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If Aliens Attack: Visitors to Earth Will Likely Be Robots Says Scientist

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posted on Mar, 10 2011 @ 11:49 PM
With all the new "Alien" movies hitting the circuit, it seems other MSM outlets are jumping on the bandwagon more than ever. I just ran across this and found it interesting. It looks like fewer people are getting less embarrassed to go "all out" in speculation, theories, and ideas considering ET life.

The alien invaders in the new movie "Battle: Los Angeles" are anything but friendly looking. Mechanical components are built right into their stringy bodies, a weapon protrudes from an arm, and machinery bristles along their armored exoskeletons. But like us, the aliens possess slimy internal organs and they can bleed.

This portrayal of extraterrestrials, however, strikes some scientists as unrealistic. Should any real visitors — or conquerors — from space come to our planet, the scientific odds strongly suggest the aliens will be completely artificial forms of life.

It sounds like some scientists don't hold to the "greys" kind of life form. He explains below why it would be dificult for anything but robots to travel from world to world.

In civilizations advanced enough to travel between the stars, it is quite likely that machines have supplanted their biological creators, some scientists argue. Automatons — unlike animals — could withstand the hazards to living tissue and the strain on social fabrics posed by a long interstellar voyage.

Furthermore, nonliving beings would not have to worry all that much about the environmental conditions at their destination — if the planet is hot or cold, bacteria-ridden or sterile, has oxygen in the air or is airless, machines would not care.

It makes logical sense obviously. But who really knows? So many sightings of what seem to be living, breathingaliens... maybe theyare exactly what they seem, or maybe they are actually AI robots in a "body" of sorts. IMO many folks (including me) somewhat romantisize theories on living beings with feelings and thoughts similar to our own. The thought of anything else is kind of a let down.

How robots replace us (and living aliens)

Dyer has identified four paths that could lead to the substitution of humans or other biologicals by their own robotic creations — and given enough time, he thinks such a fate awaits most life in the cosmos.

"I believe that we will be replaced within a few hundred years by synthetic agents much more intelligent than ourselves," Dyer said, and these hardy heirs will be far better suited for colonizing distant worlds.

Science fiction truly at it's best. If I understand correctly, he is suggesting that evolution will lead us all to be replaced by synthetic AI. Either that or he is meaning we will be wiped out by saying "replaced". I hope it is the former scenario.

The first path for robotic domination, logically enough, is through dependence. An ever-increasing reliance on machines to do work for us will one day reach a critical juncture when these sentient bots decide to cast off the yokes of their air-breathing overseers.

A lot of us have theorized that being so dependant on our technology, gadgets, and machines, would lead us to a 2001 Space Odyssey scenario. It seems that the idea is not so very far fetched. Either more of us are going crazy or there is some validity to it.

The second slippery slope to robots replacing humans is a new sort of arms race that has echoes of "Terminator," wherein nations construct cybernetic fighting forces that get of control.

If I am not mistaken, we are already producing robots that could eventually do our fighting for us. Unmanned drones is a stepping stone IMO.

From brains to bytes

The machine takeover need not be violent, however, and could represent a transformational leap for humanity based, perhaps, on our desire for immortality.

Scientists have long projected that technology will eventually reach the point where our brain-based consciousnesses can be transferred to synthetic media, and Dyer sees this as the third path to machine supremacy.

Futurist Ray Kurzweil has famously promoted the idea of such a man-machine convergence as the "singularity" and he has foretold 2045 as the year in which it happens.

Continuing leaps forward in artificial intelligence (AI) — brought to popular attention recently by IBM's Watson computer vanquishing its human champions in the quiz show "Jeopardy!" — imply that machines will eventually be able to think for themselves.

Man/Machine convergence sounds like it is straight out of The Twilight Zone. With advances in technology growing leaps and bounds by the day, I would not find it very hard to believe this could be successful (if it is possible) before 2045.

Into the void

The fourth way robust mechanical entities ascend is through forays into interstellar space. More than likely, "space travel will simply be too difficult for biological entities," Dyer said.

"Traveling from one star system to another is hard and it's slow," Shostak agreed.

