld

Originally posted by zworld

Originally posted by Human0815

US researchers detect radioactivity from Fukushima in US air

I wrote it already, for the traditional Japanese it is important to die at Home, close to the Ancestors House Shrine!

Human, I have been fascinated by the nationalistic pride of the Japanese people, and it fits into a theory I have. It's called the island theory. In my travels and studies I have noticed a distinct trend among the native people who inhabit large islands, ie England, Ireland, Japan, Cuba, Iceland, Hawaii among others. I think it's because from day one people are aware of the limitations their homeland provides. People become more careful of their surroundings, and give it a greater value.

Its just a theory though.

Hmmmm. And you just thought it worth adding it at the end. did you?

Nationalism serves corporate interests. Period. Nationalism functions to keep the populations of the world separated and controlled by the nation state, an apparatus serving the interests only of the elite in control of that state. A world divided into nation states is the very reason we are unable to protect our environment, and the very reason for wars over depleted and scarce resources.

How about some analysis, please.

Just what has that to do with any of the above? Shills on notice. Your work on this thread is noted. No one should be putting up with that. No one should be replying to these posts put up simply to obfuscate. Anyone continually, endlessly posting pics with questions only, and continuously on this thread, with no attempt at analysis are not genuine. No one spends all their time doing that, not usually and not with such determination, unless they have a real purpose. That purpose is to divert the informative and investigative nature of this thread.

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posted on Sep, 13 2011 @ 07:56 PM
Thank you for your work.
My two cents:
I have found EX-SFK to be very timely and reliable.
At the moment I'm focusing on Pakistan's nuclear weapons and not looking forward to the up coming rainy season here in southwest Washington where everyone hayed is eating the apples and berries and the vegetable cannery is going full tilt.
Suppose to be colder and wetter than normal.
I guess the silver lining is that the government seems to care more about E-Coli and this good, because our packaged and non packaged produce gets an extra bath of hopefully radiation free water.
Also we have to thank the response to 911 for the all the added radiation detectors at the ports due to a dirty bomb attack.
I guess they don't consider Fukushima a nuclear threat.
So much for the emergency alert system to warn us to stay out of the nuclear rain.

Other than that have a nice day rbrtj

posted on Sep, 13 2011 @ 07:57 PM
reply to post by Silverlok

posted on 13-9-2011 @ 01:24 AM this post reply to post by Tallone

As has been said before on this thread we all all fairly aware that a "government" in today's environment , almost no where on this planet is representative of the vast majority of it's people , so much so in fact it is true to say that the people and the "government" cannot even be considered in the same breath. Japan as a microcosm has definitely had some EXTREMELY corrupt elements in government since the end of world war two , resulting in one of the most rigid social structures in the world, clearly in the corp environ that is trying to be expressed as a globally dominate method of control is ubiquitous among the power concentrators whom wish to make "nationality" and " patriotism " into globalism.

National boundaries are an f'n joke considering the financial web of the world, we are all in this together and it is condensing down to the masses ( no matter their shape size or placement on this globe ) that have nothing other than gravity , air and reality and the 'others' whom seem to have a hard time even understanding what ground is let alone putting their feet on it ( they think tech gives them the power but they do not understand the tech )

Fukushima has illustrated this beyond the shadow of a doubt .

dumb isn't the end game , what is ?

Not sure what you mean about making ""nationality" and "patriotism" into globalism", but yes totally agree with the rest. Having the world divided into nation states is just great for the environment and wars, isn't it?

We have all seen how well these 'leaders' are able to come to agreement over when to war and who to war against, but an agreement that might save our environment? Not one that counts as meaningful for the globe, not anywhere.

End nation states and we end the means these entities have of dividing and ruling us for their profit and power. End capitalism and we begin to have a chance to apply science where we most need it, to benefit the welfare of all people on this planet, rather than a few. Every stage has a beginning and end point and capitalism has reached the end point. It gave us a massive technological boost, and there is no reason at all why we should not continue to develop technology and apply science for ends useful for humanity, rather than for the profit of a very tiny few totally irrational power hungry parasites.
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posted on Sep, 13 2011 @ 09:48 PM
reply to post by Tallone

I don't understand your Problem, my Friend- just Ignore me and stop to read my Postings,
easy isn't!

As the concerned Reader of my Posts can see is that i use mostly all News i can collect,
except some like the Canadian News, Jimstoneblablabla and the Zetatalk

Until now i do not read even one Contribution from anyone
which is 100% accurate.

At the beginning of this Crisis i was really in a very bad Mood, total Depressive
and not really believing into the Future, but all of the Fearmongers was wrong,
not even 10% right on the Spot so i decided to post Articles i like and which hold
a little bit of educational Background even they come from the Nuclear Complex
because i think the People here can work with their own Head-, i don't need to pre-chew the News!

I know it is very difficult to see such a long Thread change over the Time
but you with your little Posting do not own this Forum, okay my Friend?

Edit: i forgot: i am not a Engineer, i am not a Nuclear Physician and i am not very educated
in the Physics, also i am not very focussed on this Problem because No-One know
what is going on inside of the Plant, No-One, No Arnie Gunderson, even i like him very much,
and of course no Tallone

My Interest is the social Aspect, nothing else!
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posted on Sep, 13 2011 @ 11:30 PM
There are many aspects or 'heads' to this beast and every snippit of information is useful in the overall wider context.

