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Japan declares 'nuclear emergency' after quake

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posted on Aug, 21 2011 @ 11:58 PM
reply to post by Aircooled

Please don't trust these pictures. You just have to look at the lop line of these images to see that they are faked. The date bar on top is not in front of the camera, it's added as an overlay in the microprocessor/computer. Why on earth would this bar be colored this way?
The only possible explanation would be a colorfilter applied to the whole image after it is recorded.You can also see that someone just changed the colorscale of these images/videos to have them look like IR videos.

posted on Aug, 22 2011 @ 12:31 AM
Looks like Iran does not want the same thing to happen to their nuclear plants as may have happened in Japan.

Iran to Hold Cyber Security Maneuver

Head of Iran's Passive Defense Organization, Brigadier General Gholam-Reza Jalali said Sunday that the Islamic Republic planned to hold a massive "cyber security maneuver" to increase readiness against possible cyber attacks on the country, the satellite Press TV reported.

Jalali said the maneuver was meant to assess the readiness of Iranian organizations and departments to prevent future cyber intrusions, said the report.

Jalali did not elaborate on the details of the cyber maneuver.

Iran's Intelligence Minister Heidar Moslehi announced last October that Iran detected and thwarted the virus that aimed at infecting the country's nuclear plant system.

Iran said that the computer worm, Stuxnet, infected 30,000 IP addresses in the country, including the personal computers of the staff at the Bushehr nuclear power plant.

Iran said that Israel and the conglomerate Siemens were behind the infection of Iranian industrial sites.

Earlier this month, Iranian lawmaker Avaz Heidarpour said the country's security and intelligence bodies had "very strong capabilities" to counter Israeli cyber attacks.

If the United States and Israel seek to draw up a new plan to wage cyber attacks, Iran's security and intelligence bodies will immediately adopt an "appropriate and precise" stance, he said.

posted on Aug, 22 2011 @ 12:36 AM
reply to post by Aircooled

Agreed, these images aren't IR. Someone has just changed the color-space. Doesn't mean the content isn't trustworthy, it's just the images have been color manipulated.

posted on Aug, 22 2011 @ 12:45 AM

Don't know if this has been posted here before, but I thought it might be of interest to some and it never hurts to repost a resource, eh?

Independent of Tepco or JapGov.


World Blog has the following on their Facbook page.

Inside Fukushima – interactive guide

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posted on Aug, 22 2011 @ 02:39 AM
OH YAY! Oh. It's only like 6 months too late and now the salmon fishing season is starting...

West Coast fish to be tested for Fukushima radiation

Fisheries activist Alexandra Morton with the Raincoast Research Society says she supports the testing, but calls the announcement a political move. Morton says millions of sockeye have started returning to the Fraser River and the fishing season is already well underway.

Salmon are a particular concern to Morton and others because their wide-ranging migration patterns can take them right across the Pacific Ocean to the coast of Japan.

"If they were actually concerned about the health of people and the fish, they would have started this actually at the beginning of the commercial openings. But to release this two days before the disease hearings at the Cohen inquiry, to me it's a political statement, it's a political effort to appear responsible," she said.


Ya. What she said...

posted on Aug, 22 2011 @ 03:29 AM
Just found an interesting report about a photographer who gained unauthorized access to Fukushima. He worked there with/for TEPCO and managed to take a few photos:
Kazuma Obara

In my opinion this person is a real hero. He really risks his life while tring to show us what's going on there.

posted on Aug, 22 2011 @ 03:31 AM

Originally posted by qmantoo
Looks like Iran does not want the same thing to happen to their nuclear plants as may have happened in Japan.

Do you really believe that the Disaster in F'Shima happened because
of a Stuxnet Attack/ or similar?

Until now i do not discovered any Software Malfunction,
okay this is easy because i do not get access to all Data
but from what i see everything happened because of the Hardware,
the EQ. as well as the Tsunami!

