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Japan declares 'nuclear emergency' after quake

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posted on Aug, 25 2011 @ 08:45 PM
This is like 1960's Russia. Big brother doesn't want folks talking.

posted on Aug, 25 2011 @ 10:31 PM
WARNI NG: 130+ mph “once-in-50-year” hurricane forecast to pass nearby NC nuke plant — Only “built to withstand winds of 128 mph”

UPDATE 1-U.S. energy sector braces for direct hit from Irene, Reuters, August 25, 2011:

Progress Energy (PGN.N) said it was taking safety precautions at its two-unit Brunswick nuclear plant in Southport, North Carolina, where the storm was expected to pass nearby on Saturday. The plant, 22 feet (6.7 meters) above sea level, is built to withstand winds of 128 miles per hour.

This is gonna be fun... or not.

posted on Aug, 25 2011 @ 11:08 PM

TABLE-Japan nuclear plant ops (Tomari No.2 shut for maintenance)

Fri Aug 26, 2011 1:09am GMT

Aug 26 (Reuters) - The following table shows the operational status of Japan's nuclear power plants. Hokkaido Electric Power Co shut the 579 megawatt No.2 rector at its sole Tomari nuclear plant on Aug. 26, as scheduled, for planned maintenance. The shutdown brought the number of online reactors in Japan down to 13, with capacity of 11,320 MW, meaning only 23 percent of the nation's total nuclear power capacity are in use. Japan, the world's third-biggest nuclear power user, currently has 54 reactors for commercial use, with a total generating capacity of 48,960 megawatts. See Table and Source

posted on Aug, 25 2011 @ 11:40 PM
The Octopus roars like a bully afraid of being de-throned in the school yard.

posted on Aug, 25 2011 @ 11:49 PM

#Japan govt' announces end of ban on cattle shipments from #Fukushima, Iwate & Tochigi prefectures.


Sick Japanese government... and guess what, that was their LAST DECISION... the Japanese prime minister now has resigned...

Time for the new gov to come in, arrest the previous prime minister with all his team, arrest all of TEPCO board, arrest all the ``nuclear experts`` who blatantly lied... and use the Japanese army to evacuate anyone living within 150 miles of Fukushima.

posted on Aug, 25 2011 @ 11:53 PM

WORLDbytes – After Fukushima: The Fear Factor

Energy Collective

Of the 14 nuclear units in the region, there were four units at the Fukushima Daiichi station that did not fare well in the attack. The primary reporter for this video is a young Japanese woman living in the UK who still has family in Japan

After Fukushima: The Fear Factor

The ‘apocalyptic’ media frenzy post Fukushima which displaced the real disaster story and horrific loss of life wrought by the earthquake & tsunami, sickened Japanese born Mari Shibata. Along with WORLDbytes volunteers she investigates the fear factor. Why did a nuclear incident affecting only a small area fuel global meltdown stories? In an interview with the Director of the Science Media Centre we learn of news values shaped by a concern to terrify people, journalists removed from stories for being too measured and scientists accused of lying. Granted unique access to Oldbury, the oldest nuclear power station in the world we learn how seriously safety is taken and due to fears of terrorism post 9/11 its tragic shut down to visitors. Through talking to relatives in Japan we learn of the progress being made to clear up the real mess made by a natural disaster, a story neglected by the Western media.

Source link to video
All I could think about while watching this film was what do they put in their dope over there and I cannot wait to here what my fellow tin hatters think at ATS.
Deny ignorance? They ate the box the toy came in.
Live long and prosper.

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posted on Aug, 26 2011 @ 12:10 AM

Originally posted by Aircooled
This is like 1960's Russia. Big brother doesn't want folks talking.

Do you read that Article?
Because Censorship is something different and the former Russian Union will
never allowed anything like the Internet or ATS!

Look, they wrote:

The agency said it is trying to "track down inaccurate information and to provide correct ones instead."


The agency said the Internet is overrun by discussions that are often unsubstantiated. One example, it said, is a posting that recommended mouthwash containing iodine as a safeguard against possible exposure to radiation. Upon identifying erroneous information, the agency will carry at its website "correct information" in a Q&A format after consulting with experts.

The Conclusion is:

The agency will not demand that the original texts and postings be deleted. It will also not ask for the posters' identity.