Yes I agree that there may be people here trying to divert attention, but that is always the case in this kind of forum and we just have to focus on the useful stuff and not let them de-rail our efforts. I understand the frustrations as I feel them too.

Highlighting the social problems of the Japanese means that we dont forget the human aspect as it is too easy to get caught up in the 'scientist' in us which is examining things with little regard for the humans involved.

The ordinary Japanese people (and of course ourselves too) are the main reason we are concerned, let us not forget that.

posted on Sep, 13 2011 @ 11:31 PM
Purple Chives.



As well as the two I mentioned above.

As an act of good faith how about posting some analysis up there instead of the endless photos and question marks!

The thread is all but destroyed with Cr***ola.

It is an important thread. Don't let this happen.

Fukushima is on going and there needs to be a place for serious minds to work on what is happening. I thought this thread was it. Maybe I was wrong.

reply to post by qmantoo

Normally I would agree with your point. But not today.

These four posters have filled masses of the thread with post after post of cohesion-less pics, question marks, and most times links, yes, often relevant, but making ZERO point in and of themselves. They have done this for pages. Now I am asking WTF. Has a bunch of eager 13 year olds discovered this difficult to locate thread, and just gone nuts? Or is it a determined effort to sink the thread by reducing it to meaningless garbage?

Why would a few posters suddenly appear April, June, July, in a solid thread put together since the second week of March, and filled with real insight and the sheer hard work by many, just to post masses of pics without making any real point, pages and pages, day after day after day. Something not right. I'll leave it there.
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posted on Sep, 13 2011 @ 11:48 PM
A very in depth investigation into the MOX fuel in the US... quite scary really.

The Bomb Plant

The United States, using AREVA, a French government owned contractor, is building a MOX plant, at a cost of billions of dollars for U.S. taxpayers, that will produce an even deadlier form of AREVA-made plutonium-based fuel that was loaded into Fukushima Daiichi Reactor Number Three a year ago.

Building MOX reactors is pure insanity. They are FILLED with plutonium (compared to normal reactors). Plutonium will stay in the environment for the next 240 000 years or so... basically FOREVER.

Our investigation will take you to K Reactor, where the world’s surplus plutonium is being stored in a minimally-secured building located on top of the most dangerous earthquake fault in the South. You will see why some security experts fear that a terrorist attack on this old building could dwarf previous man-made or environmental disasters. You will hear from an internationally-known security expert how vulnerable the bomb plant is to terrorist attack. You will see how close our reporters got without really trying.

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posted on Sep, 14 2011 @ 12:00 AM

Originally posted by Human0815
Edit: i forgot: i am not a Engineer, i am not a Nuclear Physician and i am not very educated
in the Physics,

You're also clearly not Japanese. You make too many mistakes in your Japanese when you post it, and your writing style certainly doesn't contain any of the mistakes that a Japanese person with your level of English would make.

Where are you really from?

posted on Sep, 14 2011 @ 12:34 AM
I basically just lurk on these threads everyday, but I deeply appreciate the time and the effort that everyone is investing here, especially from the regular/recent posters. I think it only makes sense to have a ton of questions, as there is such a lack of transparency and an abundance of lies coming at us from so many directions.

I have learned a lot from everyone. I, personally, feel it goes without saying that EVERY single piece of news (especially on the web!) is biased, and it makes no sense to attempt to decipher what's actually happening without taking that bias into account. News from any source is helpful and informative with a spin-filter. For example, a painfully pro-radiation newspiece from a source that obviously has stakes in the $$$ of nuclear energy indicates to me a fear of what might happen should those affected actually THINK and contrast hard science against the spewed propaganda. It's possible to deduce subtleties about those who clutch to power, social climates, and much, much more...

I also don't have to agree with every single thing every single person posts, but that doesn't mean I can't learn from it, be inspired to think differently, or appreciate another perspective (we're all connected).

For example, Tallone, can you please be more specific as to why you are frustrated with all the picture-posting with questions? I find it informative, as it literally illustrates plenty of things that don't add up. I don't necessarily need to have every piece of the puzzle to know it forms an ugly picture, though every little piece helps in better understanding it...

Anyway, again, thanks everyone, for all the thoughts and questions and analysis, no matter where it comes from...
I would feel quite sad and frustrated if this thread died because this is still such a hotbed for current events sharing on the subject, when so many other forums have died down.

posted on Sep, 14 2011 @ 12:44 AM
reply to post by Tallone

Don't you get the point by now?

No matter how many pics or shady papers on the subject i think its safe to assumed theres a discrepancy between Tepcos numbers and 3rd party(everybody else) numbers from the very beginning. Also Tepco and the nuclear commission are acting a way that leave no option from ATS'er that to investigates.

Don't expect sexy graphics or anything like that, you're probably intelligent enough to understand that if you were a journalist, working an army of me type of journalism(MSM) in the shade of the nuclear commission, means a career suicide.

From me, i'd like to thanked those who participate in this thread for one big reason. Because they CARE.
I have a question in regards of tallones last post, what happened to The redneck?

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