Also i never discovered any political Reason why the Japanese should be attacked,
all the Stuff from B. Fulford until JimbobStone is a Manga-Storie
without a piece of a Backbone!

Kindly Regards

posted on Aug, 22 2011 @ 06:58 AM
and as we speak...

MAG 5.9


11:23:39 (UTC)

36.108 141.698 (MAP)

34.5 kms (depth)




posted on Aug, 22 2011 @ 09:10 AM

Why Fuku So Dark tonight?

- Purple Chive

posted on Aug, 22 2011 @ 10:27 AM

Originally posted by Wertwog
Is there a methane clutter layer 600m down all over the earth?

Not all over earth in high uniform levels, but concentrated around faults and plate borders. As you know Japan happens to be concentrated on 3 major plates. Japan is one of the pioneering countries into methane hydrate research.


This is a publically available picture showing known deposits in year 2000. There surely are deposits closer to the area. I'd say there are considerably more now mapped, however may not all be commercially viable, properly mapped or witheld for commercial secrecy.
That source has excellent maps, diagrams and information about the process involved with hydrate extraction. Most diagrams from that source and others show sea depth of 500m and 100m of rock, putting the hydrates smack bang on 600m. Other sources say 450-1200m or so. I'm having trouble debunking this hydrate theory so far!

That source regarding fracking hydrate style deposits;

They are developed mainly in fracture of mud layer, sea floor and shallow subbottom

Fukushima sits on sandstone which from memory is vertically aligned. Which means it could be one of these situations, or a combination, which would explain the tubes, especially if a fault is present.

Same source

But as I said before:
Is it possible for...
1. Ionizing radiation to excite plezoactive crystals?
2. The "nitrogenesphere" (whatever that is) to explode?

I think an element of mistranslation has occured. I understood that ionising radiation clouds were allegedly moved around and kept at a low altitude by HAARP. Edit: although this would require trouble prior to the earthquake, which is what I felt he was stipulating (and in conjunction with french troubles and US reactors being shut down from flooding). There was a remarkably huge beta (ionising) radiation spike in USA prior to the tohuku earthquake , I believe we may have the smoking gun in that information. Excellent data on page 3 as well.

Conventional and Tesla tech can excite quartz crystals at resonance, so a side effect of cloud moving over long periods of time could cause an earthquake as they probably operate on similar low frequencies. Your wrist watch uses a quartz crystals' vibration to keep time, computer chips are synthetic quartz. I do not think HAARP has enough energy to do this conventionally as the scientist theorises, using standard micro/radiowaves. It is supposedly a conventionally steerable array although scalar usage is a localised interference pattern, operating on a different principle (like sound getting louder and quieter as you move around a concert). Generally an exothermic mode would be used to create high pressure above the ionisation cloud to keep it down, or low pressure to draw it towards something in endothermic mode.

Only thing remotely close to a 'nitrogen sphere' is the bottom of the heterosphere where oxygen and nitrogen accumulate by atomic weight, this is just over 100km above us. The stratosphere can extend to 60km or more over temperate mid latitudes, a large thermal source (e.g. reactor explosions and decay/corium heat) could extend this further up and move some amounts of lower altitude, semi water bearing atmosphere towards this region of 100km in height, mixing would further provide a mechanism.
Concern was leveled by TRN and a chemist (was a large contributor for first few months) who stated the reactor environment (presumably radiation) would turn nitrogen into explosive nitrous oxide, which is added to drag racing vehicles to dramatically improve power.
More info
And my commercial pilot metorogy books.

and on top of that...
3. Canada supplies about 80% of the world's uranium, not Russia.
4. It is NOT NORMAL for reactors to vent afterheat into the sea (legally anyhow).
5. Did anyone see a 1KM blue flame come out of reactor #4? Where is he getting this?
6. What about #3? He doesn't explain this explosion.
7. Did anyone see #2 explode? I sure didn't.
8. I think if America had "lost" 10 reactors we'd know about it so I'm going to be generous and assume he means they were shut down by these fuel problems. However, this assumes American reactors are using MOX. Oh oh,

3: he stated Russia used to until it the process used more energy to extract uranium than is derived from the fuel itself. Canada has stepped up to take the void. I dunno where auzzie went because I thought they were the primary supplier for a while too. I have a friend working in an Australian uranium mine so I'll make some enquiries.

