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The West meets the New Century

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posted on Jul, 19 2004 @ 10:44 PM
So what is it gentlemen? Where is the spirit of limitless progress and innovation that accompanies the optimism of a new century?

What are these debates about? Peas and corn? Rice and beans? Everyone is all bunched up about Who or What is going to LEAD us . . .WHERE again?

*** Where exactly are we going as a world? What trends have we led ourselves along as a people and a culture, and where are they going to lead us? Whoever can tell me this, I will elect, promote, hire. etc. ***

The silliest ideas get play, and the real matters get hidden -- you can't run a house for long that way. Maybe 100 years, maybe 200, but you cannot build upon lies and deceptions, you eventually have to turn the crank to get the water.

In order to get anywhere as a people, we have to have some kind of goal or direction. We are not tribes in the African plains, we have organized ourselves . . .for what again?

Why exactly are we organized into a government? It seems to be more of a burden than a useful entity to us. Why have we accepted such a burden? Why have we made it so powerful, and surrendered to it? It is a monstrosity without any accountability.

We have allowed the Federal government to grow into a monster, and now it behaves like a monster, anything that falls into it is destroyed and overcome by it. Any effort to reform it is mired by its interests, and by the general obstinence of well-places persons who have become rich by the workings of the system in their favor.

Instead of the servant of the people, it has become their master, siezing every form of power over the people. The states have been emasculated, federal agencies created out of the stroke of a pen have crept up over the past 60 years to rule and regulate every aspect of our lives.

Are we heathier and wiser and better and more intelligent? Are we more free? Or have we taken on too many burdens?

I tell you true, the men who burden us will be greedy, and will load us until our legs buckle, and of late they have been greedy, and have piled us all the more.

And now they want us to kill other people at their command? Are we such wrongdoers that we do not consider our own wars? Are our soldiers so mindless and cruel that no thought of reason once passes into their mealtime thoughts, or with them into their bunks as they rest?

This new century was begun on the worst possible note, and a terrible chorus of singers has come to play, and what a cacophony has risen up from the writhing of their show.

We cannot afford to NOT THINK anymore. The stakes are too high, the powers too great, and the loss of liberty is completely irreplaceable.

The conditions for liberty to arise again in the west are gone - everything is too established and conditioned to be reformed -- unless some great calamity or destruction dislodges the ruling apparatus and their guards.

So the "Liberators of Iraq" are themselves oppressors, having no real sense of Liberty at all, but are pursuing agendas not made public.

If the real reason for invading Iraq was the threat of WMD's and terrorism, yet after the coins are counted there is no evidence of such things, expecially the urgent kind of threats that would justify a Clear and Present Danger response, which is the only way a president can authorize a war action without Congressional declaration of war.

Indeed, if every standard we hold up is flexible, yet the people are bound by iron yokes and unyielding standards of prosecution and legal liability, then we have a situation of great inequality.

Perhaps we can hold up the Bush government's preseumption of authority for a little judicial review. The war powers act was created for the protection of America against clear and present threats. Al Qieda is a clear and present threat to America, they are clearly established as an enemy of our people.

Iraq was not the same! There was no clear and present danger to America. America profited nothing by the war in Iraq. Vast sums of money, blood, and lives were spent in Iraq. That money was spent without any consideration of its amount.

To put it mildly, it was enough money to rebuild America's energy system. Think of the outcome of an oil-free America. But getting off of oil is the last thing you will hear from this crop of politicians.

Take away our freedom, our authority, our liberty, and increase your tyranny the world. How fast do you want to be disowned by your people?

Ha! I know these things cannot remain as they are. Nothing ever does. I hope that the next decades will be better, I think that enough of the next generation is good enough and well enough to take over where are parents and grandparents have failed.



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