Censorship is something different:

Censorship is the suppression of speech or other public communication which may be considered objectionable, harmful, sensitive, or inconvenient to the general body of people as determined by a government, media outlet, or other controlling body.


But i really want to know how a normal Company can provide "accurate Information"
when they have no knowledge about Radioactivity, Nuclear Plants as well as the Situation
in F'Shima!

Censorship, imo. the Japanese are by far too naive to do that
and the lack of foreign language speaking People is "the Dot above an I"!

posted on Aug, 26 2011 @ 12:57 AM
reply to post by Human0815

yes.... I read all your stuff.
Unfortunately you are correct about the Censorship and the language barrier really sucks.
Hopefully, this disaster has opened enough peoples eyes that it won't be in vane.
You post good stuff too, Keep it up and thank you.

posted on Aug, 26 2011 @ 01:24 AM
reply to post by Human0815

Yes I read it. And I think it's a front. Sounds like "The Boys" will decide what is inaccurate. Maybe the world-wide deception we've witnessed for the last 5 months has made me cynical. Mouthwash? That's a foot in the door. I think they're after a lot more than that. I know our bud with the Fukushima diary is having problems. Don't feel bad. The CBC acts like Taas or Provda did way back, now too. ATS? God bless that constitution. It just might indirectly save Canada too.

posted on Aug, 26 2011 @ 01:38 AM
reply to post by Human0815

It's a form of censorship, but you have to read between the lines. In todays world you can't come out and say 'we will not allow anyone to talk badly about companies that we need or the danger associated with their products. There is no danger, everyone loves Tepco, and we will make sure that that is what history writes. Because we need nuclear power.' But that is exactly what is being said behind the scenes, and why people in Japan have lost their jobs for speaking out and exposing the dangers that exist.

The bottom line is, had we been in a society that would have allowed censorship blatantly exhibited, we would not be corresponding right now, and Fukushima would be something that happened last winter, and we would still be awaiting the "official" report that showed what a great job Tepco did in bringing all reactors and SFPs to a speedy cold shutdown.

posted on Aug, 26 2011 @ 02:51 AM
reply to post by zworld

...Fukushima would be something that happened last winter, and we would still be awaiting the "official" report that showed what a great job Tepco did in bringing all reactors and SFPs to a speedy cold shutdown.

Talking about 'official reports' reminds me of the Fukushima Research Cruise that was supposed to measure the radiation in the sea off Japan and to investigate the effect the radiation had on the sea creatures and how it was transported by the ocean currents

ATS thread here In their blog the official reporter said

That is not to say the scientists feel they have the luxury of time in which to carry out their work. There is still a sense of urgency that this work needs to get done as soon as possible. Plans are already underway for submitting results analysis to the appropriate journals (a rough draft showing preliminary data is already circulating around the ship) and for a meeting of collaborating team members later this winter.

What do they care as long as they get their papers published and their research recognised so that they continue to get funding? Many of these scientists probably come from Hawaii and Japan which are possibly the two worst places which are affected, dont they realise that there may not be any future for them to work in. This disaster appears to be the end game and things can only get worse towards its climax.

Added: A rather nice little presentation giving the official version of what happened to the 4 reactors and when it happened.

edit on 26 Aug 2011 by qmantoo because: added the presentation link

posted on Aug, 26 2011 @ 08:51 AM
When i first read about the "Censorship" on the A. Higgins Page
i got feared that they will imprisoned other People and me,
but after i read the right Information i feel not so bad!

There is dangerous Information outside,
for example the Iodine Mouthwash
or to use a "Iodine Blockade" for Weeks and Months
or that there is no need to wash the Vegetables and Fruits.
this need correction because it will harm the People,

This planned Page seems like a Information Page
and not like a Censorship!
I even think it is good for us because we can see
where we need to put more Energy inside.

I get also very angry when i read or hear about People
who lost their Job because of saying something the Nuclear Complex
do not want to hear, this need to be changed as soon as possible-
i recommend this People a meeting with a Lawyer!

Japan is the Nightmare for People like me
because everything is controlled and there is no free Space like i know from Europe,
the whole educational Process is financed by the big Companies
like it was before in Europe by the Church,
all Sports- and Hobbyclubs get Money from them (Top five Companies) instead of the Government!
For example "Japanese Tobacco" is the greatest Sponsor in Sports
as well as in the Cancer Science!