4. Of course not, however we did have some contamination down these pipes. Again a mis-translation; I believe he means afterheat being heat exchanged into the ocean.

5. #4 is the only reactor without any video of the explosion. It has more ground level damage than any other building and most wall sections blown out. And it's fuel was unloaded from the reactor. Slightly conspicuous right? It's the shanksville flight 93 with a sprinkle of WTC7.

6. I have no answer for this. Guess he assumes it's a standard hydrogen explosion?

7. Only seen #2 smoking, no idea why it didn't go up like #1 and #3. And empty #4...

8. Didn't they loose a whole lot during the flood/bad weather recently? That may be what he is referring to, good cover for mox problems though. That article you linked about people not wanting it though speaks volumes. If it were perfectly fine why wouldn't they, whilst uranium is in short supply? Pu is usually incorporated in near similar concentrations at the end of the life of normal fuel, so why is MOX so bad? Why did germany just pull the plug? There was another country too if I remember correctly.

Also, what about this .5 kilometer diameter tunnel that was created by #1 exploding he talks about? Any evidence at all this happened?

Funnily enough the underground section and foundations of fukushima appear to be a similar width. If a methane deposit did vent, it would empty out as it vented to atmosphere, thus leaving a sink hole. I can't really think of many other circumstances. I only hope he can visit this thread and chime in.

Many of us on this thread have believed the corium was in the bedrock pretty soon after the explosions, and not just from the thermal readings, but from other analysis. You are right that the world has never seen this kind of corium release. We know that there were several neutron beams all over the site so neutron bombardment has occurred at least a few times after to the explosions, if not on an ongoing basis... which leads me too...

Neutrons are released continuously in all directions during criticality, the fact the beams moved around means that stuff is very hot :x At chernobyl they had rainbow coloured bursts of energy and streams of particles that were apparently beautiful, could be neutron radiation?

Overall I'm beginning to see where this guy is coming from. I really do hope he is wrong though.

Originally posted by Purplechive

Yea!! Someone captured the weird Flashes going on!!

Great Job nuckelchenblogde!! Thank you immensely!!

So I'm not the only one "seeing" things!! After awhile you question your eyesight!!

- Purple Chive
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I would have said gamma strikes but they are too large and weirdly shaped.They could also be material that has lofted up into the air and floating around. The other possibility which explains their shape a little better would be neutron beams. I've never seen one but I imagine they would give off a bit more light than this.

They can be gamma strikes, but they would most likely indicate a source that is perpendicular to the camera. This is because they are striking quite a few pixels in a row each time, instead of a frontal source which would mostly strike a single pixel or two. Similar stuff can be seen in chernobyl film stocks and other hot environments, particle accelerators etc.
edit on 22/8/11 by GhostR1der because: edits for extra links and adding parts taht were missed from intial post that was lost (this is 2nd version of this post)

posted on Aug, 22 2011 @ 11:57 AM
Evacuate Fukushima video

Part 1 - The whole international press have blackout the worst catastrophe in modern history. So this is a humble reminder of what really is going on in Fukushima and beyond today ! There is a crime against humanity happening right under our nose and all we can hear is a deafening silence. Please spread this video as much as you can ... in the name of humanity ! Thanks !

Really great video. Beautiful, poetic and sad at the same time.

