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60 tanks being transported locally in Louisiana

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posted on Mar, 10 2011 @ 11:27 PM
This was quite a site to see. Today in small town Broussard, Louisiana I drove past about 60 tanks sitting still on the tracks. (It was only later that it happened while I waited at a track crossing, I counted 59. But I could have easily miscounted, and it could have been 60; they all looked exactly the same, and I mean, exactly). They were tan in color, so I suspect made for use in the desert or maybe just not painted yet (there was no camouflage decor). There were no firing nozzles on them yet. No markings such as numbers, identifying letters either. What looked like small black cloths about 3 feet square covered each of them in the exact same spot on the side near the opening at the top, maybe covering something that wasn't finished or covering some marking.

I'm not sure where they came from, but they were heading east towards New Orleans, about 3 hours away. I can only say they were going in this direction, of course not knowing where or why.

It would have been nice if I had my camera with me or, as many people do, a decent cell phone, but I didn't and don't.

Pretty boring affair compared to what else goes on on this site, but I thought it was worth mentioning to the group.

Feel free to speculate wildly.

posted on Mar, 10 2011 @ 11:30 PM
Maybe they were transporting something by train.

Wait, that makes too much sense.

posted on Mar, 10 2011 @ 11:33 PM
No biggie just some preparations for the coming Marshall law, nothing to be concerned about. Just keep watching TV sipping' the fluoride everybody the Obama's got us on the right track.

posted on Mar, 10 2011 @ 11:42 PM
That is a large number of identical tanks for one train.

Are you referring to military tanks or tanks as in
propane, etc. Most likely being made in one
area and sent for finishing at another. Have
been near trains off and out thru my life - don't
recall ever seeing 60 identical tanks or cars.

posted on Mar, 10 2011 @ 11:46 PM
Actually there was a thread about something similar in Texas, a couple of days ago.
I just wonder if they are connected somehow.
Even though the ones moved through Texas was a much larger group, they could have been split up for some reason.


ETA Video in Newbomb Turk's thread was uploaded to youtube on the 8/3/2011
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posted on Mar, 10 2011 @ 11:50 PM
reply to post by HEREFORD 1969

The ones in the vid all painted and ready.
Those going toward New Orleans not painted.
I am not sure but I doubt this would be going
on for no reason - that many tanks together.

posted on Mar, 11 2011 @ 12:03 AM
reply to post by crazydaisy

Actually, if you pause the video at about the 22 sec mark, you will see tan coloured apc's.
Even though you don't see many of them, they still could have been split up and joined the other group.

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posted on Mar, 11 2011 @ 08:00 AM
Armored troop carriers (APC's) are not tanks so the Texas "tank" thread really wasn't correct.

Tanks have turrets with big guns, I should think people would know the difference.

That said, were you looking at tanks or APC's.?

It might've been the same train?

posted on Mar, 11 2011 @ 10:28 AM
Ive been wondering where these tanks are going/coming from. Im in New Orleans and see tons of army equiptment come through here monthly, i live right by 2 different railroads. In fact just 2-3 days ago my bf saw a train pass full of tanks, not sure where they are going but leaving New Orleans heading east.

posted on Mar, 11 2011 @ 12:47 PM
All tanks built to the same specs will all look exatcly the same. If you went to a honda factory and saw 2,000 Red 1995 honda civis they would all look exactly the same.
I would not worry about it, all those tanks are put together somewhere, they just don't appear in warzones our of thin air. And they all have to be moved, tanks are a little too heavy to moved by plane and it is impractical to both drive them where they need to be and to make 60 tanks at a time that do not look exactly alike.

posted on Mar, 11 2011 @ 10:03 PM
reply to post by Asktheanimals

They were tanks that were to be completed; that's my guess. They looked new. Not that I would be expected to know, but I'm just surprised to see them rolling through. Of course these things are made somewhere, but it's not like this is a city of industry. There is only the oil industry down here, and sugar. AFAIK, there are no military weapons built here.

Like I said, they were tan / beige tanks but without the firing nozzles attached. Everything else mechanical appeared to be there: the 'tracks' so it can move, the wheels, etc.

And, again. It was just something I've never seen before. I'm not saying it was spectacular, just something you don't see every day.

I just thought I'd MENTION it in case a pattern emerged or this became more frequent.

posted on Mar, 23 2011 @ 01:33 PM
reply to post by glitchinmymatrix

I also tanks being transported on I-10 Eastbound around Scott. There were three, but they were fully complete as far as I can tell.
This is not the first time I have seen military equipment transported on I-10. Most of the time there is at least some sort of tarp or something over it, these were not even trying to be concealed.


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