Japan cuts radiation limit for kids

The education ministry delivered the instruction to all schools across the nation including Fukushima where high levels of radiation were released from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant crippled by the March 11 quake and tsunami. Following the accident, Japan raised the exposure limit for both adults and children from one to 20 millisieverts per year, matching the maximum exposure level for nuclear industry workers in many countries. The move prompted outrage and parents in Fukushima had been calling on the government to lower limits at school, claiming that children face a higher risk from radiation-linked cancers and other diseases than adults. Radiation experts agree that children are at greatest risk from cancers and genetic defects because they are still growing, are more prone to thyroid cancers, and because they will have more time to develop health defects. The education ministry has said children's radiation exposure at schools in Fukushima is currently estimated at 0.534 millisievert per year.

Accelerate decontamination

Some 100,000 people are still living as evacuees away from their homes in the wake of the severe accidents at Tokyo Electric Power Co.'s Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant. Kyodo News has reported that some 17,000 children in Fukushima Prefecture have changed schools or kindergartens because of radiation fears. Of these children, some 8,000 moved out of the prefecture. Given this situation, it is imperative that the central government vigorously push the work of decontaminating areas contaminated with radioactive substances released from the nuclear power reactors. The central and local governments also should provide psychological care to both children who moved to new schools or kindergartens and children who have remained at their schools and kindergartens.

The Diet is expected to soon enact a special law under which the central government will be responsible for disposing of highly radioactive rubble and sludge, and decontaminating radioactive soil. In some cases, the central and local governments will carry out decontamination work together. The cost will be shouldered by Tepco. To accelerate the decontamination work, the Kan administration has decided to set up an office to deal with radioactive contamination within the Cabinet and a decontamination team in Fukushima Prefecture.

Please read the whole Editorial

There's no place like home / 'No-entry' residents temporarily return amid radiation fears

Evacuees from cities near the crisis-hit Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant will make their first temporary return home Friday, five months after the disaster forced them to leave. Residents of Futabamachi and Okumamachi in Fukushima Prefecture, which are located within three kilometers of the crippled power plant, are happy with the long-awaited albeit temporary return. But they fear the government will continue to forbid residents to enter some areas near the plant, with one resident saying, "We might never live in our home [again]." Mitsuko Nishiuchi, 49, of Hosoya district in Futabamachi, who evacuated to a former high school in Kazo, Saitama Prefecture, is one of several residents who plan to return home Friday. "I want to pick up student yearbooks and photos of my daughters," she said.

Nishiuchi's house, about two kilometers northwest of the nuclear power plant, was destroyed by a fire in 2007. The Nishiuchis rebuilt their house in 2008. The yearbooks and photos were given to her by teachers and parents of classmates of her two daughters. The daughters' friends felt sorry for the Nishiuchis because all photos at home had been lost in the fire. Nishiuchi is now worried about the government's decision to prolong no-entry measures for areas within three kilometers of the plant. "Considering my daughters' schooling, we might give up living in our house [in Futabamachi] sometime in the future," Nishiuchi said.

Michiko Mori, 39, a resident of Koriyama district in Futabamachi, about 2.3 kilometers from the nuclear power plant, has been staying in Joetsu, Niigata Prefecture, where her relatives live. Mori came to Joetsu with her three children, while her husband stayed behind because of his job. Mori also plans to temporarily return on Friday. "I'll take photos of our house and neighboring areas," she said. Mori had lived in Futabamachi since her primary school days.

Concerning the government's prolonging of no-entry measures, Mori said, "I expected that, but I was shocked." Mori is worried about the effects of radiation on her family's health. "Even if the government allows us to live there again, there is still the fear of radiation. I'm not sure whether we'll actually return home or not," Mori said. According to municipal governments of the two towns and others, 279 people from 89 households in Futabamachi and 857 people from 331 households in Okumamachi are allowed to temporarily return to their houses within three kilometers of the nuclear power plant. Residents who plan to return home on Friday include 119 people from 64 households in Futabamachi and 30 family members of residents of a nursing home, Sunlight Okuma, as well as five staff members.