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posted on Aug, 22 2011 @ 01:47 PM

Arnie's latest

posted on Aug, 22 2011 @ 02:06 PM
reply to post by Aircooled

If u can tell Arnie
mr appology says

"the brief golden flash"
it was a blow out ,,
like oil rig,,methane,,
then Hydrogen went boom,
blew out the oil rig,,,methane.
But hygrogen blast ,smoke,
smoke and dust,,crown/cap,, all go boom.
then #3
went dirty boom

posted on Aug, 22 2011 @ 03:07 PM
reply to post by GhostR1der

Great analysis, thanks Ghost, star ++ for you. Lots to think on here.

posted on Aug, 22 2011 @ 03:38 PM
I hope no one minds, but I'm changing my avatar to reflect a change in direction. Just as Tepco has completed stage 1 of their recovery plan, (the 'pretend everything's going to be fine' stage), I have completed stage 1 of my investigation, (the 'shock and awe and in need of answers' stage). I now enter stage 2, (the 'take down the nuke industry' stage). This stage demands that data from the Fukushima disaster, proving the dangers inherent in nuclear power, be compiled and distributed far and wide.

Tepco and the nuclear power industry has done an amazing job of confusing people with their constant claims of 'no risk to humans', 'miniscule amounts released', and my favorite, 'anti-nuke fear mongers are spreading malicious rumors to scare ordinary people into a panic'.

Tepco, and nukies in general, are bold faced liars, and killers from day one. Their lies will be exposed, and hopefully one day we will see them all breaking rocks on the chain gang where they belong. The following examples show their true level of concern, and why we can never give in, and never give up.

EX-SKF just covered a story about wild boar having contamination, and wanted to use this to prove that it's not just rice hay causing the contamination, but wild boar food as well. But it is already considered common knowledge in the scientific community that natural settings produce a greater contamination threat than agricultural lands. The fact that Tepco and Japan act surprised is nothing more than comic improvisation. The following are quotes from the IAEA's Animal Production & Health Newsletter, No. 54, July 2011

It begins with a discussion of the current situation in Fukushima;

the Government of Japan indicate that several radionuclides of consequence to human health have been found in the soil, vegetation and in animals, or their products..........No data are yet available on contamination in standing water such as lakes, reservoirs and fish ponds.

The transfer of radionuclides in the environment depends on the particular ecosystem, thus for the most important element, caesium, transfer is higher in the natural environment than in agricultural ecosystems. This is due to the physicochemical behaviour of the soils; in natural systems where there is a lack of nutrients there is no competition between caesium and potassium, leading to higher transfer rates of caesium.

Fruits and fungi present in the forest become contaminated, with very high levels of caesium-137
being found in mushrooms.

Concerning Chernobyl and contamination from eating vegetable, animal or drinking water they say;

The major issue in many of these countries was contamination of food products (milk and meat) from domesticated livestock that had ingested radionuclides that were then introduced into the human food chain. The most common source of this contamination came from ruminants, including wild animals that grazed in natural or semi-natural ecosystems that were minimally managed by man. These were in areas such as mountain pastures, marshlands and tundra.

The natural environment presents a greater risk for producing contamination then Ag lands, due to the lack of potassium and calcium in the natural environment. Animals know the difference between calcium and strontium-90, and will first seek out plants with real calcium, avoiding the same plants somewhere else that have strontium-90, which closely mimics calcium. Like sugar and saccharin.

And also concerning Chernobyl, they discuss something very important, something the moderators at the PF forum and numerous talking heads on pro nuke blogs need to read, as they have stated the opposite, that everything's fine in the wildlands around Chernobyl now. But it appears everything's not fine. Not fine at all. I knew that there had been a tree species conversion and extirpation of certain species, but not the following concerning current conditions;

Animals living in this area were exposed to high levels of radionuclides via food, water and air and
levels in some were many hundreds of times higher than in unaffected populations - many animals that remained in this zone died from radiation induced illnesses. Today, mammals, birds, fish and amphibians show morphological deformities, and genetic disorders. The greatest impact from radioactive contamination was in Ukraine, Belarus and Russia, but radionuclides from Chernobyl were carried in the atmosphere into other countries in Europe...Asia....northern Africa.... and North America.