Even zipping along at close to the speed of light — the universal speed limit — reaching the nearest star system, Alpha Centauri, would take voyagers on the order of half a decade. The energy requirements for accelerating a spaceship to speeds appropriate for cosmic excursions, however, are daunting, Shostak said.Habitable planets could very well be centuries apart.

Again, this makes a load of sense. This was a very well thought out article I thought. There is a lot more to it that I didn't post. You can read more here..

I guess if aliens exist we will find the truth of their origins one day, and know if they are cold robots or actual living creatures. For now, I will still hold out hope that they are good beings and alive and not evil transformers.

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posted on Mar, 10 2011 @ 11:54 PM
What I don't get is why people automatically first assume aliens are going to be hostile. This must be people taking Hollywood too literally. Think about it, if aliens have the sort of technology to travel to Earth, I can not see them not having the technologically to fix any of the problems they may have in their part of the universe.

If aliens visit us its because they know were here and they want to either:
a) observe our species
b)teach our species how to not be frigging ignorant and retarded towards one another

And if they are hostile theres nothing we can do. Some scientists will try and shoot nukes at them and then more than likely the aliens are just gonna sit there and watch us choke on our own radiation.

Too address the topic better however, here is a website i find interesting:

It also explains how by the time we have reached technological singularity and get to the point where we can explore space, we will also be sending cyber-humans or A.I. to explore instead. Its common sense, why send a ship full of 1,000,000 oxygen breathing humans toward a star to find that, oh i dont know, theres a friggin supermassive black hole in your way and now you are spaghetti.
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posted on Mar, 11 2011 @ 12:04 AM
reply to post by LogicMan07

Ahh, star for the link. Thanks.

I agree with you. I tend to believe they are not hostile. If they are that technologically advanced, then I would assume they could have destroyed us long ago if that is what they intended.

Of course if Hollywood portrayed aliens as peaceful, loving creatures they would not make nearly as much money.

posted on Mar, 11 2011 @ 12:15 AM
reply to post by Kangaruex4Ewe

Haha I agree, these movies are entertaining. The problem is when people take these things literally. Paranormal Activity made my days pretty interesting for a few months with girls at work who now can't get sleep cause they think they have demons living in their bathroom

posted on Mar, 11 2011 @ 12:19 AM
reply to post by Kangaruex4Ewe

If aliens attacked they would most likely exterminate us using disease. Why in the world waste resources when a simple alien virus could do the trick. As some believe the black plague may have been more then just mice with lice in the water supply.

posted on Mar, 11 2011 @ 12:26 AM

Originally posted by KingLeoric
reply to post by Kangaruex4Ewe

If aliens attacked they would most likely exterminate us using disease. Why in the world waste resources when a simple alien virus could do the trick. As some believe the black plague may have been more then just mice with lice in the water supply.

Don't forget that weaponized virus/bacteria could be used by us against them as well. Unless they are machines. Another good reason to send robots I suppose.

I read somewhere that it's even likely that aliens would send nanobots first. We wouldn't really be able to see them and it's alot less mass to send through space. Now nanobots could swoop in, destroy humanity and get the planet ready for the aliens arrival.

posted on Mar, 11 2011 @ 12:27 AM
I'm grateful for the OP and your response. I used to think aliens were weird until I looked at some of the threads here that dealt with race, sexuality, the law, or politics. Man, those guys are weird.

Originally posted by LogicMan07
Think about it, if aliens have the sort of technology to travel to Earth, I can not see them not having the technologically to fix any of the problems they may have in their part of the universe.

I've heard that migration away from Earth might be our solution to pollution or over-population. Aliens might have similar troubles. And even if they've fixed all their problems, I'm not sure ours would be the same.

If aliens visit us its because they know were here and they want to either:
a) observe our species
b)teach our species how to not be frigging ignorant and retarded towards one another

I strongly agree with a). Why would they want to help us? Do we teach whales how to deal with their problems? If we are close to them in development then I could see, possibly, one intelligent life form helping another, but what would they get out of it?

If we are far below them in development then we will need a billion psychologists. How do you face the fact that there is intelligent life out there, they find us, and then they don't care and go home. We'd be crushed.