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posted on Aug, 26 2011 @ 11:08 AM
link ail&utm_source=jt_newsletter_2011-08-26_AM
Fukushima release of Cesium 137 equal to 168 Hiroshima bombs.

posted on Aug, 26 2011 @ 11:36 AM

Macondo ain't dead...

- Purple Chive

posted on Aug, 26 2011 @ 01:55 PM

North Anna pumping out CO2 - what would cause CO2 buildup?

NOTIFICATION TO OFFSITE AGENCY REGARDING AN ONSITE OIL SPILL "At 1610 EDT on August 25, 2011 the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality was notified of an oil spill that occurred at 1900 EDT on August 24, 2011. The spill was approximately 150 gallons to the gravel outside the North Anna Unit 2 Turbine Building. The event occurred while purging CO2 from the Unit 2 Main Generator with air. Standing oil from the gravel was pumped to barrels and oil soaks were applied to the remaining oil. Clean up of the gravel areas continued."

Did find this and not too comforting...

- Purple Chive
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posted on Aug, 26 2011 @ 02:47 PM
I haven't had time to go over these numbers, but just off the top of my head it doesn't make sense (I know what else is new). When they initially reported that the water in the trenches was rising and situation was desperate, they stated that within 25 days, if something wasn't immediately done, that the trenches would overflow. That was almost 3 months ago, and right now the trench levels continue to drop, even after typhoons and torrential rains and water treatment failures that pushed levels in other areas way up, but not in the trench system of R2-R4. Funny that huh? Or did they have another pressing contaminated water need that they didnt want the world to know about, like the abnormally high readings in water found in the Centralized Waste Treatment buildings. Hmmm?

Trench water levels / distance in millimeters from top of trench
July 27th is last day posted on EX-SKF

Reactor 2

8/24: 473
8/23: 458
8/22: 448
8/21: 441
8/20: 423
8/19: 412
8/18: 411
8/17: 454
8/16: 487
8/15: 466
8/14: 445
8/13: 425
8/12: 413
8/11: 392
8/10: 396
8/9: 416
8/8: 396
8/7: 372
8/6: 350
8/5: 333
8/4: 314
8/3: 365
8/2: 389
8/1: 379
7/31: 375
7/30: 386
7/29: 436
7/28: 422
7/27: 413 millimeters

Reactor 3 trench pit:

8/24: 346
8/23: 328
8/22: 325
8/21: 325
8/20: 320
8/19: 321
8/18: 343
8/17: 364
8/16: 388
8/15: 397
8/14: 391
8/13: 383
8/12: 378
8/11: 369
8/10: 284
8/9: 273
8/7: 252
8/6: 244
8/5: 240
8/4: 264
8/3: 257
8/2: 252
8/1: 251
7/31: 253
7/30: 262
7/29: 281
7/28: 273
7/27: 265 millimeters

posted on Aug, 26 2011 @ 02:58 PM

New Picture: Unit 3 Apertural Area of Reactor Building Scene from dust sampling on August 24, 2011

Anything new to see here?

AC do your thing! (Please...never want to take you for granted!)

- Purple Chive

posted on Aug, 26 2011 @ 03:00 PM
This breaks my heart. Photo posted by AC awhile ago shows the sign that Tepco had workers paint. This sign is right in front of the 1/2 exhaust stack, where they have found the highest radiation readings to date, from 3Sv/h to over 10Sv/h. These levels can kill and kill quickly. Luckily for the workers who painted this sign they were a few meters away from the most serious hotspots, and behind this wall, and only recieved enough rads to cause serious health problems leading to cancer.

After Tepco discovered the high readings in this area, they didn't notify the painters that they may have been exposed to high levels of radiation.

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posted on Aug, 26 2011 @ 03:09 PM
reply to post by zworld

Z - "Water Level at Vertical Shaft of Trench..."

Pretty good decrease in 24 hours.

- Purple Chive

posted on Aug, 26 2011 @ 03:13 PM

Originally posted by Purplechive

Macondo ain't dead...

- Purple Chive

And if thats not the icing on the cake, i dont know what is.

Of course, right now there are commercials showing people swimming and catching wonderful looking fish and everythings returned to normal in the Gulf according to these commercials. Now who you gonna believe, a bunch of ecoterrorists and the scientists who have obviously been threatened with death by them, or a long standing and trustworthy company like BP and our own US government.

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