Since radiocaesium remains in the top 10-15 cm of soil in these forest zones where fungal hyphae grow, it is likely that the wild boar meat will continue to be contaminated for the foreseeable future.

in the UK, following the Chernobyl accident in 1986, restrictions were placed on the marketing of sheep on 10,000 farms owing to contamination with caesium-137. Twenty years later those restrictions were still in place on 400 farms and 220,000 sheep were being monitored.

And now for the really really funny stuff, as only these nukies seem to be able to do these days. Very edgy and ahead of it's time.

The most salutary lesson learned in the past 25 years has been the need for the regulatory authorities in countries affected by contamination to take a much broader view of the environmental consequences and adopt a more holistic approach in addressing the situation. Thus, the international scientific community has a more fundamental understanding and greater insight into the way in which different ecosystems are affected by nuclear contamination....

Oh yeah, right, got it, lesson's learned. Wow. How could I have missed it.

A good example of how well this lesson was learned happened in early June. Strontium 90 was detected in groundwater and seawater around the plant, and soil outside the plant. At that time Japan stated that;

"japan's nuclear safety agency says it will now monitor the effects of the strontium on fish and marine life near the plant".

Monitor the effects. Say what? Not test more often. Not investigate levels of contamination over a larger area. Not alert the public on a regular basis as well. They're just going to see if this bad stuff has any effect. You know, like wait 30 years and then see if everything's deformed or dead, and like, you know, not tell anyone cause it could cause ordinary people to act strange. Like us.

What a bunch of fugging clowns. The world has been aware of the dangers of Sr-90 since the 50's, when it was discovered that fallout from nuclear testing was spreading radionuclides around the planet. At that time scientists began to investigate how great the contamination was (take a hint Japan and US). What they found was indeed frightening. They found that just from the first 10 years of nuclear above ground explosions, every human tested had accumulated high levels of strontium 90. Children were the worst off, with levels 4 times as high as adults. This is especially troubling in light of the fact that they avoided testing areas that had shown the highest levels of contamination, AND this was long before they stopped doing atmospheric testing.

Strontium 90 is considered to be one of the most dangerous radionuclides. The following are quotes from the EPA (the economic protection agency).

Strontium-90 was widely dispersed in the 1950s and 1960s in fall out from atmospheric testing of nuclear weapons......Strontium-90 is also found in waste from nuclear reactors. It is considered one of the more hazardous constituents of nuclear wastes.

Everyone is exposed to small amounts of strontium-90, since it is widely dispersed in the environment and the food chain... intake...., however, has steadily fallen...... with the suspension of nuclear weapons testing.....The greatest concern would be the exposures from an accident at a nuclear reactor, or an accident involving high-level wastes.

Wow, EPA, that's kinda like what happened at this nuke plant in Japan. Its called Fukushima. You should look into it...... Nevermind, they're just following suit. The whole of the US governmental system, from Obama down, and the whole of many other industrialized nations, are doing exactly what Tepco and Japan are doing, pretending like everything's fine. A story a couple of days ago spoke about the US military putting the most sophisticated radiation monitoring equipment on this planet to work at Camp Zama in Japan. They stated it was only precautionary (you know, like Fukushima hadn't happened yet), and that it was critical information "should there be another release from any of the reactors" (you know, like they had this bad thing happen back in March but everything's OK now and there hasn't been any new releases since then). The US military, Britain's, Japan's, the governments in charge of these militaries, the corporations in charge of these governments, they all know the truth in Fukushima. Everyone but us, the people these governments supposedly serve.

Whatever happened to informed consent. Whatever happened to family values. Whatever happened to leaders caring and doing things to help people stop feeling pain, or doing things to protect their futures. I personally don't know anyone who agreed to having themselves and every family member and every friend, including those not yet born, be exposed to these radionuclides for hundreds and thousands of years. Do you? Strontium-90 has a half life of almost 30 years. In 30 years half is gone. In another 30 years half of that is gone. In another 30 years half of that is gone. And on and on until the last is gone. Compared to many radionuclides, this is a quick rate of decay. But they have a saying over at the PF forum concerning half-lives. Half of a big number is still a big number.