And if they are hostile theres nothing we can do.

Right. I'm very discouraged.

Seriously, though, your OP and resonse is one of the best things I've seen on ATS for a while. Thanks.

posted on Mar, 11 2011 @ 12:37 AM
that's why it's my theory that the living aliens "seen" today, are not actually alien, but terrestrial.

life developed in the oceans for millions of years before animal life on land did. Even after animal life on land evolved, deep ocean trenches would have been buffered from many extinction level events.

So, i think that the "aliens" have been around for millions of years, living under the sea. (USO's)

Also, looking at ancient astronaut theory, with the nazca lines (landing strips) and the trinkets that look like planes, proves the evolution of the alien technology. cause thousands of years ago, they had only planes, and not fancy antigravity saucers.

Just a thought

(and the reason for the greys (drones), and the reason we don't see them hanging out at bbq's is the fact of pressure difference.)

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posted on Mar, 11 2011 @ 12:44 AM
My question is: In a universe abundant with resources. Why in the world would they waste our time eliminating us? Aren't we doing that deed well enough on our own!

Besides why make robots to attack us. Like I said before they could get it done with disease. Or even through weather manipulation. I'm sure another ice age or rise in temperature could take care of us. Life as WE know it is pretty fragile.

posted on Mar, 11 2011 @ 12:52 AM
reply to post by KingLeoric

Agree with your post. Plus I mean, wouldn't they find it more comforting to find other species in the universe and that they are not alone? Like we are their little brother, they could learn alot from observing us, if they are advanced enough to be travelling interstellar then they may be at an age where they were not "born" yet to observe their ancestors, we could resemble some of their early existence.

However, on the contrary, there was an article on CNN i read earlier about how some scientists are predicting by 2050 superintelligence will have been developed. After that technology will be skyrocketing in advancements, and who knows? The Human race could advance to interstellar travel within 4-500 years, and we will be the alien race. And I got a feeling if we found other not-so-advanced species, they wouldn't be around long

posted on Mar, 11 2011 @ 04:53 AM
Scientists have a strange tendancy , when speaking in terms of speculative theory, to ignore existing trends in science utterly, as is shown by this assumption of android replacement of a biological crew for any potential visiting spaceship.
Already here on Earth, science is many times further advanced in gene manipulation, than it ever is in creating super intelligent metalic analogues. We have scientists who recently reversed the aging process in mice...

...and the Japanese are renowned for the HAL (thats Hybrid Assistive Limb) technology that is seeing muscular weakness, and spinal damage conquered , by allowing the victims of both to walk again...

...and in healthy persons, allowing the combination of the strength of the suit and the intellect of the wearer to come into harmony with one another, as a cyborg of sorts. Coupled with other lesser known technologies like this remarkable armour from Troy Hurtubise, a mad man but a genius, who built the anti grizzly bear suit, the combination of armour, power, and intellect would be staggering.The armour is genius though. This stuff can cold stop anything from a 9mm round to a 12 gauge , or a 7.62round, repeatedly, with near enough ZERO displacement. I am providing a link to his site...

... When you get on there, click videos, and watch as many as you can. Seriously, if it doesnt make your head spin, then you have industrial coolant for blood, and steel for bones.
Moving away from the human element, and into space travel and its dangers, we even have a work around for dangerous space radiation now, in the form of an electromagnetic sheild , based on the magnetosphere of our planet!

With these and other technologies, either available now, or comming into thier own in the next decade or so, we may find ourselves in the position where we can begin to really push to the planets, and perhaps the outer reaches of the solar system. If our lifespans can be elongated by say two or three hundred percent, and our space vehicle tech improves and advances at a decent rate, we may prove ourselves, that robot analogues are not really necessary to put humanity amongst the stars, or to fight our battles for us. We may become hybrid cybernetic organisms to a degree, but I doubt our taste for adventure and discovery would allow us to pass up the oppertunity of going and seeing for ourselves what lies beyond the veil of this solar system.

. Our ability to create life support systems, treatments, and healthy lifestyles is seeing us live longer , largely due to better care.

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