Though Japan, Tepco and the IAEA refuse to admit the obvious and state that the level of contamination exceeds Chernobyl, which the facts will one day force them to do, it is still considered in excess of all atmospheric nuclear weapons testing. Strontium 90 is going every where, along with numerous other radionuclides. And other than a few brave countries, the rest of the world seems intent on trying to sweep this thing under the rug and continue on with business as usual. But that is not in the best interests of this generation, or any future generation, as this will eventually, inevitably, destroy the planet we share responsibility for.

That can't happen. Too many people now realize that they were selling their souls in the process, and now refuse. The revolution may not be televised, or written about in the MSM, but it's happening and there is no stopping it. The human race is awakening, and realizing that we have given away control of our lives to a bunch of greedy bastards, and now is the time to take it back. And if not now, probably never.

This has to be for the most part a non-violent revolution, because a) that is what the times demand, b) the PTB would love to be given an excuse to kill many of us off, c) Ghandi and King were right and d) we don't have fighter jets, smart bombs and thermal imaging (damn!). Just kidding on the last one. This hippy learned long ago when someone says "the only way to decide this is with fighting and killing' to say 'fug you', and give them a big kiss and wish them well. And that's how you win a real war.

The corporate control that exists over the worlds governments is going to either change to a more sane system of providing security for the masses, (or should I say 'actually providing security for the people they are supposed to represent'), or be removed. Plain and simple.

Let the games begin.

PS. Hopefully will catch up on posts tonite

posted on Aug, 22 2011 @ 04:52 PM


PLEASE>>>>>Sign the petition now!!!
Link to petition to evacuate the kids

Please help by signing and donating if you can, but at least sign.
Thank You, rbrtj

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posted on Aug, 22 2011 @ 05:10 PM
reply to post by zworld

Good for you Z, that is why I changed mine.

Keep up the accurate pressure folks

posted on Aug, 22 2011 @ 05:32 PM
reply to post by rbrtj

Done. Signed and shared.

posted on Aug, 22 2011 @ 05:59 PM
reply to post by Aircooled

Thank You .....very much!!
To bad it got trashed

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posted on Aug, 22 2011 @ 10:24 PM
reply to post by zworld

Z, welcome back and thanks for your thoughtful post. Indeed, the lunatics have taken over the asylum and care not for us. All they have a taste for is money, power and any sort of mayhem that serves their purposes. Serfs caught in the death-rain don't matter, indeed they'd like to see fewer of us - far easier to control. I know that sounds bleak but after months studying this topic and going through all the stages of grief for the way I used to see the world, there are few other conclusions I can reasonably draw from their genocidal behaviour. You are right, it needs to be FOUGHT PEACEFULLY.

One elaboration to your post, its really important folks get this right:

Strontium-90 has a half life of almost 30 years. In 30 years half is gone. In another 30 years half of that is gone. In another 30 years half of that is gone. And on and on until the last is gone. Compared to many radionuclides, this is a quick rate of decay. But they have a saying over at the PF forum concerning half-lives. Half of a big number is still a big number.

What this means is that the remaining half is still 100% radioactive. It's really common for folks to think that the radioactive sample is "half as radioactive", but that is wrong.

Half of the sample becomes non-radioactive, the rest is 100% radioactive. Then, another 30 days after the half that is radioactive gets halved again - half of it decays to 0, but the rest is still 100% radioactive. Something with an 8 day half-life, like I-131 actually takes 90 days to fully decay. Sr-90 takes 300 years to fully decay.

It's important because during this process the radioactive elements remain 100% radioactive until the last isotope decays! When dealing with super dangerous elements like Sr-90, Ur, and Pu you can see why storage facilities are required. Truth is these elements, especially Pu with a half-life of 24,000yrs, will be lethal for 1/4 million years.

Anyhow, I know that's what you meant but I just wanted to point it out again. We can't stress strongly enough that people thoroughly understand this.

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